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Neighbours Episode 7821 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7821
Australian and UK airdate: 16/04/18
Writer: Megan Palinkas
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Lockie Harding: Alexander Arco
- "We Are Perfect" by Liz Reynolds
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Piper having a kindred spirit with an unknown book lover.
- Elly questioning Piper.
- Paul commenting that Jane is like a mark 2 version of her grandmother.
- Jane talking on the phone about #32.
- Terese proposing to Gary.
The Terrace
Nervously Terese waits for an answer from Gary and finally he says yes!
While they celebrate their engagement with a kiss, Paul doesn't look so happy – his arrival initially threw Gary, who thought he was there to see Terese, but his role was simply to make sure the place was kept free to allow Terese privacy to propose.
Number 22
Piper is curious to find if the latest book she has, contains any underlined messages while equally wondering how she can get in contact with this person (she thinks it's a female). Xanthe warns her off leaving a note in the book, so Piper is leaning towards asking the unknown to friend her on Facebook.
Their chat though is interrupted by a text from their parents telling them to stay put, they are coming with an announcement.
The Waterhole
Paul is in a world of his own instead of listening to business ideas from Leo. Eventually he spills why he has been distracted (helping Terese propose) but their chat is then interrupted when he spots Jane entering the bar and wants to introduce her to Leo.
Number 22
Sheila, Xanthe and Piper are thrilled with the news of the engagement. Terese is determined that its only immediate family who will be invited to the wedding this time!
While Terese, Sheila and Piper head to the kitchen to get some drinks, Xanthe catches her dad for a quick word. He explains that he had no idea Terese was going to propose but there was no hesitation in accepting.
Number 24
Chloe excuses herself from contributing to the running costs of the house as she hasn't been paid yet, when Mark announces he will do a grocery run as they are out of certain things. He is curious to know why she isn't at work and cites a late start but then she realises the actual time!
The Waterhole
Feigning an excuse as to why she was late (preparing the agenda for the meeting), Chloe joins the table where Paul, Leo and Jane are sitting. Leo raises some possible promotion ideas, but Jane points out there isn't enough time when Paul has a brainwave – holding a (new) Lassiters girl competition. The ladies aren't exactly jumping for joy at the idea of it and even Leo thinks its sexist but since Paul is so keen on it, Jane suggests that as long as its “tastefully done,” then it could work.
Lassiters book exchange
Xanthe and Piper talk about possible places where the wedding could be held as they make their way to the book exchange. Piper is flicking through the first book she sees and discovers it has passages underlined and thinks it's the guy who has just walked away from the book exchange that is the mystery underliner (even though Piper thought the person was female). She swithers about going after the bloke but Xanthe suggests she doesn't and leaves a note like she initially suggested.
The Shed
Mark and Elly exchange polite conversation with each other (he was asking how Karl was) before she heads off.
Despite what Xanthe said, Piper has followed the guy all the way to The Shed and (from Aaron) discovers that he is called Lockie and works at the Back Lane Bar.
The Waterhole
On checking her email (after Gary allows her!) Terese is puzzled at one of the items on the agenda for the meeting – a Lassiters girl pageant.
TERESE: Are they for real?! Its 2018 not 1950!
Gary consents, indeed almost orders Terese to go, but she is reluctant to do so, citing wanting to spent time with him and equally wanting nothing to do with this proposal. He thinks though that he might have a solution that suits them both! “What are you thinking?” Terese asks.
Leo's office
And that solution would be for Gary to take Terese's place as her proxy at the meeting – something that Paul cannot stop since it was in the contract!
Item one on the agenda is the Lassiters girl and Gary declares that Terese is against it and explains her reasoning why to them. She has a long list and after point 3, Leo interjects to say that he actually agrees with Terese because pageants are old fashioned and could damage the hotels brand.
Back Lane Bar
Piper hesitantly heads into the bar (with the book in her hand) and nervously approaches Lockie at the bar when she spots him. After the intros, she explains how and why she has hunted him down although he doesn't confirm it was him who underlined the passages before inviting her to stay and have a drink.
Leo's office
Paul wants to revisit the Lassiters girl idea despite the meeting being on the verge of finishing. Leo suggests a compromise – anyone of any age can enter “The Face of Lassiters.” “Its not exactly new,” Paul moans but does seem happy with the compromise.
With a decision made, Leo quickly escapes with Chloe to show her some reception procedures. Paul insinuates that he doesn't want Gary at any more meetings, which he is happy to agree to because he is happy at Terese working with Paul.
GARY: Because she's made her choice, she chose me.
Paul's comeback is that the only loyalty Terese has is to the hotel hence why he isn't at home with her celebrating their engagement. It takes a few seconds, but the penny finally drops with Gary.
PAUL: You see I'm like a lover. Terese will never leave the hotel and by association, that means me. But, you know, I'm glad that you can accept that, not a lot of men could.
The Waterhole
Jane doesn't seem to be jumping for joy when Paul confirms they will be running with the Lassiters girl idea and thanks her for her arrival in town that brought the idea into his head. He also manages to persuade her to be one of the judges, something she is happy to agree to and celebrate the agreement with a drink.
There is a weird thing between them though – Paul, what seems innocently, patted Jane's knee and she seemed to think that there was more to it than what it appeared and made it clear that there was nothing on offer bar friendship.
Number 22
“I wish I'd seen you in action and the look on Paul's face,” Terese comments on Gary after he brings her up to date on what happened at the meeting. He then stuns her by suggesting that they elope, an idea she suggested herself once too, but she doesn't want to do that as she wants to involve the girls and also thinks Sheila will never forgive them! Gary thinks he'd be disowned too and so they instead go look to see the research Terese has done.
Back Lane Bar
The places is very deserted, a quiet night apparently, and Piper taking advantage of it being quiet by quizzing Lockie about the book, but from some of the replies he is giving, she can tell he hasn't read the book! Eventually he admits that he has been dropping off the books for his mum, he hasn't read any of them… and adds in that it isn't his mum who is the underliner, it was done before she got the books. Piper wants to know why he lied to her, but he isn't wanting to talk about that, he seems to think she is in the bar because she likes him.
PIPER: Why else would I be here?
LOCKIE: Come on, you're totally coming onto me. I even bought you those drinks.
PIPER: That doesn't mean I want to hook up with you.
“I don't believe you,” he replies and then gets the keys out to lock the main door.
PIPER: What are you doing?
LOCKIE: Just giving you what you came for.
The Waterhole
Xanthe takes refuge at Elly and Aaron's table while she waits for Sheila it could be a while - she is on the phone to Clive! They chat about Piper and how she has found her mystery underliner - Aaron puts 2 and 2 together and says its Lockie and remarks about him having “a reputation.”
ELLY: What, is he dodgy?
AARON: Well, he can be a bit of a sleaze.
He then tells them about Lockie cracking onto a girl and when she knocked him back, he got really nasty. Alarm bells are going off in Elly's head and from the looks she is exchanging with Xanthe, they are ringing for her too.
Back Lane Bar
Piper is trying to get out of the locked bar but Lockie isn't letting her because he wants them to have “some fun.”
PIPER: I don't want to have fun, I want to leave.
She tries to back away from him, but he keeps coming closer to her and when he makes his move, she knees him in the privates and while he writhes on the floor she goes to leave but of course the door is locked. Piper can spot the keys lying on the floor and so can Lockie.
- Chloe keen on Leo.
- Leo impressed with Chloe's work.
- Xanthe quizzing Chloe about her feelings for Leo.
- Mark talking to Aaron about ‘The Face of Lassiters' competition.
- David v Aaron for the competition!
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