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Neighbours Episode 8083 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8083
Australian and UK airdate: 17/04/19
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Jonathon Dutton
Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Constable Miles Doughty: Lee Ton
Janet Street-Porter: Janet Street-Porter
Keyboardist: Adam Rigley
- "Sorry" by Bonnie Anderson
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Karl admits to Bea that he's uncomfortable about how close Susan is getting to Finn
- Susan is worried that Bea's song will ramp up anti- Finn sentiment (I fell about laughing typing that)
- Bea's annoyed to learn Imogen has asked Miranda to provide Finn with a home if he avoids custody
- Miranda looks unimpressed when Bea announces her song is about Finn, and that he's a monster
- Bea decides to give Finn a copy of her song so he knows how much his crimes affected her
- Ned angrily reminds Imogen that Miranda helped hide Finn from the cops; he shouldn't live with her
- Susan organises a suit for Finn for his court appearance
- At the hospital, Finn saves Susan and Imogen from a hit- and- run, taking the car impact himself
Erinsborough Hospital
Bea helps Susan and Imogen off the floor following the hit- and- run; they're shaken, but basically unharmed.
BEA: Finn just pushed you out of the way. He saved your lives.
They glance over at Finn, who is lying in the road, being tended to by the police escort and medical staff from the hospital. Bea goes over to see how he is.
Lassiter's Complex
Elly meets Mark; she's just been to a yoga class, to 'get zen' before Finn's sentencing hearing tomorrow. Mark wonders whether she should go.
ELLY: I have to read my victim impact statement.
Mark suggests someone else could do it, as with Xanthe's statement.
ELLY: Do you remember what Finn tried to do to me? He tried to frame me for Xanthe's accident, and then he locked me in a shipping container and left me to die. I want to look him in the eyes and watch him being hauled off to jail.
MARK: Elly...
ELLY: Mark, I can handle this.
MARK: I know you can. But what about the baby? We're still in the first trimester.
Elly tells him she won't go into court until it's her turn to read the statement. Elly asks if he wants to grab a bite to eat; she's craving oranges. Mark is swamped at work so can't, and suggests she call Leo to ask him instead. Elly looks put out.
Mark gets a phone call, informing him of the hit- and- run. He tells Elly that Susan and Imogen were involved; he rushes off to learn more. Elly calls Susan.
Erinsborough Hospital
On the phone, Susan confirms to Elly that she and Imogen are fine; they just have a few bumps and bruises. As she finishes the call, Karl emerges to update them on Finn's condition; he has a fractured left elbow, bruised hip and a very badly sprained right ankle. Bea explains to Karl how Finn saved Susan and Imogen by pushing them out of the way.
Karl says that the police have been informed; they want witnesses to go down to the station and make statements. Imogen says she'll go straight there, and asks if Finn will be okay. Karl says he's in good hands. While Susan sits down for a rest, Bea peeks into Finn's room, and sees him being lifted onto the bed by nurses, evidently in a lot of pain. Imogen calls Bea, and they leave together.
Erinsborough Police Station
Bea is giving Mark her statement. She mentions that it was a blue car involved in the hit- and- run, with 'T9F or T9E' forming part of the licence plate. However, she didn't get a glimpse of the driver.
MARK: And you definitely think this was intentional?
BEA: Nobody drives like that by accident.
IMOGEN: It was someone trying to scare me into quitting, so Finn would have no legal defence. I knew that Sheila leaving that pig's head on my car bonnet was just the beginning.
But Imogen doesn't think Sheila would be stupid enough to instigate the hit- and- run, especially as she's already facing charges. However, she admits that Gary was pretty unhappy about her representing Finn at the barbecue, shortly before it happened.
IMOGEN: But it was Ned who was tearing strips off me.
MARK: What, he was angry?
IMOGEN: Yeah, furious.
MARK: ...
IMOGEN: No, he's my brother. He would never hurt me.
But Mark wants to hear more about her conversation with Ned. Imogen and Bea look worried.
No 28
Susan is resting up at home, still in shock from her near miss. Karl tells her she needs to take it easy. Susan thinks that she and Imogen being Finn's biggest defenders has made them targets, and Karl agrees, saying they should have been more careful.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl, no- one could have predicted this. It was lucky he was there. He was incredibly brave.
KARL: Yeah, I was surprised about that. I know Bea was pretty staggered as well.
SUSAN: Finn put himself in danger without a second thought.
KARL: Yeah, but... one good act doesn't make up for a hundred bad ones.
SUSAN: No, I know - I know. But it does prove that this new Finn is capable of being completely selfless. The old Finn would have never put himself at risk like that for us.
Karl doesn't disagree.
No 22
Terese is tending to Imogen's scrapes, and wondering who could be responsible for the hit- and- run. Imogen admits that Ned is on the suspect list along with Gary and Sheila, but says she told the police it wouldn't have been Ned or Sheila. Terese doesn't think it's Gary either.
TERESE: Gary's made some questionable decisions in the past. But he would never do anything this terrible (...) Listen, I hate to say this... but do you think that maybe it's time to quit?
IMOGEN: No - no way! It's gone too far. I'm committed to defending Finn.
TERESE: But darling, it's -
IMOGEN: Mum, when Sheila left that package on my car, you were the one who told me not to be intimidated.
TERESE: And I meant it. But this is far more serious.
IMOGEN: I just need to decide whether I ask for an adjournment, or if I push on with the sentencing tomorrow, even though Finn's injured.
TERESE: Finn's injuries are the least of your worries! Imogen, somebody tried to run you over! (...) As a mother who's already buried a child, I can't bear the thought of losing you. And with that driver still out there, could you please just think about it, at least?
Lassiter's Complex
Mark is questioning Sheila about the hit- and- run. She says she was here all afternoon, and that her staff will verify it. Mark asks whether Sheila knows where Gary was at the time of the incident. Sheila says he's not responsible; but Mark hasn't been able to contact Gary to verify that, as he isn't answering his phone, and Amy has told him Gary hasn't been home since the barbecue.
SHEILA: That doesn't make him guilty!
Mark's colleague Constable Miles Doughty turns up. The car involved in the incident has been tracked down - it was stolen from the hospital car park, and dumped a few blocks away. The owner was definitely in the hospital at the time, so isn't a suspect.
MARK: So someone's hotwired a car, used it in the attack and legged it.
Mark tells Sheila to get Gary to call him, so he can rule him out as a suspect.
Lassiter's Complex
Bea and Ned are talking about the hit- and- run; Ned is incredulous about Finn saving Imogen and Susan, and Bea says she would be too, if she hadn't seen it for herself. Ned tells Bea that he's under suspicion of being the hit- and- run driver, following Imogen's statement.
BEA: You didn't threaten her at all?
NED: What kind of a question's that?
BEA: I'm sorry - I'm not doubting you. I'm just trying to work out what Mark's thinking.
NED: You really think I'd threaten my own sister?
BEA: No! I didn't mean that.
Bea says she's under a lot of pressure with everything that's going on. Ned says he understands, but still looks hurt by what she said.
BEA: Finn was just... He didn't hesitate at all to throw himself in front of that car.
Bea heads off to her gig at The Waterhole. Ned says he'll be along as soon as he finishes giving a statement at the police station.
Erinsborough Police Station
Ned comes in. Mark has just been on the phone to Xanthe; he tells Ned that apparently, she was having a Skype call with Gary at the time of the incident, and is willing to allow the police access to her records to verify that. Ned, however, is still a suspect.
MARK: You have a record, Ned. And I'm willing to bet that you know how to hotwire a car.
NED: Doesn't prove anything.
MARK: Your girlfriend is one of Finn's victims. And you have a motive to want to scare your sister off the case.
Imogen turns up amidst this, and Ned tells her he's being accused of trying to run her down!
NED: Cheers for telling him about our argument (!)
IMOGEN: I was shaken up after the attack. I didn't think I needed to hide it.
MARK: You still haven't given me an alibi. Where were you at the time of the incident?
NED: Look, I was gonna go to the hospital to speak to Finn. But then I remembered that Bea was gonna do the same thing - play him her song. So I just went for a walk.
MARK: Can anybody verify that?
NED: I dunno. I don't think anybody was around.
Ned asks Imogen if she believes him; she says of course she does. They just need to find out who's responsible so Ned is in the clear.
Erinsborough Hospital
Imogen turns up to see Finn; he's on pain medication, so is feeling better.
IMOGEN: Finn, I don't know how to thank you.
FINN: It's about time I did something good for someone.
Imogen confesses that she's been a bit shaken by the thought that someone wants to hurt her.
FINN: Step down as my lawyer. Look after yourself. Don't worry about me. I'll manage.
IMOGEN: I'm not going to abandon you (...) I'm not going anywhere, Finn. You just saved my life.
FINN: Okay.
IMOGEN: I'll just feel a lot better when they work out who was driving that car.
FINN: Yeah, me too. And I've got a hunch about who that might be (...) I had a visitor, just before the hit- and- run.
Erinsborough Police Station
We cut to Imogen relaying Finn's story to Mark at the station.
MARK: Miranda Kelly?
IMOGEN: Finn's ex- wife. She went to the hospital to invite him to stay with her if he gets a non- custodial sentence. I asked her to consider it, but Finn said no.
MARK: He rejected her?
IMOGEN: He has no memory of her. Apparently, she was overly affectionate and familiar; and Finn got uncomfortable, so he asked her to leave, and she didn't want to.
MARK: You really think that's reason enough for her to run down his lawyer?
IMOGEN: Apparently, she got pretty worked up and angry. Finn's guard had to step in.
MARK: Okay, well, that could be significant (...) I'll look into it.
Mark says this should take the heat off Ned. Imogen's relieved, but says she's annoyed with Finn; even if she gets the outcome she wants for him at the hearing, he now has no place to live.
MARK: You want my two cents?
MARK: Focus less on that, and more on your safety. Miranda's a good lead, but until we have the perpetrator in custody, you're still in danger.
The Waterhole
Terese is chatting to British TV personality Janet Street- Porter, who has randomly been staying at Lassiter's, and who of course is dropping parts of names of TV programmes she's appeared on seamlessly into her dialogue in a way that's not stilted and artificial in the slightest.
TERESE: Ms Street- Porter, I hope you've been enjoying your VIP stay.
JANET STREET- PORTER: Absolutely. You Australians really know how to cut loose.
TERESE: Yeah, I suppose we do.
JANET STREET- PORTER: Do you know what? I haven't been grumpy for four hours. I think that's a record for me!
Terese tries to introduce Janet Street- Porter to Bea, who doesn't seem interested or to know who she is. (Understandably.) Bea goes off to start her set.
TERESE: She really is a fan of yours; she's just got a lot on her mind. I'm a fan of yours too, actually.
JANET STREET- PORTER (incredulous): Really?
Sheila is setting up a livestream for Bea's gig, so people can watch it online. Ned comes in, and Sheila questions him about the hit- and- run. He tells her he didn't do it; she admits the police are after Gary, too, and adds that it could be anyone, as a lot of people want to see Finn go down. Bea takes the microphone, and addresses the crowd.
BEA: Hey, guys - thank you so much for coming. My name is Bea Nilsson, and I'm about to perform my debut song, 'Sorry'. I wrote this song about somebody I never, ever thought I could forgive. I just didn't think he deserved it. But now - now I'm not so sure.
Ned looks surprised, as the Keyboardist™ plays his intro, and Bea starts to sing. Sheila, Terese, Janet Street- Porter and the assembled extras all look engrossed.
Erinsborough Hospital
As the song continues, we cut to Finn, watching the livestream on his laptop in the hospital.
No 24
Elly is on the sofa, also watching the livestream, on her phone. She notices a bowl of oranges on the sideboard with a note from Mark, saying, 'hope these satisfy those cravings'. Elly looks guilty.
The Waterhole
Bea's song continues. Janet Street- Porter is nodding along solemnly. Ned looks moved by Bea's performance.
Erinsborough Hospital
Finn continues to watch - he also looks moved. He smiles inscrutably.
The Waterhole
Bea finishes her song, and everyone claps enthusiastically, including Janet Street- Porter.
No 22
Later, Ned is telling Terese about how Bea changed her planned intro to the song, by being more equivocal about whether she could ever forgive Finn. According to Ned, Bea said she changed it to make the gig more 'audience- friendly'; but Ned says she's clearly been having second thoughts about her attitude towards Finn since seeing him save Susan and Imogen.
Imogen comes in, and tells Ned and Terese about the new suspect in the hit- and- run, Miranda. The police are trying to find her now, but she's turned her phone off and checked out of her hotel.
TERESE: Does that mean Ned's off the hook?
IMOGEN: Hopefully.
NED: You know I'd never do anything like that to you, right?
IMOGEN: I believe you. Really. I know that me being Finn's lawyer is a bitter pill to swallow.
NED: Yeah. it is.
TERESE: Are you still gonna be his lawyer?
IMOGEN: I know it's not what you want to hear. And I understand why you're so worried. But it's my job to stick by my client. So I've spoken to Mark, and he's arranged for us to have a police escort to court. We'll be safe.
TERESE: Yeah. I hope so.
Ned doesn't look so sure.
No 24
Elly is on the phone to Mark, telling him he is 'so cute' for the gesture with the oranges. Bea turns up, wanting to know why Elly didn't come to the gig; Elly explains she needed some hibernation time, but that she watched on the livestream and loved the song.
ELLY: I spoke to Susan. She said it was about Finn. I dunno - I thought it would be more... angry.
BEA: Yeah, well, it was. But... I dunno. I'm just confused. I've always thought the amnesia made no difference. But what he did to save Imogen and Susan - the old Finn would never have done that. Auntie Suse could've -
ELLY: I know, Bea - don't.
BEA: But maybe she is right. Maybe he really has changed.
ELLY: Finn still needs to face the consequences for his actions. I know that he risked his own life; but that doesn't change all the damage that he's done in the past. Tomorrow, we need to march into that courtroom, and make sure that judge understands just how much he hurt us.
But Bea doesn't look convinced.
No 28
Karl is looking troubled as he sips on a cuppa. Susan asks if he's okay; he admits he can't stop thinking about the hit- and- run, how Susan almost died, and Finn's intervention.
KARL: It's the last thing I would have expected from him.
SUSAN: That's because he's a completely different man now. Finn deserves a second chance.
KARL: Hmm. You might be right.
The next morning, we get another instrumental- only montage of 'Sorry'. Karl and Susan are dressed up for the court hearing. Karl's anxious because Bea hasn't emerged from her room yet; Susan says she'll be nervous, and that she'll be out soon.
No 22
Imogen comes downstairs, also dressed for court. She looks very anxious, and afraid.
Erinsborough Hospital
Finn is in his suit, but frustrated as he's struggling to do his tie up.
No 28
Bea emerges from her room.
KARL: Are you ready?
BEA: As I'll ever be.
They and Susan leave the house.
No 22
Imogen joins Terese and Ned in the kitchen.
TERESE: You'll be great today.
IMOGEN: I'll do my best.
Ned nods and smiles at her, but doesn't say anything. They all leave the house.
Erinsborough Hospital
Having apparently given up on his tie, Finn looks at himself in the mirror and takes a deep breath.
Karl, Susan and Bea are already present; Ned arrives, and joins them on the front row. Ned kisses Bea.
NED: Never thought this day would come, hmm?
BEA: Yeah, me neither.
Bea has her victim impact statement in her hand.
NED: Stay strong. Remember why you're here. What he did to you.
BEA: I remember, Ned. I will never forget it.
Susan and Karl exchange a glance.
NED: You'll feel better once the hearing's over. Justice will be served, and we can move on.
Finn arrives, walking with a crutch, to join Imogen on the opposite bench. He glances over at Bea, and she looks conflicted.
NED: Bea, don't look at him like that. He doesn't deserve your sympathy. Don't get sucked in again. You're here to make sure he goes to jail. You got this?
BEA: Yeah.
But she looks wholly unconvinced.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Chloe and Kyle are playing basketball while wearing rabbit ears
- Chloe tells Kyle she's 'all about fun, fun, fun' and winks at him. He grins enthusiastically
- At No 24, Shaun asks Elly if there's a chance her baby is his
- Elly looks at a picture of her and Mark on her phone, and looks worried
- Leo tells David he has everything under control at what appears to be a No 32 pool party
- At the backpackers', Paul tells Leo that he's out if anything like this happens again
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Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Const. Dougherty, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Const. Dougherty, Imogen Willis

Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8083
Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Imogen Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8083
Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Imogen Willis, Karl Kennedy

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8083
Finn Kelly

Mark Brennan, Imogen Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8083
Mark Brennan, Imogen Willis, Bea Nilsson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8083
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Imogen Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8083
Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning

Constable Miles Doughty in Neighbours Episode 8083
Constable Miles Doughty

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8083
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Ned Willis, Imogen Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8083
Ned Willis, Imogen Willis, Mark Brennan

Imogen Willis, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8083
Imogen Willis, Finn Kelly

Mark Brennan, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Mark Brennan, Imogen Willis

Janet Street-Porter, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Janet Street-Porter, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8083
Bea Nilsson

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8083
Finn Kelly

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8083
Elly Brennan

Terese Willis, Ned Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8083
Terese Willis, Ned Willis, Sheila Canning

Ned Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Ned Willis, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8083
Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8083
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8083
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Imogen Willis

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8083
Finn Kelly

Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Ned Willis

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis

Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Finn Kelly, Imogen Willis

Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8083
Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis

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