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Neighbours Episode 6937 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6937
Australian airdate: 29/07/14
UK airdate: 02/08/14
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Kathy Carpenter Tina Bursill
Paige Novak Olympia Valance
Megan Dennison Stefanie Jones
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Josh walks in on Amber and Daniel kissing and Amber tries to explain.
- Imogen tells Amber to stay away from her and Josh.
- Naomi tells Sheila shes lost her job thanks to her.
- Ethan tells Paige not to put off telling her family the truth.
- Kathy tells Paige the private investigator has found her granddaughter.
The Waterhole
Paige stares across the room at Kathy lost in thought. The bartender gives her a drink and it brings her out of her reverie. She comes across to Kathy and gives her the drink. Paige says that Kathy must be pretty freaked out she had thought Kathy had decided to let it go. Kathy says she couldnt. Paige says she meant so Kathy could keep it cool between her and Lauren.
KATHY: Look sometimes as mothers we don't always do the best thing but when we do make a decision weve got to trust that its right.
Paige asks exactly what the private investigator said. A girl had been found that the details checked out and her name is Megan Dennison. Paige is relieved and says that the girls name is not Smith. Kathy is surprised and Paige explains that Brads PI said the girls last name was Smith. Kathy thinks the PI got a few details wrong shes from Canberra, not Adelaide. Paige looks thoughtful and asks if shes going to tell Lauren. Thats the last thing Kathy wants to do and get Laurens hopes up after the last time. Paige realises shes talking about Lisa. Kathy says Lisa was sweet and lovely and they don't know about Megan. Paige asks what she is going to do now. Kathy will find out how genuine Megan is and then decide whether to tell Lauren. Paige offers to come along as an objective observer Kathy refuses.
Number 26 Backyard
Chris and Georgia are getting ready to train Bossy with the rings. Georgia tries sending Bossy to Chris whom runs straight past him. It makes Georgia laugh Chris points out its her first training session. Georgia says Bossy will totally get it by the wedding. Chris points out that if Sheila was still running things she would have Bossy seating guests and serving drinks. Georgia is glad Sheila is being a bit more collaborative. Chris says its nice with everything quiet on the Sheila Naomi front. Georgia thinks that nice doesnt come close. Sheila arrives complaining about the ingratitude of Naomi she tries her hardest and she turns on Sheila just like that.
Number 24
Naomi wants to know why Sheila can't mind her own business. Kyle is trying to say he came to invite her to dinner. Naomi thinks Sheila can't help herself. Mark wants to know whats happened and Naomi says that Sheilas trying to get involved in her life because she thinks she knows whats best.
Number 26 Backyard
Sheila says shes Naomis mother. Its her job and shes supposed to look after her. Chris thinks Naomi will calm down and see that. Sheila thinks Naomi wouldnt know a good thing if it jumped up and bit her on the bum.
Number 24
Naomi tells Mark and Kyle its her life and she can manage it on her own. Mark with a knowing look at Kyle says hes going to head off. Kyle says it sounded like Sheila was trying to help. Naomi thinks losing the job she lined up was really helping!
Number 26 Backyard
Sheila says that Chris and Georgia know shes all about her family. She wouldnt do anything to hurt Naomi. Chris tells Bossy to run and save herself. Georgia tentatively says that Sheila might not have done it intentionally but things might have got a bit out of hand. Chris thinks things will settle down they always do.
Number 24
Naomi hates that they always end up at each others throats. Kyle thinks they will work things out. Naomi thinks they will but blow up at each other again what is the point?
Erinsborough High
Amber is smiling and typing on her phone. Imogen comes over and asks if shes playing Crush Words what words is she making for Daniel today? Amber says she wasnt playing that game. Imogen doesnt think shes doing her job as School Captain very well thats no surprise. Amber doesnt think it has to be this way.
Susan comes over and says she was hoping to catch Amber before class. Imogen says shes here on her phone. The council have asked for a report on media classes used for the media station Susan was hoping Amber would get a statement from the students. Amber agrees. Theres a meeting today for the Year Eleven and Twelve students about the School Formal. Shed like Amber to run it. Amber admits they havent really organised anything. Susan says thats why they need the meeting to get the ball rolling. She reassures Amber shell be fine. Imogen whom has been behind Susan suggests a committee. Susan agrees to this idea maybe down the track. Imogen thinks people would be more comfortable if they had one. Right now Susan is comfortable with the School Captain leading it.
General Store
Mark wonders if its just him or is everyone in a mood today. Naomis going off at home and Paige is acting all weird. Paige denies this. Mark points out she hasnt said one word since he walked in he asks whats up. Kathy told Paige in confidence that shes found Laurens missing daughter shes worried in case they get taken for a ride again. They might find her and shes a complete disappointment. Mark thinks for someone whom acts so tough shes just a big softie. She questions this and he thinks she should be surprised. Nobodys ever used that word about her. Mark thinks she should get used to it as he can see through her act. He tells her to be careful of getting too involved. He knows she cares about them but family issues can get messy theyre not her family.
Number 26 Backyard
Sheila is saying that she gives and gives and where does it get her? Chris thinks everyones trying. Sheila says some of us are trying harder than others and some are putting themselves out.
Kyle comes outside but heads inside as Sheila finishes talking. Georgia calls out to him that hes needed as Sheila is feeling upset. Sheila questions if Georgia would do the same if Georgias daughter had said the same as Naomi has. Kyle heard and Sheila guesses shes the big villain Kyle says shes not. Sheila says Naomis badmouthing her. Kyle says theyre both upset. Sheila thinks Naomis nothing like her Sheila was the one trying to help. Instead of being thankful, Naomi attacked her. Kyle tries to say something Sheila jumps in that Naomi wants to blame everyone for her misfortunes. Georgia doesnt think thats fair. Sheila says you can't help people whom wont help themselves.
Chris says she should stop trying. Sheila points out shes Naomis mother but Chris doesnt think shes acting like it. Everyone stares at Chris and Sheila isnt impressed. Chris says Sheila is more like a sparring partner what is she doing? Theyre family but all they do is complaining about each other. Hes sick of hearing about it. Georgia tries stepping in. He wants them to put up or shut up. He doesnt care anymore if Sheila can't do that, maybe she should go and leave them in peace.
The Waterhole
Sheila offers to get Kathy another coffee. Kathy declines but would like some water as shes expecting someone. Sheila guesses its a job interview and Kathy vaguely replies. Sheila says she may have given her the wrong impression about Naomi. Naomi really wants to work for Kathy she wont take off or leave Kathy in the lurch. Shes a hard worker harder than anyone Sheila knows. They havent been getting on well lately and if Naomi doesnt have something to keep her here she might take off again. Sheila would hate to see that happen as theyve been working so hard to make amends. Kathy seems touched and comments Naomi is very important to her. Sheila agrees and she would like to have a chance to start over. Shes very good at anything she puts her mind to. Her first job was working in a shoe store when she was fifteen she topped their sales first year out. Kathy is impressed shell keep that in mind. Sheila is grateful because shed hate for Naomi to think she messed everything up just because shes being a good Mum.
Erinsborough High
Amber is mouthing what she is going to say. Josh goes to walk past and Susan calls him over. They go into the classroom. Susans just come from a teachers conference about him theyre concerned that his schoolwork is slipping again. Brad watches from the window. She can understand with everything thats been going on and it can't be easy seeing the Commonwealth Games without him. Josh says his parents have asked him and it doesnt cross his mind. Theyre all here to help him in any way they can but hes got to meet them halfway. He knows he slacked off last year but hes trying this time he seriously is. Susan thinks they should meet and discuss some strategies to help him get through.
Josh goes to his locker and looks at his swimming medal. Brad comes over and asks what that was about. Josh says it depends if hes asking as his Dad or his teacher. Brad asks if it really matters as hes worried about him. Brad will always be his Dad. Josh says not here here hes always Mr Willis.
The Waterhole
Sheila brings the water over to Kathy. Naomi arrives she says not to bother with the interview as she knows Kathy isnt going to give her the job. Kathy says the job is hers if she still wants it. Naomi excitedly accepts she definitely wants it. She asks what changed Kathys mind Kathy says a little birdie gave her some perspective. Naomi guesses she means Sheila. Kathy thinks if she can top shoe sales at fifteen she can't wait to see what she can do with the business. Kathy says shes expecting someone so Naomi thanks her and leaves.
Erinsborough High
Amber is talking about the formal with Bailey standing at the front of the classroom with her. She says its a blank state meaning they can make it what they want it to be. Imogen thinks its not really realistic has she never heard of a budget, time constraints. Amber says all ideas are welcome from theme to decorations, maybe they could have games and prizes, all suggestions will be considered. Imogen asks whos going to decide this Amber says theyll form a committee so everyone feels fairly represented. Imogen asks who gave her that idea! Amber asks for people to put their names down after this but first they need to start talking about the big picture stuff. Bailey suggests voting on a playlist so everyone gets a song they like Amber thinks its a great idea. Josh asks if plus ones have to be students or if they can be anyone he asks whom Amber is going to take. Brad tries to stop him and Josh carries on asking if its too early to tell she does change her mind. Susan steps in saying theyve got enough to be carrying on with and speak to Amber if they want to be on the committee.
Brad asks Imogen and Josh if theyre pleased with themselves. He doesnt care how upset he is that was a cheap shot. He expects better. Imogen and Josh leave the classroom leave the classroom without saying anything.
The Waterhole
A young woman arrives and greets Kathy, introducing herself as Megan. Kathy thanks her for coming and she says she had to. If anyone asks theyre doing a job interview so they get a chance to know one another Megan understands. Kathy admires Megans earrings she made them herself. Kathy is impressed thats very industrious. Megan tries to stay busy and work through stuff. Kathy asks her what she means. Megan brushes her off saying theyve only just met. Kathy wants to know all about her life as Paige watches them. Megan has abandonment issues thats what they say it is but art really helps. Her adoptive family try but she never really fits in.
Paige comes over. Shes sorry to interrupt but Naomi insisted she gave her these promotional ideas. Kathy says not now. Paige introduces herself and Kathy explains that Paige is doing some work for her. Paige says she hears that shes from Canberra Megan confirms this but says she was born in the Queensland area. Kathy asks to discuss this another time. Paige says she knows quite a bit as shes quite close with Lauren. Kathy looks at Paige and she leaves them.
Kathy explains that Paige is very nasty. Megan understands as Paige is friends with Lauren it makes sense she would be protective.
Number 26 Backyard
Naomi is looking at the herbs in the garden.
SHEILA: Ohll excuse me! We are not a Co-op garden thank you very much!
Naomi says she hoped Sheila wouldnt mind. Sheila says she does. Naomi asks if shes been at work but Sheilas glad she came home to check on a few things because her garden is being burgled. Naomi is short on a few ingredients for her celebratory dinner. Sheila asks what the occasion is her new job. Her background in shoe sales really helped seal the deal. Nothing says celebration like spaghetti bolognaise its always better with fresh veggies. Sheila says she wont find them in there Sheila replanted last week. The herbs love the rain so Naomi can't go wrong with a handful of rosemary and parsley. If Naomi wants some pointers Sheila suggests they go through her recipe together Naomi agrees.
Erinsborough High
Bailey thinks it was awful he can't believe they ambushed Amber like that. Amber doesnt want to be reminded. Bailey doesnt think it matters everyone knew what happened. Amber clarifies everyone knew she cheated on Josh and thanks him hes really making her feel better! Bailey apologises. Amber thinks she deserves everything she gets. Bailey doesnt agree regardless of her private life, shes school captain. They can't make things hard for her like that it will all blow over anyway. Amber is glad he thinks so Imogen has just put up a poster about re-voting for school captain. Bailey says to pay no attention Imogen can't have Imogen on peach for no reason. Amber says thats not the point she hates that Imogen hates her.
Brad brings the poster to Susan. She says the performance before was unacceptable and Brad isnt making any excuses for them. Susan says that obviously Josh is hurt about Amber. She mentioned the Commonwealth Games and Brad guessed that Josh shut her down. Terese and Brad don't even bother bringing it up it just makes him put up walls. Susan understands Josh is struggling but she tells Brad he needs to get through to him and Imogen they can't behave like that at school. Brad has told them both to pull their heads in. Susan offers to talk to them. Brad asks if it will help. Susan doesnt know it might be better coming from someone whom isnt their parent. Brad thanks her for the offer but thinks he should handle it himself they need to start respecting him.
The Waterhole
Kathy excuses herself and says she will order some food on the way back. Paige comes over and determinedly asks Megan if shes really looking for her family or if shes just after Kathys money. Paige says they should go for a walk. Megan suggests when Kathy comes back. Paige says just the two of them she doesnt know if its an accident or a con job. They both know theres a lot of questions Megan can't answer. Paige tells her definitely shes coming with her now.
Number 26
Kyle and Georgia return home to find Sheila and Naomi arguing over the recipe. Kyle suggests adding peanut butter would be a good idea. Naomi and Sheila are united in disagreeing. Naomi thinks its the dumbest idea shes ever heard. Sheila thinks its lucky for them Kyle doesnt cook. Sheila says anyone can make an average sauce but what makes it memorable is the love and care you put into it. Naomi asks if thats the wow factor. Sheila comments it worked for her. Kyle comments to Chris that it looks like his tough love worked.
The Waterhole
Paige comes back to find Kathy whom is checking her phone Megans gone. Paige acts surprised. Kathy explains Megan left her a text
This was a mistake. Sorry. Had to go. Megan.
Kathy says she barely spoke to her properly. Paige suggests its for the best. If she took off she wasnt whom she claimed to be. Kathy thinks Paige doesnt know that. Paige didnt help butting in with all her questions. Paige concedes she shouldnt have done that she was worried about Lauren and Kathy. Kathy takes her medication and Paige points out the strain is affecting her health. Paige thinks she should call off the search altogether. Kathy tells her to butt out this is about Kathy repairing things with Lauren not Paige.
Erinsborough High Yard
Josh says to Imogen that coming back to school was one giant mistake. Imogen thinks it will get easier and Josh asks when. Some guys kick the ball in Joshs direction. He kicks it back and far out of their way. Brad tells Josh to go and get the ball and apologise. Josh says they can go and get it. Brad tells him to go and get it. Josh wants to know what the big deal is. Imogen asks Brad if they cannot do this here. Brad tells her he should call her Mr Willis and tells Josh to get the ball and apologise or hell be on detention again. Amber has been watching and looks back down at her phone. Josh gets the ball, sends it to the guys and walks off. Brad asks him where hes going. Josh says hes leaving hes done with this place for good.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Toadie and Sonya have a night out and end up getting lost.
- Georgia loses Bossy and Kyle has a go at her.
- Josh tells Brad and Terese he tried his best at school.
- Terese tells Amber to let Josh know she'll stay out of his way for the rest of the school year.
- Amber tells Josh she still cares about him.
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Kathy Carpenter, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kathy Carpenter, Paige Novak

Bossy in Neighbours Episode 6937

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6937
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Sheila Canning

Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Naomi Canning

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6937
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy

Paige Novak, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6937
Paige Novak, Mark Brennan

Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning

Kathy Carpenter, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kathy Carpenter, Sheila Canning

Josh Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6937
Josh Willis, Susan Kennedy

Josh Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6937
Josh Willis, Brad Willis

Kathy Carpenter, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kathy Carpenter, Naomi Canning

Amber Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6937
Amber Turner, Bailey Turner

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6937
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Kathy Carpenter, Megan Dennison in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kathy Carpenter, Megan Dennison

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6937
Bailey Turner

Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6937
Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis

Paige Novak, Megan Dennison in Neighbours Episode 6937
Paige Novak, Megan Dennison

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6937
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Kathy Carpenter, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6937
Kathy Carpenter, Paige Novak

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6937
Josh Willis

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6937
Amber Turner

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6937
Brad Willis

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