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Neighbours Episode 5279 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5279
Australian airdate: 16/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Sacha Hamilton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Prue Brown - Penny Cook
Julia Sauders - Raelene Isbester
Jacqui Burns - Elise Dickenson
- "Cotton Wool" by Genevieve Maynard
- "No Time" by Chris Bailey And The General Dog
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Holing
- Rebecca telling Richard that her boys are going to know the truth about him
- Karl being introduced as the latest regional director of Vivex
- Janae telling Ned that she is ready for him to move in with her
- Carmella telling Oliver that she's going to have his baby
The Robinson Residence of candlelit pashing
Elle was beginning to worry, she asks how things went with Richard. Oliver tells her that he couldn't see him. Instead she asks how things went with Carmella. There is a long pause before Oliver tells her that Carmella just told him that she's pregnant, from the face Elle pulls I'd imagine she thinks it's Ringo's but then Oliver drops the bombshell. He's the father. Elle, understandably looks a little upset.
Paul and Rebecca are sitting on a sofa, and Rebecca is tearfully telling Paul about Richard.
REBECCA: He calls me Becca, like I'm *his*. He just looked me in the eyes as if nothing had ever happened. Like he was...like he was...he was sorry for me. God, no wonder poor Oliver's confused.
Paul tells Rebecca that Oliver's a smart guy and will work Richard out eventually. Rebecca agrees that maybe he will, but she's not going to take that chance with Declan. Paul wants to know why she doesn't then just tell Declan. He'll believe her and that'll be the end of it. Rebecca shakes her head. Paul tells her he knows it's painful for her, but she can't keep it from him forever. Rebecca says that Richard told her she won't win, Paul doesn't know what he's like, she's spent half her life running from him. Paul promises that he won't let Richard harm her or the boys.
The Robinson Residence where Elle is still in shock
Oliver wants Elle to say something, he tells her it's nothing like her and Dylan. Elle wants to know how it's different. Oliver basically says that it's because it's him and Elle, not Dylan and Elle. Gold star to him! Oliver tells her that they've been through heaps and they're strong, but Elle obviously still just can't get her head around it all. She needs time to think.
The sparsely furnished #26
Janae comes home with some shopping bags and is surprised to find Lou and Mickey there with Ned. Of course Lou is there, there are still plenty of bona-fide cosak hats to re-price. Janae isn't pleased. Mickey wants to know what's in the bags, but Janae pulls them away from him and says nothing. Hmmm, what's in the bags ehhh? Whatever it is it's not presents for Mickey or snacks for Lou. Apparently they're groceries which she needs Ned to give her a hand with in the kitchen.
Ned follows his girlfriend into the kitchen and immediately is questioned as to why Mickey isn't at Tyler's. Tyler's mum rang, he's sick. Mickey has also followed them into the kitchen.
MICKEY: Lou says that these hats will save our club.
JANAE: Oh that's great honey.
MICKEY: Lou says we won't make big bucks sitting on our bums.
NED: Oi!
MICKEY: I didn't say bums, Lou did.
JANAE: Oh yes, and what else did Lou say?
LOU: Lou says back to work rugrat!
Mickey takes his dad's hand and pulls him back into the living room. Ned hurriedly promises tomorrow night to Janae.
The House of Kinski-Kennedys
Karl is pouring glasses of wine and Steve comments that it's a nice drop. Karl explains that Vivex's wine of the month gives the executive two cases each, as the blokes return to the sofa and hand glasses to their wives. Susan doesn't think she's ever seen Karl so unenthusiastic about freebies.
STEVE: You've got to take it of course, keeping up appearances
KARL: Of course...
MIRANDA: Jealous darling?
STEVE: Not at all, come on, cloak and daggers aren't my style.
MIRANDA: You'd storm in all guns blazing and miss out on all the good vino!
SUSAN: Hey, if we are dancing with the devil, I think we should pass the freebees onto mates.
KARL: Oh! So you aren't interested in a free trip to Queensland? (to Steve) For appearances sake, of course.
SUSAN: For appearances when would we have to go?
KARL: Ah...
Karl explains that the trip is only for partners of Vivex staff. Susan is disbelieving. Karl says that it's a five star resort, but Susan wouldn't go for six stars. Miranda thought they discouraged employees from having spouses. Karl says it's different for executives and he begs his wife that he needs to seem like a team player. Miranda tries to get Susan to see the bonuses, massages and free cocktails brought to the room. Quality time with the other partners, adds Steve. He's sure they're lovely people.
KARL: Susan please, Maxwell Smart needs his Ninety-nine.
That would be really cute if the Maxwell Smart thing hadn't been how his relationship with Izzy started off. Susan never liked it... Anyway, Susan agrees but she promises she's not going to enjoy any of the massages or cocktails, in fact she thinks she's just going to stick to the champagne.
Between The Grounds of the Browns and Number 30
Frazer is on the phone to Rosie, telling her he'd be with her in a heartbeat, but Ringo needs him. Rosie tells Frazer that maybe he should let Ringo make his own decision. There's a knock at the door.
FRAZER: I will, with just a little bit of coaching...
There's more knocking at the door. Rosie calls for Carmella to get it, but in the end has to get up and answer it herself.
FRAZER: So how's the dad-to-be? He hasn't called me yet.
ROSIE: He's doing well considering. I'm sure Elle's a different story though.
Rosie opens the door and no prizes for guessing that it's Elle on the doorstep. Rosie tells Frazer she'll have to call him back. Elle asks for Carmella and Carmella pokes her around the door. She tells Rosie it's fine and invites Elle in, but Elle refuses. She just wants to know something. Is it his? Absolutely. Does she want him back? Carmella never set out to ruin things for them. She wants a relationship with Oliver as the father, but nothing more. Elle meekly congratulates Carmella and leaves. As Carmella closes the door, Rosie hugs her and tells her how proud she is.
ROSIE: But Carm, can you honestly say that if he asked you back, you wouldn't go back to him?
The Vivex Empire
PA Julia has brought Karl the sales reports he requested, but Karl has other things on his mind - like not being able to work his chair. Julia goes to help, getting a bit close for comfort and there's a very awkward pause with some eye-locking and I already dislike this woman. Karl seems very uncomfortable, but Julia just grins away. She takes Karl's coffee mug, then picks up a beautiful picture of Susan on their wedding day and asks if this is his wife. Julia asks if she's going on the retreat. Karl says probably and asks if it's a regular thing. It happens every year, apparently it stops the wives complaining about their husbands long hours. Karl's a little confused. It is a partner's retreat, aren't there any wives working at Vivex? Julia thinks he's asking if she's married. Presumptuous tart. Karl says that at least with Susan away he'll be able to get on top of all of the paperwork. Julia flirts on saying that she'll be joining him since she has a mountain of work herself. A lot of the takeaways nearby are appalling but if he sticks with her, she'll show him all the right places. She gives him a cheeky grin and slinks off. Karl looks like he's not sure what just happened.
Back at the Browns'
We get some lovely shots of the surrounding scenery and one of a kookaburra before we join Frazer and Ringo. Frazer wants to know where Ringo is going, shouldn't he be resting? Ringo's going into town, he's not running a marathon, he just needs to clear his head. Frazer asks what about their mum's cooked brekkie? Ringo can go without for one morning, but when Prue comes out and says that breakfast is ready, he can't resist.
PRUE: Now, are you warm enough? Shall I go and get your parker?
RINGO: Did you do hash browns?
PRUE: Course.
RINGO: Toast soldiers! What am I, eight?
PRUE: That's the only way you'll eat them. You're father called this morning, he's very excited that you're both home.
RINGO: That's only because he'll have someone to watch Yellow Submarine with.
PRUE: It's an added incentive of course.
Frazer looks from his mother to his brother, trying to figure out what's going on in his brother's head.
The Vivex Empire
Karl is looking pensively out of the window when Julia comes in wanting to know if he's ready to look over the reports. He's not.
KARL: I'm not sure what happened before, but I'm confident it wasn't entirely appropriate.
JULIA: I'm sorry Karl, I'm so embarrassed (she's not.).
KARL: There's no need to be, I just wanted to be clear...
JULIA: I just wanted you to like me and know that I'm totally committed to this job, and with the bosses I've had in the past a little bit of flirting goes a long way.
Karl had noticed that there are a lot more men than women on the executive floor and Julia tries to reassure him it's not a 1950s nightmare, it's just that she looks around and sees a lot of people not working half as hard as she does and she wants to excel herself. Karl says they can just put this misunderstanding behind them and start over. He's going to need her help seeing as he's a fast track rookie.
The Browns'
Frazer and Ringo are walking from the town. Frazer can't believe that Lori is still running the hardware store. He then spies someone in their car and starts to make a run for it before a young woman gets out and calls after him. She can't believe it's George Brown and Frazer and "Jacqs" hug. She's kinda all over him, she hopes he wasn't planning on not calling by. He explains he's on a flying visit. She tells him she's pulling beers at the Black Goat (I think) and that he should drop by. Frazer stammers a bit that yeah, he will then Jacqui kisses him right on the lips and pulls away slowly telling him he looks good. Cheeky strumpet, I wonder what Rosie would say to that! Jacqui walks away and Frazer is obviously a little overwhelmed at having seen Jacqui Burns in the flesh. Ringo asks what that was all about and his older brother informs him that that was his Carmella. Frazer says that it wasn't his finest hour and he was practically run out of town when word got out. Ringo wants to know if he ever regretted leaving, but he didn't. Ringo keeps thinking about what if he and Carmella had got together and it was his baby, would be hiding coming back home? Frazer thought so to begin with, the place is nothing but bad memories for him, but it's different for Ringo. Ringo agrees and wants to show Frazer a secret.
Number 26, The House of Abstinence
Lou comes in carrying a box of hats and wants to know where Mickey is. Ned tells him he's at school.
LOU: Couldn't he have stayed at home? It's an important job this.
STEVE: What? Peddling the hides of defenceless animals for fashion and profit?
NED: I'm starting to think you're using my kid as free child labour.
LOU: Look upon it as a young lad learning the value of a dollar.
NED: Yeah, well if you weren't raising money for the footy club, Janae and I would have to put our foot down.
LOU: Did you hear that?
STEVE: Did he say "Janae and I"?
LOU: I believe he did.
NED: Ok, ok...
LOU: Ah, the path of young love where you can do no wrong and the rest of the world can go hang.
They all sit down at the table. Steve wants to know how the big romantic dinner went, but Ned tells him it didn't. Steve thought Janae was pulling out all the stops. Ned explains that Mickey's sleepover fell through; Lou wants to know why they didn't tell him, he could have taken him. Ned asks him to take him tonight. Steve is curious to know how special the night was supposed to be. Ned tells him to leave it. The blokes rib him about how he and Janae have been dancing around each other for months. Steve says Ned always was slow off the mark. Ned's a bit tetchy and leaves the table, but it followed. Ned sits down on the sofa and Steve puts his arm around him.
STEVE: Ah Ned, Nedward. Do we have to have a little chat? When a woman and a man love each other very much, it's alright and natural...
Steve is cut off by Ned wrestling him.
Oliver is grinning like a stoned Cheshire cat at a babygrow, unaware that Elle is behind him watching. Elle thanks him for meeting her, she wants to talk. Oliver knows the situation is full on for both of them, but he doesn't want it to get in the way of what they've got. He's going to be there for the baby, he has to and he wants to be there for Carmella too, as a friend, but he loves her and that's not going to change. Elle says calmly that he's having a baby with another woman. She knows how it ends. It's over.
Ringo's Secret Place
Ringo proudly shows his brother some random bit of woodland, but Frazer immediately brushes some leaves aside to show him GB4JB marked on the ground (amazing it's stayed there that long!). Ringo laughs and asks if there's anything he's done that Frazer didn't already do.
FRAZER: Probably not.
RINGO: I hate being the youngest.
FRAZER: "I cut your toast into soldiers just the way you like."
RINGO: (pushing his brother) Get off!
Frazer comments that Ringo likes being at home. Ringo agrees, but he misses Erinsborough though, he just can't face it at the moment. Remembering what happened makes him feel sick. Frazer understands, but he can't let one stuff up get in the way of what he wants. If Carmella was out of the question, would he still want to spend the rest of his life there?
Number 26, The House of Abstinence
Janae and Ned enter the darkened house and pause, drinking in the silence. Then they start kissing fiercely. Ned tries to say something about Mickey, but Janae tells him to stop it and they kiss again before there is a knock at the door and Lou calls through. They try to ignore it, but they eventually give in. Lou is bringing Mickey back. He apologises something's come up. It's vodka tasting at the Russian club and he can't pass up a chance to sell the hats. Janae and Ned look dumbstruck. Mickey bounds in and starts jumping around wanting to play skyranger. Ned says it's bedtime and throws him over his shoulder.
MICKEY: Can I have a story?
NED: One story.
NED: Then it's Ned and Janae time.
JANAE: (sarcastically) Yay!
Ned and Janae fall onto the sofa kissing, only to be interrupted by a little voice shouting "I'm thirsty."
A little later still...
Ned comes out of Mickey's room and Janae starts kissing him straight away, but Mickey pokes his head around the door and says that his tummy hurts.
And later again....
The camera pans over the sofa where lies a sleeping Ned, then a sleeping Janae, then a very awake Mickey climbs on. He can't sleep, can he have another story. I think the answer is no, matey.
The Browns'
Frazer has the bonnet of the car up doing something with the oil I think. It's amazing how many neighbours characters really know their way around a car. Prue approaches and asks if he's leaving. Frazer says he promised Rosie. Prue says of course and lingers by him.
FRAZER: Ok, out with it.
PRUE: I didn't say a thing!
FRAZER: You didn't have to.
PRUE: Well, maybe Ringo should go with you.
We can see Ringo is standing in the bushes watching his mum and brother. Prue asks Frazer if she smothers Ringo. He's her baby and sometimes she wonders if she overdoes it. Frazer says that since he's the last to leave the nest, he guesses that makes it harder to say goodbye.
PRUE: What's best for me isn't always what's best for him.
FRAZER: Oh I don't know mum, sometimes a bit of mothering is exactly what's required.
PRUE: I don't want to hold him back.
FRAZER: He's a smart kid, whatever decision he makes will be the right one.
PRUE: Thank you, Frazer, you have grown into a very considerate man.
FRAZER: Frazer...
PRUE: That's your name isn't it.
I get out the tissues. It's such a lovely tender, understated and understanding scene. I wish Prue was a more permanent character. Frazer and his mum smile at each other before she puts her hands on his shoulders and pulls him into a hug asking when he's going to make her a grandmother! From the bushes, Ringo smiles too. Prue reckons Frazer would make a great dad, and from the look on Ringo's face I think he thinks the same.
There's the twiddle and twang of a guitar and it's a perfect end to a beautiful scene.
The House of Abstinence where there are far too many naked flames
Janae has finished setting the table when Ned comes in, Mickey is finally fast asleep and Janae says that she is wide awake. The clink their champagne glasses and kiss aaaaand....there's another knock at the door. Janae says there is no way they're answering that. Steve's voice is heard from outside asking if they're home.
NED: (pulling away to answer the door) What am I supposed to do?
JANAE: Tell them to rack off!
Ned opens the door and the rest of the Parkers barge in.
MIRANDA: Oh sorry to barge in like this...
Bridget: Our flat's flooded, everything's wet!
STEVE: (Looking around) Did your electricity go out?
(Realisation dawns on the Parkers)
Bridget: Oops.
Janae extinguishes a candle with the liquid in her glass which evidently isn't water. These guys need a word with the Kennedys, they know a thing or two about interruptions!
The Browns
Prue is tinkering under the bonnet of the car while Frazer is revving the engine. Prue thinks it sounds good and Ringo jokes about his mother's knowledge of cars.
PRUE: So, you're going. I thought you would.
RINGO: Mum, I don't want to hurt you.
PRUE: It's alright. Truly darling. I know that if you stayed here you'd just be running away from your problems, and you're a better man than that.
RINGO: (close to tears) I love you mum.
PRUE: I love you too Ringo. (They hug) So very much.
Prue tells both the boys to come back whenever they feel they need it.
Number 30
Carmella opens the door to Oliver. He thought she was staying at her mum's, but she's keeping Rosie company while the hubby is away. He hands over the baby grow in its bag. Carmella invites him in for lasagne, but he says no. She thinks he looks exhausted and asks how Elle is. He'd rather not talk about it. He leaves and Carmella opens the gift, smiles and hugs it to her.
The Vivex Empire
Karl is looking out of the window again. Julia comes in and offers him another coffee or if there's anything else he needs help with. Karl says no, she should go home, they don't pay her enough to work late, but before she goes he was wondering if the production officer has left for the day. He forgets his name. Yes, Roger Millard left a while ago. Karl says he'll see him tomorrow then, and asks which is his office again. First on the right. They bid each other goodnight and Karl is left with a determined but slightly anxious look on his face.
Karl has obviously found the production officer's office and is going through a filing cabinet. He has a lot to learn about stealth, Julia comes in. He's been caught red handed!
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Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5279
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5279
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5279
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5279
Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5279
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5279
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5279
Rosie Cammeniti

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5279
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5279
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

Julia Sanders, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5279
Julia Sanders, Karl Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5279
Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown, Prue Brown

Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5279
Prue Brown

Jacqui Burns in Neighbours Episode 5279
Jacqui Burns

Frazer Yeats, Jacqui Burns in Neighbours Episode 5279
Frazer Yeats, Jacqui Burns

Lou Carpenter, Steve Parker, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5279
Lou Carpenter, Steve Parker, Ned Parker

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5279
Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5279
Oliver Barnes

Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5279
Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5279
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5279
Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Prue Brown, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5279
Prue Brown, Ringo Brown

Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders in Neighbours Episode 5279
Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders

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