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Neighbours Episode 5942 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5942
Australian airdate: 08/06/10
UK airdate: 27/07/10
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Doug Harris: Mahesh Jadu
Leigh ‘Nick’ Nixon: Brian Vriends
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Callum happy with Steph and Toadie getting married.
- Declan being demoted.
- Toadie agreeing to work for Paul as long as it isn't illegal or immoral.
- Ringo complimenting his boss on running a safe building site and wondering why Toadie is trying to rip him off.
- Paul talking to someone on the phone that Dolan must go down - then breaking into his building site and tampering with it before reporting the site as a bad workplace to the authorities.
- Declan finding out what Paul has done at the building site.
- Scaffolding falling on Donna.
Building site
Donna is lying unconscious when Ringo, Paul and Declan arrive. Ringo immediately springs into paramedic mode ordering them to clear the debris away from her so he can see to her injuries. When he does, he finds that she isn't breathing so makes the decision to move her so he can begin CPR while in the background Paul and Declan stare at each other.
The ambo's wheel Donna into a room and Doug calls out what tests he wants organised. Ringo looks for reassurance from Karl but he can't as they don't know the extent of her injuries yet. Ringo mentions that he had to move Donna as she wasn't breathing and fears he may have caused more damage but Karl reassures him he did the right thing and possibly saved Donna's life.
Over at the water cooler, Declan has a go at Paul over what happened to Donna. "You think I wanted this to happen," he replies but their chat is curtailed when Ringo comes over after chatting to Doug. He tells them that there are lots of specialists there before adding that he feels he should have been there even though Declan points out that he wasn't to know something would happen. "Mate its not your fault" he tells Ringo whilst giving Paul the evil eye.
Ringo watches on as a nurse treats the still unconscious Donna, wishing that he could be in the room with her.
Meanwhile Paul isn't happy that nothing seems to be happening with Donna and is prepared to pay for the best of medical staff to be brought in to help her, which Karl quickly points out won't be necessary as they've done their stuff now it's up to Donna to pull through.
Rebecca arrives and joins the others watching Donna from the corridor, all eager for her to regain consciousness.
Number 28
Toadie gets some bad news when he is round at #28 for a cuppa - Stonie can't be his best man as he is being sent to jail for unpaid parking fines! Callum decides he's the best candidate to fulfil the best man role after he asked Toadie what the job entails.
CALLUM: Maybe there is someone closer to you than you think.
TOADIE: I like the way you're thinking buy Libby is already bridesmaid.
(Toadie walks over to the breakfast bar where Susan and Libby are sitting at)
BEN: (to Callum) I don't think he got it.
(Boys move over to where the adults are)
CALLUM: You've already got a best man, a best friend who will stand by you no matter what even though he's kind of short.
(Realising what Callum is suggesting)
Callum nods vigorously and Toadie struggles to come up with a reply.
TOADIE: It's not really a gig for a kid.
CALLUM: But I'm not a kid any more.
TOADIE: No, of course not, you're all grown up aren't you?
(Toadie ruffles Callum's hair)
CALLUM: Don't patronise me.
TOADIE: Sorry.
CALLUM: Why can't I be the best man?
SUSAN: (coming to Toadie's rescue) Because your dad's got heaps of other things to help with.
TOADIE: (quickly agreeing with Susan) That's right.
BEN: Like what?
CALLUM: Yes, like what?
TOADIE: Eh... well there's ring bearer. Just like Lord of the Rings except more dangerous.
LIBBY: (helping out) And seating people at the wedding maybe.
TOADIE: Mmm and see that's the thing, is that best man is actually not that important but best Squid is vital.
CALLUM: Your patronising me again.
TOADIE: I know. I'm sorry. Thanks for trying.
(Ben shakes his head as Callum looks over to him)
Number 30
It's now cuppa time in #30 as Libby tries to find Toadie a best man but their discussion is curtailed when an impromptu court session to review evidence as to why Callum should be the best man takes place in #30!
Ben (complete with a rolled towel that makes him look like he's wearing a lawyers wig) calls his first witness -Callum Jones! They even have the oath too where Callum swears to tell the truth and when Toadie tries to object, Ben overrules him!
BEN: (handing Callum some posters) Have you seen these before?
CALLUM: Why yes, they are mine and they show proof about why I should be best man at my dad's wedding.
(Callum unravels the posters)
BEN: Can you explain them to the court.
(Holding up the first one)
CALLUM: Well this is who dad hung out with the most last week - 7% with Lou, 9% with Karl and 31% at work, which leaves 53% with me.
TOADIE: Ah objection, we were sleeping half the time.
CALLUM: (talking to Ben) Oh we live in the same house.
BEN: Overruled!
(Going to next poster)
CALLUM: With the sleeping time taken out, time spent with me is still over double everyone else.
(Moving onto the next set of poster)
CALLUM: Now onto common interests. You and Karl (blank sheet of paper). You and Lou (minor overlap). But when you look at you and I, you can see that we share a lot of things in common.
Callum then hands Toadie a piece of paper containing a list of available venues [doesn't say for what] that are awaiting his approval.
TOADIE: If it pleases the court.
(Ben nods)
TOADIE: Callum Jones, after carefully considering the evidence put before me I have no choice but to sentence you to be my best man effective immediately. If you have any last words?
CALLUM: About time!
Ben then brings the gravel down to end the case but their chat is ended when Toadie takes a call from Rebecca to tell them that Donna is in hospital.
Rebecca is phoning everyone whilst Paul and Ringo watch Donna through the window. Ringo meanwhile is finally in her room as she comes round briefly but almost as soon as she has, alarms start ringing in her room and Ringo rushes out to the corridor to summon help. Karl and Doug immediately rush into the room, herding Ringo out on the way in.
And as we head into the first commercial break, today's trip down memory lane is to 2001 when Lance Wilkinson left the street (episode 3734 in the archive if you wish to read more).
Rebecca is spouting off about what a bad builder Jim Dolan is for leaving his site like that but Ringo sticks up for him and is certain the site was fine. "Maybe someone sabotaged it" Declan pipes up and Paul quickly looks at him. Ringo wonders who and why and Declan replies "maybe someone with a vendetta for Dolan," which again causes Paul to look at him in a 'WTH' moment before he decides to say that the suggestion is just "crazy talk". Thankfully for them, Ringo's attack of the guilt's (for not being there when she came to pick him up) changes the topic of conversation, that and Paul suggesting they head outside (as Rebecca is comforting Ringo).
Outside hospital
As soon as they are outside, Paul wants to know what Declan was on about. "They deserved to know the truth" is his reply and he wants to call the police too. Paul reassures Declan that he will fix it but adds that he also needs him to keep his mouth shut too. The two of them are about to discuss it more when Rebecca comes outside looking for them, wanting to know what is going on. Paul lies and says its hotel business hence why they've gone outside but she's not interested in their reasons.
Throughout this episode, Paul has been rubbing his forehead as if he has a pain in his head when suddenly he collapses onto a seat and Rebecca immediately rushes to his side.
Paul has been checked out following his collapse and Karl checks over the CAT scan and gives them the good news that there isn't a tumour there. She thinks it was migraine brought on by the stress of Donna. Declan asks about her and Karl reveals she's in surgery before telling Paul he needs to rest and stay quiet while he leaves them.
Rebecca leaves to get Paul some water and Declan wastes no time in resuming his earlier chat with Paul. He again reassures his stepson that he will sort it out and by the end of the day too!
Number 30
Toadie is having another cuppa, this time with Susan. He convinces her not to go down to the hospital as she will be of more use to Ringo at home when he returns, plus there are a few of them there already. She wonders if Nick knows and Toadie assumes that Rebecca has since she has his number. Susan then wonders if Cass knows but Toadie thinks she wouldn't be interested especially since it would mean Donna is the centre of attention.
Their chat is interrupted when Paul calls wanting Toadie's help with Jim Dolan but that falls under the 'dodgy and illegal' clause and so refuses to give Paul any help, indeed he cuts Paul off!
Ringo is fretting about hearing nothing about Donna when Doug returns from surgery with good news - she'll be fine (she had tear in her spleen). He is very much relived and Karl tells him to wait in her room as she'll be back soon.
Paul comes out of the room he was in and hears the good news from Rebecca and she adds that he no longer has anything to worry about at all.
Donna comes to and the first thing she sees is Ringo, so he tells her what happened and that he feels guilty for her coming onto the site too when he wasn't there, resulting in her accident. He is just about to say something important when Nick burst into the room and so his moment is lost. Father and daughter look pleased to see each other.
Commercial break later, Ringo is watching through the glass as Nick and Donna spend time together. Karl remarks when he comes over to Ringo that he's pleased she found Nick after appearing to be 'lost' especially after the whole Cass business and that it looks like he feels the same way about Donna too.
KARL: Fathers and daughters, it's very special. You'll find out about that one day I hope.
Nick exits Donna's room to give those waiting an update - she's fine and wants to thank them all, and answers Paul's question that she doesn't remember anything about the accident. He also puts the kybosh on Ringo replacing him, saying she needs her rest, which Ringo reluctantly agrees to.
Nick thanks Rebecca too for calling him and when Paul introduces himself, Nick puts 2+2 together as to who is looking after Donna, and thanks them for looking after his little girl, which earns a scowl from Declan. Rebecca invites Nick to join them for dinner but he politely declines as he's got to attend to the bar.
Paul decides to go home via the office much to Rebecca's mild annoyance but he explains he has a few loose ends to tie up before he can come home to the take away she is planning on getting.
Number 30
"I told you I'm only working for you when it's legal" is Toadie's first words upon seeing Paul on his doorstep. Paul wants him to shut down any investigation that may be underway regarding Donna's accident and confirms to Toadie that it wasn't an accident when he asks why.
PAUL: Oh come on Toadie, get with the programme. Donna hurt herself on Dolan's building site.
Toadie immediately wants to know what he did and Paul replies "nothing" but Toadie isn't buying that. "Just close down the investigation," he tells Toadie but he refuses to do anything until Paul spills and when he does he blames Declan and doing so out of revenge at being demoted! "I don't believe you," Toadie replies but Paul urges him to check the CCTV footage for proof. Toadie really isn't buying it but Paul turns the emotional screws but Callum's arrival (wanting to talk about best man duties) ends it and instead Paul leaves.
Rebecca and Susan are chatting about Nick when Toadie and Callum arrive. Cal heads off with Ben to play tool and the others (ladies plus Declan and Ringo) resume chatting about Nick and Donna's accident with Toadie carefully watching Declan. Ringo admits he will be annoyed if Jim gets the blame for it, confirming to Susan that the site was locked and that he can't figure out how Donna managed to get in.
SUSAN: There's something going on there.
Thankfully for Declan, Susan changes the subject, letting the others know that Callum is going to be Toadie's best man. Rebecca thought it was going to be Stonie and when Susan mentions where he is, Declan looks really uncomfortable - again all watched by Toadie.
Number 22
Toadie brings Paul news that he's done a deal, not for him but for Declan. Dolan will keep quiet and there will be no sign of an accident when the building inspector calls round tomorrow. Toadie then adds that there is a condition to the deal - Paul has to pay Dolan the money that he owes him. "Ah, can't do that," Paul replies but Toadie points out the consequences if he doesn't come up with the money and Paul concedes to find the money somehow.
Their chat is interrupted by Susan calling round - she wants to do a story on workplace safety. Paul thinks it's a great idea and suggests she does the necessary and comes back to him in 2- 3 weeks. "What happened to Donna won't be news then," she points out adding that she wants to stop an accident happening to someone else. Paul now tries to backtrack, saying they can't throw accusations around.
SUSAN: Since when has that bothered you? Come on, can't you see the headline, 'Scaffold collapse, who did it?'. Someone's got to pay.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Susan trying to get information for her article but meeting brick walls
- Susan and Lyn "breaking" into #22.
- Steph getting ready for her practical class at the school.
- Lucas surprised at the detail Steph has gone to for the class.
- Lucas doing his practical class.
- Ringo wondering if Nick has a problem with him.
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Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5942
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5942
Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Paul Robinson

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5942
Donna Freedman

Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5942
Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5942
Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5942
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5942
Ben Kirk, Callum Jones

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5942
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5942
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5942
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5942
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 5942
Karl Kennedy, Doug Harris

Ringo Brown, Leigh
Ringo Brown, Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Donna Freedman

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, Leigh
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Ringo Brown

Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5942
Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5942
Rebecca Napier, Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5942
Declan Napier

Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5942
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5942
Paul Robinson

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