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Neighbours Episode 6879 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6879
Australian airdate: 08/05/14
UK airdate: 22/05/14
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Sienna Matthews: Sarah Roberts
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Karl suggests that the Right Prescription play at Mandy's renewal of vows, which makes her cancel.
- Paul tells Mark that Sienna was definitely at Lassiter's at the time of the shooting
- Imogen tells Daniel there's nothing he can do to replace her ruined dress
- Imogen runs over Daniel's skateboard
- Amber tells Josh they're in it together
The Waterhole
Lauren is decorating ready for the party for Josh, Imogen and Amber - who is watching. Bailey arrives, sporting a new haircut. He gets Amber to take a picture to send to Josie, then leaves. Lauren comments that she's pleased he helped(!) Amber says that it looks fine, but Lauren wants spectacular. Amber says Josh's family aren't in a partying mood. Lauren offers to buy Amber a new dress, but Amber feels that would make her selfish as Josh needs her. Lauren says being down won't help Josh. Amber says maybe she'll go later.
LAUREN: Hmm, well, some party this is gonna be.
No 24
Imogen is delivering a party invitation to Mark, and is disappointed to find Sienna, who is dressed in just a towel. She tells Imogen that Mark is out for a run...
By Lassiter's lake
Mark is stretching (topless obviously) when Imogen marches up and asks him what Sienna's doing at no 24.
IMOGEN: She's the main suspect in Kate's case, and suddenly, she's prancing around your living room half naked!
Mark tells her that he's not going to turn his back on someone who was important to him. Imogen suggests loyalty might be blinding him, but he assures her that Sienna isn't a killer. He takes a call from Matt. Imogen asks what it was about. He repeats that he's helping out a friend.
Lassiter's complex
Georgia and Chris are chatting when Susan meets them, asking if they've seen Karl.
CHRIS: Not answering his phone?
SUSAN: No I think it's cause he know he's in trouble.
GEORGIA: Oh! Well if that's the case... if I see him, I'll tell him to go home and face the music.
CHRIS: You can run but you can't hide.
SUSAN: Well, he's testing that theory right now.
Imogen walks past, and when she's offhand, Chris asks her what's up. She starts to tell them.
Police Station
Matt is talking to Mark about Sienna. Matt says that her alibi doesn't add up, and they want her back in for questioning. Mark says that Sienna is staying with him.
MATT: You do know how to complicate your life, don't you?
Lou and Lauren are decorating a chocolate cake (or possibly just eating the chocolate in Lou's case). They are reminiscing about when Amber was young.
LAUREN: Trouble is, Dad, there's another little girl out there somewhere who also turned 18 and I don't know whether she had a party at all.
Lou sympathises, and Lauren says that whenever Mason, Amber or Bailey have a milestone she'll always think about it.
LOU: Maybe in the future, you'll find the answers you're looking for. Do you think you might start that search soon?
Lauren says no, she's not ready, but it doesn't mean she's not thinking about her.
Lassiter's complex
Mark and Sienna emerge from the Police Station, Sienna saying she hates being looked at like she's a liar. She says the taxi really did get a flat. Mark says that no- one has confirmed the story, so she'll remain under suspicion. Chris comes up behind them and confronts Mark. Mark tells him that Sienna is innocent. Chris points out that he hunted Montague day and night, but he's invited Sienna to live under his roof! Mark reminds Chris that the person they are looking for assaulted him - and that wasn't Sienna.
CHRIS: Well, I never would've though Hudson would do what he did, but look where he is. You never know what people are capable of.
Callum is texting "his" Josie a reminder about the party. Bailey comments that he thought they weren't talking, but Callum says that parties are great for sorting stuff out.
BAILEY: Actually, I sent my Josie a pic of my hair but she didn't reply. I mean, is that weird, or...?
CALLUM: She was probably just trying to figure out what she was gonna wear. Or whatever girls do before a party.
Bailey is worried, because his Josie won't come if Cal's Josie won't, but Callum reassures him it'll be fine.
Josh comes in, but tells Amber he has to go. Amber has made Lou some bacon butties (because she's happy he's healthy). Lou's pleased, and Amber comments she wishes it was that easy to make Josh smile. Lou tells Amber about the Memory Book Josh made for Doug. A light bulb comes on over Amber's head.
No 24
Mark and Sienna arrive back. Mark finds the invitation, and Sienna comments that Imogen must be a big fan of his to ask him twice. Mark shrugs, saying the street is very friendly. However, that means everyone has an opinion on what you do - so he can't go to the party. She comes over and takes his hand, saying it's the best option. He tells her that nothing is going to happen between them. She agrees: good mates, end of story.
A grinning Matt tells Karl that Susan is looking for him. Karl says he was trying to help, and Matt says maybe he should have listened rather than coming to the rescue.
At a nearby table, Imogen asks Amber how she should wear her hair. Amber's busy on her laptop, and says it depends on what she's wearing. Daniel comes in and Amber comments on his lack of skateboard. She invites him to the party, then sees the time and panics because it's too late to buy a new dress. He says he happens to have got one that Imogen didn't like...
DANIEL: Apparently it was too big. What did you say? It would only fit a bigfoot?
IMOGEN: A Sasquatch.
DANIEL: A Sasquatch!
IMOGEN: I just meant I'm not tall.
DANIEL: But Amber is. It's not gonna get worn otherwise, so why don't you check it out and see what you think?
IMOGEN: It'd probably fit you actually.
AMBER: Are you calling me a Sasquatch?
IMOGEN: No...no! I'm just saying you're taller than me.
Amber is pleased and goes off to try it.
The Waterhole
Imogen is wearing the dress that Daniel skated over, with a necklace over the stain. She's bought him a skateboard. It's a top of the range model, but he says he can't accept it. Amber arrives in the dress Daniel bought, which is a perfect fit. She gives Josh a photo album - their memory book. He's pleased to see there's lots of space for future pics.
Susan finally catches up with Karl, and he is very apologetic. She tells him that there's a difference between helping and taking over completely. Karl admits that what he did and gives her a peace offering, a book of Love Poems, which he thought might help.
SUSAN: Karl, I appreciate your support. But believe me when I say that if you really want to help me, the best thing you can do is LET ME RUN MY OWN SHOW!
KARL: I've got it. I've got it... got it loud and clear.
The Waterhole
Bailey is worried that his Josie isn't coming because she hates his hair. Callum tells him to calm down - there'll be a logical reason why she's not coming. Amber wants a glass of water, but Josh suggests they have a glass of champagne each.
No 24
Sienna has cooked some dinner for them. She thanks Mark for letting her staying, saying she's sorry for the tension she's caused. He says he's not sure he's done the right thing. Sienna thinks Kate would agree, although Mark is dubious.
SIENNA: She loved you for who you are, and that is a man who stands by his friends when they're in trouble.
He's upset at the thought of Kate, and Sienna hugs him.
The Waterhole
Karl and Susan arrive. Susan goes off to find the birthday boy/girls, while Karl is ordered not to scrimp over the champagne.
MATT: Sounds like you're still in the doghouse.
KARL: No. No, no, she's just milking it for all it's worth.
MATT: You do know the drinks are free?
Karl orders "finest champagne", while Matt tells Karl he might know someone who's interested in vow renewals. He glances at Lauren, and Karl cottons on he's talking about himself.
Susan has found Imogen, who asks if she's seen Mark. Imogen decides to text him, as Karl arrives with a "no expense spared" glass of champagne.
No 24
Mark is asleep on the couch. Sienna is on the phone, telling someone that she wasn't fired - she's taking a break to be with a friend for as long as he needs her. Imogen's text arrives, saying she hopes he's on the way. Sienna switches the phone off.
The Waterhole
Lauren and Matt suggest they do the speeches in 15 minutes as Brad and Terese are about to arrive. Matt jokes about Amber's baby photos slide show, and an apparently drunk Josh says he's sure she'll look hot. He puts his arms around Imogen and Amber, kissing them on the cheek, then he slumps to the floor. Karl talks to him but gets no response.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Amber says Josh only had one drink, so they wonder if someone spiked it
- Josie tells Callum he shouldn't have to ask what's wrong
- Toadie suggests a grand romantic gesture. Callum wonders about a hairless puppy.
- The Willises discuss a decision
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Lauren Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Bailey Turner

Imogen Willis, Sienna Matthews in Neighbours Episode 6879
Imogen Willis, Sienna Matthews

Imogen Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6879
Imogen Willis, Mark Brennan

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6879
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6879
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6879
Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter

Sienna Matthews, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6879
Sienna Matthews, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan

Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Mark Brennan, Sienna Matthews in Neighbours Episode 6879
Mark Brennan, Sienna Matthews

Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6879
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6879
Sienna Matthews, Mark Brennan

Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6879
Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner

Sienna Matthews in Neighbours Episode 6879
Sienna Matthews

Amber Turner, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Amber Turner, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Karl Kennedy, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Karl Kennedy, Josh Willis

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6879
Josh Willis

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