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Neighbours Episode 5451 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5451
Australian airdate: 12/05/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Jim Parker: Roger Oakley
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Jim arriving.
Steve not being happy at Ned taking him to Erinsborough.
Sam throwing away her bipolar medication.
Libby telling Ty she wants a friend not a boyfriend.
Jim telling Steve that he isn't his father.
Number 26
Didge and Miranda are surprised to see the fishermen back early and Riley tells Miranda what Jim said. Steve meanwhile quickly goes to get Jim's belongs and throws them out the front door. Miranda is in shock over the revelation but Steve is being rather nonchalant about it all saying things now make perfect sense.
MIRANDA: So if Jim's not your father then who is your father?
STEVE: Who know...Father Christmas?!
Steve announces that he is off to work and that he's dealt with it and moved on when Miranda wants him to stay and talk about it.
Ty invites Libby to see the artist whose album he is playing tonight at some club promising that he'll behave accordingly too. Libby agrees to think about his request and will give him an answer later.
Steph creeps up on her once Ty leaves and asks if she really isn't interested in the guy and Libby replies that she is getting to old for that sort of thing.
STEPH: For him or the gig?
LIBBY: Tell me again why we're friends?!
Steph tells Libby that she should be going out and asks if she is scared of leading him on or if she still has issues after Dan. Lib replies that she isn't that much older than Ty and she is fine on the other score too.
Ty tries to persuade her by offering to buy tour t-Corned Beef Tin!s too when Steph goes back to work and Libby reminds him that she doesn't do clubbing so he skulks off to work.
Ned arrives to find Jim at the bar and he tells him about Steve not being his son.
Lassiter's lake
Sam is trying to persuade Dan to go to the same DJ gig that Ty wants Libby to go to. He is very reluctant to go and Sam twigs that it is due to her past behaviour so she reassures him that she is better and it would be a way of getting their relationship back on track again. Dan reluctantly agrees to go even though he is agreeing to go more for her benefit than his.
Rebecchi Cammeniti Law firm
Elle wants to talk to Sam about protecting her investment in TGS in case her asset (Marco) is distracted and Sam twigs that she is referring to the forthcoming custody case.
Erinsborough vet surgery
Ned arrives to explain why he invited Jim down and to remind him that despite what Jim said, nothing changes - he is still going to be his brother. Steve disputes this as he doesn't know who he is anymore.
Number 26
Mickey asks why Jim isn't having supper with them and while Ned tries to cover up why he isn't there, Steve wants Mickey to be told the truth. Miranda twists it slightly and wants Steve to talk about his feelings so Lou decides its time he and Mickey went out to check on Tazzle (she was in the last scene getting some sort of injection from Steve complete with the late meow).
Steve tries to say he is fine but when the family pushes him he admits he is gutted and the family offer help from them to get him through it starting with a round of 'I love you' which Ned follows up with a hug for his brother.
Number 32
Steph finds Libby sitting marking and wonders if Libby has given up having fun after Dan and Darren and tells her to get back out there. Libby concedes the point Steph is making but adds that she doesn't see Ty as relationship material despite him being cute! Steph tells her to forget about her issues and go out for one night and Libby agrees to think about it once she's finished her marking.
STEPH: Well pardon me while I go get your shawl nana!
After Steph leaves, Libby picks up the leaflet for the DJ and sits there pondering.
Elle and Ollie arrive and he asks if she'll be okay since this is the first time she has been in a similar venue since the warehouse collapse but she assures him that she'll be fine. They are talking about her visit to see Sam and the custody battle when Sam and Dan spot them and head over. The ladies hit the dance floor while the men hit the bar and from the dance floor Sam spots Libby and Ty arriving.
Ty asks Libby if she wants a drink and she jokes with him if he is old enough to be served!
Dan spots Libby and the two of them are staring at each other again, Dan more so than Libby, and Ty suggests they elsewhere but Libby is happy to stay and hear the DJ.
From the dance floor however, Sam doesn't look too impressed at Dan staring at Libby.
Number 26
Steve admits to the kids that he now knows they didn't have a clue about helping them with the adoption when it was happening. They remind him that it isn't where he came from but who he is now and where he is going to. The kids also open up their feelings when Steve and Miranda adopted them and suggest that the reason Jim kept the news from him for so long was because Jim knew how it would affect him.
Dan has finally taken his eyes off of Libby but only to complain about Elle and Ollie pashing before deciding to follow suit and pash his wife on the dancefloor.
It's Libby's turn to stare now and Ty tries to distract her by talking about the lighting before asking if that was the reason she came (knowing Dan was going to be there too). Lib assures him that she is there to have fun with him and get her free t-shirt! But while Ty heads off to get drinks she resumes her ogling.
Ollie suggests to Elle now they are back together that they get a place together but she knocks back his suggestion, preferring that they keep the same pace they are currently on.
Ty is standing at the bar trying to get served when Dan comes alongside and politely tells him be careful with Libby because she is fragile at the moment. "And whose fault is that?" Ty asks back. Dan plays innocent to that remark and Ty follows it up with telling him to stop making eyes at Libby from across the room.
TY: In fact, how about this. You keep your eyes on the woman that you're with. If it happens to be your wife then stop trying to warn me off Libby.
Libby hears the end of the conversation and thinks that Dan has warned Ty off and after walks away after giving Dan 'a look'. Dan wants to follow but Ty tells him not to and heads off in the direction Libby took.
Libby apologises for ruining the night to Ty but he says it isn't ruined, so after a quick look at Dan walking across the club, decides to have a dance with Ty.
Number 30
Sam is debating whether to have her medication or not when Dan appears. She brings up the fact he'd probably be with Libby now if she hadn't have re-appeared. Dan assures her it is over between Libby and himself but she thinks otherwise after seeing him looking at Libby but he tells her that she misread it. Sam doesn't think so and wishes that she could rewind things so that it was just them and their child but Dan replies that it's her medication that makes it impossible.
She asks if he'd like them to have family and while he wants to, Dan adds that can't happen for now. Sam concedes and takes the tablet she was swithering on earlier but when Dan leaves after reassuring her that he's got all he needs for now, she removes the tablet from her mouth and conceals it in her bag.
Number 32
Ty asks if Libby had a good time when they get home and they are fun bantering over her reply (she feels like Eliza Dolittle because she could have danced all night) and somehow they end up on the couch with Ty pinning Libby down inches from each others face. Ooh kissing time you'd say, well it was heading that way until Steph appears from the bedroom interrupting their 'almost' moment before realising and quickly retreating.
TY: So where were we?!
While Ty looks like he wants to resume as if Steph hadn't appeared, Libby has come to her senses and moves from under him to head to her room after thanking Ty for a great evening promising to do it again soon.
Steve catches up with his dad in the pub both surprised to see each other. He wants to know why Jim didn't tell him earlier and he replies back that he didn't want to hurt Steve.
JIM: I still care about you.
Steve tells him that he now knows why Jim treated him differently, because he isn't his son, and brings up the incident of being locked in the shed. Jim tries to say that he didn't lock him in it, Steve did it himself, and they all breathed a sigh of relief when he was found. Steve brings up finding him and another woman but Jim explains that the woman was just helping him after being on a bender and he broke down in her arms after realising what the alcohol was doing to him.
Steve asks who his father was and Jim replies someone called Gary Fuller... his best mate.
STEVE: Is he still around?
JIM: No, he's dead.
STEVE: What happened?
JIM: He was killed in Vietnam, we were over there together.
STEVE: Were you there when he died were you?
JIM: Yes I was. I killed him.
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Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5451
Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy

Ned Parker, Jim Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Ned Parker, Jim Parker

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5451
Elle Robinson

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5451
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Bob in Neighbours Episode 5451
Libby Kennedy, Bob

Oliver Barnes, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5451
Oliver Barnes, Dan Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5451
Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5451
Samantha Fitzgerald

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Riley Parker

Bridget Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Bridget Parker, Steve Parker

Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5451
Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5451
Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5451
Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper

Steve Parker, Jim Parker in Neighbours Episode 5451
Steve Parker, Jim Parker

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