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Neighbours Episode 5387 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5387
Australian airdate: 12/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Angus Henderson - Jonathan Wood
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Mia telling Oliver that Marco still loves his ex-wife
- Susan giving Angus a serve
- Libby telling Rachel about the Taj incident
Number 28
Libby emerges from Rachel's room and Susan asks how she is, unsure if she can cope with many more emotional highs and lows. Libby says that Rachel might be finally understanding that she made a mistake and reveals that she told her about what happened with Taj. Susan is far from impressed and says that Lib has just given Rachel more ammo to justify her own relationship. Susan has to wonder why Libby said anything at all given that it was "hardly your proudest moment". Hurt, Libby walks off.
Number 26
Steve asks where Bridget's been all day and she tells him that they found Rachel and were trying to help her out. Steve's concerned for Rachel's welfare, but is also disappointed in his daughter for seeing Rachel when she was told not to.
BRIDGET: I've seen the light. Rachel's not my friend, she's just a girl I used to know. She doesn't deserve friends and she doesn't deserve me.
Angus thanks Fitzy for meeting with him and tells him that he's going to live with his parents for a while till his court case. He hopes Rachel is doing OK and asks Fitzy to keep an eye on her. Fitzy replies that Rachel probably wouldn't want him interfering in her life again, but he'll do his best. He just wished Angus had have confided in him earlier before all this mess happened. Revealing a key character trait, Angus says that Fitzy isn't exactly the easiest person to chat to. Fitzy's surprised to hear that he tends to keep his distance a lot.
Lib walks in and freezes up when she sees Angus, but thaws a bit when Angus says that Susan was right to be harsh with him and wants Lib to tell her mum that he's glad she was.
Also, can I please buy tickets to Fitzy's gun show? Phwoar. Blue is his colour.
Rachel's Room
Susan tentatively tells Rachel that dinner will be ready soon, then broaches the 'Taj topic'. She gently says that what happened between Libby and Taj wasn't right and hopes that Libby made that clear to her. Rachel sadly replies that Angus made her feel like an adult. Susan acknowledges that life has been pretty hard for Rach lately and commends her on being such a strong support to her.
Number 26
Ned finds Steve looking over his finances and Steve reckons that Miranda's being too pessimistic about everything. He, on the other hand, is Mr Positive.
NED: Right, yin and yang.
STEVE: Abbott and Costello.
Steve thinks that Miranda has underestimated their borrowing capacity and gleefully says that they *can* afford the house after all.
General Store
Frazer (obviously still taking happy pills) chirpily gossips with Rebecca, Paul and Lou about Carmella and Marco's imminent reunion. They all look pleased, and I can understand Rebecca being happy for them, but I don't think Paul and Lou seriously care that much. I'm just saying. Oliver walks in and takes Frazer aside for a chat.
Before Ollie can start, however, Frazer can't help asking if his mate was just having a drink with Marco's sister.
FRAZER: (sly) You guys were, uh, getting on.
Oliver has no time to respond though when he finds out that Carmella knows he was talking to Mia. Worried, Oliver then reveals to Frazer that he found out Marco's still in love with his ex-wife. Frazer's surprised, and advises Oliver not to interfere, but can't help doing the protective family bit by being all, "If he hurts her..."
Number 28
Susan admits to Libby that she underestimated her - she did help Rachel by talking about Taj - and she hopes that Lib doesn't think she was judging her on her past. But Libby calmly points out that she *was* judging her. Lib adds that Rachel doesn't need Susan to keep telling her she's done the wrong thing because she already knows that.
LIBBY: (tearing up) What she needs right now is for you to tell her that you love her. She's been such a strong girl, and the first time she makes a big mistake...
SUSAN: Are we talking about Rachel still?
LIBBY: She works so hard for your approval and your love and when you take that away...
Libby and Susan are now both trying not to cry.
Number 26
Steve has enlisted Didge to help him make pizzas (which is probably not a bad idea given he burnt some chips last week). She asks where Ned and Mickey are, but Steve advises her to give them some space; they're still pretty fragile about Janae's departure. Continuing their pizza session, Steve asks Didge to find the herbs and she practically gallops to the cupboard, leaving her walker behind. As they both register her advanced movement, Bridget quickly reclaims her walker and tells Steve to get the herbs himself.
In the lounge room, Mickey finds Ned packing up some of Janae's belongings and becomes quite upset. He lashes out and tries to tip the box over yelling, "that stays here!" over and over, eventually running into his room. Steve and Didge sadly look on as Ned buries his head in his hands.
Carmella's Flat
Oliver finds Carmella crying over some onions, all in a tizz because she's still got a million and one things to do before Marco arrives home. Ollie puts his pensive face on, ready to deliver his bad news, but he needn't have wasted his energy. Carmella's already guessed that Mia's been filling his head with silly ideas about Marco still being in love with his ex. Oliver can't help wondering why this doesn't concern her, but Carmella happily replies that Marco loves her and she won't let anyone get in the way of that.
Number 26
Bridget goes on and on about how big Pouch is getting, but isn't too impressed when Steve suggests that it might be time to release her back into her natural habitat. Ned wanders into the lounge room and finds Mickey trying to unpack Janae's things again. Ned gently reminds his son that Janae told them she's not coming back. Mickey sadly says he knows but he was just hoping she'd change her mind. Ned's face crumbles and Mickey tearfully hugs his dad as he starts to cry.
Rachel's Room
Susan brings some dinner in to Rach (I thought she was eating with them?), and tells her that Libby saw Angus at Charlie's. Rachel is quietly distraught to hear that he's leaving town. Susan admits that she hasn't handled the situation as well as she would have liked, but she really wants them to try and get past it. Nodding, Rachel says she does too. As Susan gets up to leave, Rachel starts to ask, "Do you still..." but decides against finishing her sentence. Susan's disappointed Rachel isn't ready to talk to her, but takes some comfort when Rachel says "thank you" before she leaves.
Number 26
Steve and Ned chat about what happened earlier, and Ned admits that he's trying to be strong for Mickey but it's hard. Steve, however, thinks that it's good for Mickey to express his emotions and not be taught to bottle everything up. Ned believes he should be the one to be comforting his son, not the other way around, but Steve says they don't need another generation of emotionally stunted Parker men. He suggests Ned do something productive with Mickey to take their mind off Janae.
STEVE: A shared project, a bit of shed time.
NED: Well that I can understand. Any suggestions?
STEVE: Hell no, you're his dad!
How about training for the next half-marathon? Mickey does like running away.
Carmella's Flat
Carmella rushes about, still not ready (what the hell has she been doing all day?), but everything fades into oblivion when Marco arrives on her doorstep with flowers. They kiss (and Marco rebounds out the door from the impact of all the bouncy collagen in Carmella's lips).
Number 26
Steve, Mickey and Didge are playing indoor cricket. Didge is bowling, Mickey's batting and Steve has taken on the dual role of keeper and commentator.
STEVE: (calling out) Parker bowls... No relation to Camilla.
Didge does indeed bowl and catches Mickey out - with her 'bad' hand. She tries to say it was her other hand, but Mickey retorts that he deliberately hit to her bad side so she *couldn't* catch him out. He may have to rethink his strategy.
Ned pushes in a pram that Janae picked up on hard rubbish day. They were going to see if Carmella needed it but she's already got one.
NED: I reckon she'd want Mickey to have it.
MICKEY: (scoffing) Dad, how big am I?
But Ned says that he actually just meant the wheels, because along with some other bits and bobs they can build a billy cart. Mickey's excited and offers to help, but Ned replies that he'll need an ace test driver.
NED: (motions with his hands) About so high.
STEVE: Mmm, don't know where you're going to get one of them.
MICKEY: Are you deaf? It's me! (to Ned) You said about wheels and axles and things, but what about brakes?
NED: Son, brakes are for wimps.
Great safety lesson there, Ned-o. Aside from that, it's so refreshing to hear Mickey speak like a normal kid. Hooray!
Carmella's Flat
Marco notices a 'for sale' pamphlet on the coffee table for #26 while Carmella rabbits on and on about what's been happening with Chloe while he's been gone. She gives him Chloe to hold and the poor bubby proceeds to scream her way through the rest of the scene so the actors have to semi-yell their lines. Emotional about almost losing Marco, Carmella invites him to live with her so they're never separated again.
Number 28
Libby's on the phone to the removalists in Shepparton who are having trouble packing some of her belongings. Susan tells her that she may have to go up there and sort things out herself, and Lib admits that she was already thinking about taking Steph with her. Feeling awful about what she said to Lib earlier, Susan apologises and says that she judged her way too harshly about Taj. Nothing in the world could change how much she loved her. Rachel watches from the hallway as Libby and Susan hug, tearing up at how much she misses that closeness with Susan.
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Angus Henderson, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5387
Angus Henderson, Dan Fitzgerald

Angus Henderson, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5387
Angus Henderson, Libby Kennedy

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5387
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5387
Rebecca Napier, Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson, Frazer Yeats

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5387
Oliver Barnes

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5387
Libby Kennedy

Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5387
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5387
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5387
Carmella Cammeniti

Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5387
Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5387
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5387
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani

Ned Parker, Steve Parker, Mickey Gannon, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5387
Ned Parker, Steve Parker, Mickey Gannon, Bridget Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5387
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani, Chloe Cammeniti

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5387
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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