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Neighbours Episode 7626 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7626
Australian and UK airdate: 19/06/17
Writer: Megan Palinkas
Director: Lawrence Wilson
Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
- "Come Home" by Ellogram Featuring Lauren Ruth Ward
- "Without A Fight" by Anna Coddington
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Terese asking Amy if Paul is uncomfortable visiting her at #26 if she's there with Gary.
- Amy agreeing to move in with Paul.
- Terese finding a lump in her breast.
- With Finn fearful he will end up in jail, Xanthe says they need to get him away.
- Mark arriving too late for Finn as he's moved out of the motel.
- Xanthe pleading she doesn't know where Finn is.
- Gary grounding and confiscating Xanthe's phone.
- Jimmy being asked to keep quiet about the knowledge Xanthe has another phone.
Harold's café
Mishti can see that Xanthe is all over the place and she puts it down to Amy moving out. Xanthe then asks to finish her shift early to hang out with Amy, and also asks to take home some readymade meals too, to give Sheila the night off cooking.
Number 22
Terese checks to see if the lump that she felt earlier is still there but is interrupted by Tyler coming to get a towel for Piper.
Church vestry
Finn has taken occupancy of the vestry that was previously used by Jack. Xanthe arrives, bringing dinner with her and reassures him that with the parish now closed, he shouldn't receive any church visitors. She rejects the offer to stay and have dinner with him as she's to keep up the pretence of returning home at the usual time but reassures him she will be back tomorrow, agreeing to his request to bring her laptop. "You're the only thing keeping me going at the moment," he tells her and she replies that they'll figure out what to do next once he's better.
Number 26
Amy is busy packing up with the help of Gary and Sheila. Elly pops by to check on Xanthe and how she's coping. Sheila refers to her behaviour as "a right little madam," but thinks it's probably due to being grounded. Elly's pleased to hear that Finn won't be keeping in touch with Xanthe after Sheila explains about her phone being removed.
GARY: He wouldn't dare!!
The Waterhole (next day)
Terese spots Karl at the bar to ask for an urgent appointment with him and he can see her at 11.
Paul then catches her to ask about the additional swipe cards and comments that she seems pre- occupied given she doesn't seem to know what she is saying to him! Terese reassures him that she is fine but from the expression on Paul's face, he doesn't think she is!
Number 26
Xanthe is playing with her necklace from Finn when Jimmy comes in her bedroom to talk to her. After a bit of polite chit- chat, she eventually confides in him after making him promise not to blab first. Without actually mentioning Finn's name, she tells Jimmy that there is a mutual liking between them.
JIMMY: I thought you said you were just happy to be friends?
XANTHE: I was but I think I've really fallen for him. I mean he's so kind and caring and brave.
JIMMY: Have you told him you felt this way?
XANTHE: I don't really know how, besides there's no point, nothing can ever happen between us anyway.
JIMMY: Why? Has he already got a girlfriend?
XANTHE: Let's just say that he's unavailable.
Innocent Jimmy tells her that anyone that doesn't make themselves available for her is an idiot!
JIMMY: But if I were him, I'd want to know how you felt even if nothing could happen.
Out in the livingroom, Jimmy reports that Xanthe has left for the library as it was too noisy when Sheila starts yelling for her. He then heads off to pack more after Sheila gives him the picture of with the Melbourne suburb names for his new home.
SHEILA: It will really class up that trashy penthouse!
Sheila is surprised to see Jack lending a hand as she thought he'd be out job hunting but he replies he's still forming a plan first. "Nothing to fear about a career change," she reassures him with and points at Gary as an example, "he's going to be a chef in no time!" She then departs for work, promises Gary to give Xanthe a piece of her mind for disappearing without saying a word!
Penthouse suite
Ah, it's been a wee while since we've seen Paul at home here as it slowly gets back to being a household rather than Terese's office.
Amy, Jimmy and David arrive with their belongings and Amy starts to unpack. Paul is very happy to have them move in and even agrees to hold a housewarming party too. Amy doesn't think he will want Terese and Gary coming but he is happy to put up with them in the short term, as he tells Amy about what he thinks was a breakthrough moment with Terese (their meeting at The Waterhole). "That could mean anything," Amy points out at his interpreting that Terese still having feelings for him.
AMY: Why don't you focus on something that's real... like unpacking!
Karl confirms that he can feel a small lump and asks if there's any tenderness and Terese replies not today. He enquires about family history and she doesn't think there is but he asks her to double check.
TERESE: Should I be worried?
KARL: Well breast lumps in women your age are generally benign.
TERESE: Okay, that's slightly reassuring.
He tells her though he will organise a mammogram and a biopsy so they can be absolutely sure what they are dealing with.
Church vestry
Xanthe is back with her laptop and gives him a couple of suggestions of places he can go to in case the place gets sold. Finn has already made plans - he's going to Hong Kong that afternoon for as long as he's got left because he doesn't want to wait around in fear of persecution for something he didn't do. Xanthe is shocked at the news and asks if he's got anyone there, to which he replies no- one but is happy as nobody will know him and so will be "left in peace." She then volunteers to go with him, acting almost like his own personal nurse "in case anything went wrong," but he doesn't want her to derail her life.
XANTHE: But you need me.
FINN: Your family and friends need you too. This is where you belong Xanthe.
The Waterhole
Terese agrees to shout drinks for the workers when Gary comes in for some now that the moving is over. He can sense there is something else bugging her and not just being snowed under with work. "Look, I'm sure it's nothing," she begins with and Gary says she can tell him, he is a big boy.
TERESE: I found a lump in my breast.
Terese then tells Gary she's been to see Karl and that he isn't too worried but can't say too much more until he gets the test results of her mammogram and biopsy back, which she's to go back to the hospital for that afternoon.
TERESE: I mean these test results might prove that there's nothing to worry about but if there is, I know we've caught it early.
Gary is distracted, because he's remembering the battle his Aunt Ethel went through with breast cancer before she died, but is then quick to say Terese will be okay.
Tyler comes in to see where Gary has got to with the drinks and after Terese explained they were having a private conversation, he suggests Tyler gets the drinks before he catches up with him in a minute.
Terese isn't sure when to tell Piper, but Gary has gone all quiet and can't advise her.
Number 26
Xanthe debates what to do before going into her drawer and getting out the ring Brooke gave her.
Ramsay Street
Elly changes tact from discussing gyms with Mishti to comment on her carrying her money around publicly (it's in a clear plastic bag). Mishti explains that its Xanthe's share of the tips, she left early the night before they were divided up. Elly offers to take them to Xanthe and Mishti gladly hands over the bag.
Number 26
Elly walks through the open door calling out for Xanthe. When they meet, Elly is surprised to see she has a phone (since she's supposed to be phoneless) and the lass explains she's using it to contact friends. Elly brings up what Mishti said to her that despite leaving work early she was late home and took some meals away too.
ELLY: Were they for Finn?
XANTHE: I haven't seen or spoken to Finn since he left.
ELLY: Well that's a relief, it's nice to know he's not using you.
XANTHE: For what?
ELLY: Food, information, your nursing skills.
XANTHE: It's not using if you're friends.
ELLY: Finn's friendships are one- sided. He only cares about himself.
Xanthe disputes that, Finn rejected her help. "So, you have been in touch with him," a disappointed Elly comments.
ELLY: You need to tell the police where he is.
XANTHE: He's innocent.
ELLY: Then why won't he talk to them?
XANTHE: Because the police will twist his words and you will lie about things you thought were true just so he'd end up in prison.
Elly wants to know why Xanthe would think she'd like and her reply is that Finn wouldn't leave his wife for her. To Elly, that's just proof of Finn twisting things to take advantage of Xanthe.
XANTHE: No, Finn's interested in me. He just hasn't made a move yet.
ELLY: Interested romantically?
Xanthe doesn't reply and Elly asks for confirmation that it isn't in her head. "He told me," Xanthe replies and Elly demands to know if anything has happened between them.
ELLY: This is important Xanthe, tell me.
XANTHE: I am! Finn's very respectful, but something could happen in the future. I know it could.
Elly tries to check Xanthe's phone and literally has to snatch it out of her grasp. "Have it!" Xanthe declares and walks off just as Elly goes into it but it's got a PIN number so she can't open the phone. She then gets out her own phone and calls Sheila, telling her that she needs to come right home.
Penthouse suite
Jack suggests getting Jimmy out of Amy's hair as she continues unpacking by going to kick the footy around by the lake and David decides to accompany them too.
Terese trades places with them, she's come to hand the swipe cards over to Paul, apologising for the delay. In turn, he thanks her for selling the penthouse back to him, he wants it for his kids and their futures and predicts her future is her own skyscraper in 20 years' time! "Yes," she meekly replies before leaving him to it.
Number 26
Sheila has rushed home and wonders if Xanthe went to see Finn instead of going to the library like she said. "Probably," is Elly's honest reply and equally doesn't think that Finn has done anything "inappropriate" with Xanthe after Sheila asked. A determined Sheila heads through to the bedrooms, determined to get it out of Xanthe but discovers the lass has done a runner!
Church vestry
Finn writes Elly a note, signing it off I will love you always moments before Xanthe arrives. He comments she is lucky to catch him, he was just about to leave.
FINN: This will be the last time we see each other.
XANTHE: No it won't, I sold mum's ring and I bought a ticket to Hong Kong. I'm coming with you!
A very shocked Finn quickly says "no!" and when she asks for a reason, replies that it will make things worse. She doesn't think she can stay here as Elly has "figured out that I am seeing you."
XANTHE: Then she got really nasty, saying that you were a user, so I told her that you had feelings for me.
FINN: You shouldn't have done that.
XANTHE: Why not? I played it down. I didn't even tell her about the necklace that you got me.
Finn demands that she takes the necklace off, trying to reassure her it's so people don't get the wrong idea. "People are going to be asking a million questions anyway," she points out adding that it therefore makes sense that she goes with him.
XANTHE: If we go to Hong Kong, clear your name and then we can come back here later.
FINN: I'm sorry Xanthe, this is not going to happen.
XANTHE: Why not? You said that you had feelings for me but you're happy to go overseas and ever see me again?
FINN: Not happy, no.
XANTHE: (pleading) Then please Finn, just let me come with you.
Unmissable drama
- Gary discovering that Xanthe has gone missing.
- Elly telling Ben they think Xanthe's gone off with Finn.
- Susan telling Ben of her concerns for Xanthe as she might be in physical danger.
- Mark trying not to scare Sheila but time is crucial.
- Terese telling Piper about the lump.
- Terese admitting she is scared.
- Piper breaking down
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Xanthe Canning, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7626
Xanthe Canning, Mishti Sharma

Tyler Brennan, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7626
Tyler Brennan, Terese Willis

Xanthe Canning, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7626
Xanthe Canning, Finn Kelly

Gary Canning, Elly Conway, Jimmy Williams, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7626
Gary Canning, Elly Conway, Jimmy Williams, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams

Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7626
Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7626
Paul Robinson

Jimmy Williams, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Jimmy Williams, Xanthe Canning

Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning

Shane Rebecchi, Jack Callahan, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Shane Rebecchi, Jack Callahan, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning

David Tanaka, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7626
David Tanaka, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7626
Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis

Xanthe Canning, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7626
Xanthe Canning, Finn Kelly

Terese Willis, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Terese Willis, Gary Canning

Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Xanthe Canning

Elly Conway, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7626
Elly Conway, Mishti Sharma

Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7626
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Elly Conway, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Elly Conway, Sheila Canning

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7626
Finn Kelly

Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7626
Xanthe Canning

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