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Neighbours Episode 6668 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6668
Australian airdate: 19/06/13
UK airdate: 17/07/13
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Walter Mitchell: Chris Haywood
Baby Nell: Scarlett Anderson
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lauren panics when Matt almost discovers her sketch of a younger Brad Willis
- Sonya's long- lost uncle Walter rocks up in Erinsborough
- A poolside altercation with Callum leads Bailey to hit his head and fall in the water
No 32 (garden)
Bailey's out of the pool but not out of danger, as Callum doesn't think he's breathing. Luckily, Karl's psychic powers are on top form today, and he randomly arrives in the Turners' yard to administer emergency resuscitation. Sure enough, Bailey regains consciousness and spits out the water he's ingested. Karl calls an ambulance to take Bailey to the hospital.
No 26
Matt and Lauren arrive for Bite Club; and in the absence of any actual No 26 residents to welcome them, Brad steps in, informing them that everyone else is 'out the back' (read 'not quotaed on'). For some reason, Lauren and Brad reminisce about the last time they were in No 26 together, when Lauren's phone rings. She doesn't pick up in time, but Matt has taken a call from Rani, telling him what's happened to Bailey - and Amber bursts in to break the same news. The Turners rush off in panic.
No 30
Toadie is on the phone to Callum, who's filling him in on what's happened, while Uncle Walter is bonding with baby Nell. After the call, Toadie rants to Sonya about how serious Cal and Bailey's rivalry has become, and Walter offers to make himself scarce so they can deal with the crisis. But Nell's a bit under the weather, so Sonya asks Walter to stay and keep her and Nell company while Toadie goes to the hospital. Sonya asks Toadie not to be too hard on Callum, as he'll already be feeling bad enough.
Erinsborough Hospital
Quick shots of an 'emergency' sign overlaid with the sound of ambulance sirens remind us that this is indeed an emergency, and Ajay and Rani wait anxiously for news of Bailey's condition. Callum comes over to apologise to Rani for what he said about her being a two- timer like Priya, but Rani doesn't want to hear it right now. Toadie arrives, and warns Callum he's going to have a lot of questions to answer. Callum insists it wasn't his fault, but Ajay tells him the fighting should stop, regardless of who was to blame.
AJAY: You should be trying to make this right with Bailey.
CALLUM: What, like you did with Paul?
TOADIE: Callum!
CALLUM: What, it's true!
TOADIE: Apologise right now.
CALLUM: Why? He's being a hypocrite.
TOADIE: That's enough!
Ajay tries to defuse the situation by taking Rani home, but she doesn't want to leave until she knows Bailey's okay. Callum gives Toadie a killer glare.
Later, Lauren, Matt and Amber have arrived, and Karl explains that, while Bailey's breathing, residual water in his lungs could still pose a danger. They're therefore keeping him in overnight for observation, and to run some scans due to the bump on his head. Lauren decides she doesn't want to leave him alone and opts to stay at the hospital overnight after picking up supplies from home, while Rani looks through the observation room window sadly.
No 30
On the phone, Sonya tells Toadie he can stay with Cal for as long as he needs, while Nell sits with Walter, intent on stealing his glasses. Walter says Nell reminds him of Sonya at her age.
WALTER: You had a lot of personality even then, you know? Gentle, and yet strong. And that smile, you know, it's still the same. Just like your mother's.
SONYA: Yeah, well I miss her every day, you know. And Dad. Especially now that I've got kids of my own.
WALTER: Yeah, well - beautiful family, this wonderful house and the business. I mean, John would have been very proud of you and his little Supergirl.
SONYA: How... how did you know that?
WALTER: Well, I thought it was a pretty fair bet.
SONYA: No, the, um... the nickname. Supergirl.
WALTER: Well, that's what he always called you.
Sonya gets all teary and admits she hasn't heard that name since she was ten. She wishes her dad was still around, particularly with Callum going through this rough patch. Walter opines that she and Toadie are clearly good parents, and that there's a lot of love in the house.
No 32
Lauren is shaken up over what could have happened to Bailey, and Matt consoles her. Amber and Brad come in; he's brought some leftovers from Sheila's Bite Club. Having been updated on Bailey's situation, Brad sets off to leave - but notices Lauren's sketch of the Mount Isa house on the wall. Brad and Matt discuss how good a drawing it is, and want to take a closer look - but Lauren insists they leave it, making out she thinks it's amateurish, before bidding Brad a swift goodnight.
Harold's Store
Toadie lays into Callum for being so rude to Ajay, and for attacking Bailey. Callum is too busy feeling sorry for himself, though, thinking that everyone has forgotten what Bailey did to him. Toadie thinks Cal should cut Bailey some slack, pointing out that he forgave Rani, and that she's still his girlfriend.
CALLUM: If she's my girlfriend, why is she at the hospital with Bailey?
TOADIE: Because she's upset about what's happened to him!
CALLUM: And do you think I'm not?
TOADIE: I don't know actually. You just seem angry, and you're acting like it's everybody else's fault apart from yours.
But Cal is still firmly in brat- mode, and seems to think Bailey and Rani's kiss is the main issue, rather than Bailey having nearly drowned. He accuses Toadie of not caring how he feels, before storming out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rani creeps into the observation room, just as Bailey's waking up. He explains he has to stay in overnight, but puts a brave face on it. Rani admits she's furious with Callum, but says she knows he feels really bad about the accident. Bailey's not convinced, pointing out that Cal hasn't even visited, but wishes the three of them could hang out together like they used to.
RANI: This whole thing's silly anyway. There's no reason to be jealous.
BAILEY: Isn't there?
RANI: ... Cal and I...
BAILEY: No, I get it. You guys go way back.
RANI: Right.
BAILEY: Well good. I'm glad, for both of you.
RANI: Bailey...
But he makes out he's too tired to talk, and Rani leaves, saying she'll visit again tomorrow.
No 30
Sonya and Walter are going through family photos, and Walter says Callum looks a lot like Sonya's dad did at that age. Toadie arrives home, explaining that Callum's taken off. Sonya goes to call him, but at that moment Cal walks through the door, still in a mood. Sonya thinks it's a perfect time to introduce him to Uncle Walter, but Cal responds to the newcomer with sardonic indifference, before wandering off to his room.
Toadie apologises, but Walter is all genial about it, and says that with young love, sometimes 'falling hard' is the best way to learn - just like his brother, Sonya's dad, did. Toadie offers to give Walter a lift back to the caravan park, and Sonya thanks him for coming to find her; they hug, and he promises he'll be in touch.
Erinsborough Hospital
Callum arrives to see Bailey, who makes awkward jokes to break the ice. Bailey enquires about the health of Callum's mobile phone following their swim, but Cal says he needed a new one anyway. Bailey thanks Cal, who apologises for what happened. The boys agree to put the fight behind them, but Bailey immediately ruins it by letting on that Rani visited him last night.
CALLUM: Yeah, course she did. Did you guys have a nice chat about Crazy Callum while you were at it? After everything that went down, did you really think that I would trust you around her again?
BAILEY: Are you sure it's me you don't trust? Rani came to me; I didn't do anything.
CALLUM: No, you are trying to get between us, just like you did before. I am not gonna let that happen.
Callum storms off yet again.
Harold's Store
Lauren informs an enquiring Sonya that Bailey's scan came back clear, so he'll be home soon. Lauren's obviously trying to work, but Sonya keeps interrupting her, apologising for Cal's behaviour. Lauren replies that she and Matt know Cal's a good kid. Sonya confesses she went off the rails at Cal's age, and that she's worried he's doing the same. She explains Walter's been reassuring her, though, and Lauren says that having older people around helps put things in perspective, whatever that means. Sonya tells Lauren that Toadie's arranged another meeting between the kids, and Lauren gets back to work.
No 32 (garden)
Amber is fishing leaves out of the pool when Callum turns up for the meeting Toadie has arranged. Amber tells Callum it's not worth getting so intense over a relationship, but Cal says he can't help it because of how much he likes Rani. Amber warns him that her last relationship (with Robbo) was very one- sided, and she wishes that she'd broken up with him before he broke up with her, as it might have made it easier to get over him. The cogs begin to tick over in Callum's brain.
No 32
Cal walks into the kitchen to find a triumvirate of Matt, Ajay and Rani waiting to grill him. He apologises to them for pushing Bailey, and for what he said to Ajay at the hospital. Matt says the main thing is that Cal fished Bailey out of the water on time, but that nothing like this can ever happen again. Matt and Ajay go into the living room, and Cal tries to talk to Rani alone - but she's still upset about what he said to her dad. When Cal finds out she's just spoken to Bailey on the phone, it's his turn to be angry, saying she knows why they can't all hang out together.
RANI: It's in the past.
CALLUM: Is it? Because it's pretty obvious that you have feelings for him. What about you and me? Do you even care?
RANI: Of course I care, I... You're my best friend.
CALLUM: Friend? What about Bailey? Is he your best friend too?
RANI: ...
CALLUM: That's exactly what I thought.
RANI: Cal, I'm so sorry.
Heartbroken, Cal goes to wait outside.
Later, Bailey is home. He reports to Amber that his meeting with Callum went well, and that they both apologised. Amber gives him cake, to mend his head injury and his broken heart, but Bailey won't admit to the latter. He's bouncing a ball against the door, but it misses and hits Lauren's house drawing, knocking it off the wall and smashing the frame. While Bailey fetches the vacuum, Amber removes the broken glass from the frame - and finds the sketch of Brad on the back of the drawing! Amber flashes back to Lauren's unwillingness to let Brad examine the picture earlier, and looks shocked at her discovery.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- 'Sketchgate' continues, as Amber confronts Lauren about the portrait of Brad. Will Matt find out?
- Paul attends a sexual harassment workshop at Terese's behest, incorporating role- play with Sheila
- Brad is disturbed to hear about Paul's past liaisons, especially when he sees him hugging his wife
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Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Bailey Turner

Callum Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6668
Callum Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6668
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Dave (Fake Walter), Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Dave (Fake Walter), Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6668
Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor

Callum Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6668
Callum Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Ajay Kapoor

Amber Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Amber Turner, Bailey Turner

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6668
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy

Dave (Fake Walter), Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Dave (Fake Walter), Nell Rebecchi

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Rani Kapoor, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Rani Kapoor, Bailey Turner

Dave (Fake Walter), Callum Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Dave (Fake Walter), Callum Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner

Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi

Callum Rebecchi, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Callum Rebecchi, Amber Turner

Rani Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Rani Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Matt Turner

Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Callum Rebecchi

Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6668
Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi

 in Neighbours Episode 6668

Amber Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Amber Turner, Bailey Turner

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6668
Brad Willis

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6668
Amber Turner

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