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Neighbours Episode 5604 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5604
Australian airdate: 11/12/08
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Andrew Simpson Peter Flanigan
Kyle Canning Christopher Milligan
Samantha Fitzgerald Simone Buchanan
Justin Hunter Chris Toohey
Greg Michaels Nick Farnell
Libby Kennedy Michaela Banas
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Emily
-Miranda and Rebecca "stepfording" Steph
-Steph telling Miranda and Rebecca that the girl in the photo isn't "her".
-Karl and Susan reminding Zeke he isn't as mature as he thinks he is.
-Rachel asking Zeke why he's hanging around with Justin and Kyle
-Susan being served with an intervention order against Sam.
-Susan being in the office with Sam and Sam calling the police.
-Susan being driven off in a police car.
Number 22
Sam is folding paper cranes.
Number 28
Karl and Susan arrive home from the police station to find all of Zeke's "packing" strewn over the floor. Karl calls for him but Susan says he'll have his headphones rammed into his ears.
KARL: Yes, and that annoyed expression on his face no doubt. To be perfectly honest it'll be a bit of a relief to have him gone for a couple of days.
Rachel mopes in to join them. She's got a rotten cold and doesn't think she's up to going on the trip. She too will also be glad to be shot of Zeke who has been being a "tool" recently. There goes Dr and Mrs K's alone time then!
Number 26
Miranda is trying to overload Bridget with extra stuff for the rafting trip despite Bridget's protests. Lou comes in to announce information nobody really cares about and to divert Bridget away to the garage so that Miranda can put the extra jumper in Didge's bag and find...an application to search for birth parents. Miranda looks conflicted but Steve seems calmer. Bridget comes back into the house and sees them looking at the application form.
Steve assures his daughter that they always knew she might want to look for her birth parents. Bridget says she's just exploring options. She doesn't even know if she wants to meet them. She explains that she was going to tell them and cuddles into Miranda who looks like her little girl is slipping through her fingers.
Number 22
Ringo is helping Donna try to fit everything in her backpack, which is tricky as he finds a hairdryer buried in there.
DONNA: What if we got lost? Wilderness survival doesn't have to mean bad hair.
She puts it back in the bag. Her phone rings and she answers it with a "I told you to stop calling me." Then ends the call. Ringo asks if someone is bugging her and she tells him "not anymore." He decides to go and finish packing. As he leaves Dan arrives to speak to Sam. He tells Donna to scoot, she tries to listen in from the stairs but is busted.
DAN: Have you thought about leaving? When I said you should leave Sam, I meant it. It's best for the baby.
SAM: Our baby.
DAN: Oh Sam please, don't start.
Sam tells Dan that Susan threatened her; that Susan hates her, everyone hates her...except for Dan. She tries to wrap her arms around him, but he tells her to stop it, pushing her away and shouting. She shows him her box of cranes and tells him she's scared. Dan looks like he's stuck between a rock and hard place.
Number 28
Karl helps Libby with the backpack she's borrowed from him. She asks how Susan is and Karl replies that she's alright, as Susan comes into the room wound up because she can't find her good sunscreen for Libby to take with her. That's because Libby has already pinched it!
SUSAN: A simple thank you would have been enough!
Dan comes in and tells Karl he thinks Sam may be on the brink of another manic episode and asks if Karl would go over and check on her.
Number 32
Libby walks in and shrieks.
LIBBY: Steph! Call the cops, there's a strange woman in here wearing a dress.
Steph is standing at the mirror trying to redo her hair like Rebecca and Miranda had. She explains the date to Libby. Libby says she likes it, she's just more used to seeing her in Leathers. I think it's going to be "Make a big deal of Steph in a dress day, despite her having been dressed up on several occasions." Excellent. Oh, and here comes Harold to back us up on that one. He thinks she looks wonderful - like Doris Day! Steph and Libby agree on leathers. Lib tells Harold Steph has a date, but Steph isn't sure she's going to go now.
HAROLD: Oh, I see. No no no, it's alright for you to come into my hospital room and lecture me about fear but when it comes to your own life it's totally different.
She shows him the photograph and explains that the guy she's meeting is expecting to see PhotoSteph not RealSteph (I don't see a great deal of difference myself). Harold doesn't think he's much to write home about then.
HAROLD: What makes him so special that he thinks he can make you change?
Enter TheRealSteph™ wearing ripped jeans and a vest top. She spies Mr InternetDate and runs to hide behind the bar. Rebecca joins her to find out what's going on. Steph says she's being a total wuss. Rebecca reminds her that the whole thing is supposed to be fun, so Steph gets up and makes her way over to him. She greats him in the traditional "I know I look different in the photo" way. Yeah, 'cause you had your hair up in the photo and were wearing something different. What a crime! Anyway, Steph blethers on about how she's not a girly girl while Greg looks rather taken aback.
STEPH: I'm not very interesting, and you're not really interested so I'd better get going. It was really nice and...
Greg stops her and suggests that they could "forget it", or they could have a coffee. Coffee it is.
Erinsborough High
Susan shouts for Zeke to hold on so she can give him his sandwich for the trip. Zeke looks unimpressed, particularly as Susan hugs him and tells him to be careful. Sensing he's being awkward-uncooperative-teen she says it'll be good to have a talk when he gets back. He slouches off to join Justin and Kyle but Rachel angrily follows him. She demands to know what's wrong with him.
ZEKE: Just because you and Ty aren't going to be the next Sneaky Sound...
RACHEL: Oh shut up Zeke, that's not what this is about. When did you become such an idiot?
ZEKE: Maybe it's because I'm not your idiot. Maybe it's just because I'm a bit sick and tired of you. I'm sick and tired of everyone. So how about you just go home Rach? Got anything else you'd like to say?
He storms off leaving Rachel to process his little outburst. Mind out for Anvil #2!
Number 22
Sam opens the door to find Karl on the doorstep and guesses that Dan sent him.
KARL: He asked me to check on you. He thinks you're having another episode.
SAM: So we're banding my symptoms around the Kennedy house now are we?
KARL: To be frank I'd rather not be here Sam. Despite my obvious conflict of interest I think the stunt you pulled yesterday was unforgivable.
SAM: Well then go. There's nothing keeping you here.
Karl takes that as an invitation into the house. He asks if there have been any signs of mania recently. Or indeed if there have been any dark or sad thoughts. Sam cuttingly replies only when she thinks of living in Ramsay Street for the rest of her life.
SAM: (sarcastically) What do you think Karl?
KARL: I think you seem quite self-aware, which begs the question, what was Dan worried about?
Karl wonders off into the kitchen stroking his chin like he thinks he's Dick Van Dyke or another afternoon detective.
KARL: What does he think he saw?
Karl explains that since Dan's been through it all with Sam before, he's probably a good judge, but if there's nothing to report, he'll leave her. She flicks her hair.
Steph's date seems to be going well even though she's still banging on about how he responded to her second profile, not the first. Greg is confused. He doesn't know of a first one, he'd have remembered.
STEPH: Oh come on, you can admit it. You saw the second profile, me in the dress with my hair done and probably with my heels and my silly little clutch bag and you thought, "Ooh, good! Here's a frill I can push around."
GREG: I knew exactly what I was getting when I saw your photo, Steph. We've met before.
Steph looks unsure.
GREG: No one pushes you around.
Steph cocks her head to one side. So what has this taught us all. Never assume, or it will make an ass out of "u" and me.
Susan is on the phone to Toadie when Karl arrives back from Sam's. Dan asks how it went. Alright, is the answer. I'm thinking Dan was wanting a bit more than that, but before he can delve any deeper Susan announces that Sam has dropped the charges against her and apologises to Dan for saying anything out of line. Dan is sorry too.
SUSAN: Tell you what though, that girl is all over the place. Right, I'd better go to work and annoy Paul.
What a great job. Dan presses Karl for more information and explains to Libby that he thought Sam might be having a manic episode. Karl says he thinks her mania is under control and she's not at risk from her condition, but can't say anymore. Dan decides he'll have to pull out of the trip. He tries to explain that he can't leave Sam, but Libby, obviously, isn't pleased about that.
DAN: If Ben were in this situation would you go away?
LIBBY: Right, so she wins again.
DAN: What do you mean, she wins?! It's not a game.
LIBBY: She is playing a game, Dan. Dad just said that she's not at risk.
Dan maintains that he has to stay. Libby fights with all the desire to keep shouting and decides to walk away telling him he'll have to sort it out with Andrew.
Erinsborough High
Dan thanks Andrew for stepping in, but Andrew doesn't seem please. He has a personal life too. Dan says that he wouldn't ask if it wasn't serious, but Andrew thinks he owes him big time.
Over by the minibus Miranda is hugging Bridget goodbye as if she's never going to see her again. Steve reminds Declan about keeping Didge safe. Blimey, on the one hand we've got the ultra feminist movement banging on in Charlie's and on the other, at Erinsborough High it's the 1800s! Steve and Miranda leave.
KYLE: Hey Napier. How long has your old lady been snogging the school principle?
DECLAN: Get stuffed.
KYLE: Well I suppose it's one way of passing year 11.
Obviously Declan launches himself at Kyle but AngryZeke™ steps in and tells Declan to back off.
DECLAN: What you're standing up for these guys now Zeke? You need to take a good hard look at who your friends are.
ZEKE: I already know who my friends are.
Dec gives Zeke a shove and walks away.
Steph and Greg are playing darts. Steph is amazed, she knew she'd seen Greg's face before. She said that he, Greg Michaels, caused quite a stir amongst the girls, they used to hang out in the car park waiting for him to rock up on his bike. He wonders why that couldn't have been her. She says she had her own dramas. Greg remembers trying to psych up the courage to go and talk to her, but always chickening out because she had a thing for bad boys. Steph tells him she's gone off bad boys lately and asks if he's still a greasemonkey. He's in sales now, but he doesn't think she's changed a bit. They have a bit of an eyelocking, holding the same bunch of darts moment until Greg decides time is moving on and Charlie will be wondering where his mum is.
Camp Site
Andrew explains that the rest of the group will be staying on the other side of the mountain, two groups make a bit of healthy competition. No sneaking down to see them during the night and don't even think about sharing the tent he adds to Ringo and Donna. In the background Bridget seems to be doing some sort of hail to the sun. Declan joins her and asks if her parents are okay with the whole birth parent thing. She says yes, but doesn't take his silence as encouragement.
DECLAN: I just sometimes think it isn't good to dig up the past.
Bridget has a lightbulb moment remembering Declan's dad. She says it won't be the same and her parents are entirely behind her. Dec wonders if they'll feel a bit rejected. Bridget is annoyed and walks away. Zeke, Kyle and Justin snigger at Declan, who rolls his eyes at them.
Later, Kyle approaches Bridget and says that if she's over Declan, she can share his tent. She tells him to drop dead.
KYLE: Aw, come on. At least we know you get freaky.
Enter Declan all guns blazing.
BRIDGET: Dec, I'm handling this.
DECLAN: What did you say to her.
ZEKE: Back off Dec.
DECLAN: Shut up Zeke who cares what you have to say.
Ringo steps in and tries to get Declan to back off, but Declan lunges at Kyle again. Andrew and Libby see the fight brewing and leap in. Ringo explains it's just a bit of healthy competition. Andrew says that if they want competition then they'll do it properly in a raft race tomorrow with the guides. Clunk. Just got hit by that anvil. Declan and Kyle will be team leaders and there'll be points for leadership, teamwork and initiative. Libby doesn't look keen. Zeke looks on, half regretful as Libby ushers his old friends away.
Number 32
Greg has walked Steph to her door. He says it's been great and she agrees. They both start to ask if they can see each other again. They would. Greg moves to leave and Steph kisses him and tells him to call her. He will. He leaves. Steph closes the door with a big grin. Greg slips his wedding ring back on. Uh oh.
Number 22
Sam tells Dan that he didn't have to stay behind, that she's fine. She wants to cook him dinner, but he's fine. She glances towards her box of cranes. Sam tells him he's starting to worry her. He has a proposition for her; he thinks it will be better for everyone if he has sole custody of the baby. Sam would always have access to her, but she'd live with him and Libby.
SAM: Like hell she will.
DAN: I'll take it to court if I have to, Sam.
SAM: You take it where you want. That woman is not getting my baby!
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Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5604
Samantha Fitzgerald

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5604
Rachel Kinski

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5604
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5604
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5604
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5604
Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5604
Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5604
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5604
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5604
Zeke Kinski

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5604
Steph Scully

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5604
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Zeke Kinski, Justin Hunter, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 5604
Zeke Kinski, Justin Hunter, Kyle Canning

Steph Scully, Greg Michaels in Neighbours Episode 5604
Steph Scully, Greg Michaels

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5604
Declan Napier

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