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Neighbours Episode 6906 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6906
Australian airdate: 16/06/14
UK airdate: 30/06/14
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Paige Novak: Olympia Valance
Kev McNally: Troy Davis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- The police failing to find Victor.
- Mark discovering the note Paul left for Victor wanting them to meet.
- Ethan giving his sister the heads up.
- Paige confirming that she's going to stick to her plan.
- Paige agreeing to move into #24.
- Bailey being asked out because he has access to alcohol.
- Amber warning Imogen off.
- Daniel declaring his interest in Amber.
Lassiters Park
Imogen comes across Daniel as he is sitting watching the ducks... for entertainment! She's bemused but apologies for her behaviour yesterday. He accepts her apology then apologies back for his actions too and tells her to have a nice day hanging out with Josh/Amber.
Lassiters Complex
Paul gets confirmation of a meeting and rushes off just as Imogen arrives to where Amber is sitting contemplating what to order for brekkie. Imogen tells her about Daniel being weird before their attention is drawn to Paige leaving in a yellow taxi.
AMBER: Looks like she's leaving town.
IMOGEN: You don't have to say it with such a smile on your face! She can't be that bad!
AMBER: Just consider yourself lucky you won't have to find out.
Ramsay Street
Paige arrives in Ramsay Street and Mark hands her a key to the house as he's got to rush off somewhere but promises to catch up later. Lauren spots her and rushes over and Paige confirms she's moving in. She also confirms that Paige will be living next door to Brad.
Number 32
Paige creeps into the house and gets a feel for the place. As she is looking at the family photos, Bailey wonders into the kitchen and asks what she is doing in the house and she quickly replies looking for Lauren. She immediately recognises that Bailey has had a big night, despite his denial, and he crawls back to bed as Lauren enters the kitchen surprised to see Paige there. Paige quickly explains that she's over to check out next week's roster as a cover for coming over.
Harold's Store
"Why are you checking out ducks?!" Josh asks after entering the store and seeing what Amber was looking at on her phone and she explains it was a photo Daniel sent her.
JOSH: Guess he likes the novelty of finally being in the 21st century!
Josh explains the reason for the visit - he's in the mood for a skate so turns down them hanging out. Lauren arrives and tells Amber that Paige has moved into #24 (she was taking Mark's advert down) and that it will be a chance for them to get over their first bad impressions of each other. "Don't count on it," Amber mutters when Lauren leaves to head into the kitchen but concedes that Josh is free to be friends with her, as she thinks it's good that they have their individual friends. Josh is a bit bemused at what she's suggested but is happy none the less and they kiss each other goodbye.
Some random place
Paul meets up with some guy and after handing over money is handed what appears to be a gun in a cloth bag. The transaction has also been witnessed by Mark.
Lassiters hotel/Penthouse suite
Mark makes it clear that he knows about what Paul has bought as they head up to the penthouse and where Daniel is asked to make himself scarce so they can chat. Paul is refusing to listen to Mark so he makes a final plea for him to "don't do this," before leaving the penthouse. When Mark leaves, Paul looks at the contents of the bag.
The Waterhole
Mark has arranged to meet Matt and tells him about Paul planning to meet Victor and about him buying the illegal firearm. "You have to arrest Paul," Mark pleads but Matt can already envision how the Mayor being arrested is going to go down!
MARK: At least he'll be alive!
Matt finally decides to take action - he's going to get a search warrant and in the meantime have an officer keep an eye on both the hotel and the cemetery.
Lassiters Complex
Lauren thanks Amber for helping out today since she gave Paige the day off to move in. After Daniel stops for a brief chat with them, Amber denies her mum's suggestion that there is a vibe between them.
AMBER: Just because I don't get along with Paige, doesn't mean I have a problem with everyone mum!
Number 22 backyard
Paige jumps over the wall to check out her dad's house just as her brother calls. She admits to him that it's weird being there but can sense that her biological parents really cared for each other and wonders what went wrong?
Harold's Store
Bailey gets a text message from Karina wanting them to hang out again and he replies that he's on his way.
Daniel arrives and checks with Amber that it's still cool after what was said yesterday. She then announces that they can't see each other as she is with Josh. He's fine with that and will respect her boundaries before they then banter back and forth about Henry the Duck (Daniel named him after his uncle). Despite saying that it's just going to be [a plutonic] friendship you could cut the UST between them with a knife!
Penthouse suite
Paul is stuffing a brown paper bag with lots of money before checking his phone and the message from Victor wanting them to meet in the morning. He replies back asking him to name his time/place.
The Waterhole
Mark is still insistent that getting a warrant is the wrong way but Matt calms him down and says this is the best way and the officers watching have reported that Paul hasn't moved from the penthouse.
MATT: I know this is frustrating but this is the way things have to be done.
Josh/Paige enter the bar and she subtly tries to get information about Imogen from him. Paige subtly decides to go to the bar to get the drinks in when Amber arrives and re-confirms to him that she's okay about them hanging out. "I trust you," she tells him and asks for his confirmation that he trusts her but his reply is telling her that she's the best girlfriend in the world and then pashing her.
Harold's Store
Paige decides to put the information she got from Josh (about Imogen) to good use when she enters the store and spots her reading a book. She then tries to help Bailey (who is suffering more after drinking again) but he's not appreciative of her help and asks who she is and that she can't tell him what to do!
Imogen rushes over to Paige after Bailey storms out of the store to see what was said. She then accuses Paige of hassling him after she initially replied "nothing." Imogen then warns Paige to leave him alone before going back to her book.
Lauren goes over to Paige and tries to reassure her that they had a rocky time when they first arrived too but things will settle down and she'll be welcomed with open arms.
Lassiters Complex
Mark is waiting for Matt to get back to the station to see how getting the warrant is coming along. He replies back that it only went in yesterday and confirms that nothing out of the ordinary has happened with the people trailing Paul. Matt's phone goes off and he's not happy at what is being said to him and tells whoever it is that is calling "to find him now!" With the call ended, Matt gives Mark the bad news - the officer assigned to Paul has lost track of him.
Warehouse somewhere
"Hello," Paul shouts out after entering a darkened warehouse. He looks seriously spooked as he calls out "Victor".
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Susan unwell and Libby going to stand in.
- Georgia wanting to know what is up with Kyle.
- Mark commenting that Paul is in way over his head.
As the credits begin, Callum's name has been removed.
<<6905 - 6907>>
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6906
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Paige Novak, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak, Lauren Turner

Paige Novak, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak, Bailey Turner

Amber Turner, Lauren Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6906
Amber Turner, Lauren Turner, Josh Willis

Kev McNally, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6906
Kev McNally, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6906
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Amber Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Amber Turner, Lauren Turner

Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Bailey Turner

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6906
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paul Robinson

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6906
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Paige Novak, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak, Josh Willis

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Paige Novak, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak, Imogen Willis

Paige Novak, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paige Novak, Bailey Turner

Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6906
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6906
Paul Robinson

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