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Neighbours Episode 5320 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5320
Australian airdate: 12/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Snr Constable Sophie Cooper: Emma Moore
Dr Demi Vinton: Angela Twigg
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Mickey telling Toadie that he saw Declan's car driving away from the scene of the hit and run.
Bridget wakes from her coma and speaks to Miranda.
Rebecca worrying that Declan's lost in the bush, and calling for him.
Declan lost in the bush, hurt.
The Bush
Declan stumbles through more bush until he trips on some old railway lines. Well, one hopes that they're old. Being hit by a train at this point would kinda be the icing on the cake. Plus, we'd have to put up with Becca crying some more.
Shot of the moon.
Police cars have gathered at the edge of a bushy and wooded area, and Rebecca is freaking out about Declan. She wants a helicopter with a spotlight on it searching for her son, but the police are determined to call off the search. She's really upset because Declan's probably cold.
Adam and Sophie tell Rebecca that it's too dark and too dangerous to go and search, now, so Rebecca demands that Oliver take her to a shop to get a torch and she'll go and search on her own if she has to. Oliver and Paul concede to help out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Miranda is fussing over poor Didge again, fluffing pillows. Didge asks what happened, and her parents tell her she was hit by a car a few days ago. The doctor comes to see her and does some tests, asking Bridget to squeeze her hands and push her feet against her fingers. The doc takes Miranda and Steve outside to talk.
Number 26
Mickey wants to go and see Didge, but Ned and Janae tell him that she's too sick for them to go tonight. Ned tries to appease his son by offering takeaway and spring rolls. Janae tells Ned to talk to Mickey about the accident, not spoil him with food (go Janae!), but Ned is adamant that his son will talk when he's ready.
Erinsborough Hospital
The doctor tells the Parkers that Bridget's main brain functions have returned well, but she is showing signs of paralysis, and they don't know if it's temporary - her movement could return with physio and time. Steve tells Miranda and Riley to remain positive for her; he knows his daughter will beat this.
Miranda demands that for once Steve actually feels something, rather than offering glib platitudes - she'd like to know what's going on in his heart and his head. She storms off to go get a drink, and Steve reiterates to his son that everything will be okay.
The Bush
Paul, Ollie and Becca are shouting for Declan, but Paul and Oliver are worried that they're making things worse. Rebecca trips up, but sadly suffers no injuries.
Declan, meanwhile, lies hurt.
Erinsborough Hospital
Didge wakes up to see her dad by her side, and she says she knows that Miranda is freaking out. She thinks her dad is lying to her about how well she is (or not). Miranda comes back with drinks, and agrees that the movement problem on Didge's left side is temporary, whilst her body still wakes up.
STEVE: A bit of physio and you'll be kicking the pig skin in no time.
Bridget says she's tired and would like to go to sleep. The family leave her alone.
The Bush
Oliver finds the railway tracks, and they wonder if Declan would have followed them to find help. They agree to take the downhill route because Dec would have picked the easier route. Quelle coincidence!
They find something of Declan's on the ground; hard to tell what - it's dark.
Erinsborough Hospital
Randa and Steve discuss what to tell Bridget about her health, and whether or not they should tell her about Susan and the accident. Miranda doesn't want to admit to their daughter the extent of her injuries, but thinks she has a right to know that Susan hit her.
In her room, Bridget asks Riley if he's going to tell her the truth - and he admits that the paralysis might not be temporary. He suggests she get stuck into the physio. Didge wonders if she'll always be like this, and Riley reaches out to her and pulls her into a hug. Aw.
Number 26
Ned is breaking a toy car, and Ned asks what he's up to, if he wants to talk. Mickey says there's nothing to talk about because his dad already said that Didge will be fine. Sighing, Ned walks away and asks Janae if she has a plan B. Which, of course, she does.
The Bush
Rebecca is still screaming - well, it makes a break from the crying. But I speak too soon - she wonders if they're walking further away from him instead of closer, and she starts to bawl. Oliver and Paul think they should leave, and try again tomorrow.
REBECCA: I can't give up! I can't! Oh, Paul! What am I going to do?!
Get the tissues out, for starters.
Leading her away, Paul assures her that they'll find him in the morning. But Rebecca calls out one last time, and hears a cough. She turns and calls for her son again. He calls back to her, and they all run to him (Rebecca runs rather hysterically) and try to help him up. Declan wants to know if Didge is okay, and Paul calls Adam to tell him they've found Dec. Declan panics that he's still in trouble with the police, but Bec assures him that they've found the person who did it, and he's not in trouble any more.
Erinsborough Hospital
Declan is in a hospital bed, wrapped in foil. He makes a big deal of nearly dying, and Rebecca thinks it's funny. She admits that she was scared, thinking she might lose him.
Oliver and Rebecca tell Declan to concentrate on getting better, but Declan can't believe that Susan was responsible for the accident. He also tells his brother that he'll pay him back everything - after all, he'll need it for Carmella and the baby. Oliver tells him not to worry about it.
Number 26
In the garden, Janae has set out a veggie patch area for Mickey, who is going to plant some seeds. Mickey somehow equates the veggie patch with his grandparents enjoying gardening, the grandparents with being ill, being ill with getting better, and then getting better with dying. Like Bridget. Mmmmm. Not sure I quite see the sequence of events or - more to the point - how Janae would have made him open up through that, but anyway...
Ned tells Mickey that Didge's accident is different to his grandparents, and you just don't know who's going to die or not.
Mickey wants to mix the seeds in together so it will be a surprise when they grow.
The General Store
Riley is writing an article on Declan; hopefully one with better grammar than the one he wrote about Susan. Elle comes in and she tells him that she enjoyed his article about justice and revenge the other day; he tells her she was his muse for it.
At the counter, Paul offers to get the coffee for Oliver because he's broke now. His money's washing up along the coast! Paul thinks that Ollie did an amazing thing for his brother - albeit expensive...!
Number 26
Ned and Janae are washing up when Mickey runs in - Jake is having a fit. Ned goes with his son and Janae calls Steve, and says Jake has eaten snail pellets.
Erinsborough Hospital
Declan is being discharged, and Becca is taking him home. But Declan sees Riley and asks him if he can go in to check on Didge. Riley says he'll go and ask her.
In Bridget's room, Miranda is shocked to learn that Riley told Bridget the truth about her injuries, but admits that she should have told her daughter. Didge says she understands, and tells her mum not to cry - and more importantly, not to keep things fro her. She's determined to get better.
Number 26
Steve is telling Mickey that he did the right thing getting help. He's going to give Jake some medicine to make him better. Mickey follows Steve outside, but overhears Janae telling Ned that Jake being ill is all her fault - she was the one who had the gardening idea.
Erinsborough Hospital
Becca tells Declan that Bridget's parents might not let him see her, but Declan thinks they will - after all, the ban on seeing each other doesn't stand any more, does it?
Declan asks his mum if she's sure about Paul - because Nick and Laura said that Paul killed Laura's brother. Rebecca says that she knows Paul killed no-one; something that Paul and Elle overhear outside the waiting room.
Elle leads her dad away and reminds him this is why he should leave the past where it belongs. He should try and make a difference in people's lives now, and let his family be his second chance. She says it's what they all need, and Paul agrees to try.
Number 26
Steve sits on the sofa, thinking about Bridget and how ill she really is. Miranda comes home and asks after Jake. She sees her husband sitting alone on the sofa, and he admits that he doesn't know if Jake will make it.
Breaking down, he tells Randa that he wants Bridget to be alright. She puts her arms around him and he cries on her shoulder.
Erinsborough Hospital
Riley tells Bridget that Declan's waiting to see her, but she is adamant she won't see him - she doesn't want Declan to see her like this. Riley pushes her, but eventually concedes, and promises not to tell Declan the reason why.
Outside Didge's room, Riley tells Dec that Didge doesn't want to see him. At all. Declan looks upset.
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Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5320
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Dr Demi Vinton, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Dr Demi Vinton, Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Bridget Parker

Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Riley Parker, Dr Demi Vinton in Neighbours Episode 5320
Riley Parker, Dr Demi Vinton

Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker

Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5320
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Janae Hoyland, Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Janae Hoyland, Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5320
Oliver Barnes

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5320
Declan Napier

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5320
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5320
Riley Parker

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