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Neighbours Episode 6982 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6982
Australian airdate: 30/09/14
UK airdate: 14/10/14
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Dakota Davies - Sheree Murphy
Federal Agent Greta Jackson - Alexis Porter
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lou tells Karl he knows what's in his blue box - Karl needs to write the Book of Secrets.
- Amber tells Matt she wants to talk about the engagement but he doesn't want to listen.
- Mark asks Dakota which bank she worked for and Mark checks it out.
- Paul tells Daniel that Dakota is opening a new bar and she wants Daniel to work for her.
- Dakota tells Carlos Paul would do anything to keep Daniel safe.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul tells Dakota to make sure that Daniel listens to her as he can get caught up in the moment and lose focus. Dakota says she just needs someone to help set things up and Paul thought that's what he was for and Dakota laughs.
Mark is watching them and Matt comes over. Matt jokes that anyone who finds Paul that funny cannot be trusted. Mark says it isn't just him whom thinks that - he thinks there's something seriously off with Dakota. Matt was joking - he hasn't even met her. Matt asks Mark why he thinks that. Mark found out she used to work for this corrupt bank. Matt doesn't think someone is automatically dodgy if they work at a dodgy place. Dakota is also opening a bar here and is putting a lot of money into it. Matt guesses she's rich and likes to take risks. Mark says he's got a bad feeling about this. Matt says Mark he should go to the AFP if he's really worried about it. Mark checks that Matt thinks it's worth pursuing. Matt says who knows when it comes to Paul and his associates. If someone owes Mark a favour at AFP, it's time to call it in.
General Store
Matt arrives in the kitchen and Lauren comments he left early this morning - Matt says he went for a run. Lauren checks he got her text. Matt says that's why he's here. Lauren says this has gone on long enough. They need to sit down with Amber and Daniel and discuss the engagement together. Matt says the engagement's not going to happen. Lauren points out it already is and the problem won't go away if they ignore it. It might be his way of dealing with it but it's not hers. Matt doubts if Amber's going to listen to them - they're not setting an example of a solid relationship at the moment. Lauren points out they're still her parents - she's got to hear them out. They need to hear her out as well and they're taking her seriously. Matt asks if Lauren actually thinks it's a good idea. Lauren says he's not listening to her. It's a tactic. They let them talk, they make them feel like they're being heard and then you tell them it isn't going to happen. Matt asks her if she thinks it will work. Lauren thinks if Amber sees they're considering her perspective seriously and they still think it's a bad idea Amber's got to see sense. Matt agrees to give it a go.
Number 32
Bailey has been working on Lou's website for E M Williams. Bailey tells Lou he may take a look. Bailey says it's a nice photo and Lou agrees it is. He tells Bailey he's done a great job with the website. Lou says it has stopped Bailey worrying about the space camp interview. Bailey thanks Lou for reminding him and Lou laughs. Lou is sure he did a great job and he'll hear soon enough. He asks if the picture on the website could be a bit more prominent (it takes up most of the page). Bailey is taken in until Lou laughs. Bailey asks if Lou wants to answer some reader questions. Lou says he will later and Bailey tells him that he's built up quite a backlog. Lou suggests he throws in some writing tips. Bailey says they're not asking about writing - it's more relationship questions which surprises and pleases Lou. He says they should give them what they want.
General Store
Matt and Lauren have sat down with Amber and Daniel. Lauren says they haven't had a chance to talk about the engagement. Amber says they tried but they got shut down. Lauren says they're now ready to listen. Daniel says they've got some wedding ideas they want some input on. Lauren tries to confirm they're all ears with Matt but he doesn't say anything. Amber suggests sometime after her exams and Daniel says if it's ok with Matt and Lauren. Lauren wants to know if it's too soon so Daniel suggests early next year instead. The sooner the wedding, the sooner they're married. Lauren says she meant it's too early at all. Amber says she knew it was too good to be true. She realises they only asked them here so they can talk them out of it. Matt says they're making a mistake. Amber and Daniel go to leave and Matt asks them to listen. They think they've got all their answers and know what they're getting into but they don't. Marriage isn't something you decide on a whim. Amber points out that Matt and Lauren got engaged very quickly. Matt thinks it's different but Amber doesn't think so. She says that Matt doesn't want to admit he's a hypocrite. She has heard about this great love story all of her life. Matt and Lauren can't blame their problems on Amber and Daniel. Lauren just wants them to take time to work out what they're doing. Amber asks if the alternative is they're banned from getting married. Matt says she'll follow their rules as long as she's living under his roof. Amber says she'll move into the Penthouse.
AMBER: Not your house, not your rules.
The Waterhole
Amber doesn't get why it's so hard for her parents to be happy for them. Daniel thinks they will come around eventually. Nothing else matters as long as they've got each other. Amber asks if Paul is ok with the engagement. Daniel confirms he is. Paul hasn't really mentioned it but he's an old romantic and Dakota has put Paul in a great mood. Amber asks if Paul will be ok about her moving in. Daniel says he will and offers for them to go and talk to Paul later. Amber suggests talking to him now but Daniel has to do some bar work for Dakota but they can go after that. Amber is worrying about Paul refusing. Daniel says they'll sleep in his car and they kiss. Susan comes in and greets them.
Susan then greets Karl whom is on his laptop. Susan asks him what happened to taking advantage of a quiet house when Nate was visiting Chris. Karl says he needs background noise - the house was too quiet to concentrate. Susan thinks that's an excuse one of her students would use. She wonders if he's procrastinating. Karl wishes he was - Lou has demanded Karl gives him Chapter One by the end of today. Susan offers to talk to Lou. She could get Lou to push the deadline - he's meant to be forever in her debt. Karl says it's absolutely fine. He's finding it energising actually and getting the creative juices flowing again. He loves getting into the psychology of the characters and getting under their skin. Susan wants him to save some of his energy for the real world and they give each other a knowing look. Susan answers her phone and tries to find out what Paul is doing to the radio station.
Lassiter's Lake
Dakota and Paul are standing on the bridge when Paul's phone rings. He tells Susan he doesn't need to justify his business decisions to her. That radio station has had its day and the building should be used for something the community really needs. He knows he made a promise but things change. This is not his problem - she should take up council issues with Sue Parker. He hangs up and Dakota wants to know if she should be worried. Paul says no and Susan's a serial pest. Susan's not happy unless she's got something to grumble about. It will be something completely new tomorrow. Dakota wants to know if Susan will pursue it. Paul points out that there's nothing to pursue. Despite what Susan thinks, the business decision is legitimate. Dakota doesn't have to worry as there are no skeletons in the closet. Paul gets a text from Lauren wanting a meeting about putting the brakes on Amber and Daniel's relationship. Dakota wonders why as they're young and in love - doesn't he remember how that feels? Dakota stops and kisses him. She's got to meet Daniel at the bar.
Daniel tells Dakota he loves the vibe of this place. He suggests she gets some old lamps from an op shop and use milk crates instead of chairs. If he had a bar like this throughout the week he would have different music nights. He would host a tribal drum night, French hip hop and create a relaxed environment. He goes near a box and she hastily stops him, telling him not to open it.
The Waterhole
The Agent is checking if Mark knows exactly what Dakota did at the bank. Mark doesn't - it was a casual conversation, he wasn't trying to interrogate her. She asks how it came up. Mark thinks Dakota was flirting with him. She smiles and comments he thought that was suss. He doesn't answer. She thanks him for the tip off and she'll let him know what she finds out. Mark checks she'll be discreet - he's been burnt by the way the AFP have handled things in the past. She admits they didn't do a good job on the last operation and he agrees. She was surprised to hear from him - she assumed they wouldn't hear from him once they cut him loose. Mark had an uneasy feeling Dakota is up to something and he knows they have the resources. She realises he misses it but he doesn't confirm or deny it.
Paul says he thinks the engagement is complete and utter nonsense but it's not his place to tell Daniel. Lauren points out he's Daniel's Uncle so of course it is. Paul points out Amber and Daniel are in the foolish stage of young love - they all remember what it was like. He looks at them and comments they worry too much. Daniel is like that - he's spontaneous. The rush of love will wear off and he'll come to his senses soon enough. Lauren thinks Amber may not and she'll get more emotionally invested the longer this goes on. Lauren tells Paul that Amber's moving into his Penthouse. Paul is surprised and asks when this happened. Matt explains it was when she stormed out of their attempt to call it off. Paul thinks maybe he's been a bit on Daniel.
Daniel is sorting through stuff. As Dakota comes in, he asks if it's safe to open a drawer. She laughs and apologises about earlier. She explains there is personal stuff hidden in there. She shouldn't really be stashing them here but she doesn't trust hotels. Daniel reassures her. Amber arrives and Dakota says they're not open yet. Daniel introduces them and Amber says she wanted to come and see what they're doing with the radio station. She hopes it's ok. Dakota says it's fine. Amber says it's a shame the school couldn't find the money to keep it going. (I thought Jack left the funds for it?) Daniel suggests she talks to Paul and Dakota says she thinks Paul's done all he can. Amber says a bar is cool too. Dakota points out that it's better than knocking it down for a block of flats. Dakota asks Amber to put some rubbish outside. Dakota has to pop out and she was hoping Daniel would stick around. Dakota's expecting a delivery. Daniel questions if she wants him to have that responsibility. Dakota says it's what she expects of her managers. He asks what happened to being a bartender! After hearing his ideas, she realises he's got a real sense of what she's trying to achieve in this place. She's not trying to tie him down - she just wants someone who's easy to get along with and she can trust when she's not around. Daniel checks if he can host his tribal drumming night. She'll see which he takes as a yes and Dakota laughs.
Number 32
Someone has asked how they can him to look at her like he did when they first met. Bailey then admits he's not entirely comfortable hearing all this. Lou thinks it's rubbish as he's a teenage boy starting a new relationship. As Bailey is learning from a man of Lou's experience he should count himself lucky. Bailey says all the people are old and married and reigniting the spark of young love. Lou wants to know what his point is. It's a recent thing for Alice and Bailey - they're not exactly having spark problems. Lou thinks Bailey has the confidence of youth whom don't think these couples have it different too. Lou checks if Bailey and Alice are in it for the long haul. Bailey says they haven't really spoken about it. Lou tells Bailey to listen and learn. He tells Bailey to post back to the reader that it's all in the communication and honesty. Bailey tells Lou he's got an e-mail from Karl. The attachment is called 'First Draft'. Lou says he will deal with that later. He tells Bailey to go and apply his romantic lessons to Alice.
Penthouse Suite
Daniel and Amber arrive with Amber's stuff. Daniel tells Paul he's now the manager of Dakota's bar and Paul congratulates him. Daniel thought he would be happy. Paul doesn't say anything and Amber suggests they talk about it another time. Paul was asking if she was thinking of tomorrow morning over breakfast or any of the mornings after that now she's decided to move in again. Paul checks with Daniel that Amber really wants to move in this time. Amber apologises - they were going to ask him first. Paul wants to know if that was before or after she moved all her stuff in. Daniel wants to know what's going on - they need to sit down and discuss this. Paul says there's nothing to discuss - Amber can stay one night a week as agreed and no more. Amber agrees and heads out.
Daniel tells Paul that things have changed - their relationship has changed. They need to have a serious conversation. Paul wants to know how they expect him to take them seriously when they're acting like children. Daniel knows Paul gets to decide whom lives there but the way he spoke was way out of line. Paul hopes Daniel doesn't want an apology. Daniel thought Paul was more open minded than Amber's parents but he's exactly the same. Amber and Daniel are together and everyone needs to accept that. Where he is, she is too.
The Waterhole
Lauren and Matt come over to Paul and Dakota's table. They ask Paul how it went - Paul says Amber won't be moving in. Lauren gets a phone call from Amber and asks where she is. Lauren is confused when Amber says she's at Daniel's place. Paul points out he was just at the Penthouse and they weren't there. Lauren tries to ask Amber what's happening until Matt takes over the call, asking where she is.
Random Field
Paul, Matt and Lauren find Daniel's car with Daniel and Amber setting up their things. Matt points out that they don't even have a tent. Daniel says they don't need one - they car gives them better shelter and it's completely mobile. Amber says it will be great getting back to basics. All the discussions they were having were causing tensions about where they were going to live so they didn't want to start their marriage off with these bad vibes. Lauren asks Amber if that's what she thought. Daniel tells them they wanted to come up with a solution that works for everyone. Paul questions that they call this a solution - he would call it running away. Daniel points out they're still here and they're not going anywhere. This is how it's going to be from now on and they'll navigate any obstacles. They'll find a way to manage if the adults aren't going to support them. Amber says they would really love it if they supported them.
General Store
Lou holds up Karl's manuscript - covered in red pen. Karl says it's some of his best work. Lou tells him to dig deeper - this waffle just won't cut it. It's cliché written and boring. Karl wants to know how come Lou gets to criticise his writing. Lou says he can when it's going out under his name. Karl points out that it's going out under the name 'E. M. Williams'. Lou points out that everyone knows it's a nom de plume. Lou Carpenter is booked to appear in a writers' festival and unless he finishes it on time he will be sued. He tells Karl to fix the manuscript and don't embarrass him. Karl tells him if Lou is appearing at the festival, Lou can write it. Lou asks if Karl wants him to write it and Karl confirms this. Lou agrees. He has this wonderful story idea - it's about a highly respected couple and their secret blue box. Karl snatches the manuscript back and leaves as Lou laughs.
Random Field
Amber says something and Daniel says that it's not that hard - she just needs to change her mind set. Everything he needs is in this car. All they need is each other. When Matt accused Daniel of proposing on a whim - Amber says not to listen to Matt. Daniel says it was a whim. To Matt it's a bad thing - he needs stuff to be thought through and analysed whereas Daniel thinks you should listen to a whim. It's your heart speaking. When Daniel thought the worst was going to happen his heart told him to commit to Amber. The decision was quick but the commitment's permanent. Amber hands Daniel the ring and he puts it on her finger. She says she should have done it ages ago - she doesn't want to hide it anymore. Daniel checks she's ok staying in his car even if it is for a while. Amber says she has everything she needs right here and they kiss.
Number 32
Matt tells Lauren that Amber is goading them - that is all. Lauren says she looked happy - they both did. Matt doesn't think they will last two nights and Lauren hopes he's right. Matt comments they will drive each other crazy living in such close quarters. Lauren thinks it could push them closer together. Lauren reminisces about the night she joined him on the stakeout - the demolition job. Matt had to sit up overnight to keep the protestors out. It was the two of them and the divvy van. Matt commenit'ts he broke a few rules and laws that night. Lauren points out it was only in some states and they laugh together. Lauren moves to kiss him and he backs away. He can't. He says that all of those memories are tainted now. Lauren had just lost Brad's baby. Lauren thought they worked through it months ago and Matt was supportive. Matt says that was before. Lauren comments she made one stupid mistake in Adelaide and Terese is painting it like it's a twenty year mission. Matt points out he never agreed with Terese. Lauren says he never said he trusts her. Matt wants to trust her - he can't just say he forgives her and go back - he's sorry and leaves the room.
The Waterhole
The agent, Greta arrives and hands over the information. Mark remarks it was quick. Greta says the flags came up as soon as she put Dakota's name in the database. Mark is pleased he was right - Dakota is up to something. Greta says you can leave the job but the instincts never leave you. Dakota is definitely involved in some illegal stuff. Dakota started in Brazil and has been moving all over the place since then. Mark asks what exactly they are talking about. Greta comments they're not completely sure but they've got some theories on known associates but nothing has stuck. Dakota has kept herself at arm's length. They think Mark could help - Mark had said Dakota was flirting with him. Greta asks Mark if he can get closer to Dakota. Mark could but points out he's not a cop anymore. Greta says he misses it. If he didn't, he wouldn't have brought this to her. If Dakota catches wind that they're sniffing around, she'll be on the next plane out of here. Mark's not too sure though. Greta says it's up to him but they could really, really use his help.
Unmissable drama
- Dakota interrupts Mark looking through stuff at the new bar.
- Nate watches Josh walk in and out of the General Store.
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Dakota Davies, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Dakota Davies, Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Bailey Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6982
Bailey Turner, Lou Carpenter

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6982
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Dakota Davies in Neighbours Episode 6982
Paul Robinson, Dakota Davies

Dakota Davies, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Dakota Davies, Daniel Robinson

Mark Brennan, Federal Agent Greta Jackson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Mark Brennan, Federal Agent Greta Jackson

Lauren Turner, Paul Robinson, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lauren Turner, Paul Robinson, Matt Turner

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Dakota Davies in Neighbours Episode 6982
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Dakota Davies

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lou Carpenter

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Paul Robinson

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Matt Turner

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6982
Lauren Turner

Mark Brennan, Federal Agent Greta Jackson in Neighbours Episode 6982
Mark Brennan, Federal Agent Greta Jackson

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6982
Mark Brennan

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