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Neighbours Episode 5429 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5429
Australian airdate: 10/04/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Samantha Winston
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Samantha Fitzpatrick: Simone Buchanan
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Dr Veronica Olenski: Caroline Llyod
Summary/Images by: Shona/Elin
Rachel telling Susan a victim impact statement won't help her move on
Fitzy telling Sam they owe it to themselves to make things work
Rebecchi Cammeniti
Fitzy knows it wasn't what he was saying last week or even yesterday but it's what he's saying now. He wants her to stay here - with him.
Frazer rushes in, all a bluster at the news Sam's leaving. He thinks she's being rather selfish; swanning in and making everyone like her only to leave. Seriously, he'll miss her. Rosie apologises and leaves but Frazer pulls back to quietly tell them they have the ultrasound tomorrow and would've loved her to be around to celebrate. Rosie angrily shouts his name and Frazer leaves.
Fitzy points out the obvious; he's not the only one who wants her to stay.
Libby recounts her conversation with Samantha to Steph. She sounded like a nun, telling Sam that her husband remains her hubbie whether she's here or not. Steph would've laughed herself stupid. Steph says she was being considerate.
LIBBY: By saying I won't jump your husband when you're gone?
STEPH: So you will jump him?
Libby is shocked and goes on to say that she wasn't entirely sorry to be hearing she was going. Steph tells her not to take this the wrong way but she's definitely not the scarlet woman of Dan's marital problems.
Rebecca asks Elle and Riley whether they're covering Angus's hearing and Elle says she'll pass, whatever Brad says. Rebecca agrees with her decision.
Ty comes in and Libby thanks him for helping look for Charlie and Ben. Ty smiles for a bit after Libby turns away until Rachel and Zeke come in with Susan. He asks Zeke how their band is going and is surprised to hear Rachel isn't part of the band. Zeke says they simply need practice and guidance.
RACHEL: And talent.
Zeke corrects her; they have that already, as Rachel smiles at Ty very obviously.
Rebecchi Cammeniti
Fitzy asks Sam if she's staying, reminding her that Rosie would love her to stay for the ultrasound. Sam suddenly comes up with an idea; they might like a surprise baby shower with all their friends. Fitzy agrees and Sam decides to organise it.
Sam tells him not to push her; she has a baby shower to organise.
Number 30
Frazer and Ringo have a surprise for Rosie - a cot. Rosie is so pleased and gushes about it (which Frazer thinks is all down to her hormones). The gushing is short lived as Frazer has to go meet Marco and pick up the keys. Ringo decides to accompany him.
General Store
Marco is putting up a sign on the door informing of their intention to apply for a liquor licence. Frazer and Ringo arrive. Frazer thinks that Lou might have another trick up his sleeve and won't believe the place is theirs until he has the keys. Marco has a meeting set up with a vineyard and his car window is fixed - he won't ever park it over a grate again.
Didge comes in, reading a postcard from Ned in Oakey, and wonders why they never get to see Grandad Parker. Steve evades the question, offering the garage as a practicing place for her band. Bridget reminds him that they're not rock 'n' roll.
STEVE: Well 'omo' or whatever it is you kids play these days.
Steve, always down with the kids. Bridget runs off to tell Ringo while Miranda just stares at Steve.
Lou appears with the keys and tells them he doesn't think Jellybelly will approve of their liquor licence application. Frazer reminds him that not everything is changing...such as the kitchen staff. Lou is merely pointing out it won't be that simple.
Right on cue Steph barges in, brandishing the sign, telling them no way. Marco says it's only going to help Charlie's; Frazer jumps in, saying more choices will bring more people to the area. But Steph thinks that they've got a fight on their hands if they think she's going to sit back and let them poach her clients.
LOU (chuckling): Welcome to the hospitality business, fellas!
Frazer and Marco look wearily at one another.
Bridget tells her bandmates that her dad's okay with them setting up in the garage. Ty overhears and remarks about dirty couches and fast food wrappers everywhere. A filthy practice room goes with the territory. Zeke asks for some tips. Ty says it's more organic than that but then says he'll drop by and Rachel grins happily. Rebecca reminds Declan he's grounded but Susan points out how quiet it'll be at her place if Declan is at the Parker's. Rebecca thinks Miranda will hate them.
Rachel spots the journos and thanks them for not reporting the case. Ty passes by and spots the photo of Angus on Elle's computer, provoking him to remark how pathetic it is he has to pick up a poor dumb school girl. Rachel leaves.
Outside Ty spots Rachel and tells her he feels like such a jerk after Elle and Riley filled him in. No wonder she can't stand him. Rachel says it's nothing to do with him. He says she's been going through all of this while he was giving her heaps and he just shot his mouth off there. He's really sorry.
Susan appears and tells Rachel they'd better get going.
Number 28
Susan wants to know what Rachel's moment with Ty was about and Rachel tells her that he found out about Angus. Susan wants to know if she knows much about him. Zeke interjects that he's Taylah's cousin. Rachel doesn't think she has to know everything about him but Susan doesn't want her to rush into anything before she's ready. Zeke says Rachel doesn't even like Ty; perhaps they should get off her back. Susan agrees, not entirely convinced.
Frazer tells Oliver that he's been too flat out to tell him about the licence. Oliver is not a happy bunny and doesn't agree that competition is a good idea. Furthermore, as a mate, he doesn't want him to get into business with Marco. Frazer knows this isn't about the licence, more Marco. He knows Ollie has his issues with Marco but Fraze has a family to support. It's not worth ruining a friendship over.
Number 32
Steph opens the door to 'Dan The Man' who's here to invite them to the early baby shower tomorrow, which he's keen to point out isn't entirely his own doing. Libby smiles at him, saying nothing, as Steph says they'll be there. Fitzy asks how Ben is and he and Libby exchange pleasantries before he heads out.
Steph spots a bag; Libby's been shopping. She argues it's for work but Steph thinks the clothes are way too sexy for work.
Number 26
Declan, Didge, Ringo and Zeke are jamming rubbishly as Ty listens on. Ty says they have to listen to each other and then make a place for each instrument. Declan asks why and Ty thinks they should take a break.
On the stairs with Steve, an earplugged Lou is disgruntled with the noise. Riley appears and then the band starts up and the earplugs go back in.
As the others work together, Zeke goes over to Rachel, saying they need a singer. Rachel complains that anytime she speaks to a guy, everyone automatically assumes she wants to hook up with them. Zeke tells her to forget about them and join them to make some interpretive music.
Oliver and Elle watch as Marco measures up outside the GS. Oliver grumbles about him prancing around and Elle thinks he should get some perspective. He says his mum says he should play it cool and Elle agrees.
Steph walks up to Marco and tells him she doesn't want this to come between them so they have to resolve it calmly. She'd like him to withdraw the licence. Marco says he wants a chance with this business; like her he has a family to support. Steph just walks off as Oliver calls over that she's wasting her breath. Trying to support his family? They'll see about that. Elle decides they'd better be off.
Number 30
The phantom lawnmower is at it again when Sam and Fitzy return back. Sam asks Rosie for her job back and Rosie says she must stick around for two weeks at least. Sam agrees and Rosie likes the idea of all that compassion and Tim Tams on demand. She asks why she changed her mind and hits on the decider; Dan. Sam doesn't know what's happening but something is. Doesn't she think he'll make a great dad? Rosie thinks Sam'll make a great mum. She can actually start imagining it now, although it won't happen so fast - she'll have to go off her meds first.
Number 26
Steve's rocking out to the 'omo' kids when Rebecca appears through the rain to haul Declan home. She's trying to study and has had enough of the noise. Steve offers to turn it down, pointing out Declan's doing something constructive here. Rebecca says they're making her ears bleed. Steve thinks she should be a bit more supportive and Rebecca tells him to stop being so patronising.
Number 32
Libby irons her new top. Onto the liquor licence matter and Steph says Marco has a point. This doesn't need to be a fight.
Oliver comes in. The phantom lawnmower is still at it, even in the rain. Amazing. Ollie wants to apologise - Marco's plans have thrown him. He goes onto to say that it's only natural they want a piece of the action after he and Steph put in the groundwork. Steph realises she won't survive a 20% drop in trade, while Lassiter's is strong enough to withstand it. Libby points out there's always been enough trade for three places but Ollie reminds her that was when they all had their own niche. Ollie says he doesn't want Charlie's to go bust but he needs her help. He needs her influence at council.
Erinsborough Hospital
Frazer says he's not sure the café is worth losing a mate over but Rosie doesn't trust Ollie anymore after what he's put Carmy through. If they're good mates, it shouldn't come between them.
Rosie admits she's nervous but excited about the ultrasound. They're going to see him today!
ROSIE: Them.
FRAZER: Twins! Good Lord!
Frazer says she's changed and Rosie says she has - she's wider. And couldn't be happier.
FRAZER: And I could not love you anymore.
Olenski appears, ready to do their ultrasound.
Number 30
Miranda is being all bossy, telling Ringo and Marco to shift the refreshments table. The cot is in the corner, filled with presents. Rachel tells Susan that the band was terrible. Susan casually asks if Ty was there and when Rachel answers 'Yes' gives a "Good oh". Marco gives Ollie a look as he stands with Steph, probably thinking he's brainwashing her with his evil powers.
Libby appears wearing her fancy lowcut top, which Fitzy notices right away and Lib acts as if she's had the top forever. She's surprised to see Sam dash in and Sam, looking to Fitzy, tells her and Steph that there's been a change of plans...again. Libby tries to keep smiling.
Erinsborough Hospital
Olenski starts the ultrasound as Rosie and Frazer look at the monitor. Rosie jokes to Frazer to keep the fainting spells for the birth. Olenski murmurs to herself, hitting some keys on the keyboard and staring at the screen. Rosie asks if Olenski can show them where the baby is as she can't tell from the image. Olenski moves the ultrasound sensor around, hits the keys again and then stops the ultrasound.
FRAZER: Why are you stopping?
ROSIE: You haven't showed us our baby yet.
OLENSKI: I'm really sorry to have to tell you this. I can't find a heartbeat.
ROSIE: What?
FRAZER: Well, look again.
OLENSKI: There isn't one. There isn't a heartbeat.
Frazer and Rosie are in shock.
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Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5429
Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5429
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Riley Parker

Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5429
Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy

Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5429
Ty Harper

Marco Silvani, Lou Carpenter, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5429
Marco Silvani, Lou Carpenter, Frazer Yeats

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5429
Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy, Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5429
Susan Kennedy, Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5429
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5429
Susan Kennedy

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5429
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Steve Parker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5429
Steve Parker, Lou Carpenter

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5429
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5429
Rosie Cammeniti

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