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Neighbours Episode 7718 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7718
Australian and UK airdate: 25/10/17
Writer: Kate Bradley
Director: Declan Eames
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- David and the gang show liveability judge Abby Coleman all the sights Erinsborough has to offer
- But David tells Sonya they still need to think of a motto for Erinsborough
- Susan comes up with a motto - 'the perfect blend'. Abby tells them the results will be in tomorrow
- Steph continues to moan about there being no money for the wellness centre
- But is Amy about to welcome lingerie cleaning back into her life to make up the shortfall?
- Gary awkwardly presents Piper with a birthday present at her 18th party. Terese looks sad
- Gary and Terese have another awkward run- in at Harold's
- Elly's friend Caro has Gary in her sights, and suggests he needs some 'cheering up'
Terese and Paige arrive at work early for a conference call, and see some of the staff laughing in reception. The object of their amusement is a huge photo of Courtney hanging on the wall in the lobby!
TERESE: She can't be serious!
PAIGE: Well, it definitely makes a statement!
TERESE: I mean, it's just grotesque! It's trashy!
Terese heads towards the lift, but comes across a dishevelled-looking Gary, in yesterday's clothes, coming out of it.
GARY: I was visiting a friend, and... I guess it got late.
TERESE: It's none of my business.
GARY: No, no - I suppose it's not.
But Terese looks distraught as Gary walks away.
Harold's Café
Aaron, Mark, Sonya, Toadie, Karl and Susan gather to discuss the liveability competition - they're waiting for David (who's Not In This Episodetm) to ring them with the news of which suburb has won the $100,000 prize fund. Karl is pessimistic, saying that Erinsborough has made lots of mistakes during the contest.
KARL: We lacked a singular vision. And the motto - that needed work.
SUSAN: Everyone else likes the motto!
KARL: Well, perhaps they didn't think about it enough, darling. I mean, 'the perfect blend' - it's confusing! What does that even mean?
MARK: It means Erinsborough is the perfect blend, Karl!
SONYA: Of family, of community, of environmental awareness...
But Karl isn't convinced, saying they have stiff competition from rivals - such as Fremantle in Western Australia!
KARL: If we'd gone ahead with the Big Durian, that would've given us the edge.
Toadie reminds them all that it was Sonya's initial idea to enter the liveability contest, and everyone gives her a round of applause (including Karl, grudgingly).
Robinson's Motel
Jack and Steph are moping around. Amy arrives, and Steph immediately starts pestering her about the source of the extra money she's promised for the wellness centre. Amy assures Steph that the money will be coming through soon, and that it will all work out. Amy rushes off before they can ask her any more questions.
Once Amy's gone, Jack suggests that they should put a bit of faith in Amy to have things under control. But Steph disagrees, saying she's already been burned once by Hamish. She encourages Jack to go and prepare for his new school counsellor job, but he insists on sticking around to support Steph. Steph admits she considered asking her biker mates to help raise funds. Jack's glad she didn't.
STEPH: I did think of one more option.
JACK: ...?
STEPH: it's a long shot.
Ramsay Street
Gary is walking towards No 26, when Sheila begins pestering him about where he got to last night. Gary says he was with a friend - and when Sheila twigs that it was a woman, she starts acting over-the-moon, saying how wonderful it is.
SHEILA: Is she attractive?
GARY: Oh, Mum...
SHEILA: I know, it's way too early to meet this mystery woman. Cos it's not even serious yet. But you know, this is a very good step for you.
Gary awkwardly rushes inside for a shower, while Sheila continues to celebrate.
Harold's Café
The tension is palpable as the gang waits for the liveability news to come through. Sonya gets a text from David, saying he hasn't heard anything yet but will call them when he does.
SUSAN: I don't know how much more of this I can take!
We feel ya, Suze! Sonya suggests they all go home instead of waiting around - but at that moment, David calls on the phone.
SONYA (screaming): We won!!!!!!!!
Everyone celebrates, as Karl claims he never lost faith! Toadie and Sonya kiss.
The Waterhole
Paige gossips to Terese about her suspicion that Lucy isn't happy about Paul hiring Courtney as rejuvenation consultant. But Terese is clearly worried about seeing Gary leaving the hotel this morning. Paige says it might not have been what it looked like, but Terese insists he was wearing yesterday's clothes.
Paige gets a text from David saying that Erinsborough has won the liveability competition. The atmosphere changes as Terese gets excited. She tells Paige that the council said if they won, they'd hold the fireworks celebration nearby, so Terese had the idea of holding a gala night themed around Guy Fawkes Night. She has to explain to Paige what that is.

TERESE: Remember, remember, the fifth of November - gunpowder, treason and plot!
PAIGE: (...) All I really know about the 1600s is that they used to have huge feasts, and men used to wear tights.
TERESE: Which is what I want to revisit! We can have a 1600s-themed party!
Paige thinks it's a great idea, and they start making arrangements.
Ramsay Street
Toadie pulls up, and tells Gary about the liveability win; he's come back home to collect some party poppers to take back to Harold's.
TOADIE: Yashvi's got a lot of them. It's the closest thing she can have to fireworks.
Toadie suggests Gary come back with him to celebrate, but he says he has to get to work, and is tired after not getting back until the early hours. He explains that he met a woman.
GARY: But when push came to shove, I wasn't interested. We ended up drinking the minibar dry and talking about our exes. I mean, how pathetic is that?
TOADIE: It's not pathetic. It's just gonna take some time to move on, especially since you were so close to saying 'I do'.
GARY: What if you never move on? What if all you can think about is how happy you used to be?
TOADIE: Would you consider taking Terese back?
GARY: No, I can't. It's just - it's just not on the cards for us, mate.
The Waterhole
The council has replied to Terese's email, so she has approval to hold the Guy Fawkes Gala in two weeks' time. Steph turns up to gush about liveability some more - and pitches another idea to get Lassiter's some good publicity.
STEPH: A partnership between Lassiter's and the wellness centre. A percentage of the profits from the gala could go towards the renovations!
Terese says she'd love to be involved, especially given her personal battle with cancer - but she knows that as the new investor, Paul wouldn't be on board with it. Steph's disappointed, but says it was worth a try.
Robinson's Motel
Amy is surprised as Jack tells him that Steph has approached Lassiter's for money for the wellness centre, particularly when she's already told Steph she has money coming through. Jack reminds Amy that Hamish's donation never came to fruition, and that the constant uncertainty is having a detrimental effect on Steph's mental health. He doesn't know how much longer she'll stick it out.
Jack goes to call Steph, while Amy calls her mystery benefactor.
AMY: I hate having to do this, but how soon could you send through that money? (...) I'm worried Steph is close to giving up. And if she does, then this has all been for nothing.
The Waterhole
Terese and Paige are still making arrangements for the gala. Sheila is just leaving work, and talking loudly to Dipi on the phone about how they might learn the identity of Gary's new mystery woman. Terese winces as she hears this, and admits to Paige she's upset that the whole neighbourhood will know Gary's moved on before she's even got her head around it.
TERESE: I'm fine. You know, I'm glad for Gary. He's a catch.
But she looks anything but fine.
Harold's Café
Sheila has joined Sonya, Toadie, Karl, Susan and Aaron for party poppers in the café to celebrate their liveability win. Sonya has gone quiet, and Toadie wonders why; she explains that the council called while he was out, and have asked Sonya to head the committee that will allocate the liveability prize money, following good feedback from David about her involvement.
SONYA: It's like they've finally forgiven me for how I messed up when I was mayor.
Toadie congratulates her, saying she put a lot of effort into the contest.
SONYA: I just feel like with that - and with us, you know - my life's getting back on track.
They kiss.
Terese watches as more staff laugh at the photos of Courtney that are dotted around the foyer.
TERESE: Not only are these portraits an eyesore - they're affecting productivity!

Paige notices that Terese is searching through guest records, and realises she's trying to determine who Gary spent the night with.
PAIGE: Points for your detective skills, but it's borderline stalking!
TERESE: I know. It's pathetic! And I know I've got no right to be jealous. But the thought of Gary with another woman makes me sick!
PAIGE: You've got to stop being so hard on yourself. You're allowed to feel hurt.
TERESE: It's my punishment. Gary, the most wonderful man in the world, wanted to marry me - and I treated him so badly.
PAIGE: Maybe you should talk to him.
TERESE: No. I can't ask him about his new relationships.
PAIGE: No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying, now that the dust has settled, why don't you find out if there's any chance that you guys could get back together?
TERESE: No. That ship's sailed. I hurt him too much.
Harold's Café
Sonya is telling the other RSRs about being put in charge of the liveability fund spending committee, and says she'll welcome their ideas. They immediately start presenting them all at once! Karl wants a hospital research centre.
KARL: I dunno, we could name it after some long-serving staff member...
SUSAN: Really? Got anyone in mind? (!)

Susan wants to extend the welfare programme at school, while Sheila extols the benefits of Dipi's idea of a community theatre programme - and Aaron wants the whole neighbourhood to get leisure fitness cards, no doubt to use at The Shed!
KARL: You're just trying to drum up business for your gym!
SUSAN: Oh, and the Karl Kennedy Wing isn't a conflict of interest? (!)

Sonya says they're all great ideas, but the others all continue to bicker about why their own ideas are better than the rest...
Robinson's Motel
Steph is still moping about, as she continues to struggle to source donations for the wellness centre. Jack continues to make sympathetic noises, and suggests she take a break, seeing how much it's getting to her. Steph admits she's losing sleep, and permanently on edge.
STEPH: This place was meant to give me a stable life! And then maybe, one day, help me to get My Boystm back. I risked the motel for the wellness centre, and now I'm about to lose everything.
But Amy comes in at that moment, and announces that the donation she's been negotiating has come through. They've been given a $50,000 advance, which will get them through the next few weeks of renovations. Steph is thrilled.
AMY: And that's just the start.
Gary runs into Terese. In case we'd missed the scant references in this episode so far, they confirm how great it is that Erinsborough has won the liveability competition. Terese mentions they're organising a big event for the fireworks night.
TERESE: You should come along. Bring whoever you like.
GARY: ... You're telling me to bring a date?
TERESE: I'm just saying you should do whatever you want.
She's about to depart, but...
GARY: Terese, just so you know - nothing happened last night.
TERESE: It's none of my business, Gary. You should do what makes you happy.
He walks off. Terese murmurs a relieved 'thank you' to herself at the news that nothing happened.
Robinson's Motel
Amy explains that the $50,000 donor had a family member affected by cancer, so are very happy to donate, but that they want to remain anonymous.
STEPH: Is that because of the drugs scandal?
AMY: ... It might have been part of it.
JACK: But you could tell us who they are, though?
AMY: I'd rather we just respect their wishes.
As Amy retrieves some paperwork from the desk, it falls to the floor. Jack picks it up for her, but Steph notices a business card has fallen out too, from the lingerie cleaning company. She covers it with her foot subtly, looking concerned. Amy rushes off to pick up Jimmy, and Steph worriedly shows the card to Jack, reminding him of her past occupation.
JACK: You think this has got something to do with her getting the cash?
STEPH: ...
Unmissable Drama
- Steph airs her concerns to Sonya and Jack that Amy could be lingerie- cleaning - or worse
- Mark is holding Gabe at the pub; Courtney remarks that she likes a man who's good with his hands
- Paige tells Leo that monogamy was never Courtney's thing; Leo thinks Paul needs to know the truth
- More of Aaron sightseeing in Paris
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Courtney Grixti, Terese Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7718
Courtney Grixti, Terese Willis, Paige Smith

Paige Smith, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7718
Paige Smith, Terese Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7718
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7718
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7718
Terese Willis, Paige Smith

Gary Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7718
Gary Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Paige Smith, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7718
Terese Willis, Paige Smith, Steph Scully

Jack Callahan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7718
Jack Callahan, Amy Williams

Terese Willis, Paige Smith, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7718
Terese Willis, Paige Smith, Sheila Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Paige Smith, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7718
Paige Smith, Terese Willis

Sonya Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Sonya Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Jack Callahan, Steph Scully, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7718
Jack Callahan, Steph Scully, Amy Williams

Gary Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7718
Gary Canning, Terese Willis

Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7718
Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7718
Steph Scully

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