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Neighbours Episode 5590 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5590
Australian airdate: 21/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Kelly Katsis: Katrina Milsevic
Delivery Man: Peter Jackson
Customer: Tariro Mavondo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/ShadowDan
Elle tells Lucas they should just stay colleagues.
Kelly tells Toadie that Callum might have to repeat the year at school. Callum overhears and is upset.
Callum chats to Ringo about the situation at school.
Tanya tries to kiss Ty, but he tells her he's with Rachel. She tells him that he's made a big mistake.
Declan and Bridget want to move in together - at No.26 with the Parkers.
Carmella's Dream
In her dream, Carmella is remembering the incident where she and Oliver covered each other with fingerpaints and then started kissing.
She wakes on the sofa on No.24 and Elle is going through their accounts. Elle wants to know what the "hot dream" was about as apparently she was making a face like the woman on "When Harry Met Sally"!
ELLE: So, what was the dream about?
CARMELLA:(lying) I can't remember! Coffee?
ELLE: Yeah, I'll have what you're having!
They giggle.
General Store
Elle comes in to help Carmella in the shop for a couple of hours. She's doing it to dig for details on the hot dream though(!) Kelly comes in and laughs at the photo of Rebecca and Andrew handcuffed in the paper. Just then, a delivery man comes in and call three girls perve on him! As he leaves they all sigh.
The delivery man has brought a package from Oliver - it's an empty scrap book for Chloe.
CARMELLA:(reading) 'To my Beautiful Chloe - a present from your father, who loves you with all his heart. Ask your mum what to put in this book - she'll know what to do. All my love, Dad.'
Carmella sighs and takes the book off too the kitchen.
ELLE:(to Kelly) And the penny drops!
Steph has dragged Toadie along for a dance class with Libby, Dan and Ty. Toadie could not be less keen and is desperate to get home because Kelly is coming over to tutor Callum. He runs out in the end and Steph looks rather put out.
General Store
Carmella is brooding in the kitchen. Elle comes in and says she knows what the hot dream was about.
ELLE: You miss him.
A pause.
ELLE: Yeah...sometimes. You know, when I just want to hang out or talk about my problems. I don't have hot dreams about him!
CARMELLA:(groans) I shouldn't!
ELLE: Why not?!
CARMELLA: Because it's over! Well, he's off travelling, and I'm running this place. Nuh, we had our chance.
ELLE: Carm...he...
CARMELLA: Pass me the broccoli.
Ramsay Street
Ringo and Callum are kicking a football around and Harold watches from a distance. Toadie comes up and tells Callum to go inside - he's going to be studying with Kelly in a minute.
Kelly arrives and Toadie looks like he can't really hear what she's saying as he stares at her face.
KELLY: Are you the kind of guy that still has a pile of old comics lying around?
TOADIE: No...as if I'd do anything like that.
Kelly just looks at him.
TOADIE: Well...maybe one or two...boxes.
KELLY: Thought so!
TOADIE: They're not mine.
KELLY: Yeah, whatever!
General Store
Elle is looking at some photos on her laptop that Oliver has emailed - shots of him on his travels. Lucas comes up behind her and says that Oliver looks shifty and his eyes are too close together(!) He sits down at a table.
ELLE: What are you doing?
LUCAS: Waiting for my coffee.
ELLE: And why are you waiting over there?
LUCAS: Because we're just "work colleagues".
ELLE: No, when I said before that I didn't want just to have...you know exactly what I meant.
LUCAS: No, not really! Hey, Carm, if I asked you to have coffee with me, would that mean, "have coffee with me" or "have coffee with me"?
CARMELLA:(looking mischievous) I'm not sure I know what you mean!
LUCAS: No, I didn't get it either.
ELLE: Well, hey guys, don't mind me!
LUCAS: That's OK, we're not! (to Carmella) Also, I'm having a drink after work. If I asked you to have a drink with me...
CARMELLA: Wait...would that mean having a drink...
LUCAS: ...or having a drink?
CARMELLA: Hmm, that's a tough one.
ELLE: Yeah, yeah. Everyone's a comedian!
She walks off.
The Classroom
Dan, Libby, Ty, Steph, Steve and Miranda are practising dancing.
MIRANDA: So, you and Declan...
STEVE: Yeah...I'm fighting the urge to throttle him as it is, could you please not mention him?
MIRANDA: He's a cool kid. Well, young man, really. And now that Bridge and he are a couple...a real couple...
STEVE: Mmm...and?
MIRANDA: A couple who've got a baby coming...maybe they should think about living together.
STEVE:(laughs) Over my dead body!
MIRANDA: Actually...
TY: OK guys, let's try the dip!
They all dip their partners.
STEVE:(holding Miranda in a dip) What have you done?
MIRANDA: I let him move in.
STEVE:(pulling her out of the dip) You what?!
MIRANDA: He said he needed to move in - I said yes!
(A few minutes later)
The rest of the gang have vacated the room, to allow Steve and Miranda to argue it out.
STEVE: That's just great! That's wonderful!
MIRANDA: Can we talk about this calmly?
STEVE: What's the point, you've already made the decision! 'Oh Declan, come into our house, Declan! Here's our daughter, Declan! Why don't you help yourself to the fridge, Declan!'
(Steph and Ty peep through the window then duck down out of sight again)
MIRANDA: You're being ridiculous!
STEVE: No, *you're* being ridiculous! How could you make a decision like that without me?!
MIRANDA: It just happened!
STEVE: Well maybe it should just un-happen!
MIRANDA: You'd prefer them to go and live in some dingy flat?
STEVE: No, no, I don't want that either!
MIRANDA: Well, he wants to support her.
STEVE: Why can't he support her from Rebecca's house?
MIRANDA: Because he wants to be with her!
STEVE: Yeah, every night!
MIRANDA: She's having his baby!
STEVE: Yeah I know....I know....(deflating)...I know...!
Miranda starts to laugh and hugs him.
MIRANDA: We're going to be grandparents! It's going to be more than Declan living with us!
Front garden of No.24
Harold is doing some gardening. Carmella brings out some cookies and they sit and eat them.
CARMELLA: You can transplant roses somewhere else, can't you? And they'd survive...and keep flowering?
HAROLD: Well, yes. As long as they've got the right soil and plenty of sunlight.
It's clear that Carmella is not thinking about gardening, but about her own life.
HAROLD: Most plants will thrive in another spot. As long as they've got someone to care for them.
Callum is awed by the pile of comics. Toadie says they're Rebecchi family heirlooms(!) Kelly says they've got a little test - Callum reads a comic and if he passes the test, he'll get a computer game. He sees this as a good deal and sits down to read.
Ringo answers the phone to Callum. He's rung to ask Ringo about some of the words - like "interstellar alien". He says that the words go all weird. Kelly and Toadie overhear this.
General Store
Elle is in a bad mood and is stomping around. Carmella and the customers look rather alarmed(!) In the kitchen, Elle rants to Carmella about Lucas.
ELLE: He's just hanging around to annoy me!
CARMELLA: OK, have you ever thought that maybe it's not the only reason?!
ELLE: Yes it is, he's stupid, arrogant, infuriating...
CARMELLA: Hey, didn't he ask you for a drink later? You going to go?
ELLE: Are you crazy too? Wild horses couldn't drag me.
Carmella is forcibly dragging Elle into the bar!!
CARMELLA: Come on!
ELLE: I'm warning you...
And Lucas is sitting at the bar watching them make their entrance.
CARMELLA:(brightly) Hi! (through gritted teeth, taking off Elle's apron) It's not going to kill you! (To Lucas) Hello! By complete coincidence, we're here for an after-work drink! Shall we join you?
LUCAS: Oh, that depends - is that a drink or a drink?
Carmella laughs, Elle rolls her eyes.
CARMELLA: Oh, I am such a shocker! I forgot to put the order in for tomorrow. Bye!
She exits, leaving Elle and Lucas on their own.
Lucas has bought Elle a drink and they're about to play a game of pool. Lucas is very confident.
LUCAS: If I win, I get to take you for a ride on my bike.
ELLE: What, that clapped out old thing?
LUCAS: Ouch! What about if you win.
ELLE: I'll let you know. When you lose. Your break.
Lucas breaks and then takes his first shot. Elle distracts him by pretending to sneeze and he misses.
ELLE: Take a seat. You'll be there a while.
LUCAS: Oooh, that's a tricky shot...for a girl.
ELLE: You comfortable?
She proceeds to clear the table in one visit.
Lucas looks rather shell-shocked.
LUCAS: OK, so now you won. But I'm still going to take you for a ride on my bike.
Elle shakes her head, but he picks her up in a fireman's lift and carries her out of the bar.
Callum is recounting the story in the comic. He says he had no problem reading. Toadie gives him the game and Callum heads off to play outside. Toadie and Kelly discusst hings, and agree that everything Callum told them, he could have got just from the pictures. Kelly wonders if Callum might be dyslexic, or maybe they should get his eyesight checked?
General Store, after hours
Carmella is clearing up when Harold comes in. He offers to help her by sweeping the floor and tells her that she's done a wonderful job running this place. Carmella says the place was Marco's dream - she's just kept it going. She says she's had so much help from the people around her, they've kept her going through all the bad times in losing Marco.
Outside Lassiter's
Lucas and Elle have been for their ride and had a great time.

LUCAS: And that crack about "clapped out"? Apologise to Sabrina. Apologise.
ELLE: I'm sorry, *bike*.
LUCAS: She says, 'thank you and no hard feelings'. So, you won.
ELLE: Oh yes! And now I have to think of my prize.
LUCAS: I know what you want.
ELLE: How could you? I don't even know what I want.
LUCAS: I know.
ELLE: Uh, no you don't!
LUCAS: Yes I do.
ELLE: No you don't.
LUCAS: It's pretty obvious.
ELLE: So now you're not only an arty photography, you're a mind-reader. And a tough guy on a motorbike. And a really rubbish pool player. And a...and a...
Lucas leans in and kisses her.
LUCAS: Our first date. Nice. See ya.
He gets on his bike and rides off!
ELLE:(coming in) I hate him!!
Elle recounts the evening.
ELLE: He kissed me! No, not in a good way, kissed me! He kissed me and then rode off! I bet he never calls again. You know, I don't even care, he's an idiot!
ELLE: Did you call Oliver?
Carmella avoids the subject and goes off to put Chloe to bed.
When she's out of the room, Elle dials Oliver's number.
ELLE: Hey, Ollie. We need to talk.
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Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5590
Elle Robinson

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson

Delivery Man in Neighbours Episode 5590
Delivery Man

Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson, Kelly Katsis in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson, Kelly Katsis

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5590
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Kelly Katsis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5590
Kelly Katsis, Toadie Rebecchi

Carmella Cammeniti, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti, Lucas Fitzgerald

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5590
Elle Robinson

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5590
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop

Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5590
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5590
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly Katsis in Neighbours Episode 5590
Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly Katsis

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5590
Harold Bishop

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5590
Carmella Cammeniti

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