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Neighbours Episode 6953 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6953
Australian airdate: 20/08/14
UK airdate: 03/09/14
Writer: Holly Lyons
Director: Declan Eames
Guests: Kathy Carpenter: Tina Bursill
Nate Kinski: Meyne Wyatt
Taxi Driver: George Gaitanis
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lauren confronts Terese about her attempt to ally with Matt and dig up dirt on Paige
- Lou decides to forgive Kathy for her past misdemeanours
- Imogen continues to give Amber and Daniel the cold shoulder
- Nate gets heavy with a Two- Bit Antagonist™ who gatecrashes the gang's totem tennis game
Lassiter's Lake
Chris is looking worried following Nate's heavy-handedness with the tennis interloper, and his subsequent hasty exit. He talks to Mark and Paige about it; Mark agrees that Nate's behaviour came out of nowhere, but Paige predictably thinks the antagonist deserved everything he got.
PAIGE: We all wanted to get rid of him, and that's what Nate did. So what's the problem?
CHRIS: Yeah, but it's the way he did it.
MARK: Yeah, he's definitely not someone you want to be on the wrong side of, that's for sure.
PAIGE: I thought it was kind of hot.
Mark gives Paige a disapproving look, and Chris still looks uncomfortable.
Ramsay Street
Amber and Daniel pull up in Hermione the car; he's been giving her a driving lesson, and can't resist getting a mention of his mother Charlene in, as if 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre' were an exclusively Robinson family technique. Imogen comes down the drive just as they're getting kissy, and tersely reminds Amber that it's Imogen's turn with the car today.
IMOGEN: You are clearly incapable of taking any of your commitments seriously.
AMBER: I misread the schedule!
IMOGEN: No! You have an inflated sense of entitlement!
She marches off, having reminded Amber not to let Daniel eat in the car!
No 32
Kathy has been notified about a problem at one of her stores in Queensland, and tells Lauren she's going to have to leave to sort it out. Lauren is disappointed, but Kathy reminds her how far their relationship has come since she's been back. Matt comes in, getting ready for work, but the atmosphere between him and Lauren is still tense.
Amber and Daniel come in, moaning about Imogen taking custody of Hermione. But Matt says they can't borrow his car, as he has to get to work. Matt kisses Kathy goodbye, wishing her a safe flight, and leaves. Kathy asks where Bailey is - apparently he's at the library preparing for his Space Camp speech - in other words, not in this episode. Kathy therefore suggests a farewell lunch just for the girls. Amber says she's in, but when Kathy suggests Lauren ask if Paige is free too, and Lauren agrees to invite her, Amber looks highly miffed.
No 28
Chris calls round to talk to Nate, wondering why he lost his temper with the two-bit totem tennis trespasser.
CHRIS: Come on, you lost it with that guy! And I'm a bit shaken up to be honest. Aren't you?
NATE: I'm fine.
Chris continues to probe, but Nate doesn't seem to understand what the problem is - the gang didn't want the random lingering around, so he dealt with him. At that point Susan comes in, and offers Chris a cuppa, but Chris says he has to go, and leaves. Susan looks surprised, and Nate goes quiet.
No 32
Paige and Amber are already fighting over the recipe book as they decide what to cook for lunch. Kathy tries to persuade them of what they have in common - they're both artistic - and Lauren agrees.
PAIGE: I guess, but taking photos has never really grabbed me. You know, when you draw something, you get to make something from scratch.
AMBER: But with photography, you get to capture a moment in the world. In a way that maybe no-one's done before.
PAIGE: Yeah, but then you have to sit in a darkroom for hours. Although I guess you did play that to your advantage.
AMBER: ...
PAIGE: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up.
LAUREN: So Paige, have you had a chance to check your roster? I had to put you on a few early morning shifts, I'm sorry.
PAIGE: No, that's fine. It's better than having to stay late and close.
AMBER: Definitely! We don't want the place getting trashed again. (!)
They raise a toast, both Amber and Paige looking suitably mardy.
No 28
Nate is ironing a shirt when Susan comes in, but he gets a mark on it. Susan offers to sort it out, and says he can borrow one of Karl's instead.
NATE: I'm going to a funeral.
SUSAN: Oh, I'm so sorry. Is that why you're in the area?
NATE: Yeah. The service is a few suburbs away. When I heard, I remembered Zeke had given me your address, so...
SUSAN: Is it someone you were very close to?
NATE: We worked together. He helped me out in a lot of difficult situations.
Susan offers to go with Nate to the funeral for support. He thanks her for the offer, but says he's meeting a friend beforehand. He goes to get a shower, and Susan looks concerned.
Soon after, Susan is ironing one of Karl's white shirts for Nate. When he comes in, she offers to drive him and his friend to the funeral, but he says it's not necessary.
SUSAN: Can I ask how it happened?
NATE: He got hurt on the job. We thought he was gonna pull through, but - no, he didn't make it.
SUSAN: Does he have a family?
NATE: Yeah. A little girl.
SUSAN: Oh. Oh, that's awful.
NATE: His name was Pony. Well I called him that. Because he could carry more on his back than anyone else I know... I didn't realise he'd gone back to hospital, till I heard about the funeral. He should've got the word out that he'd gone downhill. But he was too proud.
SUSAN: Sometimes I think we forget that it's okay to lean on the people around us.
No 32
Kathy tells Paige about Amber's driving lessons, and Amber admits Daniel's been teaching her.
PAIGE: Really?! In the same car that you share with Imogen? God, that must be... none of my business.
Kathy suggests Paige could give Amber lessons, but neither girl seems keen.
AMBER: No, I think I'll stick with Daniel. He's really positive and patient.
PAIGE: I'm not sure Josh would agree with you there!
AMBER: I will take that attitude from Imogen because she is his real sister! I will not take it from you.
LAUREN: Alright, girls, just cut it out!
AMBER: No! I don't think she should be judging me! You are not my big sister, so stop acting like it!
PAIGE: Don't worry, there's no danger of that happening!
Lunch thus ruined, Amber storms out.
Harold's Store
Imogen is trying to read, but Daniel is drumming his fingers on a table nearby, until she snaps and tells him to stop.
DANIEL: Hey, it's fair enough that you're angry with me and Amber.
IMOGEN: Thank you! But I don't need your permission.
Daniel joins Imogen, and tries to get her to hate him for what they did to Josh, rather than Amber. He admits they did wrong, but says Amber couldn't help falling out of love with Josh. Imogen doesn't accept his argument, and heads towards the door. Amber comes in, and Imogen tells her next time she wants to talk to her, to do it herself, rather than sending 'your handbag'. Imogen leaves, and Amber joins Daniel at his table. She admits her lunch was a disaster.
Ramsay Street
Paige takes Kathy's bags out to the taxi, while Lauren and Kathy walk out of the house, arm in arm. Lauren apologises for the disastrous lunch, but Kathy thinks it's funny.
KATHY: I didn't expect instant happy families; neither should you.
Kathy tells Lauren that things will get easier for everyone as time goes on. Paige and Kathy awkwardly shake hands.
KATHY: Take care of yourself, Paige. And that boyfriend of yours.
PAIGE: What boyfriend?
KATHY: The one you're living with!
PAIGE: Brennan?! No, I think you're confused - he's not my boyfriend.
KATHY: if you say so. Time for me to go. I know I can never make it up to you, but I'm so happy to see you two standing here together. Don't ever lose each other again.
LAUREN: We won't.
Lauren hugs Kathy goodbye, and she gets in the taxi.
LAUREN: Make sure you look after your heart.
KATHY: I will. And you do the same. I promised not to meddle, but forgive your husband. He's doing it tough too. He hasn't got the same bond you and Paige have, but he loves you. Let him in.
Paige and Lauren wave Kathy off as the taxi drives away.
No 32
Matt comes in from work, to find Lauren being nice to him again. She apologises for the tension between them, but admits she's still annoyed about the way he treated Paige over the charges for trashing Harold's Store. However, Lauren says she knows Matt was trying to do the right thing.
LAUREN: The truth is, if your daughter from a previous relationship rocked up on our doorstep, I doubt I would cope well. But you - you on the other hand, have been so supportive. I mean, I've been worried about Paige's feelings, and worried about the kids' feelings. And I haven't given much thought to how you were coping.
MATT: Well you don't have to worry about me.
LAUREN: Yes, I do!
MATT: Paige is a part of all our lives now. And after what you went through to find her, I won't let anything change that.
He explains he's been protective partly because of how broken Lauren was when she got back from Adelaide - and he didn't want to see her hurt again. Lauren looks slightly guilty, but calls Matt a wonderful husband. They kiss.
Ramsay Street
Imogen is filling a small box with items from Hermione's glove compartment. She looks sadly at a CD she's found, labelled 'Hermione's Soundtrack' - with a picture of her and Amber in the case - but puts it in the box. Paige approaches, and asks Imogen about Josh's job offer at the gym. Imogen says Brad convinced Josh to take it, and thanks Paige for giving both of them a push. Paige notices the CD, and suggests Imogen should try mending things with Amber, but Imogen responds to this idea with quiet hostility.
Mark comes round the corner and talks to Paige.
MARK: Well, you didn't come home in a cop car! Does that mean the family lunch didn't go as bad as what you thought?
PAIGE: It was worse. We bickered, we argued and we ate quiche.
MARK: Oh! That is bad! But wait till the Christmas gatherings. That's when the claws really come out.
PAIGE: Well Amber's were right out today. They were razor-sharp.
MARK: I'm sure you gave as good as what you got. Am I right?
PAIGE: Maybe.
Mark advises Paige to give her some time to calm down, then go over and clear the air. Paige says it's sickening how he's always right, and briefly checks him out as he goes off to mow the verge. Mark looks back as she walks indoors.
No 28
Nate comes in from the funeral, and calls out for Susan. But she's not home.
Harold's Store
Instead, she's in Harold's, picking up some milk. (Let's hope she doesn't slip on it.) She encounters Chris on her way out, and thanks him for spending time with Nate and making him feel welcome. Chris admits he probably won't be seeing Nate again, and Susan stickybeaks Chris into telling her about how Nate attacked the racket-stealing random at the lake.
No 28
As Chris continues to tell the story, we cut to Nate, looking at the programme from the funeral. The heading on the front reads 'Thomas 'Pony' Lima, 1985 - 2014'. In the voiceover, Susan is admitting to Chris that Karl said Nate didn't sleep very well last night.
SUSAN: And he certainly plays his cards close to his chest. But from what I've seen he seems polite, and calm.
CHRIS: Well that's exactly what I thought.
Harold's Store
Chris tells Susan that Nate didn't want to discuss what happened at the lake.
SUSAN: Yeah. I get the feeling he's not very good at expressing himself. He could probably use a friend.
No 28
Nate is reading another piece of paper, as the voiceover from Harold's continues.
CHRIS: Well, I was hoping we could be more than that. But after the way he acted, I'm not so sure.
Nate has a handwritten list of names in alphabetical order, by surname, most of which appear to be male names, and some of which are crossed out. He crosses out 'LIMA, Thomas 'Pony'' as well.
SUSAN: I'm not condoning Nate using violence, even if the other guy was hassling him. But he must have thought it was justified. I truly believe he's a compassionate, decent man.
Nate sits back, all serious-looking.
Harold's Store
Susan tells Chris it might be a bit early to judge Nate, and we end the scene on a fade from Nate in No 28, back to Chris in Harold's.
No 32
In the back garden, Amber tells Daniel how she wishes she'd made more of an effort at lunch, for Lauren's sake. Imogen marches into the garden with a box of Amber's possessions from Hermione's glove compartment, and drops it on the floor - telling her not to keep things in there from now on. When Amber tries to talk to her calmly, Imogen accuses her of getting Daniel and Paige to fight her battles, before starting to walk away. Daniel suggests they all talk about things.
IMOGEN: Yes, because that will solve all the world's problems!
DANIEL: I think you'd be surprised -
IMOGEN: I cannot believe you dumped Josh for this!
AMBER: Say what you want about me, but do not bring Daniel into this. And besides, I cheated on your brother, not on you.
Amber walks right up to Imogen, just as Paige appears in the garden, observing the row.
IMOGEN: Yeah, well for me, family comes first. But I guess you wouldn't understand that because you're too selfish. And you know what, I am really not surprised that your mum was so happy to find Paige. She's a better daughter than you'll ever be, and that's saying something.
Imogen turns to walk off, but Amber sees red and shoves her to the floor. An epic catfight begins while comedy guitar music plays. Paige and Daniel pull Amber and Imogen apart, and Lauren rushes out of the house, demanding to know what's going on.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Terese thinks Paige is to blame for Amber and Imogen's fight
- Naomi helps get Toadie out of her system by pashing Josh in the Men's Shed - until Lou shows up!
- As Imogen slags off Daniel to Josh, he asks whether she's 'jealous or something'
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Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6953
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6953
Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6953
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Amber Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Amber Turner, Paige Smith

Nate Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6953
Nate Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6953
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Taxi Driver, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Taxi Driver, Paige Smith

Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Kathy Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Kathy Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6953
Kathy Carpenter

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6953
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6953
Paige Smith

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6953
Imogen Willis

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6953
Mark Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6953
Susan Kennedy, Chris Pappas

 in Neighbours Episode 6953

Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 6953
Nate Kinski

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6953
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6953
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6953
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6953
Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Lauren Turner

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