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Neighbours Episode 6739 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6739
Australian airdate: 26/09/13
UK airdate: 24/10/13
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Amali Ward as herself
Wendy Spiers: Joanne Booth
Meg Morris: Aliesha Pearson
Summary/Images by: Sarah
Previously on Neighbours
- Paul reminds Georgia that he now owns all the rights to her songs. Amali comments that she's lucky Georgia's not a performer.
- Kate tells Mason that breaking up was the right thing to do.
- Chris says that Hudson was The One™
- Chris makes a bad impression on his new boss, who tells him three strikes and he's out.
- Karl prescribes sleeping tablets for Chris
- Jack tells Paul that money's not important, people are.
- Kyle comes home and thinks there's been a break- in as the house is in a mess.
No 26
Kyle is reporting the break- in to the police as Sheila comes in. She interrupts each thing he says, helpfully pointing out that she took the money as the ATM ate her card. Then, just like Lassie would have done, Bossy starts barking to inform them there's something in the backyard (which Kyle tells the police). They find Chris sprawled on the grass. He groans and comes to...
CHRIS: Bed's weird. Bed feels weird.
KYLE: Mate, you're not in bed.
Kyle apologises to the police, and asks Sheila if they should call the ambulance. She says they should call Karl (who is of course always on duty). Chris explains that he took some sleeping pills and went to bed, and then Kyle woke him up. Sheila is concerned.
Paul's apartment
Paul is surprised to hear that Mason still expected to get back with Kate.
KATE: Well, his heart's in the right place.
PAUL: Wish I could say the same about his brain.
Kate points out that Paul said he would treat Mason like any other employee and Paul promises he will. She notices that he's got lots of charity brochures on the table.
KATE: Since when have you been interested in charity?
PAUL: Is it so strange that I might want to share some of my good fortune with the world?
Kate asks if it has something to with Jack, which Paul admits, adding that it's an excellent tax deduction as well. He says he's not sure which charity to pick, as he doesn't want his money to be wasted on overheads. Kate suggests he should start his own charity. He's pleased, as that's what he was thinking.
No 26
Karl examines Chris and says he seems to be fine.
KYLE: So how did he end up in the backyard? Aliens?
KARL: Uh, no. Sleepwalking.
Chris admits that he has done it before - years ago. Karl explains that it can be brought on by stress.
KYLE: So what do we do now? Tie him down at night, or...?
SHEILA: Oh, don't be ridiculous!
Karl insists that Chris stop taking the medication, as it will be dangerous. Chris asks how he will sleep. Karl tells him to try his other suggestions, and Sheila suggests some "herbal things".
CHRIS: A cup of tea is not going to cut it.
Karl assures him it's for the best.
Paul tells Amali that he's got a recording session with the best producer and musicians lined up. She's enthusiastic, then she sees Georgia outside, and says she wants to catch up to discuss some ideas about Georgia's song. Paul says there's no point as she's not interested in the creative process.
PAUL: She hates singing and singers. All she cares about is the money.
AMALI: Really?
PAUL: Forget it. Heart of stone. So you change the song any way you want. She won't care, as long as she gets paid.
AMALI: Wow, I never would have picked that. What a shame.
PAUL: Yeah.
Amali goes for a coffee, then Georgia comes in to talk to Paul about her song. Paul says he's been organising the recording session.
GEORGIA: For my song?
PAUL: Hers now.
Georgia says there might be other songs Amali might prefer, so that she (Georgia) could have that one back.
PAUL: We don't play swapsies in the music business.
GEORGIA: I don't want her to record it.
PAUL: Why not?
GEORGIA: Because that song is really personal.
PAUL: Well you should have sold it, should you?
Paul walks off, and Georgia is upset and goes outside.
Lassiters complex
Amali calls over to Georgia, and says she wanted to ask about her song. She sings an amended version of a line of the song, and asks if Georgia minds if she changes it.
GEORGIA: You want to change my lyrics?
AMALI: Only if it's OK with you.
Georgia agrees. Amali hugs her, then Georgia walks off sighing.
Vanessa comes in and Lauren asks about the morning sickness, which is as bad as ever. Vanessa says she's worried about the baby. Lauren assures her that all mothers are worried about their children.
A customer is asking Mason about the honeymoon suite, which he assures her is a deluxe suite, not a standard room. Having then asked about the canapés and the view, she spots the picture of Kyle and Kate dressed as bride and groom.
CUSTOMER: It's exactly what I want. Although I'll pull it off better than her.
Mason is unimpressed.
CUSTOMER: Where can I buy it?
MASON: How would I know?
PAUL: Is there a problem?
MASON: No problem.
CUSTOMER: I want to know where I can get this dress.
MASON: Try a bridal shop.
Paul takes Mason aside and tells him he should be able to deal with difficult customers, as he works in hospitality. He sends Mason on a break, and deals with the customer.
No 30
Georgia is telling Kyle that Amali was nice, and she felt she couldn't say no to her request. However, she doesn't want Amali to sing her song at all. Kyle comments that Amali thinks Georgia's a writer not a singer. Georgia says she doesn't even know if *she* wants to sing it. Kyle asks what she wants.
GEORGIA: OK, say you built a really special shed in your back yard and then someone wanted to, like, paint it pink.
KYLE: I'd tell them to get stuffed. But I don't see what the shed has to do with your song.
GEORGIA: The shed is all about you.
She explains that it took ages to write the song because it was hard to find the words to express how she felt about him. Kyle tells her she has to fight for it. She says it's too late.
Harold's - outside
Amali is signing something for Paul, when he gets a call from Tim. He walks off to take the call, and Kyle takes his seat and introduces himself. He says he has a favour to ask.
KYLE: OK, if you built this shed, right, and someone had come along and painted it pink... or not pink. A colour that you really hated, like grey or something.
PAUL: You're in my seat.
AMALI: Oh, Kyle was just about to ask me something. Only I don't really understand what you're trying to say.
PAUL: He's gifted like that. Go on, hop it. Now.
Kyle doesn't want to leave, but Paul insists that it's a private meeting, so Kyle has no choice.
No 26
Chris wanders into the kitchen. He tells Sheila that he hasn't slept much but maybe he should go to work. She doesn't think it's a good idea, seeing the state he's in.
CHRIS: She told me to sort myself out. How am I supposed to do that in one afternoon.
Sheila agrees that's it difficult, and sympathises, saying she had a falling out with someone she was close to: her youngest daughter. (Is this a New Character Alert ™, we wonder.)
SHEILA: Just the worst part of it is that we haven't spoken since, and the words that we did say to each other... well, I wish I could take them back.
Chris asks what's her point. She says that he might not get the closure he needs, but he needs to push through it: it will take time. She gives Chris a drink (presumably a herbal tea). Chris wants to take a sleeping pill, but Sheila insists he throw them out, which he does. Sheila asks whose shirt she's been ironing, and Chris miserably says it's Hudson's.
Paul confronts Georgia about Kyle speaking to Amali. She says she didn't ask him to, and Paul tells her to get him to back off. Paul says she should be pleased Amali is singing it, as it will make money if it's a hit. Georgia doesn't care, which puzzles Paul.
PAUL: I don't get you creative types. You don't want to be singer, but you don't want anyone else to sing the songs - is that it?
GEORGIA: Just that song.
PAUL: Why? What, it's got magical powers or something?
Georgia can't explain. Paul scoffs and says it's irrelevant because it's his now. She can't do anything: change it or even perform it at Charlie's. If she tries, he threatens to slap an injunction on her.
Mason is at reception. There are some brochures with Kyle and Kate on the front, which he dumps in the bin. A young blonde customer - Meg Morris - arrives to check in. She flirts with Mason, as he offers her an upgrade.
MASON: And we already have your credit card on file, so I won't need anything else from you.
MEG: You say that now...
Mason offers to have her case brought to her room, but she says she'll take it. It opens, and her clothes fall on the floor. Mason helps pick her stuff up, admiring one of bras. She wants to pretend it didn't happen.
Paul's apartment
Kate comments that Georgia must be excited about getting her song recorded professionally. Paul suggests she doesn't talk about it at the moment, as he thinks Georgia might be a bit scared of success. She agrees. He tells her he wants to set up an educational scholarship programme, so that he can leave a legacy. Kate thinks he wants something to control.
PAUL: I like the idea of being able to mould young minds.
KATE: Why? So you can create a tiny tribe of Paul Robinsons?
PAUL: Oh, ha- di- ha- ha- ha.
Kate is impressed and says it's very sweet of him. He says there's another reason he wanted to speak to her...
No 26
Kate arrives home, and Kyle asks if they've sorted everything out. Kate is puzzled, and Kyle explains that he's assuming that she and Mason are back together. Kate says that she's realised she made the right decision splitting with Mason. She tells Kyle she had dinner with Paul.
KYLE: Count Dracula set up a scholarship, eh?
No 30
Kyle apologises to Georgia for talking to Amali, and she thanks him for trying to help.
KYLE: I think I confused her with the whole pink shed thing.
Georgia says that she might not be able to perform it again, but at least she can watch it online. Kyle gets his laptop, and finds that the video has been "removed by the copyright holder".

No 26
Chris tells Sheila that he found the tea relaxing. She goes off to bed, telling him to ask if he needs anything. Chris looks at the Bin of Doom™, and takes out the bottle of tablets. He takes one out...

Kate and Paul come in, discussing the scholarship. Over the other side of the bar, Meg is telling Mason she loves the room.
MEG: Loving the spa bath.
MASON: Big enough for you?
MEG: Big enough for two.
Paul recognises Meg as a hotel guest, and is going to over: staff are not allowed to socialise with guests. Kate asks him not to, pointing out that Mason would think it was because of her. She and Paul go back to his apartment, as Mason watches. Meg asks Mason if he's OK. He offers to buy another round, and she suggests the minibar in her room. He's hesitant, explaining that he could get in serious trouble.
MEG: Sounds dangerous. And hot.
MASON: All right. Minibar it is.
MEG: Now you're talking.
She leaves her key- card on the table, saying she'll see him in 10. (Not sure how she'll get in - why would she have two?)
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Lauren tells Bailey not to mention Lou's surprise party
- Mason tells Matt he has other stuff going on. Matt asks how he would know, when Mason never talks to him.
- Sonya and Toadie get news from Ajay and Rani.
- Josh and Amber are kissing in the Kapoor house, when Susan and Rani turn up unexpectedly
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Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6739
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6739
Karl Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Amali Ward, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6739
Amali Ward, Paul Robinson

Georgia Brooks, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6739
Georgia Brooks, Paul Robinson

Amali Ward, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6739
Amali Ward, Georgia Brooks

Wendy Spiers, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6739
Wendy Spiers, Mason Turner

Paul Robinson, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6739
Paul Robinson, Mason Turner

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Amali Ward, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Amali Ward, Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6739
Paul Robinson, Georgia Brooks

Meg Morris in Neighbours Episode 6739
Meg Morris

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6739
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6739
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6739
Chris Pappas

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6739
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Meg Morris, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6739
Meg Morris, Mason Turner

Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6739
Mason Turner

 in Neighbours Episode 6739

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