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Neighbours Episode 5313 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5313
Australian airdate: 03/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Laura Davidson - Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thompson - Marty Grimwood
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper - Emma Moore
Summary/Images by: Eliza/Elin
Mickey sees Bridget shouting at Declan.
Laura doesn't want to kidnap Declan, but Nick thinks it'll make Paul pay.
Declan's car hits Bridget.
Mickey tells Ned and Janae that the car that hit Bridget was Declan's.
Ned and Janae want to make sure that the car Mickey saw was Declan's - Mickey says he saw the for sale sign on it and thought Declan might give him and Jake a ride. He apologises, but Janae assures him he has nothing to be sorry about. Mickey wants to know if Declan will be in trouble but Janae and Ned tell him they don't know anything yet and if he is in trouble it's not Mickey's fault. Ned sends Mickey to get a drink and tells Janae that they have to tell Steve and Miranda. Janae doesn't want to and suggests they just tell the police.
In Bridget's hospital room, Miranda and Steve are saying goodbye to her as she gets wheeled in for surgery. Riley arrives a minute too late and can't see her. Karl brings some food for Steve and Miranda. Miranda asks Karl to go into surgery with her if he's allowed because she doesn't want to have Bridget surrounded by strangers. Karl agrees to see if it's possible.
Karl, in his scrubs and particularly flattering hair cap, is on the phone (to Susan) explaining that Bridget's just gone into theatre and he's going into observe at Steven and Miranda's request. Susan asks how they're holding up.
KARL: They've got to prepare themselves for the worst.
SUSAN: Is it that bad?
KARL: It could go either way, it's a very long and delicate procedure.
Susan insists on going down to the hospital - the kids are fine and she wants to be there for Miranda and Steve. We see Susan getting into Declan's car and starting the engine, before the camera pans to show a dent in the front left wing.
Adam's asking Mickey to clarify that there were no other cars around except the silver car. Ned says they've been through it half a dozen times and Mickey knows what he saw. Adam and Sophie excuse themselves - Adam tells her that forensics say the paint traces match that model but hit and run is a big jump and they should have just impounded the car.
Mickey wants to know why Declan did it when he and Bridget are friends. Janae replies that they still don't know it was Declan who did it. Adam and Sophie come back in just as Mickey says, 'Just because he had a fight with her doesn't mean he should hurt her.' Adam asks who had a fight and Sophie asks when. Mickey replies that it was just before the accident, at the lake, they were yelling at each other and Declan grabbed Bridget's arm. With questions being asked by both Adam and Sophie, Mickey adds that Bridget then ran away and Declan got mad because Bridget wouldn't come back. Ned asks what's going to happen next. Adam thinks they'd better go and have a chat with Declan.
The General Store
Paul suggests to Rebecca that they grab some dinner and go back to his to see if Declan might open up. As the camera zooms in on Declan in the background, Rebecca ruefully asks what happened to the boy who used to make her banana pancakes. Declan's phone rings - it's Rachel. He answers with: 'Bridget's missing and it's all my fault and I should do something about it, right?' We don't hear what Rachel says, but from Declan's reaction I'm guessing she tells him about the accident. He hangs up his phone and runs off.
Miranda, Steve and Riley are sat in the waiting room in tense and nervous silence. Riley and Steve go to get coffee, leaving Miranda on her own. She goes through a couple of Bridget's things before hearing her phone go off. She calls the voicemail and cries as she hears herself shouting at Bridget. Susan comes in and hugs her.
Elsewhere, Riley assures Steve that Bridget will be ok. Steve agrees that she'll be fine - but with absolutely no belief in his own voice. Riley asks how likely it is that she'll recover. Steve replies that it depends on the damage and how she responds to treatment - it's a serious injury.
Rebecca reiterates to Sophie and Adam that she doesn't know where Declan is. Sophie explains that forensics confirm a car similar to Declan's was seen and there's a witness that confirmed the vehicle as Declan's. Rebecca explains that Declan didn't have the keys, Oliver did. Paul goes off to get Oliver on the phone. Rebecca explains that Bridget is his friend and he's never hurt her. A call comes through on Sophie's radio and she goes through to take it. Adam replies that if Declan's not responsible then the sooner they speak to him the sooner they can rule him out. Rebecca doesn't know who the witness saw, but it wasn't Declan. Adam says they have to follow it up. Sophie comes back through to say that Declan is at the hospital. They leave, followed by Rebecca and Paul.
Miranda's telling Susan how you nurture them and love them like they're your whole world and then one day you lose it and say they're a disappointment to you and that's the last thing Bridget heard. Susan assures her that's not the last thing she's going to say to Bridget - she's young, healthy and stubborn and she's not going to give up without a fight and that will pull her through.
Steve and Riley bump into Declan, who wants to see Bridget. Steve tells him she's in surgery. Riley adds that she'll be in there for a while and that's all they know. Steve flippantly offers him to wait with them. Ned storms through, telling Declan he's got some nerve and shoves him and telling him to get out before he drags him out. Steve tries to calm him down and tell him it's ok but Ned says it's not.
NED: Are you going to tell them or am I?
DECLAN: Tell them what?
NED: He's the one that ran Bridget down.
Declan's surprised - he says that Oliver took his keys in the morning and was going to sell it. Ned tells him he was seen by a witness. Declan says they're lying. Ned tells him it was Mickey. The police arrive.
After the break, we're back to see Adam and Sophie holding Declan's arms and leading him outside the hospital. Declan's wondering why they're taking the word of a little kid. Adam replies that they're going to give him the chance to explain. Declan wonders what he's going to explain because he's not been near the car since the morning and he ran to the hospital. They arrive at Declan's car and Sophie asks him to explain the dent. Declan says he didn't drive it to the hospital, the car was fine last time he saw it and he would never do this to Bridget. Rebecca and Paul approach and Rebecca assures Declan it's ok. Adam asks Declan to empty his pockets. Declan pulls out his keys and on there is a key for the car. Declan says it's a spare key and he forgot all about it.
With Riley and Steve outside the room, Susan hands Miranda a cup of tea. Riley tells Steve he almost wishes he didn't know it was Declan. Steve wonders how he's going to tell Miranda. Riley suggests they don't; it won't make it any easier and she'll know soon enough. They go in to join Miranda and Susan. Karl comes in behind them - he says there's a way to go yet but she's hanging in there. He adds that it's a complicated procedure so he doesn't know how long she'll be in there for but for now it's all going to plan. He suggests they go home for some rest but they decline. Susan and Karl go into the corridor and Karl tells Susan she should go home because she looks exhausted. Susan says the tiredness is too extreme for it just to be hormonal. Karl wants to get a second opinion. Susan admits she fell asleep in the car - she assures him it's fine, she just hit the kerb and that rattled her. Susan sends him back to Bridget with the assurance they'll talk later.
Hospital Car Park
Declan wants to know how long he's going to be at the station. Sophie says it depends what his explanation is. Rebecca says she knows he didn't do it. Declan looks at his mother and says sorry, before suddenly pushing Adam and running off, followed by Sophie and then Adam.
Rachel tells Zeke it was weird - Declan just went quiet and hung up. She suggests that she ought to photocopy some notes for Bridget. Ringo comes in to check they're both ok. Rachel says they are (as she's being looked at suspiciously by Zeke) but thought Ringo was grounded. Ringo explains that Frazer gave the ok to come over. Zeke goes to his room. Ringo asks Rachel if she's really ok. Rachel wonders if Bridget might not make it. Ringo assures him she will. Rachel asks why people automatically say that - not everybody makes it, including her parents. Ringo points out that he did and when Bridget comes through she'll need them. They hug.
Rebecca's convinced that Paul didn't do it - he's not a bad kid even if everybody thinks he did. Paul tries to get her to calm down and think about where he goes. Rebecca doesn't know so Paul says that Adam will find him and sort out what really happened. Rebecca decides she has to go and see Miranda. Rebecca joins the Miranda and Susan to say she's really sorry and to ask how Bridget is. Miranda says they still don't know. Rebecca asks if there's anything she can do. Miranda says no, but thanks her for coming. Steve, Ned and Riley come in and Steve tells Rebecca and Paul that he doesn't think they should be there. Rebecca replies that Declan's made a lot of mistakes but he's not capable of this. Miranda asks what she's missing out on. Rebecca explains to her that the police think it was Declan who hit Bridget but they're wrong - it wasn't him. Susan raises her eyebrows in surprise. The Parkers get Paul and Rebecca to leave. In the mean time, Janae and Mickey have also come in to the room and Susan approaches her - she can't believe it. Janae tells her that Mickey saw Declan drive off. Susan thinks it must have been an accident and adds, 'poor kid'. Janae, thinking that apparently there is no other child in the world apart from Mickey, thinks that Susan meant Mickey and tells her how brave Mickey was. Susan explains that she meant Declan - he must be going through hell.
After the break, it's back at the hospital again and the police are telling Rebecca that they lost Declan - they ask Rebecca if she has any idea where he may be. She doesn't know where he is so Adam asks her to contact them if she does find out. Rebecca thinks they're talking about him like he's a dangerous criminal and guilty. Sophie explains that doing a runner is not the way to convince people you're innocent. Paul reckons he thought he wasn't going to get a fair hearing. Adam says that he should come forward for his own sake - they're scared he's going to do something silly. Rebecca says that if they were really concerned about his welfare they'd be out trying to find who did it. Sophie replies that if Declan is innocent then he has nothing to worry about it. The police leave and Rebecca tells Paul they think he did it. Paul says it doesn't look good. Rebecca asks if he agrees with them. Paul says of course not, he just wishes Declan hadn't run from the police.
Lassiters Complex
As police go around questioning people and looking for him, Declan is hiding in some doorway somewhere. Nick comes up behind him and asks if the police are after him. Declan just says he didn't do it and Nick asks what he didn't do. Declan explains there was an accident and he can't talk about it anymore. Nick asks if he needs to duck them for a while. Declan says yes. Nick tells him to follow him. Declan agrees.
Nick assures Declan they'll never look for him there and he didn't realise that he was such a desperado. Declan reiterates that he didn't do anything and Nick replies that he believes him, otherwise he wouldn't be there. Declan asks why he is - apparently Nick was a handful himself and can empathise. Declan thinks he should have just run for it. Nick asks where he'd go and what money he'd use.
NICK: Look, the cops aren't dumb. If they've made a mistake, they'll work it out. And you can stay here in the meantime.
DECLAN: Really?
NICK: Of course, mate. I'll keep my ear to the ground and when I hear you've been cleared I'll let you know.
Laura comes in and asks what's going on. Nick and Laura go out into the corridor. Laura works out that the police are looking for Declan but it seems she's got the wrong end of the stick. Nick explains that he's helping him out - the police want to arrest him, not rescue him. Laura checks that he didn't kidnap him. Nick says he didn't have to - Declan came voluntarily. He adds that Declan's hiding out anyway and all they have to do is keep him there and send Oliver the ransom note. Laura doesn't like it. Nick says it's fallen in their laps like it's meant to be.
Janae takes Mickey home for some dinner and leaves Ned with the other Parkers and Susan. Susan goes to ring the kids and to get some food. Outside, she spots Rebecca and Paul. She says she's really sorry about Declan and Paul asks if there's any news on Bridget. Rebecca says she wishes she'd got rid of the car herself. Susan didn't know Declan had a car. Rebecca explains that Oliver gave it to him and they were supposed to get rid of it - it's the one in the street. She carries on about how she shouldn't have let them sell it and she should have taken it to the wreckers herself. As she's talking, the camera pans in on Susan as a look of realisation dawns. She asks if the car's for sale as she flashes back to seeing the 'for sale' sign in her rear view mirror. She checks - the silver one? Rebecca replies yes, the one Mickey saw driving away. Susan flashes back again to being in the car - waking up suddenly and checking the rear view mirror. She realises that it was her and mouths the words, 'Oh my god,' as we flash back to her slapping herself on the cheeks.
General Store
Janae brings Mickey an ice cream sundae because she thinks he deserves a treat. Mickey says he loves chocolate and adds that Bridget loves chocolate too. Janae suggests they buy her a big box of it for when she gets better. Mickey tells her she can say if Bridget's not going to get better. His mum told him that his nana and pop were going to get better but they didn't. He asks where heaven is. Janae replies that some people say it's up in the sky so that you can look down on the people that love you. Mickey says that his nana and pop and Janae's brother are up in heaven right now. Janae thinks they're probably watching them right now. Mickey thinks it's still not fair - they're not here, they've gone away. Janae doesn't think they ever really go away. Mickey points out that you never get to seem them again. Janae replies that it doesn't mean that they're not with you, in your heart.
The doctors are bringing Bridget back from surgery. Karl explains to the Parkers that they're taking Bridget to intensive care and adds that the operation was successful - they've relieved the swelling on the brain but there's a way to go yet and she's critical. Riley asks what it means and Karl replies that the surgeon will talk to them but he has to say: it's touch and go. He apologises as Miranda breaks down in tears and Steve become resilient, saying that it's good and that Bridget has cleared the first hurdle. They Parkers go off, leaving Karl by himself.
Susan rushes up to him, asking if the car he's got is Oliver's. She's panicky and she wants to make sure - is the car he's got, the silver car, did he get it from Oliver? Karl is oblivious to the importance of the question and in a confused state replies yes. Susan cuts him short, saying, 'Oh my god!'
KARL: What? What's wrong?
SUSAN (through tears and short, anxious breaths): It was me. I'm the one who hit Bridget.
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Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5313
Mickey Gannon

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5313
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5313
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5313
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Riley Parker

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5313
Riley Parker

Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5313
Adam Rhodes

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5313
Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5313
Paul Robinson

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5313
Declan Napier

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5313
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5313
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Nick Thompson in Neighbours Episode 5313
Nick Thompson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5313
Susan Kennedy

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5313
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker, Karl Kennedy

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