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Neighbours Episode 7550 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7550
Australian and UK airdate: 03/03/17
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Willow Bliss / Somers: Mieke Billing-Smith
Margie Chan: Kathy Vongsanga
Li-Kim Chen: Kate Song
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Piper tries to convince Willow to help her make fake IDs and some serious cash
- Susan is apprehensive about Xanthe doing her work experience at the hospital
- Xanthe's supervisor asks Susan to reassess her placement, but David disagrees
- Karl tells the twins that Jasmine Udagawa has been asking questions about David
- Amy tells Leo about Jasmine's 'Tanaka' file
- After looking at the file, Leo tells Amy that he thinks he knows who his father is
Rebecchi Law (incorporating Brand Enthusiasm)
Leo explains that Jasmine's father is Hiro, the son of Mr Udagawa - and that he thinks Hiro is his father too, and Jasmine his sister. What's more, he's learned from the files that Mr Udagawa transferred $10,000 to Leo and David's mum the same week they were born - and both she and the Udagawas were in Erinsborough at the time she was pregnant.
AMY: So you think Mr Udagawa paid her money to cover it up or something?
LEO: Well, yeah, she was pretty young, and apparently he's super- conservative.
AMY: That's true. I heard my dad married Gail just to stay on his good side.
LEO: Yeah. I'm guessing he thought his son having kids outside marriage looked bad. Just wanted to get rid of us.
Leo suggests that maybe Hiro didn't even know about the twins because Mr Udagawa paid their mum off. Leo shows Amy a photo of Hiro from the file, but then notices something.
LEO: That's weird... I've got to talk to David.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Piper is telling Willow about her 'amazing' first day at her work experience with the design firm. A job there would be the perfect life, she says.
WILLOW: My perfect life isn't gonna happen. Not if we mess this up.
Willow hands Piper a bag full of fake ID cards. Piper seems pleased with the quality of them.
WILLOW: If we get busted -
PIPER: We won't. We need this money, right?
Tyler emerges at the top of the stairs, and an awkward Willow hurries off to school. He looks a bit suspicious as Piper stuffs the bag into her rucksack. Piper briefly raves about her work experience placement, then kisses Tyler and rushes off to the library. Tyler looks worried.
Erinsborough Hospital
Xanthe is chatting to Paige about her work experience, and how her supervisor thinks she's useless because she keeps getting distracted. Xanthe admits she doesn't understand the technical stuff like Ben does.
XANTHE: What if this is our future? You know, what if Ben is the hot doctor, and I'm just that chick that carries around files?
PAIGE: Hey, hey - give yourself a break! Do you remember when you first started at the café? It took you a while to get the hang of things, but look at you now! You're great!
Paige says she needs to head off for her appointment. Xanthe thanks her for the pep talk. But then Xanthe accidentally drops a load of patient files all over the floor. When she goes to retrieve them, Karl rushes over and shouts at her not to touch them.
KARL: If there's a mix- up there could be a disaster!
Xanthe looks upset, and tells Paige she's a train- wreck.
The Waterhole
Leo is showing David the photo of Hiro Udagawa.
LEO: Remember that summer when we were ten? There was that big heatwave - we went to the pool every day?
DAVID: Yeah?
LEO: Yeah - well, remember that guy who came over to the house a few times? And we were worried about Mum, because she seemed a little -
DAVID: Anxious.
LEO: Yeah. Well, that could be him, right?
DAVID: Could be. I'm not a hundred percent sure. What's going on, Leo?
LEO: Uh... He's just connected to a business contract I'm working on. Couldn't put a name to the face - thought you could help. The contract could be worth a lot, or it could be worth nothing. It's hard to tell at this stage.
DAVID: You usually get what you want, right?
LEO: Not always. But yeah. Maybe this time.
David looks a bit suspicious as Leo leaves.
Harold's Café
Leo announces to Amy that he plans to find Hiro and confront him. He explains that both he and David recognise him, and that from what he's read in the file, Hiro is a bit of a playboy - he stays out of the family business, but likes to live off the profits. He thinks that Jasmine doesn't want Leo and David getting in the way of her inheriting the family business.
Leo explains that Hiro's address was in Jasmine's file; he lives in The City™.
AMY: And are you prepared that this may not go well? If he's been avoiding you all these years -
LEO: Yeah, that's why I want to catch him by surprise. I might get the truth out of him. Look, Jasmine and her granddad are never gonna be straight with me. And Mum said she'd never tell us the truth.
Amy offers to go with Leo to track down Hiro. He says he'll be okay.
AMY: I know. But I'm offering.
Meanwhile, Jimmy is trying to persuade an unenthusiastic Willow to join the school chess club, to no avail. He asks how she's finding school so far.
JIMMY: Are you more in with the cool kids, or the nerds? That's me, by the way. I'm a nerd. But, you know, who wants to be cool anyway? Too many rules, right?
Jimmy gets up, promising to be back soon. Piper comes in, with a wad of cash for Willow from the fake ID sales. Piper then joins her classmate Li- Kim at another table, passing her a fake ID in exchange for cash under the table. However, Elly appears, having seen the exchange.
ELLY: Care to tell me what that was about?
PIPER: What?
ELLY: There's a rumour going around that a student has stepped into Bec's shoes, selling fake IDs.
PIPER: Can't help you there.
ELLY: Okay, then. Open your bag.
Piper insists Elly can't make her, as they're not at school. But when Elly threatens to call the police, Piper complies. Elly quickly finds the bag with the IDs, and tells Piper to come with her. Nearby, Willow looks nervous, and noticing this, Elly asks if there's anything else Piper needs to tell her. But Piper keeps Willow out of it, and leaves with Elly.
The City™
Amy is in an upmarket waterfront area of Melbourne, on the phone to Paul, asking him to pick Jimmy up at Harold's later. Leo rejoins her - he's tried the buzzer at Hiro's apartment, but there's no answer. Amy says he's probably just out.
AMY: You can't give up now - you've come this far. Let's just sit tight and see if he turns up.
LEO: I kind of like it when you boss me around.
They smile at each other.
Erinsborough High School
Elly and Brad are questioning Piper about the fake IDs. Brad tells Piper this is serious - the police could become involved and she could be suspended or even expelled.
ELLY: Piper, the IDs look like a professional job. Do you know who made them?
PIPER: ...
ELLY: Did you use the printer and the software from your work experience?
PIPER: ....
ELLY: Is that a yes or a no? Piper, come on - you're leaving me with no choice but to cancel your placement.
PIPER: No, please - you can't tell them!
ELLY: I don't want to - but if you're not gonna be straight with me...
Elly asks if Tyler knows about it - Piper says he doesn't. When Brad asks if Piper did it just for the money, she gets up and marches out.
BRAD: We're gonna have to talk to Susan.
ELLY: Actually, there's someone else I can talk to first.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl apologises to Xanthe for having snapped at her earlier when she dropped the patient files. But Xanthe is still down on herself, so he suggests that, given her social media skills, she could transfer to the marketing department at the hospital. Xanthe is worried she won't see Ben if she does that, but Karl says Ben needs to concentrate if he wants to go into medicine.
KARL: You will find something. I'm sure you'll find a role where you can really shine.
But Xanthe doesn't look convinced.
The City™
Amy and Leo have a 'time passes' montage waiting outside the apartment block, until Leo eventually says that they're wasting their time. Amy remains upbeat, saying they'll find Hiro. Leo wonders how she manages to stay so positive all the time.
AMY: I wasn't always. Especially when it came to my dad. You know, I spent years rehearsing a speech for when I'd meet him again. I'd planned to stay calm the whole time. But the moment I saw him, I forgot my plan, and just lost it at him.
LEO: Yeah. I rehearsed a speech like that in my head too. When I actually let myself think about meeting my dad.
AMY: You always said you don't care about finding your dad.
LEO: Yeah. I guess sometimes I find it hard to admit when I care about something.
He looks into her eyes meaningfully, and they do soppy smiles. Then Leo heads off to get a coffee.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Elly turns up to tell Tyler about Piper's fake ID business. Tyler is convinced that Piper wouldn't go that far, despite their money problems. He mentions that he saw Piper talking with a student earlier, who gave her a bag.
ELLY: Was it Willow?
At that moment, Piper rushes in, and tells Elly to leave - insisting that Willow had nothing to do with the fake IDs. Elly continues to ask questions, but Piper forcefully tells her that they are 'done here', and Tyler suggests they chat about this later.
ELLY: I won't be dropping this.
Elly leaves, and Tyler asks if Piper made the IDs alone or with Willow's help.
PIPER: Okay, it was a really dumb idea. But we needed the money. My phone's busted, no- one wants to buy Hermione, and I am so over having beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm sorry, Ty - I thought it would help.
TYLER: It's okay. I just hope it hasn't messed up your future.
He kisses her.
Harold's Café
Paige announces that she will bring Ben and Xanthe double sundaes on the house. Once she's gone, Xanthe remarks that they are 'pity sundaes', and explains to Ben what happened at the hospital earlier with the patient files. She confides that she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life like everyone else seems to.
BEN: I don't know where I fit in either.
XANTHE: Oh, as if. Karl's already telling everybody what an amazing doctor you'll be.
BEN: What if I don't want to be a doctor? Honestly, I'm not loving this placement. I have a lot more fun playing music, or working at the garage.
XANTHE: Well, why not do it all? You could be the world's first doctor mechanic rockstar.
BEN: ...
XANTHE: Well, at least you have options. Unlike myself, who has nothing.
BEN: That's not true. You just haven't found your groove yet. The thing that you're amazing at.
XANTHE: What if I'm not amazing? What if I'm just me, and that's not good enough?
At that moment, there's a shriek from the kitchen! Ben and Xanthe rush through the door and find that MARGIE IS BACK!!!! Everyone's favourite silent waitress is sitting on the floor, looking very distressed - and Paige explains that the knife slipped while Margie was chopping veggies, and she cut her finger.
XANTHE: I'll go and get the first aid kit!
PAIGE (whispering): No, like - cut off!
BEN: She needs to go to the hospital!
Xanthe rushes to Margie's side, helping her to keep pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Margie may have lost her finger, but she seems to have found her voice!
MARGIE: Thank you!
XANTHE: It's gonna be fine. You're gonna be okay.
She orders Paige outside to wave down a cab, and tells Ben to fetch bandages. Ben seems in shock, and has to be told twice - but eventually goes to find the first aid kit, while Xanthe stays with Margie.
The City™
Leo returns to where Amy is waiting with a coffee. She reveals that, while he's been gone, she's spoken to one of the residents from the apartment block.
AMY: She said a wealthy Japanese man lived next door to her in this building. She wasn't sure, but she thinks his name was Hiro.
LEO: Okay, great! What else did you -
AMY: Leo... He died.
LEO: What? When?
AMY: About a year ago. I showed her the photo and she said it was him. I am so sorry.
LEO: ... It's okay. I'm too late. That's just the way it is.
AMY: But you still deserve answers.
LEO: From who? Jasmine's actively working to cover this all up - I'll probably never get the truth. I think David's right; it's time to let it go.
Leo walks away sadly, and Amy looks upset for him.
Harold's Café
Jimmy is with Willow, discussing how Piper got busted for the fake IDs. Jimmy mentions that Elly can be 'weird sometimes'. Willow asks what he means.
JIMMY: There was this weird thing with her and this kid called Angus.
WILLOW: Was Miss Conway mean to him too?
JIMMY: No - the opposite.
WILLOW: Go on - it's fun hearing about teachers getting in trouble.
JIMMY: Well, Angus was a kid in Miss Conway's class - he lived at Karl and Susan's house. Anyways, some kids say he got busted in bed with Miss Conway. There's no proof, though.
Willow looks intrigued, just as Piper arrives, and ushers Willow into the toilets for a chat. Piper explains that Elly now suspects Willow is involved with the fake IDs after her conversation with Tyler.
WILLOW: This could mess up everything for me.
PIPER: Hey, I won't let on that you're involved - I promise.
WILLOW: But Miss Conway's on the warpath!
PIPER: I know! Just make sure that you're ready for when she starts asking questions, okay?
Willow looks worried.
The Waterhole
Amy is filling Aaron in on the latest about Leo's search for his father, and how he's decided to drop trying to find out any more information having learned that Hiro is dead. Amy and Aaron agree that it doesn't seem right - Leo should have more info on his father.
Aaron offers to use his Rebecchi Law connections to do a probate search on Hiro Udagawa, to look for family names on his will. Amy says that's a good idea, and explains that she knows Hiro has a son, James, who has just been transferred overseas. Amy gives Aaron Hiro's address, and says she won't mention anything to Leo just in case it's a dead end.
Rebecchi Law
Aaron comes in to find Willow in Toadie's office, using the printer. She looks shifty, and says that Toadie said she could use it any time for school stuff. She stuffs the papers she's printed into her bag quickly, and Aaron looks a little suspicious. Willow leaves, looking upset.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paige, Ben and Xanthe are in the waiting room, awaiting news on Margie. Karl emerges.
KARL: Good news - the surgeon's confident she can reattach Margie's finger! (...) It's lucky you got her in here so quickly, and nice work putting the finger in a sterile container.
PAIGE: It was Xanthe who told us what to do.
BEN: And it was her idea to put the finger on ice.
KARL: ... Well - the surgeon's very impressed!
Karl says he'll be telling Xanthe's supervisor about her quick thinking today, and says David might be right - perhaps Xanthe is cut out for hospital work after all. Xanthe asks if she could be transferred to do her work experience placement with the nursing team, rather than occupational therapy.
KARL: I think that's a wonderful idea. You showed great initiative and compassion today.
BEN: See? I told you you'd find your thing.
Karl goes off to tell Xanthe's supervisor, while Paige congratulates Xanthe on a job well done.
The Waterhole
Leo thanks Amy for coming with him today to find Hiro.
AMY: You'd have done the same for me, right?
LEO: I'd love to say yes, but hey - maybe I'm learning.
Leo gets a phone call, and moves away to take it. Aaron comes back in, telling Amy he's done the probate search - and Hiro Udagawa's death certificate only shows one child listed, Jasmine, meaning James must be a stepson.
AMY: So she's the only heir. I mean, unless Leo's theory checks out.
Leo watches Amy and Aaron while on the phone in the background.
No 28
Elly is on the phone to Sheila, who is filling her in about Xanthe's transfer to a nursing placement at the hospital. Elly is excited for Xanthe, and says she'd like to start tutoring her again soon.
There's a knock at the door, and Elly ends the call. It's Willow; Elly tells her Ben isn't here.
WILLOW: Actually, I'm here to see you. It's about the cards you found in Piper's bag.
ELLY: It's better we talk about this at school.
WILLOW: I know Piper's boyfriend told you she got them from me. But I loaned her a book - that's all it was. Tyler made a mistake.
ELLY: Look, I know you're fairly new to the school community, so maybe you're not clear on the rules. But it will only be in your favour if you come clean.
WILLOW: Come clean about what?
Elly gives up, and says she'll have to inform Susan and 'Dee' about Willow's involvement in the fake IDs. She goes to show Willow out - but Willow opens her bag instead, and puts a printout on the table. It's a doctored photo of Angus lying in bed - with a sleeping Elly behind him!
ELLY: This can't be right.
WILLOW: If you tell Mrs Kennedy, I'll post that all over the internet. Keep it - I've got the original.
Willow leaves, and Elly looks worried.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Toadie tells Willow and 'Dee' they have something important to discuss
- Toadie asks Steph if she broke up with Mark because she thought he was getting too close to Sonya
- Sonya tells Mark that if they know, they can just be ready
- Toadie talks to 'Dee' about what she said about Sonya and Mark maintaining boundaries
- Toadie sees Mark and Sonya in a car together, and says they spend so much time together
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Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7550
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams

Hiro Udagawa in Neighbours Episode 7550
Hiro Udagawa

Piper Willis, Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss) in Neighbours Episode 7550
Piper Willis, Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss)

Paige Smith, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7550
Paige Smith, Xanthe Canning

Xanthe Canning, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7550
Xanthe Canning, Karl Kennedy

Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7550
Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7550
Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7550
Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Jimmy Williams

Li-Kim Chen, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7550
Li-Kim Chen, Piper Willis

Piper Willis, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7550
Piper Willis, Elly Conway

Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7550
Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Brad Willis, Elly Conway, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7550
Brad Willis, Elly Conway, Piper Willis

Karl Kennedy, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7550
Karl Kennedy, Xanthe Canning

Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7550
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7550
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7550
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Margie Chan, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7550
Margie Chan, Xanthe Canning

Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7550
Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Piper Willis, Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss) in Neighbours Episode 7550
Piper Willis, Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss)

Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7550
Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams

Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7550
Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Toadie Rebecchi

Paige Smith, Ben Kirk, Piper Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7550
Paige Smith, Ben Kirk, Piper Willis, Karl Kennedy

Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7550
Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams

Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7550
Willow Somers (posing as Willow Bliss), Elly Conway

 in Neighbours Episode 7550

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7550
Elly Conway

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