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Neighbours Episode 6882 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6882
Australian airdate: 13/05/14
UK airdate: 27/05/14
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Mark Brennan Scott McGregor
Kate Ramsay Ashleigh Brewer (only in photos)
Sienna Matthews Sarah Roberts
Daniel Robinson Tim Phillipps (not in episode)
Tracey Wong Aileen Huynh
Jill Ramsay Perri Cummings (only in photo)
Summary/Images by: Chair/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Matt serves Paul with the order for the painting.
- Paul offers to forget the money if Naomi spends the night with him.
- Chris catches up with Mark about him hooking up with his ex.
- Mark tells Sienna nothing is going to happen about them.
- Sienna tells her roommate on the phone she didn't get fired.
- Susan raves about Brad's yoga classes to Terese.
- Brad tells Tracey on the phone to do everything she can, whatever the cost.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad is taking the yoga class and everyone is in position. Brad explains what the pose is and Sheila starts groaning. Chris starts laughing and Sheila tells him to shut up. Brad tells her she is doing great. Sheila says she is breathing and Chris tells her she is cheating. Brad tells them to relax and comes over to see how Sheila is doing. Sheila claims from some of the other positions the women are managing to do some of them aren't human. Brad asks the class to change over to the other side. He is distracted by Tracey whom has come to watch.
SHEILA: It's like Twister without the dots!
Brad asks Tracey what she is doing and she says she has come to give him an update. Brad says he only wants her to meet him in private. Terese jogs by and asks how the class is going. Brad answers and Terese goes on her way. He tells Tracey not to do this again.
Lassiter's Complex
Tracey comes over to Paul's table. He tells Tracey she's late and she says she was checking in with another client. Tracey says she has found Sienna's ex- boyfriend and apparently she was intense when they broke up. She kept calling and turning up late at night. Tracey says it didn't go as far as the police.
TRACEY: He is willing to go on record about her bunny boiler behaviour - his words not mine.
Paul says he can't confront Sienna with something like this. He wants something solid by the end of the day. Tracey reminds him it isn't the only case she's working on. He says it should be for the money he's paying her. He says he doesn't want excuses - he wants her to get back to work. He wants Sienna put away.
Number 24
Sienna is making coffee and Mark comes in wearing a towel. Sienna comments it is a nice start to the day. He is confused and she says it's nothing and she made him breakfast. Mark thanks her. She remembers his routine - coffee, breakfast, routine. She comments it's just like old times and Mark is uncomfortable. He says he's ok but needs to go and get dressed. Mark suggests speaking to Sienna's boss or flatmate and Sienna says they need time to calm down first.
Number 26
Chris thinks that Sheila was putting it on at yoga. Sheila claims she was more flexible in her twenties. She says she could put her legs behind her ears and Chris thinks that is way too much information.
Sheila is surprised to find Naomi and Matt at the table. Matt confirms everything is ok - he was letting Naomi know that Paul has dropped the charges. Chris is surprised that Paul has backed down and Matt says miracles do happen. Sheila asks if Paul gave a reason and Matt says just that he didn't want to pursue it anymore. Matt thinks someone found a way to convince him.
Matt leaves and Sheila suspiciously asks Naomi what she did. Chris excuses himself whilst Sheila questions Naomi. Sheila says she'll go and ask Paul and Naomi says they just talked last night. Naomi tells Sheila it's got nothing to do with her. Sheila reminds Naomi she saved her from a scragfight over that painting. Naomi says she found a way to appeal to his better nature. Sheila doubts it and Naomi says he does if you look hard enough.
Number 22
Terese greets Brad with a kiss and comments his class was busy today. Brad comments it was a really good turnout. Terese questions whom the woman was. Brad claims it's someone who noticed the class and wants to sign up. Terese thinks she wants one on one time with the teacher - Terese doesn't blame her. Brad says he has to get to the gym and Terese tries to tempt him to stay but Brad says he has a meeting. Terese suggests brunch as she's not due in the city till twelve. Brad says he's got a huge day. Terese questions him and Brad avoids the question by saying he has to go. Brad sighs outside the front door.
The Waterhole
TERESE: Skimmed latte please. Strong!
SHEILA: Ooh! Like your husband!
KARL: What - skinny?
SHEILA: No - strong. You should have seen him doing those yoga poses this morning - he was like one of those Roman God statues. Great thighs!
TERESE: Yeah I have seen them. (Karl shares a look with Terese).
SHEILA: Well if I was you I'd never leave the house especially after the comments I heard this morning. Um, Karl - you should try our yoga. It's very good for people in our age bracket!
KARL: I think you'll find we're in very different brackets, Sheila. (Sheila sighs aloud). You must be pleased that Brad's doing so well.
TERESE: Oh I am. It's great. It's a bit weird though. I'm usually the busy one. I'm finding it hard to get five minutes alone with him at the moment.
KARL: Well - he's doing great PR. (He picks up his phone.) In fact - I think he might have been on the front page of that uh, website - what is it? What's On?
TERESE: Already?
SHEILA: Yeah. The woman whom writes for it - she's in our class.
KARL: Lots of very complimentary compliments at the bottom.
SHEILA: Hey I'll bet they're all from women. And possibly Chris!
KARL: Well it's a cross we have to bear. Athletes and doctors draw a lot of attention.
SHEILA: In your dreams Karl!
TERESE: This is ridiculous. It's all about his looks.
KARL: I know. It's tough being the local heartthrob! If he ever wants to talk to anyone...
TERESE: (She hands Karl's phone to him). I've seen enough thanks.
KARL: Thanks for the coffee. See you later. (He leaves).
SHEILA: And since when did you have a problem with people ogling Brad?
TERESE: I don't.
SHEILA: Oh - it's just a bit of fun. You've never got in a tizz before.
TERESE: And I'm not in a tizz now. Nothing's changed.
Ramsay Street
Mark jogs across the street to home. Susan walks up and greets him. She asks if it was a good run and he says he wasn't breaking any records. Susan says she's been meaning to invite him to dinner. He accepts. She suggests Karl cooks his famous green curry. Mark says Kate told him about it. He did the same when Kate moved into the street. Susan comments they need a new menu! Mark says Kate loved them - Karl and Susan really took care of her, Sophie and Harry. Susan notices Sienna on the balcony and comments it must be nice to have company. Mark says it doesn't help that everyone thinks she is public enemy number one. Susan tells him to ignore the gossips. Mark wants to know if he's doing the right thing letting her stay. Susan doesn't see a problem. Mark says they're not involved but he sometimes feels he's cheating on Kate by having Sienna around. Susan thinks it's just part of the grieving process. Mark admits for one second he didn't think about Kate for one second. It was as if the last year hadn't happened. Susan reassures him he's not being disloyal to Kate - he's healing. She would want him to be happy. Susan says not to overthink things - just what makes him happy.
The Waterhole
Paul walks in and tells Terese he wants her to find Daniel a trial position at Lassiters. Terese says there isn't anything available. Paul says it's only for a week or two. Terese reminds him they're fully staffed. Paul says he needs experience on the job and he's not a no hoper. Terese reminds him she'd still have to pay him. Paul offers to take care of that for the trial period. Terese accepts this and says he can start straight away. This satisfies Paul.
Paul sees Sheila coming towards him looking like thunder and wonders aloud what he has done now. Sheila thinks he should know and Paul says if he did he wouldn't be asking. Sheila asks why he dropped the charges against Naomi. Paul says he could pick them up again. Sheila wants to know why he changed his mind. Paul says it was a business decision. Sheila thinks something has happened and Paul is vague about it. Sheila thinks they are both hiding something Sheila threatens if Paul has done anything untoward. Paul laughingly questions what it means. Sheila says there's nothing she wouldn't do to protect Naomi. Paul questions how many years they weren't talking to each other. Sheila tells him to leave. He says he was going anyway.
Number 26 Backyard
Naomi is in the hot tub and Paul comes into the garden. Naomi questions what he is doing there. Paul reminds her he owns the place. Paul questions what Naomi has been telling Sheila. Naomi says the landlord should give notice and tenants have rights. Paul thinks Sheila is under the impression they spent the night together. Naomi says it's none of Sheila's business. Paul wants to know what Naomi said and she reiterates it was nothing. Paul doesn't like his reputation being tarnished by Naomi. Naomi asks if he remembers the night before. Naomi wants to know if he remembers the night before.
PAUL: All I remember was some blackmailing gold digger who forced me to drop the charges.
Naomi tells Paul she wasn't joking. If he makes problems for her, she'll go straight to the police and tell them he knew the painting was stolen. Paul says that's rubbish. Naomi says he accepted it at a bargain price without the paperwork. Naomi wishes him luck telling the cops that without incriminating himself.
Number 22
Sienna asks Mark what he thinks of the cushions and throw she bought for the sofa. She teases him with the throw and Mark laughs. She comments it's the first time he's laughed since she's been back. Susan comes in and Mark introduces Susan and Sienna. Susan is dropping off a box of Kate's things from school. Sophie has agreed to let Mark have what he wants and Susan will give the rest to Paul. Susan lets Mark know she's there if he needs anything before leaving. A stunned Mark takes the box over to the table by the couch. Sienna offers to help but Mark says he needs a nap.
Lassiter's Complex
Brad meets up with Tracey and she checks it is private enough. Brad has to be quick though. Tracey says she has found three nurses whom used to work with the doctor but they couldn't tell her anything. Tracey offers to check motel records of the area at the time the baby was given away. Brad says it could take ages and Tracey says that's why she wanted to check with him first - time is money. They agree it's a long shot. She'll need to go up there as the only records then were paper records. Brad agrees.
They walk off and bump into Terese. Brad thinks she was in the city but Terese's meeting got cancelled. Tracey says she wanted Brad to fit her in for a private yoga class. Brad introduces them. Tracey walks off. Terese offers to meet for lunch as she's got some free time but Brad says he needs to prep for the next class. Terese says it won't take long but Brad says he really needs to prep.
The Waterhole
Naomi tells Sheila she needs to stop interfering. Sheila says he needs to be told and Naomi can't believe Sheila thought she would do something like that. Sheila says that some men only have one thing on their mind. All Naomi would have to do is show a bit of flesh and the men would go ga- ga. Sheila thinks that Naomi hasn't heard from Charles is that he's no longer under the Naomi spell. Naomi's face lights up. Sheila is confused what she said as Naomi walks away. When questioned Naomi says she's going home.
Number 26
Naomi is taking saucy pictures with her camera phone in the lounge room. Chris is shocked when he comes in and Naomi quickly goes to cover up. She asks him what he's doing there and he says he came home for lunch. Chris asks Naomi what she's doing - she asks if she really has to explain it. Chris wants to know why it is in the lounge room. Naomi thought she was alone and the light in her room wasn't good. Chris is disbelieving. Naomi says to be grateful it wasn't Sheila. Chris says he doesn't want that mental image in his head and goes to leave. Naomi asks him where he's going and he says Naomi obviously needs the house to herself. Naomi makes sure the door is shut and takes more pictures.
Number 24
Sienna asks Mark how his nap was and he says he didn't really sleep. Sienna says he needs to eat something. Sienna says the cushions are the wrong colour and she needs to go and change them. She suggests Mark looks through Kate's things whilst she's gone. Mark goes over to the box and opens it. He finds a picture of Kate and Paul, a picture of Jill, a picture of Kate and Mark. Mark finds Kate's diary and finds the entry when they got back together. Kate says it is the best day ever.
Lassiter's Lake
Susan tells Brad she found time to take the class and Brad thinks it's great. He tells her to take her mat over to a space. Terese jogs up to Brad with a mat which surprises Brad. Terese says she's supporting his class. Brad agrees. Terese says she can hardly recommend the class to guests if she hasn't tried it herself. She also gets to spend time with her gorgeous husband who she thinks looks hot. They have a kiss and a cuddle. Susan wags her finger at them and says no flirting with the teacher. Susan says she's got Terese's number and Terese looks innocent. Terese says Brad does things to support her so she's doing the same. Susan says she's doing it to keep an eye on all these women but Terese's secret is safe with her.
Number 26
Sheila asks Naomi what's going on and Naomi says there isn't anything going on. Sheila says she had a strange run in with Chris. Naomi wants to know what Chris said. Sheila says he said to make sure Naomi wasn't in his room which confused Sheila. Naomi claims not to know anything about it. Naomi reads her text - Charles wants to meet up this afternoon. Charles is going to sort out everything with Polly. Sheila wouldn't put in much faith from a text from that snake. Naomi tells Sheila not to be so cynical - if he says he's going to sort it out, he will. Sheila works out Charles couldn't have got from Antartica to Erinsborough in an afternoon - he must have already been in the country. She points out Charles hasn't answered Naomi's calls till now. Naomi thinks he's seen sense - it doesn't matter how. Naomi goes to plan what to wear.
Number 24
Sienna comes in with new cushions. Sienna realises it's the last thing Mark wants to think about but she just wants the place to look nice for Mark. Mark thanks her - he appreciates it. Sienna asks him how it went and he didn't get very far. It was a bit much. Sienna says there's no hurry. Mark doesn't want to forget about her. Sienna says he never will. Mark admits there have been moments when he has. He hates himself for it. Sienna reckons he's not forgetting about her - he's hurting a little bit less. He shouldn't feel bad about that. Mark thinks it's easy to say. Sienna advises him to take each day as it comes. If it's bad, you deal with it. If it's good, you make the most of it. Mark says he's glad she's there and Sienna agrees. She wants to make him feel better. They share a kiss.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Imogen tells Mark she could see he was looking down and she thought she could help.
- Imogen demands the truth from Sienna.
- Sienna finds something amongst Nell's toys which shocks her.
- Sonya tells Toadie she worries he doesn't know what he's doing.
- Toadie has a talk with Callum.
- Naomi flirts with Charles.
- Sheila and Charles snipe at each other.
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Brad Willis, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6882
Brad Willis, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Tracey Wong in Neighbours Episode 6882
Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Tracey Wong

Paul Robinson, Tracey Wong in Neighbours Episode 6882
Paul Robinson, Tracey Wong

Mark Brennan, Sienna Matthews in Neighbours Episode 6882
Mark Brennan, Sienna Matthews

Matt Turner, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6882
Matt Turner, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6882
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6882
Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning

Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6882
Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6882
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6882
Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6882
Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning

Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6882
Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan

Tracey Wong, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6882
Tracey Wong, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6882
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6882
Naomi Canning

Naomi Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6882
Naomi Canning, Chris Pappas

Jill Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6882
Jill Ramsay

Mark Brennan, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6882
Mark Brennan, Kate Ramsay

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6882
Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6882
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6882
Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning

Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6882
Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan

Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6882
Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan

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