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Neighbours Episode 5972 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5972
Australian airdate: 20/07/10
UK airdate: 07/09/10
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Diana Marshall - Jane Badler
Sonya Mitchell - Eve Morey
Christine Powell - Christine Powell
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Libby seeing Sonya and Toadie kissing at the wedding
- Steph telling Libby she's fine having Sonya around
- Diana trying to persuade Toadie to work for her
- Paul finding out the truth about Steph and Dan
- Toadie being blackmailed into setting up Diana
- Toadie calling Diana to strike a deal
Toadie's Office
Toadie has let Diana in on his plan - he wants to double cross Paul. Diana wonders why she should trust Toadie, but he says he's doing this for his family. Toadie asks if they have a deal, and Diana shakes his hand, "Let me know when you have the evidence". Diana crosses paths with Steph on her way out and Toadie introduces them. Diana smiles and congratulates her on the baby before leaving. Steph figures out Toadie's plan to sabotage Paul and is worried; she doesn't want Rebecca and Declan to get caught in the crossfire. But Toadie says he'll protect them.
Charlie's Bar
Toadie delivers files to Paul and says he'll have the more complicated stuff for him in a few days. He then advises Paul to sell Pirate Net - if something goes wrong then Rebecca won't be implicated. Paul, however, is not keen on the idea, especially if it harms his marriage. Toadie insinuates that Diana will eventually want revenge, but Paul doesn't agree. Rebecca brings them over champagne cocktails and Paul takes a gleeful sip.
PAUL: Long may I reign. Here's to me.
Number 30
Callum brings Rocky out to Steph just as Toadie arrives home. Today is Rocky's final training session before he becomes a fully qualified guide dog. Toadie's a bit flustered but perks up when Sonya arrives to help out. Steph tells Toadie she invited Sonya along to cheer him up.
Lassiter's Park
Sonya takes Callum and Rocky through some last minute training while Steph and Toadie watch from the bench. Toadie thanks Steph for calling Sonya; it's exactly what he needed. Things turn awkward, though, when Libby and Ben show up. Libby's immediately suspicious to see Sonya hanging around, but Steph drags her away to Harold's for a coffee.
Harold's Store
Steph tries to distract Libby with idle chit chat but Libby has only one conversation topic in mind. She knows why Steph's going so easy on Sonya - because she feels guilty about stealing Toadie. Steph informs Libby that she invited Sonya along and that she trusts her. Toadie finds them to let them know Rocky's assessor has arrived just as Paul walks in. He immediately stirs the pot.
PAUL: Something I said was it?
STEPH: Or just your toxic personality.
PAUL: Hey Libby, how's things?
LIBBY: Good. Things are good.
PAUL: I hear that you're about to be a godmother. Has the godfather been named yet? Isn't it amazing how babies bring people together.
Libby asks Steph and Toadie what Paul's deal is but Steph just says, "Who knows what goes on in his twisted mind".
Charlie's Bar
Rebecca is chatting to Sophie about an idea she has to broadcast one Pirate Net show a week from Erinsborough High. Sophie thinks it sounds great and offers to chat to some people at school to get their thoughts. Paul has overheard and warns Rebecca that outside broadcast is quite expensive, but Rebecca thinks they need new ideas to keep Pirate Net afloat.
Toadie finds Paul and takes him aside for a word of warning - if he pulls a stunt like that in front of Libby again, he'll regret it. But Paul just laughs and reminds Toadie who holds all the aces. Libby is nothing more than collateral damage to him. Rebecca hustles Steph over, who has come to see Toad, and tell them she's off to make business magic at Pirate Net. Steph quickly reminds Toadie about the guide dog assessor and leaves the men to chat.
TOADIE: I thought I told you to get rid of Pirate Net?
PAUL: You don't get to tell me to do anything, business or otherwise. Now I don't want to see you again until you're finished with Diana.
TOADIE: Fine, but when she comes out fighting don't blame me if it's Rebecca that's collateral damage.
Pirate Net
Rebecca tells Paul that Michael loved her school radio idea, but Paul bluntly replies that they have to sell the station. He says they could invest the money in a new venture, but Rebecca angrily tells him that they're not selling - not now, not ever.
First Commercial Break
Number 22
Rebecca asks if Paul's truly prepared to flush away all of her hard work on some whim he had. Does he want to sell the house out from under her too? Paul explains that the station isn't turning around money fast enough, but Rebecca thinks Paul's calling her a bad manager now as well.
PAUL: Come on that's unfair.
REBECCA: No what's unfair is you making unilateral decisions and then just patting me on the head, because that's what consulting me really means doesn't it.
She storms out to go back to work.
Lassiter's Park
Steph joins Toadie on the bench while Callum, Sonya, Sophie, Libby and Ben watch Christine the guide dog assessor with Rocky. Toadie asks if Libby's behaving herself, and Steph says so far so good. Sonya reassures Callum he's done a great job with Rocky, but Cal's not so sure. Libby tells Sonya that it's 'nice' of her to show such an interest in Rocky, seeing as she's not his trainer anymore. But Sonya snits back that he's a good dog. Cal wanders over to the bench and Steph leaves the boys alone to have a heart- to- heart. Toadie puts his arm around Cal and says he's proud of everything he's done for Rocky. Steph and Sonya watch them bond and comment on how cute they are. Libby throws them a curious look.
Harold's Store
Everyone's finishing up milkshakes while they wait for Christine to bring Rocky back from his public transport test. Sophie says Cal can tell everyone about today when Pirate Net is broadcast from school. Steph and Toadie exchange an uneasy glance with one another, but the mood is lightened when Christine returns and tells them that Rocky passed with flying colours. They all cheer and Toadie says they couldn't have done it without Sonya. Libby almost has a coronary when Sonya forgets herself for a moment and happily grabs Toadie's hand. While everyone's distracted with the dog, Libby orders Sonya outside for a word.
Lassiter's Complex
Sonya insists that Toadie's just her friend, but Libby says she's not stupid: she saw them kissing at the wedding reception. She knows Sonya is after Toadie.
LIBBY: I will be on Steph's side every time. I will do whatever it takes to defend her.
SONYA: I know. I know your friendship, it's a big deal.
LIBBY: Damn right. I can't believe I was friends with someone like you. Someone who would try cheating with a married man like that. How do you sleep at night?
SONYA: Like I said, it was a mistake.
LIBBY: Then do the decent thing and walk away.
SONYA: You're telling me what the decent thing to do is? Libby you have no idea what I'm going through.
LIBBY: Oh please.
SONYA: Look I know that you're angry but I'm not the one to be blamed here.
Steph has heard them fighting and comes out to see what's going on. She reminds Libby again that there shouldn't be any problems.
LIBBY: Steph you're my best friend and I love you, but can't you see what's really going on? (Sonya scoffs and Libby glares at her) What? What does that mean?
SONYA: (frustrated) You always have to know better, don't you Libby? Well this time you're the one who doesn't know what they're talking about, so stay out of it!
Second Commercial Break
Harold's Store
Libby wants to know what Sonya meant by her 'not knowing', but Steph just growls at her to leave Sonya alone. Callum's sad because Rocky will be taken away soon and wants everyone to walk him home. Toadie asks where Sonya went but Libby quietly says that Sonya thought this should just be a family thing.
Ramsay Street
Everyone trudges up the driveway to where Christine has parked her van. Toadie tells Steph that it's breaking Squid's heart, but Steph can tell he's upset too. Cal hands over Rocky's toys to Christine and says goodbye to his mate. He thanks him for being an awesome friend, "even though you smelt worse than dad". Sonya shows up just in time to give Rocky a goodbye pat - she couldn't leave without bidding him farewell. Libby tries to reign in her death stares. Christine puts Rocky into the van and drives off with everyone yelling out their well wishes.
Charlie's Bar
Diana notices Paul's name on the caller ID of Rebecca's phone, but Rebecca just ignores the call. Diana jokingly says she wishes she pressed the reject button on her ex- husband just as quick as that, and hopes that there's no trouble. But Rebecca says she doesn't want to talk about it. Diana orders a drink and keeps 'casually' chatting.
DIANA: I know what it's like being married to a powerful man, always at his beck and call.
REBECCA: Paul's not like that.
DIANA: They're all like that. When I started standing up for myself he started making decisions without me.
REBECCA: Paul keeps me informed of all the big stuff.
DIANA: I'm sure he tells you all about Lassiter's financial problems. I wish that my husband had been that straight up. Instead I buried my head in the sand. I didn't want to see how unhealthy our relationship had become.
Rebecca hands Diana her drink but can't help be drawn into the conversation.
REBECCA: So your marriage didn't work out?
DIANA: I try not to be bitter about it, I just wish that I'd gotten out sooner.
Rebecca processes this as Diana walks off.
Number 22
Paul's glad Rebecca called him to chat but Rebecca's still pretty peeved at him. She's annoyed that Paul doesn't care about how she feels, but Paul says there's no room for feelings in business.
REBECCA: Why is it that women are always accused of that? As if having feelings is such a bad thing.
PAUL: Great so we're going to turn this into some feminist manifesto now are we? I'm trying to help you.
REBECCA: Listen, I started with nothing. I now run two businesses. Has it ever occurred to you that I might not want your help? That I might not need it?
PAUL: You know what, you have no idea how delicate things are right now.
REBECCA: So what aren't you telling me?
PAUL: ... Nothing. Just, nothing.
PAUL: Look if I have made you feel that I don't respect the work that you've put in...
RBEECCA: I thought business wasn't about feelings?
PAUL: Great so we're reduced to cheap shots now are we?
REBECCA: I don't know, you tell me.
Paul says he knows she's angry but they have to work through this together. Rebecca stands up and reminds him that she's not his employee, she's his wife, and it's about time that he started treating her like one.
Third Commercial Break
Number 22
Rebecca walks downstairs after changing into a tracksuit (trousers? God, she must be depressed), to find that Paul has lit some candles and poured some wine. He wants to treat her like his wife, just like she said, but Rebecca replies that she'd rather be alone tonight.
PAUL: I want to make it up to you, I want to work through this. I can fix it.
REBECCA: You think you can dictate every decision, don't you. Manage your way out of trouble.
PAUL: You know what, some things I just know better than you. It's a simple fact.
Rebecca looks at him in disgust and says she's going for a drive. He asks when she's going to be back but Rebecca snaps at him not to wait up.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
TOADIE: You might want to get on board with this Declan.
DECLAN: The station hasn't been doing that well.
REBECCA: Since when were you on Paul's side?
(Natasha eyes off Kyle who is working at Charlie's)
NATASHA: I suppose that's one of the good things about being famous.
(Kyle hauls Natasha over his shoulder)
KYLE: Anyone here for Tash, follow me!
(Rebecca announces over the air that Pirate Net is for sale)
ZEKE: Do you know how many people you're letting down?
(Pirate Netters hassle Rebecca outside Harold's)
(Paul has a confrontation with Zeke)
PAUL: You speak to my wife like that again and I'll see you outside.
KARL: You speak to my son like that and I'll see you outside!
(Zeke, Donna and Kate see Rebecca)
ZEKE: We know a way that stops you from having to sell Pirate Net.
(Toadie has a chat with Declan)
TOADIE: Declan, Rebecca has to cut all business ties with Paul. It's down to you, mate.
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Diana Marshall, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5972
Diana Marshall, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5972
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5972
Rebecca Napier, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5972
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones, Rocky in Neighbours Episode 5972
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones, Rocky

Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5972
Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5972
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5972
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Sophie Ramsay

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5972
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5972
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Christine Powell, Rocky, Toadie Rebecch in Neighbours Episode 5972
Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Christine Powell, Rocky, Toadie Rebecch

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5972
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Ben Kirk, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones, Rocky, Christine Powell, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5972
Ben Kirk, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones, Rocky, Christine Powell, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Sonya Mitchell, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5972
Sonya Mitchell, Libby Kennedy

Rocky in Neighbours Episode 5972

Diana Marshall, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5972
Diana Marshall, Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5972
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5972
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5972
Paul Robinson

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