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Neighbours Episode 8110 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8110
Australian and UK airdate: 24/05/19
Writer: Magda Wozniak
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Vance Abernethy: Conrad Coleby
Jimmy Williams: Darcy Tadich
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Roxy introduces Terese to her man, Vance
- But Vance is also Terese's ex- boyfriend, and Roxy clearly knows nothing about it
- Terese asks what sick game he's playing; Vance tells Terese that he wouldn't hurt Roxy for the world
- Terese tells Ned of her plan to 'quietly remove' Vance from Roxy's life
- Pierce Greyson is in town, much to Chloe's enthusiasm - she tells David he's probably back for her
- Gary tells Kyle that he's planning a surprise wedding for Amy at her birthday party
- Sheila warns Kyle not to get involved
- But when Gary springs the surprise wedding on Amy, she looks most aggrieved
No 26
The birthday/wedding guests, including Terese, Paul, Sheila, Leo and Jimmy, stand around looking awkward, waiting for Amy's response. Gary pulls a ring out of his pocket and presents it to her.
GARY: Shall we?
AMY: Can I have a word with you outside, please?
They head past the guests into the garden.
GARY: You hate this.
AMY: How could you possibly think that I would like it?
GARY: I - I thought it was romantic.
AMY: Romantic is making a flat white for me in the morning. This is very different.
GARY: I just wanted to save you the stress of having to organise a normal wedding!
AMY: That is the whole point of a wedding, is that we do it together! You and me - not just you out there on your own! You saw how I was with Rob when he sprung that house on me, and you knew that I hated it!
GARY: Yeah, but you don't love Rob - you love me! I thought you wanted this? I mean, you do want this, don't you, Amy? To marry me?
AMY: ... I love you, Gary. But, I - I... I can't marry you. Not like this.
Meanwhile, inside, Paul gives Sheila a piece of his mind.
PAUL: Of all the stupid, idiotic things that your son has done, this one has to take the cake. And I don't mean wedding cake, obviously.
SHEILA: Yes. Well, thank you for that incisive commentary, Bags. Tactful as ever.
PAUL: You're welcome.
Nearby, Terese goes to talk to Leo; she's keen to get him to exercise caution where Vance is concerned, as his new business partner. Leo is frosty with her and doesn't want her advice.
LEO: Thanks, Terese - but I've got more than enough experience with business partners that turn out to be dodgy.
This is meant as a dig at Paul, who is listening from close by. Leo walks off.
Gary comes back in and makes an announcement to Shane, Terese, Paul, Sheila, Leo, Jimmy and the various extras.
GARY: The wedding will not be going ahead. I mean, it will go ahead, eventually. One day. Just... not today.
Gary gets all the guests to say 'hip, hip hooray' for Amy's birthday instead. But Amy isn't even there. Paul smirks at how things are turning out, and leaves with Terese. Shane gives Gary a sympathetic but bemused look.
Ramsay Street
Vance is on the phone to someone, promising to 'come and check on her soon'. Afterwards...
ROXY: She made it from Darwin okay?
VANCE: Yes, we can go check on her tomorrow - make sure she has everything she needs.
Roxy is excited at this mysterious development.
Paul and Terese approach, talking about Amy. Paul thinks she will end up moving into their spare room. Terese tells him not to go ahead of himself, as she's sure Amy and Gary will work it out.
Terese and Paul join Vance and Roxy, and they all make small- talk about the Back Lane Bar. Vance remarks that the punters all seem to splash out more when Roxy is behind the bar.
ROXY: It's the boobs. Works every time.
Roxy tells Terese not to wait up, as she's staying with Vance. Terese suggests it would be nice for she and Roxy to spend some time together, and she suggests they have a girls' day out tomorrow - at the Pavilion, for some reason. Roxy agrees, and she and Vance ride off on his motorbike to the bar.
Once they've gone, Terese tells Paul she's going to attempt to bond with Roxy tomorrow and gain her trust; after that, she'll try to steer her away from Vance.
No 26
Amy and Jimmy are talking about New York; Amy asks him how his 'cousin Annie' is - by which she presumably means her aunt Lucy's daughter. Jimmy remarks that she's 'a bit annoying' and that she recently broke his phone, much to his dad Liam's annoyance.
JIMMY: It's cool if you want me to go. I know today was... weird.
AMY: No! I want to be with you. It was a day, though, wasn't it? Gary should never have asked me on the spot like that.
The Waterhole
As Amy continues to talk, we cut to a shot of Gary feeling sorry for himself in the pub, while Sheila lingers nearby.
No 26
Amy tells Jimmy that Grand Gestures™ are only romantic if the other person's into it.
AMY: I hope you never do anything like that to someone.
JIMMY: Mum, please.
AMY: You need to make sure both people are on the same page.
JIMMY: Okay. Lesson learned. I should've realised it wasn't cool and said something to Gary.
AMY: No, sweetheart. It wasn't up to you.
Jimmy reveals that he overheard Kyle trying to talk Gary out of it, and that they had a massive row.
No 32
Kyle Is just coming out of the pool when Amy turns up. He's already heard what happened at the party.
AMY: Jimmy told me you knew what was coming. That you went off at your dad about it.
KYLE: Yeah, well. I had to. It was a stupid idea; I knew you'd hate it.
AMY: Is that what you were trying to tell me, before we got interrupted?
KYLE: Uh- huh.
AMY: Is that why you didn't want to come in the first place?
KYLE: No, I was just trying to respect Dad. He didn't want me to come, so...
AMY: What?! He's about to get married, and he doesn't want his son there?!
KYLE: No... it's more complicated than that.
AMY: How?
KYLE: ... Amy, you're the whole reason I'm here. Why I left Georgia. I made the wrong choice going back to her. It should've always been you. Amy, I'm in love with you.
Amy is speechless for a while.
AMY: Gary knows, doesn't he? Oh, obviously. It makes a lot of sense.
KYLE: Are you gonna say anything?
AMY: I can't do this, Kyle. I have to go.
She rushes off. Kyle looks worried.
The Pavilion
Terese is setting up a game of bocce (similar to boules), when Roxy approaches for their girls' day out.
ROXY: Love a good set of balls, Auntie T!
TERESE: Roxy, do you ever stop with the innuendo?
Terese turns around and is annoyed to see that Vance has tagged along with Roxy; he says he couldn't bear to be away from her for too long! Terese grudgingly agrees that Vance and Roxy can play as a team against her.
ROXY: Great. Let's get our hands on these balls, then.
Vance and Terese exchange a look.
The Shed
Chloe is doing sit- ups when Pierce turns up. She admits she's been trying to work out some pent- up self- loathing, but that it's not working. When Pierce asks what she means, Chloe explains that she's responsible for Mark and Elly's marriage imploding, as well as being the catalyst for the 'epic Amy/Kyle/Gary drama' that's going down.
CHLOE: Cos, let's face it, what isn't my fault?
Pierce sits down alongside, and offers her a friendly ear.
CHLOE: Okay. Well, you'd better forget about your workout. Cos this is gonna take a while!
PIERCE: I've got all day.
Chloe smiles.
The Pavilion
Roxy is putting Terese off her bocce game by regaling her with a story about her and Vance skinny- dipping in a water tank in the Northern Territory. Terese gives Vance a dirty look. Vance and Roxy are winning at the game, and Roxy suggests it's time for a break, offering to buy them drinks. She begins to walk off, leaving Vance and Terese trailing behind.
VANCE: Hope you don't mind I took someone else to our water tank.
TERESE: Well, if you take all your girls there, then I guess it's everyone's. What are you doing here, Vance?
VANCE: I like spending time with you, as much as Roxy.
TERESE: Yeah. Well, I'd rather you leave me and my niece alone.
VANCE: So you can get in her ear about me? Look, I know you don't want me around. I know you don't trust my intentions. But I'll tell you again, Terese - I love Roxy. I'm not gonna do her wrong. So you're just gonna have to get used to seeing me with your niece.
Roxy backtracks - she's forgotten her wallet and suggests that Terese pay for drinks instead! But Terese suggests she and Roxy go for a pampering session at the day spa instead, thereby deliberately excluding Vance. Vance accepts defeat graciously, and says he knows when he's not wanted, before kissing Roxy and walking off.
VANCE: You girls behave...
No 26
Gary is talking to Sheila; we learn that Gary slept on the sofa bed last night to give Amy some space. Gary's frustrated; he says he's turned his whole life around to be the man that Amy deserves, because he loves her 'more than anyone else possibly could'.
SHEILA: And it's no wonder you went into a complete tailspin because of Kyle's Feelings™.
GARY: You knew about Kyle? Why didn't you warn me?!
SHEILA: Well, how would that make anything better?
GARY: Oh, so you keep your trap shut for the first time in your life, and I'm clueless, while Kyle goes sniffing around!
SHEILA: Kyle did nothing of the sort, thank you very much - he has been very respectful! You can make this right with Amy. All you need to do is explain, apologise - and here's an idea - organise the wedding properly with your fiancée!
Jimmy comes in with Yasvhi; they've been playing footy.
YASHVI (to Gary): Bummer about your wedding! That's gotta hurt!
Gary asks why Jimmy isn't with Amy. Jimmy says she had 'something to do', but that he doesn't know what. Gary looks worried.
No 22
Amy is telling Paul about Kyle's declaration of Feelings™. Paul says it'll give her food for thought.
AMY: Did you know? Is that why you brought him back and made those plans with Chloe?
PAUL: No, I honestly had no idea. Mind you, it's nice to know I wasn't off the mark.
AMY: Dad!
PAUL: Yeah, alright, alright. The thing is, you now have a decision to make.
AMY: There's no decision here. My Feelings™ for Gary haven't changed.
PAUL: Really? What, you don't think that shemozzle yesterday was the universe trying to tell you something?
AMY: Since when do you care about what the universe has to say?
PAUL: Amy! That poor excuse for a surprise was a clear demonstration of what your future will look like if you stay with Gary - a man whose constant failings always lead him to make the worst decisions.
AMY: I didn't come here to listen to this.
PAUL: ... What did you come here for, then? I think you knew that I would push you. You wanted it. I mean, you were already teetering on the edge. You were just too afraid to jump. Alright, look - it's not as simple as Kyle versus Gary, sure. But this is your chance to consider if there is somebody better out there for you. Don't waste that, darling.
Back Lane Bar
Pierce is being sympathetic to Chloe's situation. He asks if there's any part of her that still wants Elly; but Chloe says no - it's done. She just wants to support both Elly and Mark, and it's killing her that she can't. Pierce tells her that she in fact is supporting them, by giving them space.
PIERCE: If you push them to talk, then you're only making it about your feelings, not theirs.
CHLOE: So I'm actually being selfless.
PIERCE: That's what it looks like to me.
CHLOE: You are just being way too nice to me, as usual.
They smile at each other.
No 22
Vance is randomly hanging out with Paul in mutual silence, and puts his feet up on the table.
PAUL: Can you not?
Vance puts his feet down. Roxy and Terese come in, fresh from their spa day; Vance explains he couldn't bear to be away from Roxy, so thought he'd come to the house and wait for her. Terese is unimpressed. Vance makes things worse by asking Terese and Paul if they'd mind him staying over with Roxy. Terese makes out that she's fine with it, and says he can.
PAUL: Really?
TERESE: Of course! I mean, it's not like we've got anything to fear from the man.
ROXY: I promise we'll be quiet - or, you two can be loud. Either or!
Roxy and Vance run off upstairs, and Terese tells Paul not to say anything - adding that she is playing 'a very long game'. True to form, Paul suggests they hire a PI to dig up some dirt on Vance and use it against him as a means of getting him out of town. But Terese isn't keen on that at all. She says she has it under control, and will do it her way. Paul tells her to let him know if she changes her mind.
The Shed
Leo turns up, and finds a happy- looking Chloe; she explains she's completely zen and committed to respecting Mark and Elly's space, since her chat with Pierce. Chloe thinks that Pierce's interest in her problems was 'clearly part of his quest to win me back'. Leo is sceptical.
CHLOE: Pierce definitely likes me. He's doing a good job of taking it more slowly this time, too. Look - he hasn't sent me one nice follow- up text!
LEO: You're so weird sometimes.
CHLOE: It would be the normal thing to do! Make sure I'm okay, and say we can do it again whenever I need.
LEO: Or, maybe he's just not that into you, and he's not even thinking about your problems!
Chloe makes a face.
LEO: Oh, poor Chloe (!) You're sad the guy you have no Feelings™ for might not be interested?
LEO: Yes, yes you are. You're offended.
CHLOE: No, I'm not! Leave me alone - stop messing with my zen!
Leo smiles and walks off. Chloe looks thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Amy is hanging out by her ute, looking pensive. Gary comes out of No 26.
GARY: Ames, I'm sorry. I know that I was rushing things for the wrong reasons.
AMY: It's okay.
GARY: No, it's not.
AMY: Yeah, but I know things have been hard for you since Kyle came back here.
GARY: Yeah, a bit. But I'm moving past that and I'm focusing on our wedding now. I'm ready to do this together - to be part of a team.
At that moment, Jimmy emerges from the house, with a bag packed, and asks Amy if she's ready.
GARY: Where are you going?
AMY: ...
JIMMY: Oh. Sorry.
Amy tells Jimmy to jump in the ute, and then explains to Gary that she's going to spend some time with Jimmy, so as to make the most of him being here, and help clear her head.
GARY: Yep. Righto.
Amy's about to get into the ute, then turns around and says...
AMY: You bringing him back here - that's the most amazing thing anyone's ever done for me.
GARY: Ah, sounds like maybe you should marry that bloke!
AMY: ... Let's discuss that when I'm back.
She gets in the ute, and drives away. Gary sees Kyle watching from across the road, and his face falls. Kyle turns around and goes back home.
No 32
Sheila has come to see Kyle, and is giving him a telling- off for revealing his Feelings™ to Amy. Kyle says he had to - and wanted to. It was killing him keeping it a secret.
SHEILA: Well, I hope she put you in your place.
KYLE: ...
SHEILA: Please tell me Amy shut you down!
KYLE: It wasn't a rejection.
SHEILA: So you're not gonna step aside? You get a whiff of interest, and suddenly you turn it into a competition? Your father and Amy need time now to fix things. So if you have even a shred of respect left for him, let them have that.
KYLE: Alright.
SHEILA: Good. Stay away from Amy - got it?
No 22
During the night, Terese has come downstairs to get some water. She's accosted by a topless Vance.
TERESE: You again?
VANCE: I thought someone was up. Can't sleep?
VANCE: How was your day with Roxy?
TERESE: She hasn't told you?
VANCE: We've been busy.
TERESE: The day was good. Roxy made it very clear that she loves you. Doesn't believe that you'd ever hurt her.
VANCE: I wouldn't. And you should believe that too. It's not like I hurt you, is it? It's more like the other way round.
Vance looks down at scars on his chest. Terese looks uncomfortable.
TERESE: They're from that night?
VANCE: Yeah. See, no matter what happens with me and Roxy, no- one's gonna leave a mark on me like you did, Terese.
He walks off, leaving Terese looking very worried.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle tells Chloe he doesn't want to break up Gary and Amy, but can't help how he feels
- Terese walks in on Vance and Roxy getting intimate in the front room
- We hear Terese saying that Vance is trying to get under her skin
- Terese tells Leo that she thinks Vance is 'playing a long game'
- Leo says to Vance, 'it's hot, isn't it?' Vance replies, 'keep your mouth shut'
- Elly has something else to tell Karl and Susan
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Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Leo Tanaka, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Leo Tanaka, Jimmy Williams

Gary Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Amy Williams

Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning

Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8110
Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning

Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8110
Shane Rebecchi

Vance Abernethy, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8110
Vance Abernethy, Roxy Willis

Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8110
Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8110
Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8110
Chloe Brennan

Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8110
Pierce Greyson

Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8110
Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy

Gary Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8110
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8110
Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Paul Robinson, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8110
Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Paul Robinson, Vance Abernethy

Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8110
Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Gary Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Gary Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8110
Gary Canning, Amy Williams

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Kyle Canning

Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8110
Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning

Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8110
Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8110
Terese Willis

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