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Neighbours Episode 8084 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8084
Australian and UK airdate: 18/04/19
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Jonathan Dutton
Guests: Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Judge Jan Barton: Natalie Gamsu
Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller
Beverly Robinson: Shaunna O'Grady
Prosecutor Nicholas Archer: Alex Pinder
Tipstaff Freddy Poljak: Nick Buckland
Summary/Images by: Edward/Graham
- Elly tells Leo she's pregnant. He tells her it has to be the result of her one- night stand.
- Leo tells Elly that Mark has a right to know the baby is not his.
- Elly tells Mark she won't go into court until she has to read her statement.
- Bea gets angry with Susan for re- writing her statement in Finn's favour.
- Finn gets hit by a car after pushing Bea out of the way.
- Terese encourages Imogen to quit her case with Finn, but she refuses.
- Bea tells a crowd in The Waterhole that she has written a song about someone she didn't think she could forgive, but might have now changed her mind.
- Ned tells Bea not to forget what Finn did to her. She replies that she'll 'never forget'.
The prosecution lists Finn's multiple crimes; the attempted poisoning of students at Erinsborough High school; the hit and run of Chloe and Xanthe; and locking Susan, Bea and Elly in a shipping container.
In defence, Imogen says that there would be no justice in sending Finn to prison given his diagnosis of retrograde amnesia. He would be expected to reflect on crimes he doesn't even remember committing. She also mentions his post- traumatic stress as the result of the kidnapping in Colombia which obviously had a significant effect on him. She argues that the incident fundamentally changed him and as he no longer remembers it, he is no longer the psychopath he was before.
Elly sends a text to Bea reading 'Is it all running on schedule?'
Lassiters Gardens
Elly bumps into Leo who is surprised to see her as he thought she'd be in court. She explains that the less time she spends around Finn the better. It's a little awkward. Elly soon thanks him for not saying anything to Mark about the baby, before admitting that she really misses having him around as a friend. He says that he doesn't agree with what she's doing but he's still there for her. They look happy to be on good terms.
SHAUN: When we were held captive in Colombia, Finn kept me calm. Kept saying that we were going to be ok. But I could see it in his eyes, he was just as scared as I was. On the second day they blind- folded me. I didn't know why, I just remember Finn screaming at them, begging them not to hurt me...Next thing I know I'm on a plane, free. My parents paid the ransom for me, but not for Finn. What I went through for a couple of days, Finn went through for 6 months. Knowing that our mother had left him.
IMOGEN: Would you tell us what happened after you returned home?
SHAUN: When Finn was finally freed and came home, he was different. Everything the prosecutor described started then. He wasn't like that before. The guilt I felt was huge. It was too hard to stay in contact. I'm sorry for what he did to all of you. I know the Finn I grew up with is sorry too!...His medical condition has erased the damage that's been done to him. He deserves a second chance, he's suffered enough!
IMOGEN: Thank you, Shaun.
Ned and Gary grumble in the background.
BEVERLY: The head injuries Mr. Kelly suffered during his ordeal in Colombia were significant.
IMOGEN: Significant enough to cause the aneurism that formed in his brain?
BEVERLY: Yes, they were the direct cause.
IMOGEN: Can a head injury that severe lead to changes in someone's behaviour?
BEVERLY: Certainly.
IMOGEN: Is it your diagnosis that this is what happened to Finn?
BEVERLY: It's possible, but ultimately I believe Mr. Kelly's destructive behaviour was the result of the trauma he endured from his capture and prolonged torture.
Beverly goes on to say she doesn't think Finn was born with psychopathic tendencies and that his amnesia diagnosis is conclusive; she doesn't believe him to be a threat or danger to anyone around him anymore.
GARY: (to Ned and Bea) It's all going to come down to us.
Bea looks conflicted.
Gary reads out Xanthe's impact statement.
GARY: My name is Xanthe Canning. Finn Kelly was my teacher. And my mentor during the most important year of my life. He was someone I trusted, and he almost killed me. When Finn didn't get what he wanted, he spent months planning to get revenge on me and my friends and family. He drove into me like my life meant nothing. He saw my face. Saw the fear in my eyes and he didn't stop. I now suffer seizures that I'll have for the rest of my life because of what he did.
Gary gets caught up in the emotion and begins to hurl abuse at Finn.
GARY: The only thing that'll come close to making amends for what he's done, is to lock him up for the rest of his life.
Finn drinks a glass of water and looks shaken up by Xanthe's impact statement. He says as much to Imogen who gives him some reassurance. Karl admits to Susan that Xanthe's statement was difficult to listen to. He advises her not to get upset if it's not the result she wants but she remains realistic. Susan gets called to the stand.
SUSAN: I'm one of Finn Kelly's victims. So I understand first- hand the negative impact that Finn's had on many lives, including mine. And my family's. So I don't take lightly what I'm about to say...I believe the Finn Kelly sitting in front of me today is not the same person who committed those crimes. Physically yes, but emotionally, psychologically, no. I look at Finn today and I see... (gets teary)
...a boy. A terrified 19- year old boy. Who would be irreparably damaged if he was sent to jail. As hard as it's been, and it's been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life, I have come to terms with what happened to Finn, and how that turned him into the person who did those terrible things.
Gary grumbles to Ned and Bea. Susan gets even more upset.
SUSAN: I'm not trying to deny anyone's pain and nothing can change what happened. But I truly believe that sending him to jail would be unjust and inhumane. And I'm hoping instead that some understanding and compassion will be what finally heals us all.
Ramsay Street
Elly thanks Leo for walking her home. She seems nervous about going to court so he agrees to accompany her for moral support. He tells her to call him when she's ready.
Bea is called to the stand.
BEA: The first words Finn Kelly said to me when we met were a lie. He drew me in and he preyed on my weaknesses and he proposed to me. None of it was real...
She hesitates.
BEA: But aunty Susan is right. Yesterday Finn Kelly risked his life to save two other people. The man I knew and the man who hurt me would never have done that in a million years. Punishing him wouldn't bring me closure...I don't think he should go to jail.
Gary and Ned look shocked before Ned exits.
Harold's Cafe
Susan is glad that the judge has called a recess. Bea looks guilty about changing her statement in court before Gary walks in, entering into a tirade of abuse at Bea, thinking Finn might not go to prison now.
Judge Jan Barton chats to Imogen, telling her that the case will look good on her CV.
David and Beverly enter the room, deep in conversation.
BEVERLY: You and Jim would've got on like a house on fire.
DAVID: Yeah, dad's told me the same thing. I just wish I was around when he was still alive.
David tells Beverly that Paul's moved in with Terese back on Ramsay St, before they start discussing Finn's case. Beverly suggests that neurology or psychiatry might be a good fit for David to specialize in.
Harold's Store (exterior)
Ned and Bea argue about her change of statement. She says that things have changed; Finn has changed. Ned worries that it might be because Finn and Bea have some kind of 'connection', but she assures him that's not the reason. Ned worries that Finn might hurt people again and how that would make Bea feel.
NED: What if you're not right? What if that monster hurts someone again, are you gonna be able to live with yourself?
Bea looks concerned.
Elly and Leo arrive. Leo asks Susan how it's going but Susan says it's hard to tell. She tells Elly not to worry, even though they're on different sides, it doesn't matter. Elly catches a glimpse of Shaun from afar and immediately runs out of the room. Shaun notices her run out of the room, but only from behind, so doesn't see that it's her.
Leo and David discuss the case; David tells him that Beverly believes Finn no longer has psychopathic tendencies. Imogen comes over, asking where Elly is, but they don't know. Leo goes to find her. However, in her absence, court is adjourned.
GARY: (to Bea) You had a word in her ear, did you?
BEA: She text me earlier, I haven't heard since.
Imogen tells Finn that Elly could be having second thoughts about her statement. In the background, Shaun looks deep in thought.
Court (exterior)
Leo finds Elly sitting on a bench crying.
LEO: Are you ok, is it the baby?
ELLY: No, the baby's fine. It's just that guy who was in there, the guy standing next to Finn, I have to know why he's there.
LEO: He's his brother.
ELLY: He's his brother?!
Elly stands up in shock.
ELLY: That's the guy I was telling you about. The guy I slept with! Finn's brother is the father of my child.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle and Chloe flirt.
- Shaun asks Elly if he's the father of her child.
- Elly looks at a photo of her and Mark.
- Leo tells David he has everything under control.
- Paul berates Leo about not looking after the Backpackers properly.
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Susan Kennedy, Gary Canning, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8084
Susan Kennedy, Gary Canning, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis

Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8084
Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis

Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8084
Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan

Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8084
Shaun Watkins

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8084
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8084
Beverly Robinson

Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8084
Gary Canning

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8084
Finn Kelly

Nicholas Archer in Neighbours Episode 8084
Nicholas Archer

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8084
Susan Kennedy

Bea Nilsson, Gary Canning, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8084
Bea Nilsson, Gary Canning, Ned Willis

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8084
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8084
Bea Nilsson

Karl Kennedy, Gary Canning, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8084
Karl Kennedy, Gary Canning, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson

Imogen Willis, Judge Barton in Neighbours Episode 8084
Imogen Willis, Judge Barton

David Tanaka, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8084
David Tanaka, Beverly Robinson

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8084
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8084
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Susan Kennedy

Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8084
Shaun Watkins

Nicholas Archer, Judge Barton in Neighbours Episode 8084
Nicholas Archer, Judge Barton

Shaun Watkins, Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8084
Shaun Watkins, Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8084
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8084
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka

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