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Neighbours Episode 5589 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5589
Australian airdate: 20/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tanya Tasker Erin Dewar
Andrew Simpson Peter Flanigan
Constable Ray Moller Steven Stagg
Cleaner Gilbert Benedicto
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/ShadowDan
- Tanya smothering Ty in baby oil
- Tanya telling Rachel that she's making Ty a star and there's not a ticket for her.
- Toadie telling Andrew Simpson that they're prepared to take Bridget's case to the Equal Opportunities court.
- Andrew telling Rebecca that Bridget's behaviour was anti-social and the school won't tolerate it.
- Declan promising the AFL coach that the next time he sees his name in the paper it will be for a great performance not for teen dramas
- Bridget deciding she can't go back to Erinsborough High.
Erinsborough High
Outside Bridget is trying to convince herself that the school in Eden Hills sounded cool but the others don't think she can let Andrew Simpson treat her like he is.
BRIDGET: I know, but this idea has "Donna-ness" written all over it...
The camera pans out as Donna joins them and we see that the Teen gang all have pillows stuck up their tops to create "the pregnant effect". Donna calls through her megaphone to unveil the banners, which read "Fight the Power" and "Bring Bridget Back". Then she calls for the placards "Simpson Hates Kids" and more "Fight the Power".
DONNA: Attitude! Aaaand, hey ho. Let's Go! Erinsborough High. Kiss your Rights goodbye!
They start marching around the schoolyard but Bridget is still concerned that they're all going to get into trouble. Donna reasons that they can't expel all of them.
PROTESTERS: Young mums are people too. We want Bridget back in school!
DONNA: It's not fair, it's just crazy, she can't go to school 'cause she's having a baby.
Lucas begins to snap photos of them and Bridget calls for him to stop it. Miranda and Rebecca arrive and Rebecca thinks it's GREAT. Miranda gives her a filthy look, but Rebecca reminds her it's about their grandchild. She asks Donna if there's room for one more on the picket line. Declan arrives and immediately lays into Bridget asking if she's crazy, his career is going to be over. She explains that it was Donna's idea. Lucas tries to snap shots of them. Andrew Simpson comes out of the building to see what's going on and doesn't look too pleased. The police arrive so Declan and Bridget make a sharpish exit.
POLICEMAN: Are you in charge here?
ANDREW: Does it look like I'm in charge?
The protesters are lead inside.
ANDREW: This is a school! I could have you charged with trespass...
REBECCA: Oh really, well I could have you charged with being a tool!
ANDREW: I won't be dictated to by radicals. This is a school not a commune.
Rebecca wants to know why the parents and the students don't get a say. Andrew says they can put their views forward at school council meetings. Rebecca asks what about Bridget and Susan thinks there must be a way they can work things out. Andrew calls that he thinks it is time everyone left, but before he can try to disperse the crowds Rebecca pinches the policeman's handcuffs and throws herself at the banister, handcuffing herself to the railing. Lucas and Elle decide that a chick in handcuffs is definitely a story.
Number 26
Bridget wishes they'd stayed around a bit longer, but Declan says they could have got arrested and that would have been something for the paper.
BRIDGET: Hey, I didn't ask for this you know.
DECLAN: Yeah, I know.
BRIDGET: Well you're talking to me like I wanted people to line up there. Like I got expelled on purpose. Stop treating me like the enemy Declan.
He leans forward and kisses her asking if he'd do that to the enemy. She hopes not because he'd get very confused. Declan starts to explain that he's just worried about his footy stuff when he is cut off by Miranda arriving home. She's glad to see that Declan is starting to take some responsible decisions for them both and wonders if they should be encouraging him to hang around more. Declan has been having thoughts on that matter and wonders if they should move in together. Bridget agrees straight away, but Miranda thinks it's a terrible idea.
Bridget confronts her mum saying that she can't just say no with no reason and expect them to accept it.
MIRANDA: I've got plenty of good reasons.
BRIDGET: Name one.
MIRANDA: Ok, Rachel and Angus. They lived together an it was a disaster.
BRIDGET: Mum, this is a totally different situation. Declan isn't fresh out of prison.
MIRANDA: No, he's in high school and you're pregnant.
BRIDGET: And that means that pretty soon we're going to have a baby. Parents are supposed to live together!
Declan (cuddling the uber cute wombat) interjects saying that he wants to be around for Bridget as much as possible and it's difficult when he's living across the street. Miranda says they're so young and there's a lot of organisation that goes into running a house and the rental market is tight.
MIRANDA: You're hardly a landlord's idea tenants.
DECLAN: Well, maybe I could live with you guys.
BRIDGET: Brilliant!
DECLAN: Yeah, nobody moves out of their parents' house until they're well into their twenties anyway.
Bridget says that they'd pay rent and buy food and Miranda would still get to nag her. Miranda still looks unsure.
Erinsborough High
Andrew tells the policeman that he'll have to unlock her.
POLICEMAN: My advice, let her sit there.
ANDREW: Give me the key then and I'll unlock her!
POLICEMAN: I don't think that's such a hot idea.
TOADIE: (appearing out of nowhere)Mm, neither do I.
ANDREW: Oh here he is, the lawyer. Are you a friend of the family again this time too?
TOADIE: No, I'm here in my capacity as a lawyer looking after Ms Napier's legal welfare.
He suggests that Andrew shouldn't lay a hand on Rebecca. Andrew turns to the policeman and frustrated points out that she's on school grounds. Oh, that would explain the classrooms and lockers. The policeman again advises him to let things cool down. Andrew wants the key. Grudgingly the policeman eventually hands over the key. He tells Rebecca that he'll bring his own assault charges if need be. Rebecca tells him he's a bully. He starts to decuff Rebecca but somehow she manages to get the key off him and cuff him to her under the railing in one swift movement. She puts her key in her bra for safekeeping. The policeman doesn't have a spare key. Should I be calling him a "police officer"? Anyway, Rebecca tells the crowd that they may as well go home because it's going to be a long night.
The teens come in talking animatedly about Rebecca handcuffing herself to Mr Simpson but expect that Declan won't be impressed as it won't be great for his footy future. Ty arrives a little late as Tanya wanted him to try on more shirts. Tanya drags Ty off to talk band business and Zeke remarks that Rachel didn't mention how hot Tanya is. Rachel looks over at them and seems rather bummed.
Erinsborough High
Lucas and Elle are pleased with the pictures they've got. Andrew tries to slip the key from Rebecca but she tells him not to even think about it.
ANDREW: Oh keep your shirt on.
REBECCA: I plan to!
Andrew tells her he could do her for unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping. Toadie is sitting on the sidelines reading the paper and informs him that he might manage unlawful imprisonment but not kidnap.
REBECCA: You are free to go at any time you want as long as you agree to act like a compassionate and rational human being.
ANDREW: What about a locksmith?
The policeman resignedly says that he could put in a call. Susan asks Rebecca what she's going to do when she needs to go to the toilet. Rebecca tries to wind Andrew up about it, but he grabs a chair and says they're going to be in for a long night. Rebecca also gets a chair and tells Susan and Toadie they can go, which they do with a "you watch it" from Susan.
ANDREW: So, know any good jokes?
Later Declan has come to visit his mum and check she's ok. Declan is worried the paper will be all over the story and Rebecca informs him they are. He asks what if the club finds out. She tells him she has to make a stand. Declan wanted to talk to her about something else but doesn't think this is a good time. Rebecca turns to Andrew who is watching them.
REBECCA: D'you mind?
He rolls his eyes and turns away. Declan tells her that he and Bridget want to live together and that Miranda says it's alright for him to move in with them.
DECLAN: It's not that I don't want to live with you. I just want to be with Bridget as much as I can and help her out.
REBECCA: Oh yes, of course. I understand that.
DECLAN: Yeah. Yeah, and it's not like I won't be able to come over all the time and help you and Carmella out with all those little things you need me around...
REBECCA: Yeah, we can change a light bulb you know...
DECLAN: Sure! And I'll still be over all the time to bug you with stuff you know that.
REBECCA: (becoming misty eyed) Yes, I know that.
They hold hands and Rebecca tries to joke that it's not quite how she expected him telling her he was going to move out. Dec asks if she needs anything and she says no, she's fine Susan's going to bring food later. He looks at his mum knowing she's masking her sadness and seems reluctant to leave. He kisses her goodbye and as he turns the corner Rebecca's tears come and she sadly waves him goodbye. Andrew passes her a handkerchief.
We get a nice shot of the city by night and then we're back to Andrew and Rebecca sitting in silence. A cleaner passes them looking mildly alarmed.
ANDREW: Declan seems like a good kid, for what it's worth.
REBECCA: Yes, Declan's a good kid, Bridget is a good kid, they're both good kids. They're gonna be good parents. And if you had any idea what it's like being a parent you wouldn't do this to them.
Andrew doesn't think that just because he doesn't have kids he can't understand how she feels and if he's a bully she's smug.
REBECCA: Oh, I'm smug?
ANDREW: Yes, sitting there making your judgements. You have no idea who I am.
REBECCA: Alright then, who are you?
He informs her that he's in the army reserves which he thinks is important, just as he thinks teaching is important, even if it isn't as noble as having kids of his own. She asks if he wants children and he thinks maybe one day if the right woman comes along. Rebecca asks if Bridget doesn't deserve to be part of the future too. He thinks there are other schools better equipped to look after her than Erinsborough High. Rebecca wants to know why he didn't suggest that instead of outright expelling her.
ANDREW: Because nobody came to talk to me about it. Instead I had to deal with her attacking a boy.
REBECCA: Oh come. On. She was being harassed! There were mitigating circumstances for her behaviour. Enforcing a zero tolerance policy was unnecessarily punitive.
Andrew begins to chuckle saying that he thought they were in court. Rebecca says that she had hoped to be a lawyer one day. She tells him not to underestimate her even if she is smug. As if he'd dare!
The General Store
Elle and Lucas are looking over the pictures and remark that one of Rebecca makes her a human headline. Lucas thinks that "her principle" isn't going to be pleased with the caning she's giving him.
ELLE: Well, we don't make the news we just report it.
LUCAS: A couple of octaves lower and that could have been your father speaking!
Elle thinks that Andrew brought it on himself though he does really seem to care about his job. Lucas maintains that he's a muppet who irons his underwear. Lucas asks if she wants another coffee. Elle says she's just about done. Lucas thinks that's a good enough reason for another coffee. Elle gets all defensive and asks why and they get into a vicious "I asked first" circle of conversation until she breaks it saying that they're just colleagues and they should stay that way.
Juust give me oooone good reason, one gooood reason....
Quite. Lucas leaves.
Number 28
Karl is on the phone to Libby talking wedding costs. Susan is off to the school so Karl hurries to join her. There may be doves at the wedding. Why?!
Zeke asks Rachel if she's heard from Ty yet. Loving brother Zeke reminds his sister that Tanya is an absolute hottie. Rachel trusts Ty and doesn't care. Zeke exchanges a look with Ringo and Donna.
RACHEL: What's that supposed to mean?
ZEKE: I didn't say anything.
RACHEL: Yes, but you thought it.
ZEKE: Ok, yeah I did. I thought pizza. Yeah. That's a good thought.
DONNA: Pizza.
RACHEL: Ok, just because he's hot and she's hot doesn't mean anything's going to happen. Ok. Yeah, 'cause she's his manager and ok, she buys him things occasionally but that also doesn't mean anything.
Rachel becomes incomprehensible which means she's fine. Apparently.
Erinsborough High
Susan is holding a tub of pasta while Rebecca manages to one handedly eat. Karl asks if they're ok, no dizziness of limb pain. Andrew comments that his ear hurts making a jabbering hand motion at Rebecca who says there's more where that came from.
SUSAN: Are you hungry Andrew, I brought a spare fork.
ANDREW: Feeling guilty are we.
SUSAN: Er, no. Not overly. Oh come on, if you hadn't been so bloody minded there wouldn't have been a story for me to write in the first place.
ANDREW: If I back down now I'll lose all authority.
SUSAN: As supposed to the kids finding you chained to the stair well. Even if this wasn't about Bridget, zero tolerance on bullying never works.
ANDREW: Thanks for your opinion former Principle Kennedy.
Susan tells him about a school interstate that's had a very successful anti-bullying programme. Karl thinks Erinsborough High would look good to be the first school in Victoria to adopt the programme. Rebecca thinks it's a great idea and they could use Bridget as the face of the campaign. Andrew realises that there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Number 28
Ty comes over apologising for being late again but there's a lot of planning to be done for the tour. He tells her not to feel threatened by Tanya being so full on because that's her style and that's how she gets what she wants. Rachel asks if she's going to get what she wants. Ty is clueless. The penny drops and he thinks she's reading too much into it. Even if it was true, he wouldn't go there, doesn't she trust him? Rachel doesn't trust Tanya, what happens if she throws herself at him. There's an awkward pause. Ty suggests they talk about it later as he has a meeting with the band but reassures her that he's with her, end of story. Yawn.
Erinsborough High
Rebecca undoes the handcuffs freeing them both. Andrew rejoices in being free but concedes that there are worse parents to be handcuffed to. Rebecca says that if he hadn't been so stubborn she wouldn't have had to take such drastic measures. He is amused that she thinks he's stubborn. Rebecca asks if he'll speak to Bridget tomorrow. He will first thing after he's explained the front page of the Erinsborough News to the Department of Education. They shake hands. Andrew offers to get the handcuffs back to the police, but Rebecca's sure they won't miss one pair.
REBECCA: You never know when they might come in handy.
They grin at each other and Rebecca sachets off leaving Andrew Calvin Klein cheesy smiling.
Number 30
Tanya calls around to collect Ty and tells him the other band members are dying to meet him. Ty says he's looking forward to meeting them too, but Tanya doesn't think he sounds it and asks what's up. He explains that Rachel is feeling a bit insecure and thinks that Tanya's interest in him isn't just professional. She asks if that would be such a bad thing, doing up his buttons for him all pouty. She leans in to kiss him but he pushes her away reminding her he's with Rachel.
TANYA: I know, but I thought you wanted this too.
TY: Well I don't.
Tanya goes all cold and tells him he's made a big mistake and storms out.
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Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5589
Bridget Parker

Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5589
Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5589
Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker

Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5589
Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Bridget Parker

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5589
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5589
Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier

Police Officer, Andrew Simpson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5589
Police Officer, Andrew Simpson, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5589
Rebecca Napier

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5589
Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier, Karl Kennedy, Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5589
Rebecca Napier, Karl Kennedy, Andrew Simpson

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5589
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson

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