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Neighbours Episode 6022 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6022
Australian airdate: 28/09/10
UK airdate: 16/11/10
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ruby Rogers Yesse Spence
Poppy Rogers Gabriella Darlington
Summary/Images by: Christine K/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
Ruby and Poppy arriving.
Ruby asking Michael out.
Rebecca pushing Paul.
Kate finding out Rebecca pushed Paul.
Rebecca saying she is going to the cops and that it has to end.
Erinsborough Hospital
Declan is pushing India in her pram while walking down the corridor with his mum talking about Paul. Declan asks his mum if she is sure she wants to tell Paul, She thinks she has to tell him the truth but Declan thinks she doesn't owe him anything but she says she should have been honest from the start and that the longer it goes on for she is just as bad as Paul.
DECLAN: Never.
Rebecca thanks her son for everything, but admits it's time to start putting things right. Rebecca walks into Pauls hospital room, Paul acclaims he was wondering where she got to as she wasn't answering his calls but she just tells him she is here now, he explains that the doctors said he could go home anytime, he was thinking tonight, he says he wants them to start again, starting with a holiday anywhere she wants,
Rebecca tells him she wants to confess, Paul looks upset and says she can't, she tells him he doesn't get a say and her lawyer will be in touch about the divorce, she tells him it's over and that he can't hurt her or her family ever again, she starts to walk away.
PAUL: I'll tell the police it was Declan who pushed me.
She turns around to face him with a shocked look.
PAUL: Yeah, my memory can return anytime I want.
Rebecca gives Paul a disgusted look.
REBECCA: I'll just tell them you are lying.
PAUL: Yeah, and who do you think they will believe? Me who was actually there or you a desperate mother protecting her son?
Rebecca still has a shocked, disgusted and disbelieving look.
REBECCA: You wouldn't do that.
PAUL:(shrugs) I had the DVD. I was prepared to use it then, I will use it now. If you leave me.
Paul tries to explain himself better, he wants them to get back to how they were before, and he thinks she owes him a chance to try to show her that they can be that again, she takes this to mean he is blackmailing her but he tells her he wants her to stay and that he loves her and asks her one final question
PAUL: Would you rather your son go to jail?
She looks out to Declan who is out in the corridor watching this conversation and then turns back to him, still in shock, disgusted and with a disbelieving look.
No 22
Declan, Kate and Rebecca are arguing in the kitchen while Rebecca is making herself a coffee. Declan says he doesn't understand, Kate says you're staying with Paul, Declan says after everything, Rebecca tells them she is and asks them to let it go. Kate's still confused as Rebecca told her that she was going to go to the police. Rebecca tells her Paul talked her out of it.
They move to the lounge room, Kate's still mad that she agreed, she says that he insisted and that the only way they can work it out if they stay together. Kate thinks it's convenient, Declan asks Kate if his mum took the easy way out, but Kate just says that she was going to confess, Rebecca informs them that Paul begged her for a second chance and she took it, Kate still thinks there is something wrong with this picture. Paul forgave her, but Declan wants to know if his mum has forgiven Paul as well. She doesn't answer prompting him to ask her to talk alone with him.
Rebecca tells him to let it go and that's Paul's coming home tonight, Declan is shocked and now understands saying he is forcing her to stay with him, right? Kate takes offence to this but Declan says there is no other reason why she would. Kate states the obvious - to stay out of jail. Rebecca tells them that enough is enough, she was ready to confess but Paul doesn't want that and she tells Kate to ask him about it while stating that it is for the best. Rebecca goes upstairs to tell Andrew the good news, leaving Declan and Kate in the lounge room.
DECLAN: Mum would never stay with Paul to keep out of jail.
KATE: Paul would never force her to stay with him. Why would he? He's been lying nearly dead in a coma for a month, he almost died because of your mum.
DECLAN: And what he want,s he takes.
KATE: Paul's my uncle.
DECLAN: And she's my mum.
Rebecca has heard this entire conversation as she was listening on the stairs and looks conflicted.
Michael and Lucas walk in and stop at the bar talking about their car. Poppy and Ruby walk up to them asking if they remember them, they do. Ruby seems impressed that a school principal can get his hands dirty and he explains that he was working on his car. Lucas is a mechanic, they know, Michael thought they were just passing though so why are they back? Poppy explains that was the plan but plans change as Ruby was hoping to see Michael again. Michael seems happy hearing this, Poppy wants to know why Michael didn't call Ruby. Michael stumbles a bit but eventually says he thought she was joking, She informs him she wasn't and Poppy wants to know what he is doing tomorrow. He says just working on his car again. Lucas thumps him and Ruby asks him out to breakfast. Michael asks if she is sure. Lucas tells them his friend is insane and Ruby suggest that they go get some drinks so he can think it over, once alone, Lucas thinks he is a idiot, I mean what more could he want, he says he isn't blind but it's been a while. Lucas says he can't say no plus it's the perfect way to break his drought.
No 32
Michael creeps into the house, Natasha wants to know what kept him (she is eating ice- cream), did he finish his car? He responds that he didn't. They move in to the lounge room. She thinks he can make it up to her with a movie tomorrow but he says he has plans. She reckons he can hang out with Lucas anytime. He tells her his plans are not with Lucas, they are with a women, she tells him it's cool, he's unsure as every single other time he has dated she wrecked it. She says she was young and immature, she wouldn't do that now. He's happy she's okay with it.
NATASHA: Old people love, so cute and totally gross at the same time.
Natasha wants to know if she is some tragic librarian, he admits he doesn't know much about her and leaves the room to clean up. Natasha doesn't look happy.
No 24 balcony/ No 22 driveway
Paul and Rebecca and Andrew have just pulled up while Kate is watching this happen, Paul exclaims that it's good to be home. Andrew goes inside, Lucas is now up on the balcony with Kate and exclaims, "Pauls home" Kate doesn't seem happy though saying, "Yeah". Paul and Rebecca wave to them, Lucas asks if Kate is coming back inside, Kate tells him, "In a second." He leaves, Paul and Rebecca smile and wave and walk into the house. Kate has her disbelieving look on and then turns and walks in to her house.
No 22
Paul and Rebecca enter, Paul sits on the couch. Andrew goes to get takeaway and Rebecca puts the kettle on, Paul looks at a photo of Rebecca and Declan, and then at another one of him and Andrew. He smiles. Rebecca gets out Paul's "I Like Me" mug and Paul watches her in the kitchen. Declan arrives and goes to the kitchen, Paul exclaims they are all here.
DECLAN: By choice.

Rebecca tells him to stop it. Paul thinks it's fine and walks to the kitchen. He thinks him and Declan have a lot to come back from and he doesn't know if they can but him and Rebecca are determined to work though their problems so he needs to respect that. Declan gives Paul a death glare and leaves the house. Paul's confused but Rebecca asks him what he expected? Kate enters the house and asks to talk to Paul; she turns to Rebecca, "Just like you said I should". Rebecca nods.
No 22
Paul and Kate are sitting on the couch. Kate wants to know why he is letting Rebecca get away with what she did, she thinks Rebecca should go to the police. Paul asks Rebecca to leave, she does. Kate asks Paul how he can smile after what she did, he says he is smiling because she cares so much. Kate tells him she cares and that what they are doing is wrong. Paul says he doesn't want the police involved, she reminds him that Rebecca did this, he thinks she didn't mean to do it, it was an accident and even if it wasn't he deserved it. Kate still thinks it wrong to let Diana take the fall, but he doesn't care about Diana, he only cares about his family. Kate thinks she is doing this to save herself but Paul reassures Kate that Rebecca would never do this to save herself and that he loves her. Kate wants to know if Rebecca still loves him, his look says no and that he is trying to make her love him again, but he needs Kate to stick by her while he makes things right.
PAUL: Nobody can know what she did. Can I trust you?
Some time later, Rebecca, Paul, Andrew, Kate and Declan are eating dinner, Paul exclaims that he knows things have been hard lately, but he wants to make things better from now on. Rebecca thinks he needs to rest, he agrees and asks her to lunch tomorrow. She says she is working, he wants to do something special and that Andrew can help. Rebecca agrees as long as he doesn't tire himself out. Kate takes this cue to leave, she kisses Paul on the check saying it's good to have him back, she starts to walk out when Paul calls her back asking if everything is fine and she tells him it is and walks out.
Michael walks into Charlies, Natasha has followed him and sneaks up on him, stating that he is having breakfast not going surfing. Natasha thinks if she works in a library she probably hasn't seen the sun in a while. Michael informs her she's not a librarian, she's a bit funkier than that, younger. "How long?" is Natasha's reply but Michael thought she was fine with it plus its none of her business. She reassures him she is fine with it, so he tells her she doesn't need to be here, she leaves. Ruby and Poppy sneak up on Michael and Ruby kisses him on the check, Poppy exclaims that it was cute. She assures him they are ditching Poppy and that she has a table, they go to their table.
Across the bar Lucas approaches Rebecca wondering why she is here as Paul is home now, she tells him that she is catching up on all the stuff she missed while he was in hospital. "Fair enough," is his reply, he's after his usual breakfast, when she has a chance to get it. Declan walks into the bar and approaches his mum telling her, "We need to talk". They get a table and she asks if it is about her and Paul, he says of course it is, she knows he is not happy. Declan reminds her about Diana, Paul treating him like dirt, and making her look like a fool. He doesn't believe she has forgotten about all that and is ready to play happy families. Rebecca tells her son she already told him everything, but he's not buying it, he wants the truth. He realises that Paul threatened her, she tells him he didn't.
DECLAN: What has he done to make you stay with him?
Declan sitting at a table while Rebecca serves Lucas and then walks over to sit with her son, Declan informs his mum that he isn't leaving, she knows and tells him that knows that he is just looking out for her and that the last few months have been hard and that she has put him through so much, he reckons she doesn't have to say anything but she says she needs to say that she doesn't know what she would have done without him and that she loves him, he says he loves her too, she knows but she realises she hasn't made the best decisions lately and that Paul wants to give their marriage another shot and that she could never forgive herself if she didn't, so she needs him to let this go, he asks how can he, because you love me is her answer. She knows he doesn't like it nor understand it but he has to support her, can he do that, he nods; she tells him thank you and grabs her ring out of his pocket saying she needs to wear it, she looks at him for a second then puts it on and gives him a smile.
Across the bar, Michael and Ruby are discussing Kelly Slander the surfer, she asks him if he's been to Hawaii, but he says he hasn't been anywhere much, his work and his daughter keep him busy, She asks if he wants another coffee which is a yes but she decides to go to the bathroom first, Poppy has been sitting at another table watching the date and comes over to check a process report from him.... Across the bar, Natasha has just come in and looks intrigued to see her Dad and Poppy talking, Lucas spots her and asks if she is spying which receives a yes but Natasha thinks she is too young but Lucas is confused saying she is not that young, she tells him that he and her dad are sick for thinking that way, Lucas tells Natasha to leave him alone and leaves the bar himself, Natasha starts to walk over to her dad's table, while Michael wants to know why Ruby is taking so long, Poppy thinks she is making herself beautiful for him, he gets a shocked look and Poppy thinks he is worried about what she might say next, this makes him uncomfortable so he goes to the bathroom, Natasha sits down with Poppy and introduces herself as Michael's daughter, Poppy says she has heard a lot about her and Natasha says the same, Poppy's confused and introduces herself as Poppy, Natasha goes to stay her dad is always dating other people and her dad comes back and Natasha leaves, Ruby returns wanting to know what she missed, Poppy gives Ruby a look and Michael's like what did she say.
No 32
Natasha is sitting on the couch reading a magazine, Michael comes in and Natasha acts all innocent, asking her dad what he wants. Natasha asks him if his date didn't go well, Michael surprises Natasha by saying it was great: Ruby is very understanding person. he sits down on the table, Natasha's surprised. Michael thinks it's lucky she said she wouldn't sabotage his date but tried to anyway and ended up sabotaging the wrong date, as he was chatting with her cousin. Natasha thinks Ruby is not his type either but Michael reminds her she sabotaged the wrong date so how would she know? Michael admits he doesn't know what his type is as he hasn't dated in years. Natasha says she did it for him, but Michael knows she did it for herself. Natasha asks, "What if she moves in and I don't get a say?". Michael wonders which one she is talking about, Poppy or Ruby? Natasha tells him to stop it, Michael says no one is moving in but he is seeing Ruby again. He tells Natasha that she is his first priority - but he's been single for a long time now and she's not going to stick around forever, so he reckons that they both need to be more reasonable - he won't neglect her and she can't sabotage his dates. NATASHA: So technically, I'm off the hook. Michael thinks she needs to be punished. He doesn't know how yet, he then walks out of the room, leaving her sitting there.
No 22
Paul and Andrew are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Declan is sitting on the couch listening to their conversation with a stained look on his face. Andrew admits that Rebecca was amazing as she never really left the hospital and feels guilty that he didn't make it easy on her, Andrew thinks he should make it up to her, Paul agrees, and sends Andrew to the garden to get some herbs for the meal, Paul asks Declan to help by closing the curtains as he wants to have candles. Declan gets up off the sofa to move to where the curtains are and tells Paul he has everyone fooled except him. He shuts the curtains and Paul acts innocent. Paul tells Declan that he doesn't know what is going on. Declan warns Paul he is watching them, Paul tells Declan that what's done is done and he should get over it, Declan thinks that Paul can hide it but his mum won't. Paul says that they love each other, but Declan will be waiting for them to make a mistake and when it happens Paul won't know what hit him.
Declan walks away, leaving Paul standing there.
No 22
Paul has finished setting up a romantic dinner for him and Rebecca, but can't get the candles open. Andrew does it for him, Rebecca walks though the door, he greets her and notices she put her ring back on. Andrew leaves them to it and Paul shows her the table. He knows it's over the top but he only did it because he loves her, he always will, and is hoping she will love him again, he reaches for her hand but she pulls away immediately and tells him not to touch her. REBECCA: I lied to protect my son Paul but that is as far as it goes She walks away and goes upstairs leaving him standing there on his own.
- Sonya, Toadie and card board Callum going on the cruise.
- Sonya seeing her ex- boyfriend on the cruise.
- Toadie jealous of Sonya's ex- boyfriend.
- Natasha working at Charlies.
- Steph at Woody's place.
- Summer and Andrew at Woody's place.
- Woody and Steph finding them there.
- Steph yelling at Summer.
- Summer scared of Steph.
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Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 6022
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6022
Paul Robinson

Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 6022
Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier

Ruby Rogers, Poppy Rogers, Lucas Fitzgerald, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6022
Ruby Rogers, Poppy Rogers, Lucas Fitzgerald, Michael Williams

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6022
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6022
Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6022
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6022
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6022
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Michael Williams, Poppy Rogers, Ruby Rogers in Neighbours Episode 6022
Michael Williams, Poppy Rogers, Ruby Rogers

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 6022
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Michael Williams, Poppy Rogers, Ruby Rogers in Neighbours Episode 6022
Michael Williams, Poppy Rogers, Ruby Rogers

Natasha Williams, Poppy Rogers in Neighbours Episode 6022
Natasha Williams, Poppy Rogers

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6022
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6022
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 6022
Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6022
Paul Robinson

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