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Neighbours Episode 5278 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5278
Australian airdate: 15/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Richard Aaronow - Blair Venn
Christian Johnson - Neil Pigot
Julia Sanders - Raelene Isbester
Lucia Cammeniti - Maria Mercedes
- "Safeway Holiday" by Dan Kelly And The Alphamales
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Holing
Miranda pulls Susan back from being run over by a motorbike.
Carmella refuses to tell Oliver about the baby in case something is wrong with it.
Karl says he's going to keep working at Vivex to get evidence on the dodgy drugs.
Richard tells Oliver that Rebecca didn't go to the police because it's not true.
Richard's School
Richard apologises to Oliver that it must be hard for him. Oliver says it's not as hard as it is for Rebecca. Richard says he's told Oliver the truth and he can choose to believe it or not. Oliver's got to go but Richard says that if what Rebecca says he did is true, then keeping the boys away from him was the right thing to do but if he is that man, would he care for them the way he does? He adds that they're his sons and nothing Rebecca says can change it. If he's known where they were all these years, he'd have come for him.
Number 30
Carmella gets off the phone and tells Rosie that everything's fine with the baby and provided she does all the right things she should have a perfectly normal pregnancy. Rosie's really pleased and hugs her really tightly - then she tells Carmella she's got no excuse for not telling Oliver about the baby. Carmella reluctantly agrees to tell him today. She pulls out a pair of white shoe/sock things and says she had to keep telling herself that everything was going to be ok and she can't believe that feet could ever be that small. Rosie answers the knock at the door to Lucia with the wedding photos. Carmella goes to make coffee and Lucia starts banging on about the photos not having caught the true colour of Rosie's eyes. She notices that Rosie's holding the white shoe/sock things and gets excited about being a grandmother. She assumes it's Rosie having the baby, of course! Rosie tells her it's not what she thinks. Carmella comes through and tells Lucia she's got something to tell her.
General Store
Susan, Miranda and Janae are having coffee. Seriously, how old is Janae now? Last time I checked she was about 17 and now she's behaving like someone in their mid-thirties with all this mum stuff. And she's not helping matters by being involved in a conversation about Mickey's football club and saying that it's struggling to the pay the bills. Apparently the kids are going to be shattered if it ends up being - she spies Mickey - B.A.N.K.R.U.P.P.E.D. Susan laughs and corrects her to RUPT. Janae doesn't get it and Susan explains how bankrupt is spelt. Mickey comes over and asks what it is. Janae just says it's something that happens to banks. Lou comes in and the ladies welcome him back. He's accompanied by lots of boxes. He introduces himself to Miranda Janae asks what all the boxes are - apparently they're Russian handycraft. He slopes off to 'unpack' it. NinjaSuse comes out and her look at Janae shows she knows it's dodgy.
In the kitchen, Lou's opening the boxes as Mickey comes in. Lou asks what he's still doing there because he thought he was only staying for a couple of weeks. Mickey explains that he's staying with Ned, who's his dad. He asks what's in the boxes. They're genuine fake fur Russian hats. Here's something for nothing - in Russia, NOBODY wears fake fur hats. They're useless in temperatures of - 30 degrees. Lou's bought them on the cheap so that he can make money. Mickey tells Lou his football club needs money. Lou's mind starts whirring - football means crowds and cold weather. Lou tells Mickey that for every hat he sells at the club, the club can have a cut. Lou then hoodwinks the kid into spending two hours packaging the hats up for sale. Mickey comes out and tells Janae it was Russian football hats in the boxes. Janae gives Mickey the money to pay and Susan tells Janae she's doing really well with him. Janae says she doesn't think she could love him anymore if he was hers. She asks Susan if that's weird.
SUSAN: Not at all.
JANAE: Rachel and Zeke!
MIRANDA: Parenting isn't about biology.
Susan couldn't agree more and asks if Riley's coming. Miranda quickly changes the subject to Karl's having gone to work. Susan says he was nervous. She's proud of him and knows he's going to be fine, it's just that it's a risk.
Vivex Pharma
Karl comes into his office and finds all his stuff packed away. He's closely followed by Christian. Karl says he thought all the problems were solved last week and wants to discuss this. Christian says they've been left in no doubt what to do with him and tells him to grab his box and go with him.
Number 30
Carmella apologises to Lucia - she made a mistake. Lucia says her only mistake was loving that man and asks how he could abandon a woman he's gotten into this situation. Carmella explains that he didn't abandon her and she hasn't told him yet, but she'll tell him and she's sure he'll help out. Oliver's happy with Elle and she's not going to do anything to come between them. Lucia asks if Carmella still loves Oliver. Carmella can't say no. Lucia thinks it's good she feels that way because he's the father of her child. Rosie butts in and says that despite her residual feelings, Oliver abused her trust and can't go back to him. Lucia thinks that shouldering his responsibilities will prove he's trustworthy again. Rosie thinks that's not quite how it works. Lucia thinks Rosie's problem is that she doesn't think Carmella can win Oliver back. Carmella stops them and says that what she does is up to her and she's going to make decisions according to what's best for her baby. She and Oliver will have a relationship, but the sort of relationship it's going to be is none of Lucia's business. So there.
Elle's surprised that Oliver's not going to trust Rebecca on the back of what Richard told him. Oliver says it's Richard - he's totally different from what Rebecca said. He thinks Rebecca's erratic. Elle says it's because she's frightened of him and what he did to her. Oliver doesn't know who to trust and doesn't think he can trust either of them totally. All he knows is that the guy he met today was straightforward and honest. Elle concedes that Rebecca hasn't always handled the situation that well. Oliver wonders why if he was so horrible that she went back to him and why she didn't call the police that night. Elle wants Oliver to give Rebecca a chance to prove her story or explain it further because if he doubts her on this one - there is no going back.
Vivex Pharma
Karl and Christian come out of the lift - Karl say he's not been to this floor before and asks why he's been given a security card. Christian explains it's the executive level and they can't just have people wondering in. Or out.
CHRISTIAN: Every action has it's equal and opposite reaction, Karl. Things you do in this company have consequences. Follow me.
They go into some posh looking offices and Christian announces Karl as their newest Regional Director. All the men walk off and Christian tells Karl they're in no doubt it's the right move. He introduces Julia, his PA. She hands Karl a coffee - white with one. Christian says he'll pop back for a chat later. Karl says he wasn't expecting this. Christian tells him that after everything he's done for Vivex...
General Store
Lou's presenting his fake fur hats to the football club. Susan and Miranda come in and Mickey persuades Susan to buy a hat because a cut of the $20 goes to the football club. Janae comes in to get Mickey but he wants to stay. Janae says he's got to get home for a bath because of his sleepover. Lou begs for another hour and he'll drop Mickey off. Janae agrees and Mickey drags her off to see the hats he's bagged up. Lou's pleased there's a youngster around now that Lolly's gone. He says he misses her but they'll be keeping in touch. He goes off to sell more hats.
Susan and Miranda sit down and Susan, clearly not in NinjaSuse mode, asks again about Riley and if Susan hears from him often. It's been six weeks since she heard from him. Susan remembers that he rang during Sky's party. Miranda says that was to speak to Bridget and he made excuses when it came to speaking to Miranda. Susan tells Miranda not to take it personally - it's because he knows home's always going to be there and that mum and dad are always going to be there. Miranda's clearly not convinced so NinjaSuse does her stuff and says that she has to ring Billy and Mal all the time just to remind them who she is. Miranda admits she has no idea where to contact him and she doesn't even know where he is.
Oliver's sat alone and Rebecca comes in. She asks him if he wants a coffee or something. Oliver's a bit offish and Rebecca asks him what's wrong. Oliver admits he saw Richard. Rebecca immediately becomes anxious and asks where he saw him. Oliver says he went to see him. Rebecca's surprised in that disappointed way and asks why. Oliver explains that he cares about Rebecca and wants her in his life but he needs to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Rebecca thinks Oliver believes Richard. Oliver says not entirely, but he's totally different to what Rebecca said he was - he's reasonable. Rebecca agrees he's that as well as very, very charming. She got involved with him and there's a whole other side to him. Oliver says that Richard said there's another side to Rebecca and asks who he believes. Rebecca says she can't give Oliver any proof - all she can do is ask him to trust her. Oliver says he appreciates her concern but he's meeting up with Richard for drinks. He's sorry but Richard's his dad. Rebecca's just pretty horrified and tells him not to involved Declan in this. Oliver says he won't but that's not to say Declan won't involve himself having heard about Richard - he wants to know more. Rebecca says that what a child wants is not always what's best for him. Oliver points out that he's not a child anymore and wanting to know where you come from is a very strong feeling.
Miranda sees that Janae's reading something about a recipe for romance - Janae says it's anything to get candles and vino happening - it's their first romantic dinner tonight. Miranda suggests a gnocchi recipe that's illegal to eat without candles, a bottle of wine and the rest. Janae's wearing one of the fake fur hats and Steve comes in, making a joke about Janae having done something with her hair. They start talking about the romantic dinner again and Janae says she's really looking forward to afters. That's too much info for me. And also for Steve, who points out he's a close relative of the 'victim'. Janae tells him not to worry - she won't ask him to identify the body.
MIRANDA: I'm sure it's going to be a perfect evening, just the two of you... and Mickey.
STEVE: Nothing like an eight year old who can't get to sleep to set the mood.
MIRANDA: Oh, because it's too early.
STEVE: Yeah, and he needs another story.
MIRANDA: And he's thirsty.
STEVE: And why can't he stay up with you guys?
Janae, who's been looking more and more horrified throughout this exchange is relieved to hear that Miranda has a solution that always gets them to bed. Steve reveals it: to let Mickey sleep in Janae and Ned's room. Janae laughs mockingly and throws the hat at Steve. She adds that Mickey's at a sleep over so they'll be fine.
Steve's attention has turned to the hat, and says it's very nice for a dead animal. Janae says it's fake. Steve says it might be fake mink, but whatever it came from is definitely an animal. Miranda wonders if they should tell Lou.
General Store
Mickey bursts in and interrupts Elle and Oliver's intense conversation. Oliver asks what's wrong. Lou's covered in red paint - apparently it's anti-fur protestors. Lou's pleased with this - it turns out the hats really are fur (and who could expect less from the Ruskis?) Lou says that genuine fur means he can charge three times as much - he and Mickey go off to clean up. Rosie and Carmella come in and notice Oliver and Elle. Carmella goes to speak to Oliver and asks to catch up later to have a bit of a chat. At fist Oliver's reluctant but Carmella tells him it's important. Elle overhears them arrange to meet at the General Store at 7.30.
Steve's talking about how much happier Audrey is than she was last time. He continues to talk about Audrey but Miranda wants him to switch off and have his coffee. Karl finally returns from work and tells them about his promotion - he gets million dollar views, designer office, restaurant lunches. Karl thinks he's in a better position to find out what's going on, with access to lots of classified data (they pronounce data funny). He mentions his PA and Steve winds him up. Karl is a little uncomfortable. Seriously, did Steve forget the past? Really? Susan and Karl go to the kitchen to make coffee, where Karl feels it incumbent upon him to assure Susan there's nothing going on with the PA - Susan knows there isn't and congratulates him on his promotion. She just wants him to be careful.
General Store
Oliver makes a joke about Carmella selling Tupperware before apologizing for not having been around, even though they said they'd be friends. Carmella points out that people don't really mean it when they say it but Oliver says the intention was there. Carmella talks about how things haven't been easy for him either and asks if Elle's been good. Oliver's sure she didn't invite him there to talk about Elle and him. Carmella says she kind of did - she wants to assure him that she'd never do anything to come between them and she thinks they make a really good couple. Oliver thinks there's a but and gets irritated. If it's something she thinks she's uncovered about Elle, then she shouldn't bother. Carmella says it's not that. Oliver asks what it is.
CARMELLA: It affects the two of you. And it affects the two of us. I never planned this... but... I'm going to have your baby.
Rebecca anxiously approaches Richard but won't get too close - she tells him to leave her boys alone. She won't let Richard come near her. She knows he's meeting Oliver and she wants him to leave. Richard wants Rebecca to sit down but she says he's leaving. Richard says he's not, he's buying his son a drink. Rebecca tells him he has no right. Richard says he has every right and Oliver has every right to see him. As does Declan. Rebecca tells him to stay away from Declan. Richard replies that the boys have a right to know their father. Rebecca says he forfeited that right. Richard says she's spent their entire lives denying them that right. Rebecca says it was for their own good. Richard thinks it was for some mixed up reason and for her own good. Rebecca shouts that he's the reason and she had to protect them from him. She tells him that the boys are going to know the truth about Richard. Richard hopes they do and then they can decide for themselves.
General Store
Oliver thinks Carmella should have told him about the scare. Carmella says it was hard enough telling him she was pregnant. Oliver smiles and says it's their child and they're both responsible. Carmella's surprised he's ok with it and reiterates that she doesn't want to come between him and Elle and she wonders how Elle will take it. Oliver doesn't think she'll be hosting any showers but she's amazing and they'll be alright.
Elle's lighting a candle as she leaves Oliver a voicemail about how she thought he'd appreciate a bail out call but as he's not answering his phone, she guesses not. Yes, she's dying to hear what Carmella wanted and she tells him that everything is simmering along nicely and she's not just talking about the risotto.
General Store
Oliver's looking at an ultrasound picture of the baby. He's amazed and happy and overly paternal. He thinks it's amazing that he just found out about his father and now he's going to be one himself. Carmella appreciates him telling her about him. They talk about their parents being grandparents and Rosie being an aunt and, oh lord, Carmella's going to be a mum. Oliver guesses she didn't hesitate for a second and Carmella quickly concedes she didn't. Oliver thinks it's going to be a lucky kid - it's going to know that both parents are going to be there. They both agree that they can make this work.
Elle's drinking a glass of red wine and looks at her watch. She smirks a little as she looks at the candles around her.
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Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5278
Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes

Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5278
Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti

Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5278
Mickey Gannon

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5278
Lou Carpenter

Christian Johnson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5278
Christian Johnson, Karl Kennedy

Christian Johnson in Neighbours Episode 5278
Christian Johnson

Lucia Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5278
Lucia Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5278
Carmella Cammeniti

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5278
Rosie Cammeniti

Julia Sanders in Neighbours Episode 5278
Julia Sanders

Christian Johnson, Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders in Neighbours Episode 5278
Christian Johnson, Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders

Lou Carpenter, Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5278
Lou Carpenter, Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Mickey Gannon, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5278
Lou Carpenter, Mickey Gannon, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5278
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5278
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5278
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5278
Richard Aaronow

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5278
Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5278
Elle Robinson

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