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Neighbours Episode 5732 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5732
Australian airdate: 14/07/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Johnno Brewer - Damien Aylward
Kotto - Akanji Olalekan
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Paul telling Donna that she's a guest and not family
- The teens overhearing Dec and Didge on the baby monitor
- Dec and Didge fretting about insulting their friends
- Donna asking Ringo and Zeke to quell their anger
- Johnno demanding payment from Lucas
- Lucas calling a mate to ask for a $1000 loan
Through with waiting around, Johnno signals his beefcake bodyguard to do some damage to Lucas. But Dan swoops in with a cheque just in time to save the day. Johnno tries to squeeze some more money out of Lucas as "interest" but leaves when Dan threatens to call the cops. When Johnno and Beefcake go, Dan angrily grabs Lucas by the collar and demands to know what trouble his brother's in. Lucas pretends the poker game was only a once off and that he'll get Dan's money back.
DAN: That's not what I'm worried about.
Ramsay Street - Next Morning
Dan wanders over to Lucas, who is getting ready for a ride, and asks if he told Elle about last night's ordeal. But Lucas doesn't think Elle needs to know. He's also annoyed with Dan for treating him like a schmuck. Lucas rides away and Dan sees Harry snapping away with a camera in the background. Dan's not impressed.
HARRY: Yeah, you won't like that one. You look all frowny like Yoda.
Harry explains he's got a photography assignment for his Media class, but he's got no idea what to take photos of. Harry then remembers that Lucas is a photographer and Dan suggests he ask him for some tips.
Number 26 - Nursery
Declan is trying to settle India while Didge frets about not receiving texts from Ringo and Zeke. Declan thinks India has colic and accuses Didge of eating dairy yesterday, but Didge is adamant she didn't. Didge continues to worry about their friends - they said some awful things - but Declan reckons they would have had their heads bitten off by now if the teens did overhear them.
Number 28
Donna excitedly bursts in and tells Ringo, Zeke and Sunny that she wants to throw Dec and Didge a Bollywood party in honour of India. But the teens aren't enthused. Donna tries to rope them into it, and reminds them that she just wants everyone to be friends again. Sunny and Zeke reluctantly agree to help. Ringo maintains a stony silence.
Number 26
India is still crying. Declan's still blaming Didge for eating dairy. Miranda and Steve wake up because of all the noise, followed not long after by Mickey and Lou (who is wearing what can only be described as a miniskirt robe - and no trousers).
DECLAN: Do you think you could wear a shorter robe?
The dairy debacle is solved when Lou reminds Didge that she had a scoop of ice-cream at the store yesterday.
DIDGE: Lou you served me. What about responsible service of dairy products?
LOU: (pointing to India) Well don't worry, love, I am paying penance for it right now.
Mickey is rabbiting on and on to Jake about what they'll get up to in New York, so Steve has to crush his heart by saying that Jake is being flown straight to Perth because of all the quarantine who-ha. Mickey takes it well... Oh who am I kidding. He's a brat about it and sulks.
Harold's Store
Lucas is perusing the race paper when Harry finds him and asks him for some camera-related help. Lucas obliges. Over at another table, Lou brings out some pancakes for Mickey, Ben and Sophie to share. Mickey sulks and grumbles that he doesn't want any, even when Lou tries to cheer him up about Jake. All well, no pancakes for you then, brat. Lou chats to Kate and says he's covered all of his shifts while he's in New York so she doesn't have to worry. Back at the bench, Lucas tells Harry that he's talented but that he needs to think about a theme for his project. When Harry leaves, Lucas goes back to looking at the race paper.
Number 28
Ringo can't figure out why Donna is in such a tizzy about organising the Bollywood party, especially since Declan and Didge were so horrid to them. But Donna explains that it's important to her to keep everyone together.
DONNA: If I don't have our gang I have no one. My family are all fruit and nut bars and the Robinsons... They're the Robinsons!
Ringo thought Donna sorted everything out with Elle. Donna admits that she did - but she still feels NQR about it. The teens aren't just her friends; they're her only family. She makes Ringo promise that he'll make an effort at the party tonight. Ringo reluctantly promises.
Number 26
Dec's complaining about going to school, but Didge says her day isn't all that exciting, she'll just be packing for Oakey. The duo are surprised when Donna and Ringo stop by to invite them to the party that night. Donna claims that's why they left without warning yesterday - to plan the shindig. Didge believes her, but Declan takes one look at Ringo's stank face and knows things ain't a'ight down in the hood, yo. When Donna and Ringo leave, Didge is all happy that the teens didn't overhear their godparent talk, but Declan still isn't convinced.
Harold's Store
Miranda and Steve ask Lucas how their car's coming along, but Lucas is all distant and crabby with them, too busy concentrating on his race paper. He distractedly says he'll call them later.
The Parkers and Lou talk about Mickey. They wish there was something they could do to cheer him up about Jake. Lou then chats to Kate and Harry, who are looking at some of Harry's photos. Lou sees them and gets an idea. Is it to take pictures of Mickey's plane departing? I know that would cheer *me* up.
Lucas finishes putting on some phone bets just as Dan stops by to check up on him. Lucas thinks he's in for another lecture, but Dan just wants to apologise. If Lucas says it was the last time (he was gambling) then Dan believes him. Pleased, Lucas promises his brother will get his money back and wonders if they can keep it a secret from Libby. But Dan took the money from their joint account and he won't lie if she asks.
LUCAS: I didn't want Elle to find out.
DAN: Lucas you've got a lot going for you, not just Elle. You've got your own business, you've got good friends. Every time you place a bet or deal a card it's not just money you're risking.
LUCAS: Yeah I know.
DAN: OK. Well call me if you need me, alright? I will listen, no judgement.
They shake hands and Dan walks off. Collecting his thoughts, Lucas calls Steve in a better mood and tells him he can pick the car up at six. Lucas then gets the race paper and throws it into the bin.
Harold's Store
Miranda sees Lucas smiling and chatting with Lou and says it's nice to see him in a better mood. Lucas says he just had to get his priorities in order. At a table, Donna, Sunny, Zeke and Ringo are discussing the Bollywood party. Donna says she's got the henna tattoos all organised, which of course freaks straight and narrow Sunny out. And Miranda, who has taken it upon herself to eavesdrop. Miranda also doesn't think Declan and Didge would be up for a big night and suggests the teens tone down the party a wee bit.
DONNA: (mumbling) Well isn't she just the fun terminator.
Over the way, Lou asks Kate where her brother is but Kate assures him he'll be there before they leave for NY. She looks a little downbeat at the thought of Lou leaving, so Lou jokes that he'll be back to annoy her before she knows it. Harry, Sophie and Ben finally arrive, so Lou takes them into the kitchen to set up for their project.
Number 26
Mickey is chatting with Jake, telling him not to be sad and that they'll see one another again soon. But Jake is like, 'Whatever, kid' and walks off on him. Mickey mopes to Steve, Didge and Declan about it. Lou and the funky bunch arrive just in time to give Mickey a present - Harry has taken photos of the Ramsay Street-ers and the Lassiter's complex and Sophie, Ben and Kate have made a collage out of them. The cab arrives and everyone gets themselves organised. Kate and Harry present Lou with a block of choccie to thank him for helping them to settle into the street. Mickey's delighted when Jake wanders back into the room and allows Mickey to hug him. Harry takes a photo of them. GOODBYE BRAT FACE!
Number 28
Donna, Zeke and Ringo are all in Indian-inspired outfits setting up the party. Sunny is off somewhere unseen teaching her parents how to use Skype. Didge and Declan (carrying India) are amused when they arrive and are immersed in the Bollywood-ness. Donna and Zeke are acting relatively normal but you can tell that Ringo is just bursting to cause a scene with his snide little asides.
Later, Donna collects the dinner plates after Dec and Didge finish their big meals.
DIDGE: Thanks Donna that was amazing. I think I'm pregnant again!
DECLAN: Oh no.
Declan thanks the teens for downsizing the party for them, it was a smart move. Ringo snits that they're not always dumb. Donna quickly brings out the desserts but Didge feels too full from the delicious, velvety Rogan Josh. Donna says she added about two tubs of yoghurt to it. Whoops. Declan goes off on his patent dairy rant and tells Donna off for including it (she was told about the dairy ordeal in an earlier scene). Donna feels awful, especially when Declan continues to add that they're in for another sleepless night, so Ringo tells Declan to shut his face.
RINGO: Stuff you. Why don't you be straight with us? We all know what you think. Donna's flaky, Zeke's crazy and I'm a meathead.
DIDGE: (guiltily whispering to Dec) The baby monitor.
Jai Ho No...
Number 28
Collecting India, Declan doesn't get why the teens didn't say anything about overhearing them, but Zeke and Ringo reply that they were playing nice for Donna's sake. Didge says they didn't mean what they said - they just wanted to take the godparent decision really seriously. Zeke retorts that it sounded like none of them were deemed good enough for the role. Declan does the whole, "You have no idea what we're going through" line and Zeke tells him not to throw that in their face. The arguing gets louder and louder. Donna, who has been silent all this time, finally snaps.
DONNA: Just stop it, OK! Don't you dare say that we don't know what you're going through. We have been there for everything. We drove hundreds of K's to help you guys get married; we put the whole thing together. Didge when you went into labour I was standing right there holding your hand. We even snuck you out of your hospital room to help you see India for the very first time. And now you do this to us?
Declan and Didge look ashamed.
DONNA: You know what, we didn't fail your stupid test. You failed ours.
DIDGE: Donna...
DONNA: Just leave.
Declan and Didge look even more ashamed.
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Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Johnno Brewer in Neighbours Episode 5732
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Johnno Brewer

Harry Ramsay, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5732
Harry Ramsay, Dan Fitzgerald

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5732
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier

Declan Napier, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5732
Declan Napier, Lou Carpenter

Mickey Gannon, Jake in Neighbours Episode 5732
Mickey Gannon, Jake

Miranda Parker, India Napier, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5732
Miranda Parker, India Napier, Steve Parker

Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5732
Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay

Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter, Sophie Ramsay, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 5732
Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter, Sophie Ramsay, Ben Kirk

Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Sophie Ramsay, Miranda Parker, Lou Carpenter, Kate Ramsay, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5732
Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Sophie Ramsay, Miranda Parker, Lou Carpenter, Kate Ramsay, Steve Parker

Lou Carpenter, Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5732
Lou Carpenter, Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Mickey Gannon, Jake in Neighbours Episode 5732
Mickey Gannon, Jake

Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5732
Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5732
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5732
Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5732
Bridget Parker

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