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Neighbours Episode 6786 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6786
Australian airdate: 02/12/13
UK airdate:
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Gemma Reeves: Kathryn Beck
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Susan experiencing an MS relapse and admitting she hasn't told Karl.
- Kate trying to talk to Georgia.
- Chris confessing to Georgia that he knew about Kate/Kyle.
- Gem pleading with Bailey for him to help her.
- Gem discovering the email meant for Kyle.
- Bailey telling Mason that Gem is blackmailing him.
Harold's Store
Bailey is freaking out at his possible punishments while he waits with Mason for Imogen, plus he's not happy his brother told her! A new look Imogen arrives (her hair is now shoulder length) and has a plan - they shouldn't go to Susan (otherwise Gem will just twist it around) but need to get firm evidence so she can't get out of it. "How do we do that?" he asks and she reveals her plan - he's got to take Gem on. Mason tries to boost his brother's confidence that he can do it and Imogen adds that he's not dealing with Gem alone now.
IMOGEN: What do you say?
School (outside)
Chris escorts Kate into work (he's missing her from #26) and she confirms its best she continues living with Paul until the heat dies down. Kate is still bemused as to how it all came out and wishes that she could talk to Georgia but Chris comments that she isn't exactly in the best head space just now, and is forced to admit he told her about them.
KATE: Let me guess, she hates you too now?
His silence confirms it and she apologises for the strife he's getting but he's fine and says that it's his turn to support her, just like she did for him over Hudson.
Gem walks down the stairs and gives Kate the evil death stare, not unnoticed by Chris too.
Number 26
Kyle's Christmas present for Georgia arrives (a new guitar) and bemoans that he can't even give it to her. Chris tells his housemate that he just saw Kate and wishes he could help her. Kyle confesses that it's unfair she's taking all the flack and reveals that he's been hard on her when he should be taking it out on himself too. Time until things calm down is Chris' way of dealing with it.
School (inside)
Bailey tries to record a conversation with Gem where she admits her guilt but she's wise and doesn't drop herself in it and indeed makes it out that Bailey is an attention seeker.
School (outside)
Bailey reports to Mason what happened but he's not that surprised and thinks it's time for Bailey to talk to Susan. As they continue to chat, Gem spots them and since Mason hasn't sought permission to be on school grounds, is forced to head off but just before he goes, Gem asks Bailey for a word (in private).
Once Mason leaves, she seems unsure if Bailey has told his brother or not, so reminds him what will happen if it gets out.
GEM: If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your mouth shut.
School (inside)
Bailey hovers outside Susan's door and Imogen tries to give him the confidence to tell but he's still fearful of what Gem might do. "You're not alone in this," she reminds him and promises to be waiting for him once he comes out from seeing Susan and likewise so will Mason.
Just as he is about to knock, Susan comes out and Imogen tells him "good luck" before leaving. "Is there a problem?" Susan asks and tells Bailey to enter her office.
Principals Office
Commercial break later Bailey confirms that what Imogen claimed was true (him holding hands with Gem at the lake) and also confirms that there has been no more physical contact.
BAILEY: She led me on, she changed my grades, she made sure I didn't get the China scholarship. She pretended we were friends, that she really liked me. Of course I really fell for it.
SUSAN: If what you're telling me is in fact true, then you're a victim here too, just like Georgia and Kate. Miss Reeves took advantage of you, manipulated you.
Bailey wants to know what happens now and she replies that his parents and the police need to be contacted. The mentioning of the police freaks Bailey out but Susan explains that Gem has broken the law. "But so have I," Bailey adds and Susan replies that it's up to Kate whether she takes it further. She asks that he keeps this conversation to himself while they wait for everyone to arrive and is told not to worry about Gem as the police will deal with her.
SUSAN: Thank you Bailey, you did the right thing.
Kate is shocked at finding out that it was Bailey who hacked into her email account but equally relieved that it wasn't her who had somehow printed it off. She immediately guesses that Gem is behind it but Susan can't confirm that one however does want to know if she wants Bailey charged. "No," is Kate's immediately reply, adding that he's been through enough and is concerned about his wellbeing. "She can't get away with it," Kate adds and Susan confirms too that the police are involved.
Kate then notices that Susan is beginning to flag slightly and asks if she's told Karl (no because there hasn't been a moment) and gets it from her boss that she will tell her husband. Susan then tells Kate to take an early lunch as she may be needed later on for cover.
Harold's Store
Kyle spots Kate sitting at a table and asks to join her.
KATE: Sure if you're not scared of starting World War 4!
KYLE: What happened to World War 3?
KATE: Think we've already done that!
Kyle apologises for her being the one to take all the flack and wishes too that Georgia would realise it was a one- off and a mistake. Kate isn't too sure of his plan to go see Georgia and apologise for crashing her gig is the right thing to do but he replies that sitting around doing nothing is driving him crazy. What is also driving him crazy is trying to work out how the email ended up in the folder and Kate replies that she might know why!
Principals Office
"I want Gemma sacked for this," is Matt's take on it as he and Lauren sit in Susan's office rightfully annoyed at finding out about everything. Susan replies that they have to hear Gem's side of things and that the police (not Matt!) have to do everything by the book.
SUSAN: (to Matt) The last thing any of us want is for this to be thrown out of court because you overstepped the mark.
Lauren wants to know how Bailey got into Kate's account and he explains that he used a password crack on Gem's computer. Matt suggests getting hold of Gem's computer as that will have the proof they need but again Susan wants it done by the book by the police (who can't confirm when they will come) so Matt goes to get them to speed up.
Imogen is waiting outside the office and isn't thrilled to see Mason rock up in case Gem catches them and right enough; Gem comes walking down the stairs to where they are standing. It looks like she wants to go report them/Mason but Imogen quickly turns it around to make it look like they are waiting to see her after she caught them. Gem still wants to go into the office but Imogen manages to avoid that happening after explaining that Susan's with someone and that it could be a while (hence why they were waiting outside). Thankfully she believes it and heads off but Imogen thinks that she knows something is up. "What is she going to do?" Mason asks and Imogen thinks that she may go delete the email and rushes off to try and stop her somehow!
In the classroom, Gem is hurriedly packing her laptop into her bag when Imogen comes in wanting a word about some biology assignment she has to do. Gem isn't buying it, so Imogen tries to grab the bag containing the laptop and as they are wrestling it, Susan (and Matt) arrive in the room wanting to know what is going on.
GEM: (playing the victim) She was assaulting me. I want her out of the school.
SUSAN: I don't think so and I'll take that [Gem's bag] please.
GEM: Why?
MATT: Hand it over.
GEM: No, it's personal property!
SUSAN: It's school property, Gemma.
Realising that she is beat, she reluctantly hands the bag over and Susan asks her to go to her office right now.
Principal's Office
Gem is pleading to Susan that she is innocent and didn't do anything wrong. Susan double checks she wants to carry on saying that, she does and blames the email stuff on Bailey because she refused to "indulge in is crush". Susan is wise though and asks why she seemed to be in a hurry to get out of the classroom with the laptop, and Gem cites that she needed it for work.
SUSAN: Are you sure there is nothing else you want to add?
GEM: (pleading) I don't know what you want me to say! There's nothing else.
SUSAN: Then you leave me no choice but to suspend you pending an investigation.
Gem now tries to change tact by saying why would she want to embarrass Georgia. "That's what we're all wondering," Susan asks.
GEM: She's my cousin, she's my best friend, I'd never do anything to hurt her.
When Susan shows no signs of giving her any sympathy, Gem turns on the waterworks and comments that she can't believe Susan "is treating her like this."
GEM: I'm a teacher, you're supposed to have my back.
SUSAN: I'm supposed to put my students welfare first.
Susan then informs Gem that she will escort her to get her things from the staffroom then off the premises. "Susan, please," she pleads but all Susan does is open the door.
Number 30
Gem has obviously explained all to Georgia but she seems fine(!) with her hacking into Kate's email account and doesn't think that Gem purposely ruined her engagement. "I think Kate's behind it," is Gem's new line of defence and even Georgia doesn't think that is right because Bailey was involved. Gem has that angle covered too:
GEM: Because she knows he was angry at me for reporting his crush and would want to get back at me.
GEM: This way no- one knows what an evil cow she is.
GEORGIA: Mmm, that is very out of character for her.
GEM: Nothing should surprise you after what she's done.
Georgia still isn't buying it, so Gem pulls out the biggie - Kate is in love with Kyle. That one she does seem to have her believing and just at that moment, Kate calls Georgia's mobile and Gem urges her not to answer it because "it's going to be more of her lies."
GEORGIA: So she planned this? She set it up and now she's trying to blame you for it.
GEM: If she could seduce your boyfriend and lie about it for months, who knows what she is capable of.
Georgia cancels the call and Gem reassures her she did the right thing.
Harold's Store
A weary looking Susan enters the store and is immediately collared by Lauren wanting to know what happened (Matt isn't answering his phone and she is desperate to know what's going on). Susan explains that the police have got the laptop and that the police will interview Gem. "She's going to get fired right?" Lauren asks and Susan confirms that for now she is suspended. Lauren isn't impressed she hasn't been fired immediately but Susan explains that until the police have finished their investigation, this is the most she can do. Lauren apologises, explaining that it's got her wound up and Susan adds that they are very keen to resolve it.
After taking Susan's order, Lauren notices that Susan doesn't look okay, but she feigns the real reason, saying it's just been a long day! Lauren then leaves and Susan gets out her phone and is forced to leave a voicemail for Karl saying that they need to have a chat tonight as she has something to tell him.
Number 30
Kyle manages to stop Georgia from closing the door in his face to apologise for gate crashing her gig and to his (nice) surprise, is invited into the house. When he enters, he assumes that Gem has (permanently) left but Georgia isn't impressed he's not only been talking to Kate but taking her side of it too. He can see that she isn't in the mood to listen but asks that she is cautions of Gem, telling her that she isn't "right in the head."
GEORGIA: I beg your pardon?
KYLE: I'm only looking out for you.
Georgia now thinks that Kate has sent him over, which he denies, and tells her that he cares about her.
GEORGIA: If you cared about me, you wouldn't have slept with Kate and you wouldn't be standing here sticking up for her right now.
KYLE: I'm not sticking up for her.
She orders him out of the house with a message to tell Kate to deliver her own messages the next time!
Ramsay Street
Its high noon on the street as Kate appears to be waiting for Georgia to exit the house, which she does, when she takes out some trash.
GEORGIA: What are you doing here?
KATE: I was going to stay away okay I promise but when I heard what happened with Gem, I thought that maybe you'd want some support.
GEORGIA: Some support from you?!
KATE: What she did was terrible!
GEORGIA: Just stop it okay. It didn't work with Kyle and it's not going to work with you.
KATE: (confused) What?
GEORGIA: Sending Kyle over here to do your dirty work, that was pretty low.
A very bemused Kate hasn't a clue what she is talking about and Georgia tells her that she is obviously so desperate to put the blame onto someone else and just proves that Gem is telling the truth!
GEORGIA: She didn't do it, you did it.
KATE: I didn't print that email Georgia.
GEORGIA: No, I don't want to hear it. You've ruined my life and now you're going and ruining Gem's as well!
KATE: Why won't you listen to me?!
GEORGIA: I've had enough! This is what you are... trash!
And as she says that, she throws the bag (of trash) she took out of the house over Kate before returning inside #30!
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Paul witnessing Susan struggle to stand up.
- Paul quizzing Karl on how Susan is coping.
- Susan confirming to Kate that she needs to tell Karl as soon as possible.
- Georgia refusing to listen.
- Kyle reaffirming that Georgia is the one for him but then she spots him having a drink with Kate.
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Mason Turner, Imogen Willis, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6786
Mason Turner, Imogen Willis, Bailey Turner

Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6786
Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay

Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6786
Gemma Reeves

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6786
Kyle Canning

 in Neighbours Episode 6786

Bailey Turner, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6786
Bailey Turner, Gemma Reeves

Gemma Reeves, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6786
Gemma Reeves, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner

Bailey Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6786
Bailey Turner, Imogen Willis

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6786
Susan Kennedy

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6786
Bailey Turner

Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6786
Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6786
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6786
Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Mason Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6786
Mason Turner, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6786
Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner, Gemma Reeves

Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6786
Gemma Reeves

Gemma Reeves, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6786
Gemma Reeves, Georgia Brooks

Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6786
Lauren Turner, Susan Kennedy

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6786
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6786
Georgia Brooks

Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6786
Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6786
Kate Ramsay

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