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Neighbours Episode 6907 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6906 - 6908>>
Episode title: 6907
Australian airdate: 17/06/14
UK airdate: 01/07/14
Writer: Nick King
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Libby Kennedy - Kym Valentine
Mark Brennan - Scott McGregor
Daniel Robinson - Tim Phillipps
Paige Novak - Olympia Valance
Victor Cleary - Richard Sutherland
David McGuire - Gerard Peck
Nell Rebecchi - Scarlett Anderson
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Kyle is disappointed he hasnt got a job he quoted for.
- Georgia questions the Facebook photo but tells him she trusts him.
- Libby and Ben arrive back in Ramsay Street.
- Mark watches a man hand over a package to Paul.
- Mark tells Matt about Pauls activities.
- Paul goes to the warehouse somewhere and shouts out Victors name.
Police Station
Matt comes out and spots Mark coming towards him. He asks Mark how it went. Mark says no- one knows where hes heading. Matt spoke to Pauls PA and all she knows is Pauls cancelled all his meetings this morning. Mark thinks Pauls in way over his head. He asks Matt if hes traced his phone. Matt says theyre working on it. Mark worries if Mark finds Victor. Matt tries to reassure him they don't know anything for sure. Matt angrily asks Matt if he doesnt have a bad feeling about this. Matt says hell check with the techies and put a rocket up. Mark says hell keep asking around. Matt tells Mark to contact him as soon as he hears anything don't do anything stupid. Mark nods.
Warehouse somewhere
There is music playing as Paul looks around.
Number 28
Susan groggily greets Libby. Libby comments she doesnt look too well. Susan sarcastically thanks her. Susan thinks shes alright its just a head cold. Karl feels Susans head and tells her shes got a terrible fever. He tells her she should be in bed. Susan says shell take Vitamin C the schools not going to run itself. Karl points out its not going to run at all if shes going to infect all the teachers with her lurgy. Karl suggests Libby holds the fort and Libby agrees. Susan doesnt want to put that pressure on her Libby hasnt even started as deputy yet. Karl points out Libbys run a school before it wouldnt be any different than Belrap. Libby agrees and thinks if Susan rests up she will be back on her feet quicker. Karl thinks if Susan pushes herself through shell only make herself sicker. Susan thinks things will be quiet and Susan is on the end of a phone if Libby needs anything. Susan confirms with Libby and she happily agrees. Susan heads back to bed.
Number 26
Kyle abruptly finishes a phone call and Chris comments it didnt sound good. Kyle says another of his regulars is cancelling on him theyve started going with another bloke. Chris sniggers and says Kyle doesnt realise how easily he could misconstrue that! Kyle isnt impressed and Chris asks why he cancelled. Kyle says he was away too long and he needed someone more reliable. Chris thinks things will pick up. Kyle says thats what they said about Holden. Chris asks how bad it is. As Georgia can be heard whistling, Kyle tells Chris not to say a word.
Kyle and Georgia greet each other with a kiss and cuddle and Chris isnt impressed. Georgia calls Chris Mr Grumpy and Chris asks them to turn it down while hes in the room. Georgia can't help himself she can't help her boyfriend is an irresistible love God. Chris makes sick sounds and thinks Sheila cutting her toenails is less nauseating. Georgia tells Kyle shes got the whole day off and Kyle says Susan needs him at the school. Georgia asks him if it can wait shell make it worth his while. Kyle points out Susans meant to renew his contract today. Kyle suggests she chills out there and waits for him.
Erinsborough High
Libby comes through the doors. A man comes over and confirms that Susans not in. Libby introduces herself and says shell be covering. The man mutters something and Libby asks him to repeat it. The man explains the chiropractor is very insistent. Libby says Susan and quickly changes it to Mrs Kennedy didnt mention anything. The man says if something isnt done hell be forced to complain to his union rep.
Libby greets Sonya and asks her how her first day as deputy is going. Libby explains shes principal today. Sonya hopes its nothing serious. Libby explains its just a nasty cold. Sonya explains she needs some paperwork for Callum to send over to the States. Sonya explains shes written it all down as Kyle arrives. Hes here to talk about the jobs that need doing. Libby looks confused and Kyle explains Suse usually gives him the list. Libby explains Suse didnt give him the list but she indicates the office. Imogen interrupts to say the girls toilets are overflowing. Kyle offers to have a look. Libby asks if hes a qualified plumber. Kyle says he is technically and Sonya says hes very multi- skilled. Libby agrees it will have to do. Sonya says shell come back later.
Warehouse somewhere
Paul waits in the warehouse. Somebody kicks something on the floor and Paul realises there is somebody else in the building. The person comes down the stairs and they approach each other. (I guess this is Victor.)
PAUL: I don't like to be kept waiting.
VICTOR: I had to make sure you were alone.
PAUL: Well clearly I am. (Paul starts walking towards the man.)
VICTOR: (He stops Paul.) Close enough.
Lassiters Complex
Mark is checking on the phone if the person knew if Paul was meeting someone. Mark tells them to call him if they hear anything else and rings off. Several police officers come out of the police station. Mark goes over and asks what is going on. Matt explains theyve tracked Pauls phone it doesnt look like hes moved in a while. Mark asks if hes far and Matt explains hes at a factory complex. Mark says they need to go. Matt appreciates all that Mark has done but the police will take it from here. Mark says they wouldnt have a clue about anything if it wasnt for him. Matt doesnt have time to argue with Mark.
Warehouse somewhere
Paul asks Victor why Kate? Victor asks why Gus? Paul says he didnt even know he had done it. That wasnt him back then he was suffering from a brain tumour. Victor points out he did it and he confessed. Paul says he wasnt right in the head. Victor says that isnt what Izzy told him. Gus was a good man whom would have helped him whilst he was on trial. Victor had to rot in jail for years because Gus never turned up. He tells Paul its his fault. Paul says Izzy will say anything to get a mans attention. Victor loved his brother and Paul never paid for what he did.
VICTOR: After I got out I wanted to find out everything I could about what happened. I looked you up. I saw a picture of you wearing your robes. Mayor? You killed my brother. Thats not right.
Paul says he can make it right. He wants to end this once and for all. Victor asks if thats a threat. Paul says its an offer and offers him an envelope full of money. He tells Victor theres enough in there to start a new life. Paul tells him to have it. Victor says they both know Pauls not here to buy him off. Victor doesnt want his money anyway. Paul asks what he does want. Victor wants Paul to see him suffer. Victor laughs and says this is beautiful. Victor has been watching Paul for months. It was obvious to Victor how much Paul loved Kate thats why he picked her.
PAUL: Don't don't you dare mention her name.
Victor starts repeating her name. Victor says every time Paul thinks of her, every time he misses her, Paul will know exactly why shes not here. Victor says it hurts, doesnt it?
Paul gets Paul to drop to the floor. Victor tries to run off but a police arrives from the stairs. The man holding Paul tells him to calm down. Matt tells Victor to get on his knees and arrests him for the murder of Kate Ramsay. Paul looks at Victor agitatedly as Victor looks at Paul calmly.
Police Station
Matt, Mark and Paul are in the interview room with Victor. Matt confirms Victor confesses to shooting and taking the life of Kate Ramsay. Victor confirms this. Mark asks why Victor wanted to see him here. Victor wanted to apologise to Mark he wanted to explain this was never about Mark. Victor apologises to Mark. Mark says Victor made it about Mark when he took Kates life but Victor doesnt get that. Matt questions why Victor came out of hiding after all this time. Victor s says when the police raided his cabin he knew he didnt have much time left. Thats why he left his little note for Paul on Kates grave to remind Paul what he did to Gus. It would make Paul come after him so Victor could see how broken he is. Victor says Paul needs to suffer for what he did to Gus for the rest of his life. He tells Mark to make sure of it never let Paul forget. Victor laughs menacingly.
Number 26
Georgia is not sure whats going on with Kyle. He just said no to anyway. She thinks somethings not right with him. Chris comments that from the psychologically scarring noises hes hearing at night, he doesnt think thats true. Georgia points out last week they were all over each other. Last night he was too tired. Chris points out even Don Wan had a night off he wouldnt read too much into it. Georgia questions whether this is about the fact that she freaked out about the stupid Facebook photo. Chris thought they sorted it out. Georgia says they did. Maybe bringing up all those trust issues broke their honeymoon period.
Chris suggests that maybe the reason Kyle is acting weird has got nothing to do with her. Georgia asks if he knows anything. Chris denies knowing anything. Georgia demands the truth and Chris agrees to so Georgia can help Kyle and not let him know she knows. Chris says Kyle is having financial struggles all the stuff with Doug Willis and the bills he racked up in Thailand. Its worse than Kyles letting on.
Number 28
Karl brings a drink over to Susan whom is lying on the sofa. Susan comments hes in such a good mood lately. Karl explains its with Holly coming and Libby and Ben being here. It means the time they spend together is so much more precious. Susan thinks maybe not today. Karl sympathises with her. Karl is glad Libby could fill in for Susan. Susan hopes shes got on alright. Karl comments how excited Libby was she'll be fine. Susan says Libbys done her a huge favour she really feels like death warmed up. Karl says she shouldnt rush back to work. Susan needs to give herself time to recover. Susan agrees as she checks her phone and Karl takes it off her. Susan explains shes ringing Libby to check on her and Karl says she shouldnt do that. Karl says the phone is going off and Susan is going to finish her tea and have a nap doctors orders.
Kyle tells Libby there wasnt many jobs on the list. He needs to know where he stands. Libby is confused. Kyle says he means his contract. Libby thought he had one. Kyle says he did but its up for renewal and he could use something more permanent. Libby says shell have to check with Susan first.
Imogen presents Libby with a petition. As school captain, it is Imogens job to tell Libby they are fed up of the vegetarian options in the canteen. Imogen points out there are over fifty signatures on the list what is Libby going to do about it? Libby says shell get back to Imogen.
The man from earlier comes down the stairs. Libby groans and escapes into her office. The man knocks on the door. Libby ignores it. She tries Susans phone as he keeps knocking.
Imogen is in the office telling Libby she didnt think she took her seriously enough earlier. Kyle doesnt know if he has a job here or not. Imogen asks if shes looked into the situation or not there are many people whom feel strongly about this. The man says he was first. Kyle interrupts him saying he was here way before him. The man points out hes a member of staff and Kyle tells him not to play that game with him. Sonya comes in asking if this is a bad time. Imogen asks if they can deal with one thing at a time.
Libby stands up and says thats enough. She hands the documents to Sonya for Callum. She tells the man Mr McGuire that his file shows no history of a bad back. After speaking to the staff here they all agree hes making it up so he can have a nicer chair than everyone else. Until she sees a doctors certificate, stop wasting her time. She tells Imogen she completely agrees with her. Its an important issue and shes scheduled an appointment with the canteen tomorrow. She tells Kyle while shes impressed with his toilet efforts, she can't renew his contract without Susans approval. Hell just have to wait until she returns. If they don't mind, this is her office today and she has a school to run. They stand there so she tells them bluntly to leave they do so and she smiles triumphantly.
Number 26
Kyle arrives home and Georgia asks how work was. He says it was fine as he checks his phone. Georgia says Toadie and Sonya need a few jobs done around the house. Kyle says hell look in on the weekend. Georgia says this means proper jobs. For starters, her wardrobe door needs replacing. Georgia says shell pay him as Chris looks at her. Georgia explains that its only fair Kyle gets paid. Kyle questions that he gets paid by his own girlfriend. Kyle works out that Chris told her. Chris says it wasnt about him. Kyle says hes suddenly a charity case. Georgia tries to deny this. Kyle says just when he thought today couldnt get any worse. He thanks them and walks off. Georgia tries to follow him and Chris tells her to leave him.
Chris questions how that was meant to be supportive. Georgia thought it was a good idea in theory. Chris didnt think it was even in theory. He questions whether shes heard of pride. Georgia realises shes an idiot.
Number 28
Karl thanks Matt on the phone and tells him hell let Izzy know. Susan suggests they go round and see Paul later. Karl says he will but Susan should stay on the couch.
Libby returns and checks if Susan is ok. Susan says shes about the same. Libby says she was worried Susan had gone downhill when she didnt answer her calls. Susan apologises she had completely forgotten she had turned it off. She asks if there was a disaster. Libby says there were a few minor ones. She mentions Mr McGuire. Susan groans about his chair and says she should have warned Libby. Libby says he knows better than to mess with her again. Susan thinks Libby handled it better than she would have done. Karl announces the food is almost ready and Ben will be here in a minute. Libby goes to freshen up.
Karl tells Susan that Libby obviously loves the role. Susan agrees. Karl thinks it might give Libby a new sense of purpose. Susan questions what hes cooking up. Karl thinks it might make her want to stay in Erinsborough permanently. Susan is sceptical. Karl doesnt think Susans one to put her feet up but suggests she put her feet up just a little bit longer. Libby could do the job, Susan could rest. While Susans recovering, Libby could fall back in love with the place. Its win win. Susan points out her contracts for three weeks. There is no job after that. Karl suggests they help her find something. Wouldnt it be wonderful if she moved back? Susan agrees it would be but shes not comfortable pretending to be sicker than she is. Karl suggests she is a little more cautious with her health. Susan still is not agreeing. Karl tries to argue but Susan is insistent.
Number 30
Mark and Nell are playing with the teaset. They hear the front door and Mark tells Nell that her Mummys home. Sonya greets them and Mark thanks her for letting him take over from the babysitter. Sonya assures him he can look after Nell anytime. Mark says Nells so cute and Sonya agrees. Sonya asks if something has happened. Mark smiles as he tells Sonya that they got him. Sonya confirms that he means Victor he does. Victor confessed. Sonya thinks thats amazing. Mark questions that and Sonya confirms it is. Mark says Sonyas place was the first place he thought to come. Hes not sure why maybe he just needed to be reminded there are good people in this world. Mark slurps from a cup and Nell copies him. Sonya, Nell and Mark laugh.
Penthouse Suite
Mark tells Paul that Cleary has been formally charged. Paul will need to come and make a statement down at the station but under the circumstances hes sure that can wait. Paul will also need to get his own lawyer to attend to the other issues an unauthorised firearm for a start. Matt says actions have consequences. Paul (whom seems to be in a state of shock) says does Matt think he needs to be reminded of that. Matt agrees he doesnt and suggests maybe Paul shouldnt be alone right now. He asks if Daniel is home. Paul shakes his head and Matt offers to call him. Paul tells Matt to go so he does.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Naomi tells Georgia when shes dug herself into a hole keep digging till she finds a way out.
- Sheila tells Naomi she might fool everyone else but not her.
<<6906 - 6908>>
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6907
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6907
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

David McGuire, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
David McGuire, Libby Kennedy

Sonya Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Sonya Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

Kyle Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Kyle Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

Victor Cleary, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6907
Victor Cleary, Paul Robinson

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6907
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Victor Cleary in Neighbours Episode 6907
Victor Cleary

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6907
Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6907
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Victor Cleary, Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6907
Victor Cleary, Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6907
Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, David McGuire, Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6907
Libby Kennedy, David McGuire, Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Imogen Willis

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Bossy, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6907
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Bossy, Chris Pappas

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6907
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6907
Nell Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6907
Sonya Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6907
Paul Robinson, Matt Turner

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6907
Paul Robinson

<<6906 - 6908>>
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