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Neighbours Episode 6722 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6722
Australian airdate: 03/09/13
UK airdate: 01/10/13
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Det. Sgt. Ellen Crabb: Louise Crawford
Robbo Slade: Aaron Jakubenko
Marty Kranic: Darius Perkins
Josie Lamb: Madison Daniel
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Sonya tells Callum he can invite his girlfriend to Vanessa and Lucas's wedding.
- Lucas writes Robbo an IOU for $6000 after he loses a poker match.
- Karl tells Lucas it's very important Vanessa doesn't have any stress right now. Lucas says to Kyle that he won't tell Vanessa he gambled again.
- Matt finds part of the IOU and recognises Lucas's signature.
- Matt asks Lucas to come down to the station. Lucas accidentally drops a wad of cash on the ground, and says he can explain.
Lassiter's Complex/Erinsborough Police Station
Matt escorts Lucas along to the station, while many extras look on. Det Sgt Ellen Crabb greets them. Matt explains that Lucas is his landlord and his friend. Matt shows a bag containing the sum of cash that Lucas had lost to Robbo in a card game. Lucas insists he was on his way to tell the police how he got it back, but Ellen isn't convinced. Lucas says he's pretty sure he knows who killed Robbo and it wasn't Toadie. Ellen says they'll take him in to the interview room. Matt asks to sit in, but she says she'll take care of it. She asks Matt to go to the radio station.
Erinsborough Police Station Interview Room
Ellen asks Lucas to start at the beginning. Lucas explains he gambled with Robbo at the radio station, a mate of Lucas's told him about the game. Lucas is an addict but financial trouble made him start gambling again. Lucas says he lost a lot of money on the night Robbo was run down. He couldn't afford to pay so wrote Robbo an IOU.
We have a flashback to Lucas writing the IOU for Robbo. Lucas says after he left the station and ran into this guy (we know him as Marty, but Lucas doesn't know his name.) In the flashback, Marty tells Lucas that Robbo uses marked cards, it's all a big scam. Lucas told Marty to get lost, and Lucas walked off before running into Robbo. Lucas demanded his money back, but Robbo refused, telling him the IOU still stands. Lucas tears it up and starts pushing Robbo. Marty intervenes and tells Lucas to go home to his family.
Lucas explains he went to the garage to cool down, then Marty turned up again later, and gave Lucas his money back. Lucas asked Marty where he got it from, but Marty says he doesn't need to know - Robbo stole, and he's returning it. Lucas tells Ellen that he hated keeping this secret, but he didn't want Vanessa knowing that he gambled again. Lucas assumes that Marty must have ran Robbo down.
Kyle fills Georgia in on Lucas's theory on who killed Robbo, and why he kept it secret from Vanessa. Georgia is angry that Kyle didn't say anything, that information could have put Toadie in the clear.
KYLE: I wasn't happy about it either, I realised it was wrong in the end.
GEORGIA: Great, well as long as you realised that after my cousin and his family have been through hell. That makes it all right then.
Georgia walks off.
Number 30
Callum and Josie are playing Dragon Prophecies together.
SONYA: I'm just sorting out dinner, I'm thinking vegetable moussaka!
TOADIE: Oh yes, I love Japanese.
Sonya invites Josie to stay. Josie goes home to check that it's okay with her mums, and Callum walks her out. Sonya bounces around excitedly, and grabs Toadie's face before running to the window.
SONYA: They are so cute. They are so cute, I just want to EAT THEIR FACES OFF!! Oooh, I just can't take my eyes off them.
TOADIE: I am so embarrassed for you right now.
SONYA: Oh, what evs!
SONYA: I don't even know what that means Jarrod.
Toadie gets a phone call from Georgia
Erinsborough Police Station Interview Room
Ellen runs through Lucas's story about the mysterious stranger telling Lucas to walk away after the argument with Robbo. The stranger retrieves the money, hands over the cash and then disappears. Lucas knows how it sounds, but it's the truth.
Number 30
Toadie tells Sonya that Lucas is at the station right now. Sonya thinks if Lucas had that information he would have told them.
Erinsborough Police Station Interview Room
Ellen asks Lucas why he kept quiet all this time. He knew they were looking at Jarrod Rebecchi, isn't he a friend of Lucas's? Lucas agrees
Number 30
Georgia asks if Toadie's okay. Toadie is speechless, and says this doesn't make sense. Georgia says Lucas was covering for himself, he didn't care about them or anyone else. Sonya says Lucas wouldn't do that. Sonya's going to give him a call.
Erinsborough Police Station Interview Room
Sonya rings Lucas's mobile. Ellen tells him to turn it off, so he does. Ellen asks if he and Jarrod were in it together. Lucas denies this and says he had nothing to do with it. Ellen says that will be all and he can go, but they'll need to search the garage. Lucas gives them permission to do so. Ellen tells him not to make any travel plans, if this stranger doesn't turn up they'll need to talk to him again very soon.
Number 30
Sonya says Lucas isn't answering. She says there has to be more to this.
Lucas and Vanessa's Flat
Vanessa is making decorations for the wedding when Lucas returns solemnly. He says she'll hate him, but there's something he's got to tell her.
He's obviously told Vanessa during the ad break. She asks how long he's been gambling for. He says weeks, and he's lost a few grand and then a few more.
LUCAS: We needed money. We had all those hospital bills to cover.
VANESSA: Don't you dare blame me for this.
LUCAS: No, I'm not, but you know how tight things were, I thought I could save you from all this stress.
VANESSA: And how do you think that's worked out, because right now I'm feeling pretty damn stressed.
Vanessa says they're a couple, they're supposed to support each other. Lucas is sorry and he says he'll do anything to make it up to her. She tells him to go, she needs time to get her head around this. As Lucas leaves, he meets Sonya at the door. Sonya asks if it's true. Lucas apologises and leaves. Vanessa starts crying, and Sonya rushes over to hug her.
Number 30
Callum is pleased that the news of this mystery guy means Toadie will be off the hook for killing Robbo. Josie comes around and explains she can't stay. She sadly says she can't come over anymore and won't explain why. She apologises and leaves. Callum tells Toadie that Josie doesn't want to hang out with him anymore and blames Bailey.
Number 32 - Mason and Bailey's room
Bailey tries passwords on Robbo's laptop - Money, $$$$ - but nothing works. Callum barges in and asks Bailey what he said to Josie, something's freaked her out and she won't talk to him. Bailey promises he didn't say anything. He wouldn't do that again after what happened with Rani. Callum says he doesn't like Josie like that, they're just friends. Bailey says whatever happened, it's her loss, and he says if Callum ever needs someone to hang out with, then he knows where he is.
Lucas and Vanessa's Flat / Fitzgerald Motors
Sonya talks to Vanessa, cut with scenes of Lucas sitting at the garage looking remorseful.
SONYA: People like me and Lucas we are fighting our addiction every day. And sometimes when we're at our weakest we turn to our addiction because we think just this once, just this once it's going to make us feel better.
VANESSA: Why couldn't he just talk to me?
SONYA: Sometimes you think, well if I just don't talk about it then I've got control over it. And then you just get in deeper and deeper and before you know it it's got control of you. And then you're so ashamed and you're so angry at yourself that you think it's too late to talk about it because the damage is already done.
VANESSA: But how is he going to get over it if he doesn't ask for help?
SONYA: Well days like this, these are the big tests. And he's made the first step by telling you the truth. And right now he's going to be hating himself more than you do. And the only way to stop him from doing it again is to try and understand and just be there for him.
VANESSA: You make it sound so easy.
SONYA: It's not. I know it's not, but believe me it's the only way to get through this.
Pirate Net Radio Station
Karl walks in as Susan and the police are tidying up the station.
SUSAN: Great timing as always. You've managed to turn up when most of the work's been done.
Karl says he's been busy. Susan explains that Matt and the other officers have helped tidy away the junk, it's still a mess but it's not dangerous. Matt asks if she wants to bring in a locksmith, and Karl kindly reminds her (and us viewers) that the school owns the station. Karl leaves to send some photos to Zeke. Susan explains to Matt (and us viewers) that Zeke is her stepson who loved this place. She says if she had the money she'd re- open the station (please don't Susan!) She doesn't know what she'll do with it.
KARL: It's quite a versatile space.
SUSAN: Yes, it has been a criminal squat for who knows how long. Can't really put that in a brochure now can I?
Number 30
Toadie invites Lucas in. Lucas thanks him for the call, he wants to explain himself. Toadie asks if he saw him after the exhibition or if Robbo mentioned him that night. Lucas says he didn't. All he knows is this bloke took the money off Robbo and gave it to him. Toadie says the police won't believe Lucas as his story is full of holes. Lucas is sorry he kept this to himself, he didn't want to put Vanessa under any more stress, and he's sorry he put Toadie through this. Toadie coldly shows Lucas the door.
Lucas and Vanessa's Flat
Lucas returns home. Sonya tells him that Vanessa has gone to sleep, it took a while to calm her down, she's devastated. Lucas bursts into tears, he thought he could do it once and walk away. Sonya says they know it's not like that, they've gone through this a million times. The first sign of relapse, you go to your sponsor. Sonya knows how hard it can be.
SONYA: The gambling I can forgive. You know what I can't get my head around is what you did to Jarrod. He's been going out of his mind with worry and you knew what it was doing to him. You let him believe that he killed someone, you let him go to the police, riddled with guilt, and you didn't come forward with your story.
LUCAS: I know I've done the wrong thing.
SONYA: I don't want to hear it Lucas! You're supposed to be our friend and you let us deal with it on our own and I don't know how I'm going to forgive you for it.
Sonya takes her bag and leaves, while Lucas cries.
Mason rushes in and tells Paul he needs to talk to him about the guy he hired to handle Robbo. Paul whispers for Mason to keep his voice down, and they walk a couple of steps to the left so they can have a private conversation. Mason asks if this guy is involved in illegal card games, as Georgia told him earlier that the police are looking for him. He tells Paul they need to go to the police. Paul says this whole thing started because of Mason - he came to Paul to get his sisters dropkick of an ex- boyfriend sorted out.
MASON: I didn't want him to get run down.
PAUL: Well neither did I! I simply asked Marty to teach him a lesson and I think he might have gotten a bit carried away.
MASON: What does that mean exactly?
PAUL: It means if the police do track him down, he could say he was just following orders, which means we are in serious trouble.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Marty tells Paul that he wanted him to teach Robbo a lesson, and that's what he did.
- Amber breaks down in tears when she tells Mason what happened that night with Robbo
- Vanessa doesn't see the point in the wedding. She leaves him a note.
- Brad talks to Imogen about her problem. Imogen screams at Terese that she is nothing like her.
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Matt Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Matt Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Ellen Crabb in Neighbours Episode 6722
Lucas Fitzgerald, Ellen Crabb

Marty Kranic in Neighbours Episode 6722
Marty Kranic

Robbo Slade in Neighbours Episode 6722
Robbo Slade

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6722
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks

Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb in Neighbours Episode 6722
Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb

Ellen Crabb, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Ellen Crabb, Lucas Fitzgerald

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6722
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Georgia Brooks, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6722
Georgia Brooks, Toadie Rebecchi

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6722
Vanessa Villante

Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6722
Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi

Josie Lamb in Neighbours Episode 6722
Josie Lamb

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6722
Bailey Turner

Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6722
Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Lucas Fitzgerald

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6722
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner

Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald

Sonya Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6722
Sonya Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6722
Paul Robinson

Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6722
Mason Turner

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