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Neighbours Episode 6723 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6723
Australian airdate: 04/09/13
UK airdate: 02/10/13
Writer: Faith McKinnon
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Jack Lassiter: Alan Hopgood
Marty Kranic: Darius Perkins
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Despite Karl's opinion, Imogen denies she has bulimia
- Paul tells Marty he doesn't care what it takes; he wants Robbo gone
- Lucas tells Detective Crabb about Marty's intervention on the night of the hit- and- run
- Lucas admits what he's done to Vanessa
Penthouse du Paul
Paul's trying to call Marty on his mobile, but is having no luck getting through. Mason begins to panic, saying they need to go to the police and tell them what they know, since Marty must be responsible for the hit- and- run.
MASON: Robbo would never hand over that much cash willingly.
PAUL: You almost sound like you want this to be true.
MASON: I'm just worried about Lucas. And everyone else.
PAUL: What about worrying about me? I'm the one that hired Marty.
Mason suggests Paul tell the police that Marty just 'misinterpreted his instructions', but Paul scoffs at this, saying it's too risky. Despite Mason's appeals, Paul insists that before they do anything else, they need to speak to Marty and hear his side of the story. Mason storms off, saying there's someone he has to speak to, telling Paul to let him know what Marty says.
Lucas and Vanessa's Flat
Lucas is just finishing a phone call when Vanessa comes out of the bedroom; it was the florist they are using for the wedding, and they want Vanessa to call them back. Vanessa points out that she's in no state to think about flowers.
VANESSA: This whole wedding - what's the point?
She says that if Lucas is charged, the police won't simply let them jet off for a honeymoon, and guilt- trips him for gambling, before going back into the bedroom.
No 32 (Mason and Bailey's room)
Mason asks Amber to tell him what happened the night Robbo died. He explains that the police are looking for another guy, who had a thing against Robbo, which could be good news for all the suspects - but that he needs to know Amber's story.
AMBER: When Chris told me what Robbo did, I freaked out. Can you imagine what would happen if that video went viral? My life would be ruined. So I took Imogen's keys and I went looking for him. I found him walking along the side of the road and we got into this huge fight. The things he was saying were just horrible. You're going to hate me when I tell you what happened next.
MASON: Hey! You're my sister; I could never hate you. Please could you tell me?
No 22
Terese is trying to convince Imogen to have something to eat.
IMOGEN: For like the fiftieth time, no.
She tells her mum she's fine, and leaves the room. Terese confides in Brad that she thought by opening up to Imogen, she'd encourage their daughter to do the same. Brad asks why Terese never told him before about her own eating problems when she was younger; Terese admits that she felt ashamed, and apologises for keeping it from him, saying that if she'd been open about it, Brad may have picked up on the same behaviour in Imogen.
In the garden, Brad talks to Imogen, saying that she shouldn't try to hide her problems. Imogen says it might not be as serious as Karl thinks, but Brad tells her how scared he and Terese were. Imogen admits she was sick a few times. Brad says it would help Imogen to talk to Terese given her own past eating problems, but this just makes Imogen mad as she thinks Terese sent Brad to talk to her. She storms inside to confront her mother, asking if she lied about having bulimia when she was younger.
TERESE: No, of course I...
IMOGEN: Because it's a pretty twisted thing to do to try to get close to someone.
TERESE: I wouldn't do that.
IMOGEN: It doesn't make sense. I mean, if you had this problem, why didn't you mention it before?
TERESE: Because it wasn't important until now.
IMOGEN: Oh, so now you're just telling everyone?
TERESE: No, that's not true!
IMOGEN: Why did you tell Dad, then?
TERESE: Because I'm worried you're going through exactly the same thing as I did!
IMOGEN: Don't you see I am nothing like you?!
BRAD: Imogen!
IMOGEN: We are not close, and we will never be. And you trying to make that any different is pathetic!
BRAD: Don't speak to your mother like that. Now apologise!
IMOGEN: She'll be waiting a long time for an apology. Why don't you just run along to work, instead of this useless attempt at parenting? Work's where you're at your best, right? Where you really shine? So go on - off you go.
As Imogen storms out of the house, Terese breaks down in tears, and Brad comforts her.
Harold's Store
Susan seems stressed. Kate asks her if she's sure it's okay for her to go to Sydney; Susan assures her it is, but explains the reason she's stressing - she's worried about what to do with the old PirateNet studios. Jack Lassiter comes in. He's noticed on his copy of the West Waratah Star that it now incorporates the Erinsborough News; Kate fills him in on the backstory, and Susan admits she used to be the editor before the papers merged. Conversation leaps from one medium to another, as Kate suggests they could get the old radio station up and running again. Jack seems intrigued by the talk of the radio station, and asks Susan to tell him more.
A road in Erinsborough
Paul and Mason meet Marty by the roadside. Paul asks if Marty knows who Lucas is. Marty says he doesn't, but Paul tells him he knows about how Marty gave Lucas the money from Robbo, and that the police now suspect Marty.
PAUL: So how did you get the money? Did you run him over?
PAUL: Well I'm sure it wasn't from your winning smile and your pleasant disposition. Now, is anyone else involved in this?
MARTY: Listen, you wanted him taught a lesson, and that's what I did. I used my powers of persuasion to get the cash - nothing else.
Mason tells Marty to go to the police station and tell them everything, since Lucas is in trouble. But Marty's not amused and says he has no intention of making himself known to the police. Paul tries to smooth things over, telling Mason to shut up and saying Marty doesn't need to go to the police station. But Marty is getting annoyed.
MARTY: I only got involved because you hired me to sort out Robbo. But if you try and pin this on me, I'll make trouble for you - I swear I will.
Paul glares at Mason as Marty walks off.
Penthouse du Paul
Back at Paul's, Mason and Paul argue about whether Marty ran down Robbo, with Mason arguing strongly that they should tell Lucas what they know. However, Paul's scared of Marty pulling him down with him, and point- blank refuses to get involved despite Mason's attempts to guilt- trip him into thinking about Lucas and Toadie.
MASON: Paul, if Marty really did this to Robbo, there's no way you are going down for it.
PAUL: If Marty really did this to Robbo, he's far more dangerous than I thought.
Mason looks surreptitiously at his phone, on which he's managed to take a photograph of Marty during their roadside meeting.
No 22
Terese tries to work, but looks very upset. She drops some papers on the floor by accident, which causes her to uncover Imogen's sports bag under the sofa. It's stashed full of chocolate wrappers. Terese shows it to Brad as she emotionally flings them all into a bin- bag,
TERESE: How did this happen? How did we let our daughter get so sick and we didn't even realise?! We did this, Brad! We've been focusing our attention on Josh, and we've gotten complacent, and this is what's happened.
She breaks down in tears. But when Brad tells her they can't blame themselves, she shouts at him, telling him they can and should; they've been ignoring her for months. Terese tells Brad to get rid of all the junk food from the pantry, while she goes to find Amber, in the hope that she may know where Imogen is.
Fitzgerald Motors
Mason turns up to talk to Lucas. Mason asks if the police have managed to track down the guy who helped him, and Lucas explains that they still think he's making it up. Mason reassures him that the truth will come out, but Lucas is feeling sorry for himself, and asks Mason to leave. Feeling guilty, Mason assures him things will get better, and goes - then watches with alarm through the window as Lucas starts hitting things with a spanner!
Lucas and Vanessa's Flat
Lucas arrives home to find no sign of Vanessa, other than a note she's left for him on the table.
VANESSA (voiceover): I need some time to think about everything. Try and understand, and give me this space to myself. We'll be at Mum's.
Just then, another envelope is pushed under the door. Lucas darts out to see who put it there, but whoever it is has gone. Inside the envelope, Lucas finds a photo of the man who gave him the money on the night of the hit- and- run - with the name 'Marty' written on the back. Smiling, Lucas grabs his keys and rushes out of the flat.
Harold's Store
Terese pulls up in her car, and goes inside, where she finds Susan. She asks if she's seen Imogen, explaining that she's terrified Imogen might do something stupid. Susan promises to bring Imogen home if she bumps into her, and Terese runs out again.
Jack comes in; he has a proposal for Susan regarding the old radio station. He's decided he wants to rent the premises from the school, and fund the radio station for the students to use. Susan's overwhelmed by his generosity and thanks him, before they sit down to thrash out the details.
Kate, Mason and Paul are having dinner together when Lucas bursts in, with a photocopy of the picture of Marty. He explains that he's already given the picture to the cops, and that they seemed to know of Marty - but wouldn't tell him anything. He asks if Paul would mind showing it to the Lassiter's staff, in case anyone recognises Marty.
Paul plays ignorant, but agrees to put up the picture in the hotel, folding it and putting it in his jacket. Kate says Lucas and Vanessa can focus on the wedding now, but Lucas replies that he isn't in the clear yet. Paul rather tersely tells Lucas that they're trying to have dinner, in order to get rid of him. Once Lucas has gone, Paul tells Kate he needs to borrow Mason for a minute, to discuss hotel business.
Men's Shed
Terese is about to get back in her car, when she considers checking in the shed for Imogen. Sure enough, she finds her daughter sobbing on the floor, surrounded by sweet wrappers.
TERESE: Oh, Imogen!
TERESE: It's alright, darling.
IMOGEN: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I never should have said all those awful things to you. I don't know what's wrong with me.
TERESE: Sweetie, it's fine. Everything's gonna be fine.
IMOGEN: Why do I keep doing this to myself?
TERESE: I don't know. I don't know. But we'll figure it out, okay?
IMOGEN: I can't stop. Every time, I say I won't do it, but I do.
TERESE: It's alright.
IMOGEN: I hate myself.
TERESE: It's alright, I'm here, okay? We'll work through it together.
Imogen sobs in Terese's arms.
Penthouse du Paul
Mason has admitted he was the one who posted the photo underneath Lucas's door, and Paul tears strips off him for it, saying that when the police catch up with Marty, he'll blame everything on Paul. Mason says they've done the right thing by Lucas, Toadie and their families.
PAUL: Oh, I'm sorry. Well as long as we've done the right thing, everything's gonna be hunky- dory, isn't it? I wish we could all live in your little fairytale world!
Mason reminds Paul that he didn't ask Marty to run Robbo over, but Paul isn't so confident that the authorities will see it that way.
PAUL: It's not just gonna be me in the firing line. You see, you came to me for help with Robbo. This started with you, so if I'm going down, you're coming with me!
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Erinsborough High Radio is going back on the air, and Jack has an idea to help the teens enjoy it
- Georgia's still pretending she's not traumatised by Robbo's death, despite Karl's advice
- Paul warns Mason that if this all blows up, his relationship with Kate will be over
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Paul Robinson, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6723
Paul Robinson, Mason Turner

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6723
Lucas Fitzgerald

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6723
Vanessa Villante

Mason Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Amber Turner

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Kate Ramsay, Jack Lassiter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6723
Kate Ramsay, Jack Lassiter, Susan Kennedy

Mason Turner, Paul Robinson, Marty Kranic in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Paul Robinson, Marty Kranic

Mason Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Paul Robinson

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Mason Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6723
Lucas Fitzgerald

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Terese Willis

Susan Kennedy, Jack Lassiter in Neighbours Episode 6723
Susan Kennedy, Jack Lassiter

Mason Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Imogen Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6723
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis

Mason Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6723
Mason Turner, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6723
Paul Robinson

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