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Neighbours Episode 5534 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5534
Australian airdate: 04/09/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Lucas Fitzgerald: Scott Major
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Carmella reassuring Ringo that he doesn't need to hide, that he's amongst friends.
Some random footy scene.
Susan telling Karl he has to tell the hospital what really happened after paying off Pete Ferguson.
Karl trying to get Nicola to tell because Pete's story will run in the paper tomorrow.
Nicola fessing up- that it was Karl who did the test and he's been asking her to cover for him.
Karl removes his nameplate and belongings from the hospital.
Number 30
Toadie and Dan continue the 'Nicola's pregnant' when she rushes into the toilet upon arriving home but neither of them want to ask her. Dan conveniently decides to go for a walk, leaving Toadie to talk to the now returned Nicola and he comes straight out with it and asks who the father is. To his relief (and Dan's who didn't go just loitered) she makes it clear that she isn't pregnant. The guys ask what is wrong and after ignoring a call from Karl, tells them that it's nothing they can help her with.
Number 28
Entering the house, Karl finishes leaving a voicemail message on Nicola's phone, furious that he's been suspended because of what Nicola told Peggy. He tells Susan that the nurses think they've been having an affair too.
SUSAN: Oh great.
KARL: People just love to jump to conclusions, don't they?
SUSAN: Well, you can't blame them Karl; you have been spending a lot of time with her.
KARL: I've got a headache; I think I'll go to bed.
Karl skulks off to the bedroom (then out for a walk) as Zeke and Ringo (who is wearing the same top that was once owned by Max Hoyland) come home talking about Rachel not getting the position before getting ready for footy training.
Number 24
Ringo waits for Declan who is finishing a soppy conversation with Didge on the phone. He asks Carmella to borrow some of Marco's recipes for a task Dan has set him, which she agrees to, before the boys depart.
Rebecca questions Carmella about her friendship with Ringo and asks her to question what he is getting out of them being friends.
Ramsay Street
Susan catches Nicola before she leaves demanding to know when she is going to the hospital to sort this business out and asks why she is doing this to Karl. Nicola replies that she hasn't got a choice.
SUSAN: You've always got a choice. Believe me Nicola, I'm not going to sit back and let this happen. When the hospital investigates, I'll make sure they find out everything.
NICOLA: Look, I don't have anything to hide.
SUSAN: Oh, you reckon?
Nicola tells her to "get out of the way" before starting her car and departing.
The General Store
Remembering what Rebecca said to her, Carmella is a bit awkward around Ringo when he comes into the kitchen asking for food help (for the team and himself) from her. The lad is observant though and asks why, so she tells him that she doesn't want to lead him on.
RINGO: Carm, you're so far off the mark.
She doesn't reply and he comments that he though they were friends before leaving the kitchen and Carmella shakes her head ruefully.
Dan spots Ringo and Declan about to leave and reminds them about the weights session and for them not to be late.
Miranda comes off the phone talking to Didge (and trying to get her to persuade Riley to come back) to tell Steve that their son has a sub-editor job for an online service in Sydney. Steve isn't exactly happy at him being in Sydney and Miranda thinks it's because he is trying to avoid Nicola.
STEVE: What so he won't come back here until Nicola leaves?
Miranda nods and just at that moment he spots Nicola entering the store.
STEVE: It's like a curse. Mutter her name and it conjures her up.
Toadie shouts on Nicola as she was about to turn and leave to tell her to get in contact with Karl. She finally gets to leave and Dan wonders why she even came in. "Who knows, she's all over the place at the moment" Toadie replies before agreeing with Dan that she needs to talk to either them or someone else.
Lassiter's Complex
Miranda runs after Nicola to talk to her (Toadie had a word). Nicola tells her sister that she's made a big mistake and that someone else is going to get hurt. When she says "Karl Kennedy", Miranda rolls her eyes and asks if she will ever learn.
NICOLA: You believe what you want to believe.
MIRANDA: Well what am I supposed to believe when you keep acting like a...
Nicola walks away and ignores Miranda's sympathetic "Nic".
Paul wants to know why Susan is now best buddies with Elle given they were at each others throat last week but she refuses to say and tells him to go so she can eat her lunch.
Miranda arrives to chat with Susan and plucks up the courage to say that she thinks Nicola has "been" with Karl. Susan is quick to say that they haven't had an affair and adds that Nicola is in trouble and burning off anyone who is trying to help her. Miranda wants to know what it's about but Susan doesn't say.
Lucas tries to taunt Ringo before the weights session because they are stretching. Dan reprimands his brother but out of earshot, Lucas tells the boys that Dan isn't a premiership captain and Steve isn't 'Bomber Thompson' and if they want to win at the weekend then they should listen to his idea. "Which is" asks Ringo.
Turns out that Lucas' plan is to eavesdrop on their opponents to find out what their plan is but Declan things he is mental because it will get them killed! Lucas still thinks it's a great idea tells them to walk away if they do get recognised and upon seeing their reluctance, volunteers to accompany them.
The three of them start walking to where the Warratah Wolves are training when Lucas shouts out that these guys are from the Dingoes and asks if they are spying. Cue Ringo and Declan rushing off being closely followed by a herd of animals footy players. Lucas meanwhile, strolls up to where the team was and takes a copy of their gameplan.
Number 28
Susan tells Karl about having words with Nicola but thinks they've been coming at it from the wrong angle and comes up with a new gameplan - him being nice to Nicola. "I'm sorry, I'm completely out of compassion" is Karl's response to her plan.
SUSAN: Well then, you better manufacture some if you want to save your skin.
KARL: What?
SUSAN: She's never going to withdraw this allegation if she thinks she's already blown it with you.
KARL: You think I should pretend to care for her so that she weakens, is that it?
SUSAN: Yep, guilt; it's a great motivator.
KARL: I can't believe you're suggesting this, it's so... "unyou."
SUSAN: Desperate times, desperate measures.
Ringo and Declan arrive at the bar ready to kill Lucas after his stunt but he shows them the Wolves gameplan. The boys think that Steve and Dan won't go for it which Lucas agrees with and adds that they won't tell them, just make their own adjustments on the pitch.
Dan arrives looking for Ringo because he missed a counselling session. Lucas informs him that they were doing some extra footy training which saves Ringo getting it in the neck.
The General Store
Rebecca doesn't relish Paul's help as she puts up Dingo's bunting around the store. She comments on how much time Paul and Susan are spending together lately and Paul assures her it's only on a professional basis, and that she's a really smart woman.
REBECCA: Yes, she'd run rings around you.
PAUL: Hmm, I wonder if I could convince her to do that in her gym gear?!
Ringo and Declan come into the store and try to chat with Zeke but he's got his head in that IQ book again and doesn't welcome Declan's banter, so much so he leaves instead.
In the kitchen, Ringo reports as requested to Carmella - she wants him to try a dish she has been making for the footy team. She apologises to him for before "because it was silly and I need to grow up."
CARMELLA: You're such a great friend Ringo and I hurt you. I'm an idiot.
Carmella tries to get him to open up too, which he does, but not what she wants him to talk about, instead talking about the dish she just made.
Dan spots Lucas entering the bar and tells him to leave Declan and Ringo alone. He is also still annoyed at Ringo missing the counselling session but Lucas replies that perhaps Ringo can stand on his own two feet.
DAN: Listen, that kid has been through a lot and I'm not going to stand by and watch it all go to waste so that you can get back with me. You got that champ!
LUCAS: (Saluting Dan) Got that loud and clear skipper.
The General Store
Putting Susan's plan into action, Karl tracks Nicola down and tries to be nice to her, saying that he is here to help.
NICOLA: I need my job.
KARL: And so do I.
NICOLA: But you're a well respected doctor, they're going to give you a second chance.
KARL: Is that why you told Peggy I did it because you thought the hospital would protect me?
NICOLA: (nodding) Well they'll bury the indiscretion and everything will go on as it did before.
KARL: What if they don't? What if they dismiss me? Nicola, where's your conscience?
NICOLA: I can't afford to have one. Karl if I've really got HIV okay I'm going to have to look after myself, I'm going to need money.
KARL: And you're going to need friends to support you as well. I thought I was one of those.
Nicola tells him that she didn't mean for him to get involved in this but she can't back out. Karl tries to plead with her that they'll sort it out but he is left to sit in despair as she walks out of the store.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5534
Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5534
Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5534
Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5534
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5534
Carmella Cammeniti

Susan Kennedy, Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5534
Susan Kennedy, Nicola West

Nicola West, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5534
Nicola West, Miranda Parker

Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5534
Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5534
Declan Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5534
Susan Kennedy

Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5534
Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5534
Lucas Fitzgerald

Carmella Cammeniti, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5534
Carmella Cammeniti, Ringo Brown

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5534
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Nicola West, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5534
Nicola West, Karl Kennedy

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