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Neighbours Episode 5596 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5596
Australian airdate: 01/12/08
UK airdate: 09/03/08
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Maddy Green: Simone Smith
Backpacker boy #1: Sam Gaskin
Backpacker boy #2: Beau McCleish
Backpacker boy #3: Brinley Eastwood
- "On Your Side" by The Boat People
- "The Common Law" by Even
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/ShadowDan
Lou telling Toadie that Harold has gone AWOL and that he is sick.
Sam arriving back.
Dan feeling the baby kick inside Sam.
Libby calling the wedding off.
Miranda having a go at Didge over her diet/forbidding her from going rafting.
Carmy talking to Didge about how your world changes when you have a child.
Didge saying bye to her parents on the pretence of going out for walk but unknown to them she has packed a bag.
Somewhere outside/Number 22
Didge exits from a ferry and calls Declan who has been up all night worrying. He tells her that her parents will go ape when they find out and she tells him that she needs space but will be back soon, its something she has to do.
Number 32
Okay we are into dream territory again - it's been a while! Libby dreams that Sam comes into their room and joins them in their bed, and due to the lack of room Libby gets pushed out and onto the floor. This takes us back into the land of the living with Libby lying on the floor after falling out of the bed. Thankfully there is no sign of Sam but that doesn't prevent Libby from hitting Dan on the arm for pushing her out of bed.
Number 26
Declan tries to head to school without letting slip where Didge is but Steve and Miranda can sense that something is up.
Ramsay Street
Steve lets Declan drive the car to school on condition he doesn't prang it. Steve is trying to drop hints to get Declan to talk about Didge but he keeps quiet although it does look like he wants to say something.
Dan is trying to work out what the dream was that Libby had which caused him to get thumped but she stays quiet as they head over to #28.
Number 28
Lib and Dan arrive but she is still in the bad books with Ben who barely acknowledges her. The adults chat about the honeymoon and Susan suggests that they still go away (it was a no-refund booking) which Dan agrees to because it would be nice for them to have a break and before Sam delivers.
Susan decides that because they don't have any milk (and Karl didn't want to break a $50 the night before when he was supposed to buy milk) he is treating everyone to breakfast!
Ben is still giving Libby the cold shoulder despite Dan trying to broker a peace deal although Ben does lighten up when Dan assures him that he still wants to and will marry his mum.
Lou arrives with news that nobody hasn't seen Harold and drops into the conversation that he didn't want to tell Sky because she is 6 months pregnant!!! He suggests a mass email send out to spread the world that Harold is missing and wanted and randomly asks Karl for his gardening tools back.
At the bar, Ben is now talking to his mum and not in a begrudgingly way either (although he isn't sorry) and that he doesn't mind staying with his grandparents while they go away either.
Sam arrives to invite Dan and Libby to attend her ultrasound at the hospital tomorrow. Dan turns it down as they will be away so she promises them a copy of the ultrasound for their return.
The General Store
Declan tries to escape Steve and the store but Lou collars them to enlist their help in finding the missing Harold however both turn it down. Finally, Steve asks Declan to spill the beans and he tells him that Harold isn't the only one missing - Didge is too.
Didge counts her money ($5 plus some change) as some backpackers, who were on the ferry with her, offer her a lift to Nelson Cove (where she is headed to). She turns their invitation down but when she gets a text message, she runs after them as they are just about to leave having thrown her mobile into the nearby bin.
Maddy, the female who was talking to Didge, (who is now calling herself Kim) introduces her to the 4 blokes in the kombi as they leave the dock.
Later on they are at the beach (where the guys wanted to go) the guys play with a Frisbee on the beach while Kim and Maddy discuss their stories - "Kim" is on a gap year before studying medicine but is swithering about travelling overseas, which Maddy encourages her to do because its great fun.
The General Store
Miranda has heard the news and decides when Didge comes home she will get the space she needs.
Lou asks if there is any news of Didge, there isn't, and mentions that only himself and Karl seem to be interested in finding Harold.
Number 22
Dan helps Sam bring home things for the baby and he is impressed by the cuteness of some of the stuff. She enlists his help to put together the crib, which he is happy to do adding that Libby will call when its time to leave however when he goes out to the car to get more things, Sam switches off his mobile.
Number 28
Libby and Susan reassure Miranda that Didge will be back as they sit chatting. Susan points out to Lib that time is moving on for them getting to the airport and she replies that she can't get hold of Dan. The passing Lou mentions that he saw him go off with Sam earlier on.
Libby leaves a voicemail message for Dan saying that they should have left 15 mins ago and Susan suggests she heads home to get her things as Dan is probably waiting for her there.
Number 22
Dan and Sam struggle to put together the crib.
We now know why Lou wanted the gardening tools - he is planning on sorting out the allotments which are rather overgrown. Like a vision, half of Ramsay Street, well those scripted for today's eppy suddenly appear to lend a hand and fast forward a bit the place isn't half looking decent!
As they finish off, Declan mentions to Steve + Miranda that he though they would have asked him to leave. Steve jokes that they thought about it before adding that they trust him with Didge now he just needs to learn to trust them too.
The backpackers are having a whale of a time and invite Didge to join them in dancing.
Number 32
Libby waits patiently for Dan.
The batteries run out so the backpackers decide its time for a beer. "Kim" mentions she'll need to leave soon to get her bus to Nelson's Cove but Maddy replies that she won't miss her bus.
Number 32
Lib is trying to get her flights changed to no avail when Dan finally appears and blames his phone turning itself off on the batteries playing up. Sam follows behind a few seconds later to offer them a lift to the airport but Libby says there isn't time and doesn't want to add a car crash to her conscience if they were to try and rush to get there.
Sam plays the 'I feel terrible about you missing your trip' card and Libby isn't impressed at Dan rushing out this early to buy baby things. Sam suggests going somewhere else which Libby finally bites at.
LIBBY: Don't pretend you care; you wanted this to happen I'm sure. You know what; you probably turned his phone off your self.
DAN: Oh come on Lib.
LIBBY: You know what Dan, she's using her pregnancy to get you do to what she wants. I'm sick of it.
The backpackers give Didge a lift back to the bus stop but they drive off with Didge's bag still in the kombi. She thinks it is a joke but when they don't stop she begins to run after them.
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Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5596
Declan Napier

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5596
Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5596
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Maddy Green, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5596
Maddy Green, Bridget Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5596
Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5596
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5596
Samantha Fitzgerald

Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5596
Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

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