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Neighbours Episode 6498 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6498
Australian airdate: 26/09/12
UK airdate: 24/10/12
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Harley Canning: Justin Holborow
Jessica Girdwood: Glenda Linscott
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Rhys alters the results of the test on his hand, and implores Vanessa not to say anything
- Priya finds Rani and Harley kissing and hits the roof, while Callum watches, confused
Lassiter's Complex
Callum and Harley are waiting to meet Rani; Callum's in his new 'cool' clothes and is doing his best to look like a rebel. When Sonya passes by and compliments him on his new look, he completely blanks her, and he and Harley go to join Rani. Sonya and Toadie watch them; he explains that Rani and Harley are an item, and that Callum is 'playing the bad boy' in the hope of winning her back. Sonya thinks it's cute how hard Callum is trying to impress Rani, but Toadie seems more concerned. Sonya says it won't last and that Callum's a softie, like Toadie!
Meanwhile, Callum continues to push his idea of 'hanging out' at the train station in the hope of impressing Rani, while Harley looks amused. Rani suggests they hang out at Sonya's nursery instead, as they have a shift there - but bad- boy Callum looks at her as if she's just perpetrated a war- crime, and says they should just skip the nursery shift. Rani's a bit surprised and says she'll still be going to work - but that they still have some time before that, which she wants to spend anywhere but at home. She and Harley head into Harold's, and Callum follows.
No 26
Rhys kisses Vanessa while she encourages him to hone his hand skills cleaning the kitchen - until they both realise they need to go to work. Rhys says that he'll be performing heart surgery today but when Vanessa looks shocked, he laughs and says he's joking - the sharpest thing he'll be holding will be a pen. Vanessa's still concerned that everyone at the hospital thinks Rhys's hand is fine, but he tells her to trust him; he won't do anything he can't handle. Kyle comes in; he's been trying to call Jade in LA but is struggling to work out the time difference. Rhys tells him to look it up on the Internet.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rhys appears to be on GP duties again at work - until Jessica Girdwood turns up. She wants him to come into the operating room with her and help perform an emergency cystectomy. He suggests that a couple of his colleagues help her instead, but she insists it has to be him.
No 30
Callum watches as Rani and Harley cosy up on the sofa. He suddenly throws his feet onto the coffee table, again proving his newfound rebelliousness. Rani says it's time to go to the nursery, and Cal goes to get changed. While he's out of the room, Harley moves in to kiss Rani, but she pulls away, saying Cal knows about them and that he's angry at Rani because she kept it a secret. Harley says if Cal's angry at Rani, he must be spewing at him, but declines to explain what he means. Cal returns with a new pair of shoes on, which seems to impress both Rani and Harley; he says he bought them from a shop in the city. Rani goes to get changed before they head to the nursery.
HARLEY: So me and Rani...
CALLUM: Yeah, I told you dude, it's cool.
HARLEY: She said you were pretty mad.
CALLUM: Yeah well, I was at first. Then I realised I don't have anything to worry about. You're not the only one around here with a little bit of edge.
The three head off to the nursery, as Callum says he'll show Rani the shop where he bought his shoes. When she sounds keen, Cal looks back at Harley and smirks.
Sonya's Nursery
Sonya asks Cal and Rani to start bagging up mulch, but Cal is too busy giving his mum a load of attitude, thinking it will impress Rani. Sonya notices his shoes, but when she asks where he got them, she receives a sarcastic response. By the time he's finished showing off, Sonya's waiting customers have almost left in frustration - but eventually he agrees to bag the mulch. Rani asks him what's going on, as he's acting really different. Cal erroneously takes it as a compliment.
Rhys comes in, grabs Vanessa and kisses her, to the apparent delight of several of the customers. He excitedly tells her about helping in surgery with Jessica; Vanessa's immediately concerned, but he reassures her he was able to clamp perfectly, and that this proves his hand is getting better. Vanessa is still less than thrilled that he's been in surgery, but Rhys says he thought she'd be happy for him: he reminds her that he knows what he's capable of, and leaves again for work.
Lassiter's Complex
Rhys runs into Jessica, who tells him he'll be assisting her with an angioplasty this afternoon. Again he tries to put her off, but Jessica insists; she understands why he's apprehensive, but tells him he needs to 'get back on the horse'. She reminds him that the tests say he's ready, and he reluctantly agrees.
Rhys goes back in and cancels his plans with Vanessa for dinner this evening, telling her he has a lot of study to catch up on and wants a night in. She apologises for not being supportive before - she's just worried about him - but Rhys assures her they're okay. She suggests she could come over and help him study, but he puts her off and says he needs a night on his own to concentrate.
Ramsay Street
Kyle is loading up his ute when Harley turns up; he's in need of money, and offers to do some additional shifts at the yard if Kyle will pay him. Kyle agrees, but refuses Harley's request for an advance - saying he'll only get paid at the end of the week, for work he's actually done. He drives off, leaving Harley looking glum.
No 26
Harley searches down the backs of the chairs and sofas, to find as much loose change as he can. Vanessa comes in to drop off some dinner for Rhys, but is surprised when Harley says he's not home and that he has no idea where he is
Erinsborough Hospital
Rhys changes into his surgical scrubs as Vanessa calls his mobile. He ignores the call and heads into surgery.
Sonya's Nursery
Sonya goes off to make a delivery. She asks Cal and Rani to hold the fort, saying Rani's in charge. As soon as Sonya's gone, Cal suggests they go somewhere else, but Rani asks him why he's being an idiot, and insists she's staying. Harley turns up and, while Rani's serving a customer, notices how much money is in the till. She suggests they go and see a movie later, but broke Harley says they should go to the lake instead. In the meantime, Callum asks Rani to come and feed a joey with him, leaving Harley eyeing the cash register.
Later, Sonya is cashing up, while whinging to Toadie over the phone about what a pain Callum's being, and how he keeps calling her 'dude'. As they talk, Sonya realises that the register is missing $150. Discounting the possibility that Rani gave someone too much change by accident, Sonya realises that Callum is the only other person with access to the till. Toadie's sure Cal wouldn't steal from them, but Sonya tells him about the expensive new shoes he was wearing and wonders where he got the money. Toadie says it wasn't from him; they'll need to talk to Cal later.
Harley shows up Callum again by gregariously buying a round of drinks for the three of them - he's gone off the idea of going to the lake and suddenly has cash. The tension between the two boys increases as Harley asks Rani if she wants to go the cinema. She's keen and asks Cal if he's coming, but he plays it cool, telling her to forget it. Rani and Harley leave, Harley patronising Cal by giving him money to buy himself another milkshake.
No 30
Cal arrives home and continues his sulky teenager routine, but Toadie and Sonya want a word with him. Toadie says he understands Cal is trying to impress someone, but Sonya is more direct: she asks where the new shoes and clothes come from and tells him about the missing $150. Cal is shocked that Sonya thinks he stole it, and says he bought the shoes from his own savings.
SONYA: You have been putting on this act all day.
CALLUM: It's not an act.
SONYA: It is one thing to pretend to be a bad boy, and it is another thing to steal.
CALLUM: Yeah, well I haven't stolen anything. I don't believe this.
TOADIE: Neither do we.
Callum marches off into his room.
Erinsborough Hospital
Vanessa shows up looking for Rhys, and is shocked to see him in a consultation room, being instructed by Jessica regarding the imminent surgery they're performing. After Jessica leaves the room, Vanessa confronts him. Rhys tells her he's just assisting, but she's angry as he promised he wouldn't do this, and he lied to her about staying in this evening. Vanessa asks him how he'll live with himself if something goes wrong in surgery and a patient dies, and begs him not to go through with it. But Rhys refuses to listen to reason.
Later, Vanessa sees Jessica in the ward and decides to take matters into her own hands. She says she's worried about Rhys's hand and that she doesn't think he's ready to be in surgery. Jessica says the tests proved otherwise, but Vanessa insists Rhys's hand isn't as strong as it should be, and asks Jessica to have Rhys take the tests again. Jessica seems sceptical, but tells the receptionist to ask Rhys to come and see her - leaving Vanessa to guiltily wonder whether she's done the right thing.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Jessica tells Rhys she's worried about him, and insists he sits the hand tests again
- Callum is being punished as Sonya still thinks he stole from the nursery
- Harley makes a dash for the till at the nursery, and Cal tells him about the stolen cash
- Kate tells Vanessa she did the right thing, but Vanessa thinks Rhys might disagree
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Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6498
Kyle Canning

Jessica Girwood, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6498
Jessica Girwood, Rhys Lawson

Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi

Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Sonya Rebecchi

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Rhys Lawson, Jessica Girwood in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rhys Lawson, Jessica Girwood

Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6498
Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Harley Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6498
Harley Canning, Kyle Canning

Vanessa Villante, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6498
Vanessa Villante, Harley Canning

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rhys Lawson

Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6498
Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Sonya Rebecchi

Harley Canning, Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Harley Canning, Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6498
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6498
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Jessica Girwood, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6498
Jessica Girwood, Vanessa Villante

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6498
Vanessa Villante

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