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Neighbours Episode 5314 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5314
Australian airdate: 04/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Laura Davidson: Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thompson: Marty Grimwood
Snr Constable Sophie Cooper: Emma Moore
Dr Demi Vinton: Angela Twigg
Nurse Marie Chaplin: Sarah Oldmeadow
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Elin
Nicky suggesting he and Laura should kidnap Declan and use him as ransom.
Karl telling Miranda and Steve that Bridget's accident looks like a hit and run.
Susan realising that the car that hit Bridget is the one she was driving.
Susan telling Karl that she's the one who hit Bridget.
Erinsborough Hospital where it's all Too Much
Susan explains that she fell asleep at the wheel, and thought she'd hit the kerb, but as Mickey saw Declan's car driving away - and that's the one she was driving - it must have been her. Karl dismisses his wife, telling her that she's tired and not well, but Susan insists it was her.
KARL: How could you hit someone and not know?? Did you look in the rear vision mirror?
SUSAN: I couldn't see anything. There was a For Sale sign back there...and I didn't get out to check.
Weeping, Susan says that Bridget must have been lying by the side of the road out of her line of sight.
KARL: Susan... Susan...
SUSAN: It wasn't Declan, Karl. It was me. I have to tell Miranda and Steve.
Cut to Briget's room where the doctor is telling the Parkers that they need to turn off Bridget's ventilator, see if she can breathe on her own. The family watch as the machine is switched off, but Bridget makes no attempt at breathing, despite Miranda's encouragement. They seem to leave her without oxygen for an awfully long time, but she's unable to manage. They switch it back on after 43 seconds (yes, I timed it).
Lassiters Hotel Room where it's Movie Night
Declan is on the phone, asking about Bridget. Nick and Laura sit on the bed together. Dec puts the phone down and tells them it's really serious. Nick and Laura ask him how he is, but his mobile rings and it's Rebecca. As Declan goes to answer it, the battery dies.
Nick strongly encourages Declan not to go home or speak to anyone - there are cops everywhere. Instead, he orders Dec room service, a movie, and a room for the night.
Charlie's Bar where Carmella is Fat
Pepper, Rosie, Lou, Valda, Frazer and Steph sit at a table, talking about the accident. A recently expanded Carmella and a forever expanded Toadie sit at the bar. They are condemning Declan's actions, and Steph reports that there is no news from the hospital, Bridget's still the same.
Oliver comes in and kisses Carmy's cheek, as amazed at the baby's growth as, well, just about as much as everyone else watching. He asks how the baby coped with the airline food, and Rosie and Frazer exchange looks. Oliver tells Toadie that he's been caught up with the accountants all day, and Toadie realises that he knows nothing about the accident, or Declan's part in it.
OLIVER: Why? Have I missed something?
Erinsborough Hospital where 43 seconds didn't Kill Her After All
Steve assures Miranda that Bridget will breathe next time they try and take her off the ventilator. Miranda hates the noise that the machine makes.
Outside her room, Susan and Karl stare at Bridget, and Susan asks the doctor if she can go in and speak to the Parkers - but it's family only.
The camera nicely pans to Susan's reflection in the window, her eyes full of tears.
Charlie's Bar where everyone thinks they Know The Truth
Oliver tells the gang that Declan has left loads of messages on his voicemail, but didn't say where he is. Oliver declares that Dec didn't do it, and Lou retorts that it's quite clear what happened.
Ollie reveals that he gave the car keys to Karl, so maybe he's responsible, but Frazer explains that Karl was first on the scene and saved Bridget's life. Ollie wonders if Karl lent the car to someone else.
At that moment, Riley storms in with Ned, demanding to know where Declan is. Oliver says that Declan didn't do it - he gave the car to Karl. Riley tells him that Dec had a spare key. Steph steps in and asks Riley to leave, and Ned guides his nephew out of the bar.
(Riley is Ned's nephew - how odd is that?!)
Oliver can't believe Riley, but everyone else sits there uncomfortably, obviously believing Declan to be guilty. He strops out the bar, and FatCarmella (hurrah) waddles after him.
The General Store where there's a Power Cut
Oliver didn't get very far. He's on the phone to his mum, and says he has no more news. The General Store - along with the hospital seems to have had a power cut tonight. Carmy comes in saying she wants to help, and they agree to go and search for Declan and bring him home.
Erinsborough Hospital where the Distress is Overwhelming
Miranda and Steve keep watch over their daughter, but for some unexplained reason decide to leave the room. Susan and Karl wait for them outside, and Miranda comments that it's so kind of them to still be here.
SUSAN: There's something I have to tell you.
KARL: Susan...
SUSAN: Karl, it's alright. I have to. It wasn't Declan. It was me.
STEVE: What?
SUSAN: I was driving Declan's car at the time of the accident and I fell asleep at the wheel. I'm the one who's done this to Bridget. I'm so...I'm so sorry.
No summary could do the rest of this scene justice; the emotion and sadness and tragic-ness of it is absolutely horrific. Needless to say, the main four actors here are perfect in their delivery:
STEVE: How could you hit someone and not know?
SUSAN: I didn't know I'd hit anyone! I fell asleep...if I knew I'd hit anyone - let alone Bridget - of course I would have stopped!
Susan's voice starts to break. Miranda looks on, half-angry, half-disbelieving. Steve looks confused.
STEVE: Well why the hell didn't you come forward sooner?
Susan tries desperately to get her point across.
SUSAN: Because I didn't know! As soon as I knew Declan's car was involved I knew it had to be me.
Riley and Ned return, and Riley wonders what all the noise is about.
RILEY: What's going on?
Miranda's fury starts to show.
MIRANDA: Susan ran over Bridget and just drove off.
Susan looks helplessly at Karl who quickly steps in to defend his wife.
KARL: No, no, no...just hang on...
SUSAN: No, I would never do that, I thought it was a kerb...
Her voice trails off into nothing as she breaks down in tears, and Karl turns to look at his wife. Miranda stares at Susan with utter vitriol.
STEVE: What, and you just fell asleep, you say?
SUSAN: Just for a second...
Karl puts a comforting arm around Susan.
STEVE: Broad daylight, minutes from home.
RILEY: Were you drunk?
Karl and Susan are horrified.
KARL: Oh....
RILEY: Why else do people run from the scene of an accident?
KARL: She *didn't* run.
Sobbing, Susan tries to explain that she's not been well, and Karl desperately tries to reassure her by pulling her closer to him. Ned looks on as only Ned can.
SUSAN: I've just been very tired...I don't know...why...and I'm not...making excuses, I'm not...
Karl takes pity on his sobbing, distraught wife.
KARL: It was a tragic accident...
SUSAN: I'm just trying to say how sorry I am...and that I take...full responsibility...
And then Miranda, who has stood by quietly throughout, explodes with anger at the state Susan has left her daughter in.
MIRANDA: Then why don't you stop LYING.
Susan's face is a picture of utter horror.
MIRANDA: You just fell asleep??? I mean, when did you work that out?
SUSAN: I know it's hard to understand, but -
MIRANDA: You ran over my daughter and just fled!!!!
And then in a moment of utter heartbreak, Susan just wails, tries to say something completely incomprehensibly. She turns to Karl to speak on her behalf.
KARL: No, no that's not how it is.
And with tears on her cheeks and still wailing, Susan cries out in utter desperation:
SUSAN: I'm so sorry!!
Karl is shocked at the strength of Miranda's anger, and Steve leads Miranda back into Bridget's room. With one hand clutching her bag and one hand on her heart, Susan begs them one last time.
SUSAN: I'm sorry...
With utter compassion for his wife, Karl protectively pulls her closer to him and presses his head against hers. Susan reaches out after Miranda, and with his other hand Karl clutches her arm tightly. Riley and Ned also retreat to Bridget's room, leaving Susan sobbing pitifully in Karl's arms. Trying - and failing - to speak, she miserably leans into him, and he wraps his arms around her and quickly leads his distraught wife away.
KARL: Oh... Come on, come on. Come with me. Come with me, come with me...
Lassiters Hotel Reception where it's all Smoke And Mirrors
Nick and Laura see Oliver on the phone and recognise him as Declan's brother. They hear him tell Carmella that Dec isn't in Rebecca's room, or anywhere at the hotel. Nick thinks that they should keep him in the hotel, now, as it's the last place Oliver will look.
Erinsborough Hospital where there are Still More Tears Yet
Karl waits outside the bathroom for Susan to come out. She emerges, pale and teary. He puts his arms around her and leads her to a chair to sit her down.
KARL: We need to get you home.
SUSAN: Yeah. I just need a minute.
She looks like she's in pain, trying to sit down, and Karl hands her a glass of water, tells her to have a sip.
Susan says she'll never forget the look of loathing on Miranda's face, but Karl confides that he was so proud of her, being brave and honest about what had happened. Susan says she owed them honesty - they are friends. Another tear spills down her cheek as she suddenly realises that they were friends.
KARL: Listen to me. Whatever happened out there on that road - it was an accident.
SUSAN: What if she doesn't make it? You can call it an accident, you can call it whatever you want.
Her voice trails off as the tears come again.
SUSAN: It was my fault.
Cut to Bridget's room where Miranda recounts that Susan invited her into her house today. Ned reminds his sister-in-law that this was an accident, but Riley doesn't understand why Susan would lie. Miranda thinks that it's obvious Susan would lie - she hit her daughter.
NED: Susan's a good person. She didn't try and cover up anything. I mean, she came and told you herself.
You know, if there's one thing that would make me like Ned...
Miranda states that Susan didn't think of Bridget for a second when she was lying there on the road, and Riley thinks that Ned should assess his family loyalties. Ned walks off.
RILEY: There must have been damage to the car.
MIRANDA: Steve? Steve, what do you think?
STEVE: I will make sure Susan's prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Miranda almost looks smug at that.
The General Store where Sophie is Honest
Harold is talking to Adam and Sophie, saying that he hasn't seen Declan, and then goes to join the others at Charlie's Bar. Alone with Adam, Sophie tells him that she's not comfortable being his partner anymore. Adam wants to talk about it, but Soph says she can't.
Lassiters Hotel Room where Nick is Nasty
Nick takes Dec's SIM card and puts it in his own phone. He takes a picture of Declan asleep on the sofa before Laura wakes him to move him onto another sofa with a blanket. Nick videos Declan on the other sofa on the mobile.
Erinsborough Hospital where it's all Going To Change
Susan has composed herself, and Karl rubs her back, asks if she's okay. He comments that the kids will be wondering what happened to them, and suggests they don't tell them tonight after the day they've had.
Susan announces that she's not going home - she's going to the police station. Karl doesn't think it's a good idea after the day she's had, but Suse reminds him that there's an innocent boy out there that's being blamed. She has to do it.
SUSAN: Why don't you go home and be with the kids.
KARL: You think I'd let you go through this alone?
Susan looks very sad; Karl looks even sadder.
SUSAN: Everything's about to change, isn't it?
Karl nods, and takes a step towards Susan, putting his hands on her face. He brings his head to hers, and she reaches for his face, resting her hand on his chest.
Cut to Bridget's room where one of the nurses is tucking Bridget in, but Miranda demands she stop - Bridget likes the sheets loose on the bed. Steve tells his wife that the nurse is just trying to do her job, and Miranda accuses him of not being upset.
Steve says he is upset, but he's not going to lash out at the nursing staff. He takes Miranda in his arms and they cuddle by Didge's bed.
Charlie's Bar where Harry Prays
Adam arrives, and tells everyone that Declan hasn't been found. Harry says there's no news from the hospital.
Adam takes Pepper aside - Sophie doesn't want to be rostered with him anymore. He thinks losing a partner this soon isn't going to look good for him, so he might have to beg her to change her mind.
The gang at the table are thinking of a career change for Frazer; they thought of a lion-tamer or a gigolo. Frazer thinks he's only qualified for one of those jobs!! Maybe he should get a job labouring.
VALDA: Oh, I love a man in a singlet.
TOADIE: Me too.
Rosie says she'll support Frazer - as long as he gets the next round, but he will have to borrow some money for that.
Carmy and Ollie come back from the hunt, and Carmella interrupts Harold praying at the bar. She asks Harold to lead them all in prayer, she knows she'd appreciate it. She asks the rest of the gang if they'd mind, and they don't seem to. Frazer leaves, uncomfortable, but everyone else sticks around.
Harold asks God to look after Bridget through the night, and to bring comfort to family and friends. He also asks God to look after Declan whilst he's missing, and for them all to face the morning with courage.
Erinsborough Hospital where the Annoying Song starts
Miranda is talking to her daughter, knowing she'll come back to them when she's ready. She feels bad that Declan ran away, now.
Steve spots Didge's MP3, and comments that some coma patients can hear noise, maybe they should play tunes to her? He turns it on and he and Miranda listen to a song, remembering that Didge listened to it all last Summer, non-stop. Instead of playing it to Didge, they keep it going for them!
Outside the Police Station where they're Loved Up
Karl and Susan drive up to the station. Susan looks utterly terrified, and Karl wonders if this is crazy - Susan shouldn't be going there without a lawyer at least. Susan says she doesn't want that, it looks like she's trying to get out of something.
SUSAN: I just wanna go in there and tell them what happened.
KARL: Wait - wait. Let's take a few minutes to get our heads around it.
In the dark, the Kennedys look right at each other.
SUSAN: I love you.
KARL: I love you, too - more than anything.
Susan suddenly leans forward, puts her hands on his face and kisses him.
SUSAN: I'm so sorry for all this.
KARL: Oh, look - it was an accident, they'll take that into consideration.
She nods, and doesn't let go of his face. They look at each other for a while, before getting out the car. The reality of it hits Susan, and she takes a few deep breaths. Karl reaches out his arm to her and, taking her hand, they walk into the police station together.
Police Station where it could Spell Disaster
Inside, Karl turns to face Susan, who looks like she wants to lean on him, but they're interrupted by Sophie arriving. She recognises Karl from the accident scene, and they announce that they have some information about what happened.
SUSAN: I'm the one who hit her.
SOPHIE: I'm sorry?
Susan says she doesn't know what happened, but she suspect she fell asleep at the wheel. Karl intervenes - Susan obviously didn't see Bridget, she would never have left otherwise.
Sophie says that they'll need to do an interview, telling Karl he'll have to wait in reception.
Susan follows Sophie through a glass panelled door which shuts behind her. Looking more scared than we've ever seen her, she stops to turn back to look at Karl, who stares back, worried and red-eyed.
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Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5314
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5314
Susan Kennedy

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5314
Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Dr Demi Vinton in Neighbours Episode 5314
Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Dr Demi Vinton

Rosie Cammeniti, Lou Carpenter, Pepper Steiger, Valda Sheergold, Carmella Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5314
Rosie Cammeniti, Lou Carpenter, Pepper Steiger, Valda Sheergold, Carmella Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi, Frazer Yeats

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5314
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5314
Steve Parker

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5314
Ned Parker

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5314
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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