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Neighbours Episode 5945 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5945
Australian airdate: 11/06/10
UK airdate: 30/07/10
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
- "Gypsy Girl" by Loir
Summary/Images by: KiKi/Graham
Andrew tells Harry he can trust him.
Kate tells Harry he should go to the Basketball academy.
Steph tells Toadie that if he and Sonya are meant to be, she'll still be around after the baby's born.
Toadie tells Steph that Sonya's moving to Perth.
Lucas tells Toadie to let Sonya go.
Sonya tells Toadie she's leaving tomorrow morning and says goodbye.
Steph witnesses Toadie throwing the remote control across the room, yelling in anger.
Number 30
Steph comes into the lounge where Toadie's still asleep on the sofa. He wakes up and explains he couldn't sleep, so he watched the Meg Ryan marathon. He thinks he had an accident with the remote, too. Steph admits that she saw him throw it across the room, and how upset he was about Sonya. Toadie says there's no point worrying about things that can't change.
He insists that things will settle once Sonya's gone, but Steph retorts that he doesn't want her to go. Toad reminds her that they're getting married tomorrow and the plan's working. He goes to the bedroom to get ready, and Steph ponders what he's just said.
Steph sits outside Harold's Store with a drink when Lyn appears, declaring she's had a crazy morning. She's accompanied by lots of shopping bags. Steph wonders what her mum's been doing, so Lyn tells her she's bought a few extra bits and pieces.
Lyn picks up that something's happened between her and Toadie, so Steph admits that Sonya's leaving town - Toadie found out. Lyn is surprised that he and Sonya are still in contact, but with the hen's party today and the wedding tomorrow it's probably a good thing that Sonya's leaving. Steph disagrees - Toadie's devastated and she wants to do something about it.
Lyn reminds her daughter that they've both made their decisions, and they should remember why they're doing this. That would be because Steph is trying to cover up a lie, yes??
Number 24
Over at the Ramsay's house Andrew arrives to see Harry who tells his cousin he's going to Sydney for good. Andrew doesn't take him seriously, so Harry explains about the scholarship and Sophie's application on his behalf. Andrew still doesn't get it, so Harry passes him the acceptance letter.
Andrew's face changes, and he can't believe that Harry could leave, or that Kate would let him. He points out that Harry could barely cope in Erinsborough, so how would he fare in Sydney? Upset, Harry walks to the lounge, and Andrew continues his assault - no- one will have Harry's back, and he needs Andrew to help him. Harry's surprised that Andrew's not being supportive, and Kate returns home at that moment. She senses the tension, and Andrew leaves. Miserable, Harry goes to his room.
Number 26
At the Scully household the hen party is just beginning - on a gypsy theme of all things. Rather odd, and clearly a plot device of some kind...we'll find out, I'm sure. Susan, Lib and Summer are dressed in gypsy outfits as Lyn brings Steph into the house. They are excited to see her, and Lior plays in the background.
Number 30
To the Lior track, Toadie irons his wedding shirt and hangs it up.
Number 26
Back at the Scully's, Steph is having her make- up done and clothes put on her. Libby notices that her stomach has really popped out over the last week. Lyn and Steph share a look. Summer announces that they're going to read tarot cards to get the party started - and THERE'S the plot device! Ten guesses what the cards will 'say'.
Number 30
Toadie polishes his wedding shoes. He looks at his Nokia phone, flicking down to Sonya's name. He switches his phone off before taking Rocky out for a walk.
Ramsay Street
Outside number 24, Kate is thanking Lou for driving Harry up to Sydney, and Lou has agreed that he will stay around to get Harry settled in. Kate joins Harry in the front garden who is now doubting his ability to do it, and wonders what will happen if he screws up. He doesn't want to go now.
Kate realises that Andrew has said something to him, and assures him that dreams do work out. Harry's not so sure - nothing good ever happens to them.
Number 26
Susan turns over a card which says 'The World', but Summer can't find that card on her list of 'what the cards mean'.
SUSAN: Oh yeah, that'd be right - my destiny's gone missing!
Summer says it's probably about travel. And Libby wonders if her dad will take Susan on an exotic holiday - fat chance! Summer says they'll do a three- card spread for the bride, and Steph reluctantly picks three cards.
The Hanged Man : meaning omeone will make a life- changing sacrifice.
Libby jokes that it's Toadie, marrying Steph. Lyn's face drops.
Justice : meaning an action must be taken to right a wrong.
Lyn brushes this all off and declares that they didn't shuffle the deck properly.
The Tower : meaning there's going to be a cataclysmic upheaval, a whole life crumbling down.
Steph's face is one of horror, although seemingly no- one but Lyn picks up on it.
LYN: What a load of baloney.
SUSAN: Exactly. As if Karl's going to take me on an exotic holiday.
Sonya's House
Sonya is packing up her car when Steph speeds up, begging her not to leave. She admits to Sonya that Toadie still loves Sonya, and the wedding's a sham; she has to stay.
In the complex, Sonya and Steph sit and chat. Steph says that she didn't realise how Toadie felt about Sonya when it happened, but she got pregnant and he insisted on standing by her. But he loves Sonya.
SONYA: He has a funny way of showing it - he slept with you!
STEPH: No, Toadie's never betrayed you. No honestly - there's a whole lot more to this, you just need to let me explain...
But explain no more because Libby appears, she thought that Steph just ducked out for fresh air. Steph says she wanted to see Sonya before she left town, and invites Sonya back to the party with her. Libby butts in and says it's not a good idea (what on earth is it of her business?!). Steph suggests to Sonya that she'd like to keep talking, and Sonya gets it. She goes to make a phonecall and Libby wants to know what's going on.
I don't know who did the lighting, but Sonya and Libby's foundation looks TERRIBLE in this scene, they look like someone painted their faces white!
Number 26
In the lounge, the girls are trying to make a recycled wedding dress from toilet rolls and things. Lyn goes to the kitchen with Steph following, and Lyn wants to know what Steph is playing at. Steph barely gets to answer her mum because Sonya appears, saying she's going to leave.
Step stops her, and asks her mum to go. With Lyn out of the way, Steph tells Sonya the truth: Toadie isn't the father of her baby. Someone else is.
Summer runs in - they need the bride for the next bit of the party! Sonya's left reeling.
Walking by the lake, Andrew tells Tash that he feels sorry for Harry because he's deluded, thinking he might become a basketball star. Tash is surprised at Andrew's lack of support, and Andrew assures her that Harry's lucky to have him as a mate.
Is that right, Kate wonders, appearing from the trees. Tash scarpers. Kate explains to Andrew that Harry's now not taking the scholarship because of Andrew - he's turning down an amazing opportunity. Andrew tells Kate that Harry will fall flat on his face, and the team will eat him alive.
KATE: Harry is the best friend you'll ever have and you used him. You'll never have another friend like Harry -
ANDREW: Let's get on thing straight, I never -
KATE: No, you shut up and listen to me. Don't talk to him, don't contact him and don't go near him, or you'll have me to deal with. Do you understand? Harry's worth ten of you.
Kate storms off; Andrew's left alone.
Number 24
Harry's still doubting his ability to do this whilst Kate and Sophie are insisting he should make a go of this opportunity. Sophie hates Andrew now! Kate reminds him how he forced her to do the dancing which was the right thing to do - and now she's doing the same.
KATE: You have been through so much, and look where you are now. You can do this.
HARRY: I don't know...
KATE: All you have to do is take the first step and the rest will just happen.
Ramsay Street
Harry's packing up the car with Lou, whilst Sophie declare she has a brother who's going to be a basketball star! Summer runs up to hug Harry goodbye, and apologises for the whole mess with Andrew and Chris.
Harry spies Andrew, hanging around outside number 22, and goes over to make up with his cousin.
HARRY: Come to say goodbye?
ANDREW: I can't believe you're actually gonna go.
HARRY: Thought I'd take a chance.
ANDREW: Well, don't expect me to bail you out when it all falls over.
HARRY: I won't, but if you change your mind it would be nice if you came to visit.
Tash appears, and Harry holds out his hand to shake Andrew's.
ANDREW: You're making a big mistake.
HARRY: You're making an even bigger mistake if you don't shake my hand.
Andrew doesn't. Harry walks off, realising what kind of a friend Andrew really is. And, apparently, so does Tash as she walks away disgusted. Kate and Sophie encourage their brother not to worry about Andrew, and hug him goodbye. He gets in the car with Lou and they drive off. Goodbye, Harry!
Number 26
Steph is dressed in a toilet roll wedding dress. Horrific waste, I hope they recycle that. Libby wants to make a speech, and it's all just so awkward. Soppy Lib thanks everyone for coming to the hen's night, and remarks how her best friend is marrying her other best friend.
Sonya watches from the sofa.
Libby continues her speech - she's so glad she's found the man who makes her happy - and Lyn tries to end the speech there for cake. No such luck.
Lib is so grateful for Steph's friendship - she couldn't have gotten through the whole Dan thing without her - and is so pleased Steph's finally getting the happiness she deserves. Lots of close ups on Steph's guilty face - and even more on Sonya, who suddenly realises why this exchange between Libby and Steph is so awful...
LIBBY: I love you.
STEPH: I love you, too.
Steph's guilty face. Sonya's horrified one...
Cut to later where Steph and Libby are saying goodbye and declare their love for each other again. Oh, get a room. Steph returns to Sonya who confronts her - is Dan the father?
SONYA: All afternoon I've been sitting here trying to work out why Toadie would marry you if he loves me. And the baby isn't his. And then I saw you with Libby and I realised - it's actually the only thing that makes sense. Toadie would do anything for you, and... I'm right, aren't I? It's Dan's baby?
Three down, the rest of Ramsay Street to go.
Number 30
Steph and Sonya are sitting in silence until Sonya says she should really go. Steph begs her to stay until Toadie comes back - they can find a way to work through this. Sonya declares that what she and Toadie had is gone.
STEPH: No, that's not true! You still love him! He loves you!
SONYA: Yeah, but he chose you, Steph! And that's all that matters. I'm going.
With desperation all over her guilty face, Steph tries to stop Sonya once more.
STEPH: We've got it all worked out. Six months after the baby's born we're gonna separate. If you could just wait... You could still see each other, I wouldn't mind as long as you were careful...
She says it like it's the most normal thing in the world, but Sonya is horrified and gives Steph a reality check.
SONYA: No, I can't do that! All these lies, Steph! All this hurting people, it's bad! It's bad and it's wrong! It's so wrong! I don't want anything to do with you and Toadie ever again.
She walks out, slamming the door behind her.
Shot of Steph walking down the aisle.
FVO: The bride knows - it's a LIE!
Shot of Toadie.
MVO: The groom knows -
FVO: It's a LIE!
Sonya kisses Toadie.
FVO: But when he's caught cheating...
(The truth is revealed)
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Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5945
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5945
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5945
Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5945
Toadie Rebecchi

Summer Hoyland, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5945
Summer Hoyland, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Kate Ramsay, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5945
Kate Ramsay, Lou Carpenter

Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5945
Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5945
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 5945
Steph Scully, Sonya Mitchell

Sonya Mitchell, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5945
Sonya Mitchell, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5945
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5945
Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5945
Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5945
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay

Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5945
Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5945
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 5945
Sonya Mitchell

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5945
Steph Scully

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