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Neighbours Episode 5533 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5533
Australian airdate: 03/09/08
UK airdate: 27/11/08
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Ty Harper - Dean Geyer
Logan Ellis - Nick Cain
Shaylee O'Brien - Kelly Turner
Dr Peggy Newton - Carolyn Bock
Pete Ferguson - Kristen Holland
Gloria Stanton - Erin Cornell
Allison Miles - Gemma Purdy
Band Guitarist - David Forster
Band Drummer - Rhys Thomas
Summary/Images by: Pete/Emily
Ty is told the band has no room for a Yoko Ono
Karl explains to Susan why he's covering for Nicola; Susan urges him to tell all.
Karl tells Nicola about the treatment program
Toadie tries to get the truth from Karl
Pete tells the Erinsborough News Karl has given him a life sentence
Susan pleads with Elle that Pete Ferguson is just pulling a scam. Elle believes that Karl violated his rights. She wonders what's got into Susan - after all, her moral code once compelled her to tell Rebecca Paul was cheating on her. Elle asks if Susan can prove that Pete is lying - or would hospital records back him up? Susan says it's not about Karl, he didn't take the sample. 'A nurse' took the blood and Karl is covering for her. Susan asks her to let it go.
No 30
Nicola is getting ready for work. Toadie says she's sick.
TOADIE: You're Australian, chucking a sickie is your patriotic duty.
She insists she's fine to go to work. Toadie sees her problem. After all to go sick from a hospital you actually have to go to hospital. He says he knows something is wrong, and he can keep a pretty big secret if he has to. Nicola thinks about this for a second then says 'Bye' and leaves.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is surprised to see Nicola at work 40 minutes early. She unconvincingly says she's keen. Karl jokes that the other staff will think she's sucking up. She doesn't get it and is worried. He tells her he was just joking then changes the subject, saying she knows he thinks she did the wrong thing, and she says she knows. She goes to put on a second pair of gloves, but Karl says people will ask why. He says standard procedure is adequate. She says she doesn't need adequate, she needs certain. He says she should take the day off. She says she can't do that because Toadie is asking questions. He says she should talk to Toadie and get his support. She says she doesn't need Toadie - she's got Karl. She asks if she can still talk to him. He says if she needs to talk, his door is open.
Ty is popular with the band because loads of girls have turned up after he advertised on their website. Logan has been getting phone numbers. Ty suggests they should hear them sing first.
Zeke, Rachel and Libby come in. Zeke has an IQ book which he starts reading at the bar, Rachel is on the phone trying to hurry Doinna up to support her. After hanging up she nervously asks Libby how many girls does she think are there. Libby tries to calm her down.
ZEKE: Did you know giraffes don't have any vocal chords? It's not like they don't have any room.
Libby asks him what he's reading. It's IQ Maintenance. Declan and him are having a rematch. Rachel says he's upset Declan beat him in the IQ tests.
ZEKE: Yeah, well, justice will be served.
Ty welcomes the auditionees and his band mate says they've all been given a song to learn, to start them from the same place. First up is Gloria Stanton. She made Top 50 on Idol. Ty is impressed.
GLORIA: Yeah, we had our own Idol at school.
She starts her audition and gives a truly ear-shattering performance. All people can do is smile politely and try not to grimace. Suddenly, she turns into a blonde girl called Allison who's even worse and smiles begin to fade. At the end Allison asks if she's in.
LOGAN: It's too early to tell, but you're as good as anyone we've heard so far.
So that's a no, then.
Ty says they all looked so good on paper. His band mate points out that he keeps saying that.
Steph pulls him aside and tells him her ears are bleeding. He says sorry, but it's all part of his grand plan. Steph thinks his grand plan must be to drive away her customers. He reveals it's to get Rachel in the band. Steph smiles that he knew they couldn't sing. Ty says he wanted her in the band, but Logan wanted her to audition. Steph realises he's stacked the odds in Rachel's favour. She says she has to take Charlie, but can he take care of the place, make sure no windows get shattered, that kind on thing.
No 24
Sienna is holding a dress to herself and complaining to Carmella that it 'does not say hot rock chick, it says total tryhard'. Carmella thinks it looks perfect. Suddenly she gets an attack of nerves. Carmella tells her to relax. Ty said she could sing 'and he should know'. Uh huh. Sienna says he was just being nice. Carmella asks what his exact words were. He said she had a great voice. Carmella agrees and says he's personally asked her to audition, and he's not going to do that if he doesn't believe in her. Carmella reassures her that she's ready.
No 28
Susan comes in with the mail. Elle follows and tells her she knows Nicola is the nurse who took the blood sample, and that's why her and Karl been spending time together. Elle tells Susan she will find out the truth anyway. Susan tells her what happend, that Nicola got 'stuck with a needle' Elle says it's still assault if it's without Pete's consent, and that's a story. Susan points out he's been terrorising the Parkers. He refused to give a blood test because he thought it was funny. Susan tells her if she prints the story it will ruin Karl and Nicola's careers. Elle asks about patients rights. Susan points out that Karl helped Elle when she needed it and asks if he deserves this. Elle asks how far Susan is prepared to go to kill the story. She says 'whatever it takes, within reason'. Elle says Paul cares about money more than content. There's no way he can pay Pete without finding out why. Susan realises he'll want to print the story, so Elle suggests the money needs to come from somewhere else - Susan asks how much. Elle says $5000.
Rachel takes the stage and impresses everyone, except Gloria and Alison, who know they're beat. Logan agrees 'she's good man'. Toadie tells Zeke and Libby he 'almost feels guitly for auditioning now'. Libby is shocked by this and Zeke asks 'You're not doing that thing you do at the footy club, are you?' Libby asks what that is and Zeke is about to tell her.
TOADIE: What happens at the footy club, stays at the footy club.
LIBBY: Too bad the audition's just for girls.
TOADIE: That won't stop me.
Libby gives Rachel a cuddle as she comes off stage. Rachel says she's glad that's over. Libby reckons it's just the beginning. Susan comes rushing in, sad to realise that's she's too late. She apologises and asks how it went. She says she did OK. Libby says she was great. Toadie agrees, but 'too bad I'm going to have to BLOW HER OUT OF THE WATER!; Susan laughs and asks Toadie if she can have a word with him. He mocks being angry that he'll 'miss his big chance' but goes out with him anyway.
Ty and Logan are talking and it's looking like Rachel's in the band. Then Carmella comes rushing in, asking if they're too late. Briefly they think she wants to audition then she introduces Sienna wearing a dress that frankly doesn't flatter her. Ty insists they've found what they're looking for. Logan agrees, but from the look on his face, I think he means Sienna.
The General Store
Susan asks Toadie what happens if she buys the exclusive rights to a story. Toadie asks if Paul doesn't have his own legal people for this. Susan says she needs to ask someone she can trust. He asks if Paul's got her doing something she's not comfortable with. No, she says, she just wants to know what happens if she buys a story and it's not published. He says that would declare the contract null and void.
Sienna sings the song, not well, in my opinion. Certainly not better than Rachel, and quick straw poll conducted by glancing at the Australian comments for this episode would seem to agree. It's not awful,but it's not Rachel. Looking round the bar, only Logan seems impressed. Rachel looks a bit nervous. After the song Logan tells Ty that 'she's the whole package'. He tells her she was 'amazing' and asks for her phone number.
Rachel thinks Sienna was good, but Libby and Zeke tell her she was better and 'if the guys have any sense, they'll pick you'.
Ty tells Logan it's clear who's the winner, Logan agrees, but again he thinks they're both talking about Sienna.
TY: We're choosing a singer Logan, not someone you can Dirty Dance with.
Logan points out he fancies Rachel. Ty says they can't let it jeopardise the band. :Logan agrees, so Ty says they should vote on it. In the background, Carmella is getrting animated about Sienna winning.
The General Store
Susan nervously signs a cheque sitting beside Elle, watched over by Pete. He comes over and she throws the cheque in front of him. He jokes he should get treated at that hospital more often 'it's a nice little earner'. Elle makes it clear that once he signs, he can't take his story anywhere else. He just wants justice to be done. Susan throws the contract and a pen in front of him and he signs. She's clearly unhappy, or as Pete puts it 'feisty - thought you journalists weren't into opinions of your own'.They all sing the contract, and he begins to gloat and Elle makes a point of asking him if they should look into his past.
PETE:Best not. But with this, the future's looking a lot brighter than it used to.
He walks off and Elle says Susan can relax. Susan says all she's done is buy Karl some time, now she has to convince him to use it.
No 28
Karl arrives home, shattered. He says he's tired of working weekends. As Susan is washing up, he remarks that's she's had a good day too, eh?
SUSAN: You owe me $5000.
She tells him that Pete wanted to sell his story, so she bought it to save Karl's career. He's shocked. She says she feels like she should take a shower. He says it's blackmail.
SUSAN: Oh really? Well thanks so much for pointing that out. What choice did I have?
Karl asks if she's killed the story. She says it will be published. If they don't do this, he can take it somewhere else. Now they can just bury it as a small story, according to Elle. Karl is not happy that she knows, but Susan explains she had to tell her what was going on. He says she had no right to do that. She gets angry at him for taking the moral high ground when she's just paid a man to cover up an abuse of his rights that Karl was responsible for. She says he has to tell the hospital what happened. He says he's given Nicola her word. Susan asks if she worth his career?
Ty is still pushing for Rachel, Logan for Sienna. Hearing she's the whole package as she passes, makes Sienna happy.
ZEKE: ...
Did you know that the average person spends 3 years of their life waiting, and.. the next fact is lost as Libby picks up the book and throws it over the bar. Ty comes up and tells Rachel she was the best by far, as, in the other corner, Logan tells Sienna she's in. Ty apologises. He says he thought it was the wrong decision, but he got outvoted. She asks if it had anything to do with Angus. He says no. She smiles hearing this and says 'I guess that's something then isn't it?'. She tells Libby and Zeke to 'come on' and they go to leave. Ty says he did everything he could, it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Rachel asks what he means by that. He says he only heard Sienna sing yesterday and she was terrible. Rachel asks if he invited Sienna because she 'couldn't' sing. He says he just wanted her in the band. Rachel thinks he rigged it because he didn't think she was good enough. She says 'Good luck with your band, Ty' and leaves, Zeke and Libby stare him out a bit and leave too.
The General Store
Zeke has his book back. Libby comes over with a massive plate of sandwiches telling Rachel she can eat what she wants now the audition's over, but Rachel is sulking. Zeke tells us 'spicy food is really bad for singers' before realising now is not the time and apologising. Libby says it's flattering 'it shows how keen Ty was to have you in the band. Rachel says it shows he has no idea - she'd never join a band if that's how she got in. Zeke says they might be worried she'll be the next Yoko Ono ('Did you know she's 75?') She says when Ty gave her the keyboard it was a bit much, but at least he meant it. Libby says lucky the other girls don't know, they can just be disappointed, not humiliated as well. Rachel says great - now she can be humiliated all by herself.
Libby says some good did come of it - she got up to sing in public, and she was fantastic. Well, she says, she won't thank Ty - in fact, she's not speaking to him at all.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nicola says she can't tell the board - they'll sack her. Karl says she doesn't havve a choice. Pete's gone to the paper. She says it's their word against his 'and the small matter of hospital records. Nicola suggests shedding them, but Karl says that's enough - they haver to go to the board and explain what happened. She asks if it's her last chance. He says no, he said he'd help and he will. She asks if there's another way. He says if they expolain extenuating circumstances, the board will go easier - Maybe just a warning.
NICOLA: Alright, but I want to tell them on my own.
KARL: You don't have to do that.
NICOLA: I'm the one that got us into this, and I should be the one that gets us out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nicola tells her boss there's something about her needlestick injury that she hasn't told her. The boss asks if it's something she forgot when they did the report? Nicola says it's something she left out on purpose. She says the hospital needs to know everything, so don't leave anything out this time, and asks what it is Nicola has to tell her Nicola says Pete was given a blood test. 'He refused a blood test' she is corrected. She says while he was sedated 'we' took his blood without him knowing. She agrees this was against the patient's wishes. The boss asks if Nicola realises how serious this is? It could mean professional and legal problems for her and the hospital. She's to be suspended pending an investigation. Upset at this, Nicola says it wasn't her who did the test - it was Karl, and he asked her to cover for him.
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Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5533
Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson

Nicola West, Toadie Rebecchi, Bronte in Neighbours Episode 5533
Nicola West, Toadie Rebecchi, Bronte

Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5533
Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5533
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5533
Zeke Kinski

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5533
Rachel Kinski

Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5533
Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi

Ty Harper, Carmella Cammeniti, Sienna Cammeniti, Logan Ellis in Neighbours Episode 5533
Ty Harper, Carmella Cammeniti, Sienna Cammeniti, Logan Ellis

Sienna Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5533
Sienna Cammeniti

Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5533
Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Ty Harper, Carmella Cammeniti, Sienna Cammeniti, Logan Ellis in Neighbours Episode 5533
Ty Harper, Carmella Cammeniti, Sienna Cammeniti, Logan Ellis

Pete Ferguson, Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5533
Pete Ferguson, Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5533
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5533
Nicola West

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