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Neighbours Episode 5230 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5230: Desperately Sneaking Susan
Australian airdate: 08/06/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: David Mather : Stephen Jenkins
Michaela Chapel : Selma Danculovic
- "Shifts And Shudders" by Gersey
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Holing
Karl realising that his boss, Davo, is interested in Susan.
Davo telling Karl that Susan is as sexy as hell.
Paul has lost his memory, Elle shows him a picture of him, Gail and her.
Paul asking what happened between him and Gail.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elle tells her dad that the split with Gail was a combination of things; Lassiters was his baby.
PAUL: What could be more important than Gail?
Paul wonders why it didn't change when the babies were born, and Elle tells him that she and her brothers were born after Gail left for Tasmania. Anyone who got in the way of his plans for the business ended up as casualties. This distresses Paul greatly, and he hopes that he was at least a good father to Elle and her brothers, even if he let Gail down.
Number 28
Bree comes in with a bunch of flowers which she hands to Zeke; she's hoping to see Rachel. He tells Bree that she's out with Ringo. The flowers are for Susan.
ZEKE: For you, Madame.
SUSAN: Oh, that's so sweet, Karl! Thank you!
ZEKE: They're not from your husband.
Zeke walks off. Karl reads the card on the flowers.
KARL: To the enchanting Susan. One meal is all I ask, Davo. Kiss Kiss.
SUSAN: Bang! Hey, there's actually three kisses.
KARL: Yeah.
SUSAN: No, you're right, this has gone far enough. We have to meet with him, tell him the truth that I am not your older sister.
ZEKE: But your much younger wife.
Susan nods in agreement with Zeke.
Karl doesn't want to tell his boss he's a liar, but Susan says she won't keep up the charade forever.
KARL: Ah, you...you could go out with him...
SUSAN: (incredulous) Excuse me?!?!?
KARL: Ah, no, don't worry, I've got a plan to cover this...
SUSAN: Absolutely not!!
KARL: No, no, it's a really good plan!
SUSAN: No no no! No more humiliating lies! I will meet with him like an adult...
BREE: ...a married adult...
SUSAN: A married adult, thank you Bree, yes, a married adult - and I will just break it to him gently. I will explain that no harm was meant, that the job was very important to you, to us...
KARL: But...
SUSAN: No no no no no! No buts! I will meet with him. I will tell him the truth, and we will face the consequences like adults.
ZEKE: Married adults.
KARL: Yeah, thank you, Zeke.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elle is wheeling Paul back to his room, and she tells him that she arrived in Erinsborough two years ago; she tells him that Paul has taught her so much in running the business. Paul is very concerned - was he in touch with his kids regularly? Elle tells him he called her a lot. Paul asks about Cam and Rob - are they here, too? Elle says no......they're overseas, and he'd be so proud of them just as they are of him.
PAUL: I'm so sorry for everything I put you all through.
Elle says it's okay - it's all in the past, now. Paul promises to be a good day from now on, one that the kids will be proud of.
Number 22
Ned is unpacking a massage table for Janae, to relax her muscles. The normal masseuse is away, so Ned will do it; after all, he is her trainer.
JANAE: Right, I am not getting on something that's marinated in Paul Robinson's sweat.
Ned assures her that the table is Elle's. Janae hops on and tells Ned to be careful. He starts to massage her through her top, and she thinks it feels like a small kitten on her back. So she takes her top off then tells him he can go. And without any oils or lotions he starts the massage. He is so not a professional.
The General Store
Harry is wearing his salvo uniform. He proudly tries his hat on. Then he hangs it up with his salvo jacket, all neat and ready to go later on. Lou comes in and tells Harold he looks really great, the salvos are so lucky to have him. Harry thinks he should never have questioned his faith, but Lou says that doing that sometimes makes you stronger.
Lolly is helping Lou serve in the store, and Rachel and Ringo come in. Ringo is wishing that he hadn't told Carmella to give Oliver another chance.
RACH: Relax, Ringo. I'm sure Carmella doesn't base her life on what comes out of your mouth.
Number 22
Janae has fallen asleep on the massage couch. Elle comes home and didn't realise that Ned was 'entertaining.' She intimates that Ned and Janae are together, but Ned says they're not, he's just helping her train. Elle thinks he's lying - and Janae heard it all.
Cut to a few moments later, and Janae has leapt off the massage table, furious that Ned didn't make it more clear that she and he weren't together when Elle thought they were. She tells him she would never be interested in him.
JANAE: Oh get over yourself! Just because I don't hate you anymore, doesn't mean I'm into you. Besides, criminals aren't my type.
NED: Yeah. You go after cheating scumbags that use you as a doormat, right?
Oh. Not the right thing to say to someone who's just suffered a marriage break up, Ned.
The Scarlet Bar
Susie is on a date with Davo. Karl, Rachel and Zeke are watching through the door. Davo hands Susan chocolates, but she refuses them, and he thinks she's refusing because she's counting calories! But she tells him the truth.
SUSAN: Um, I can't go out with you, Davo. It's not you, it's me. I have something, erm, really unpleasant to confess.
DAVO: Don't hold back, I can take it.
SUSAN: I'm with Karl. I'm actually married to Karl...
DAVO: Bang! You're good! He's here, isn't he!? Come out, Karl!!!
Karl and the kids scarper from the door.
DAVO: You really had me going there for a minute, Susie!
SUSAN: Yeah! No, Karl isn't my brother. He lied to get the job, the job you said you'd only give to a single man who didn't have any ties. He was desperate for the work, he didn't mean to hurt you - the lie just got out of hand. Way out of hand.
DAVO: All those kids.
SUSAN: Two. Rachel and Zeke, my step-children. Karl's as well.
And right on cue, Rach and Zeke come running in with a message for Susan. Karl says that if Susie wants to change her mind about dinner, then it's not too late. Susan sends them back that she's happy with her decision about dinner. They run off.
Susan tells Davo that Karl really likes him, and really likes the job, and Davo thinks that if Karl didn't have such great sales figures, he'd sack him.
DAVO: How long do you think he would have kept this up for?
SUSAN: I don't know. Wanna find out?!
Number 28
Rach, Zeke and Bree are waiting for Susan, and see her coming up the drive with Davo. Karl is relaxed on the sofa, completely unconcerned.
ZEKE: Maybe he's here to get Karl!
KARL: (Annoyed) Don't be ridiculous.
ZEKE: Oh, they're coming inside!
Karl and the kids leap between the sofa and the shelving unit which separates them from the front door. They watch, crouched on the floor. It's a great comedy moment.
Susan and Davo come in. She takes his lapels in her fingers and tells him she had a wonderful evening. Davo tells her he thought she was going to ditch him but she flirtatiously says she wouldn't do that. He asks if he'll see her again, and she says he certainly will.
DAVO: Bang!
SUSAN: Bang!
And he grabs her and kisses her right smack on the lips.
Karl leaps up from behind the shelving unit and Rachel drags him back down again.
Susan comments that the kiss wasn't in the script, so Davo tells her he improvised. He leaves. Susan stares adoringly into space.
SUSAN: You know, you're absolutely right, Karl.
She turns round to see his face and those of the kids.
SUSAN: You need this job. The whole family needs this job. And really, where is the harm in a few little white lies.
Karl looks distraught and confused all at the same time. Which looks odd.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold is doing salvo work at the hospital, and ends up in Paul's room. Paul wakes to see him there and is pleased to see a friendly face - he asks Harry to sit down. He asks Harold if he's still living in Ramsay Street, and asks how Madge is getting along. Harold is offended, but then tells Paul that Madge passed away some years ago. Paul is genuinely upset about this.
Elle comes in and ushers Harold out. Harry asks what's going on, and Elle tells him about the damage to Paul's memory.
ELLE: He can't remember any of his bad behaviour. This is his chance to start afresh!
HARRY: Oh, no, no - I don't know that that's how it works.
ELLE: He's still the same dad, just softer somehow.
HARRY: We can't escape our past, Elle - that's what makes us who we are. Someone will have to tell him eventually.
ELLE: No they won't. No-one is telling him anything.
Number 28
Karl asks Susan if she'll date Davo again. Susan says she doesn't want to, but Davo thinks he loves her, so she panicked.
SUSAN: You could have jumped in at any time and said "excuse me, you're dating my wife!"
The kids advise Karl - it's not uncommon for younger men to fall for older women, and vice versa, and Susan did look very sexy last night...
Susan tells Karl there's a quick way to fix this - call Davo and tell him the truth. Karl tells the kids to go to bed, and tells Bree to go home. Susan hands Karl the phone and says that they'll face the consequences together.
KARL: Yeah......maybe...
KARL: Well, obviously you're not going to date him again. And I'm sure you're not going to let him kiss you again. But is there any harm in stringing him along a little bit?!
SUSAN: ...
KARL: Susan - a few cancelled dates, a few unreturned phonecalls, he'll get the hint, he'll back off...
SUSAN: You think?! You think!?
KARL: Well, I know it's not ideal, but really, what choice do we have?
SUSAN: Indeed. What choice *do* we have.
Oooh. She's angry.
Janae is ordering Ned about whilst she hunts for her mechanics tools. She tells him to leave her alone. A girl pulls up in a car, and says that she has a problem - her car is making weird noises.

The General Store
Lolly comes in and demands to speak to Zeke, and this time, he's going to listen. She tries to apologise for what she said about him to Rachel, but Zeke isn't interested - he doesn't want to talk to her anymore. He walks out leaving Lolly alone.
Ringo and Rachel come in. Ringo tells Rach how much he's enjoying the fruit and veg business, and he's going to start his own business as soon as he leaves school. Rach is shocked - didn't he want to go to uni? She thinks he won't get a good job if he doesn't go to uni - why limit his options when he has so much potential?
Ringo doesn't like Rachel's attitude.
Harry, Lou and the Kennedys come in. They are chatting about Paul, and Harold says that it was like talking to Paul Robinson, circa 1987. That'll please some people! They wonder if he's putting it on, after all, it's not out of character.
SUSAN: Well, for his sake I hope he is faking it. Amnesia's a very lonely thing.
Elle is listening in, and tells them that Paul's not faking it - the neuroma had been there for ages and probably the cause of a lot of his behaviour. She also tells them to find something a little more productive to do with their time than gossip about a seriously ill man.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elle returns to see her dad, who has written some questions for her, in case he forgets them. He asks Elle to answer them for him - does he live in Ramsay Street? Does she have a boyfriend? Does anyone love her or she love anyone else?? She denies that's the case, but looks very sad about it. She tells her dad she's too busy - there's no time for romance.
He hopes that she hasn't inherited any of his bad traits. She tells him to relax - she's happy. She couldn't be happier. Paul makes her promise not to let ambition outweigh anything else.
The female customer notices Janae's boxing gear and starts asking her about it. Janae tells her she's only just started training, and that Ned is her coach, but he doesn't do it professionally. Janae tells her that she can't find anything wrong with her customer's car, and she won't charge her anything for it.
The customer says that she hopes Janae's not this nice in the ring. After all, in three weeks' time they're going to be facing each other - doing one, maybe two rounds. Janae realises that nothing is wrong with her car, and that Michaela 'Mincer' Chapel is just checking out her competition.
Ned looks furious.
Lassiters Complex
Rach and Ringo are chatting about the Susan/Davo thing. Rachel asks Ringo what he thinks about it. He brings up the uni thing again - if he doesn't go to uni, it doesn't mean that he won't be making something of his life. He also thinks that Rachel is being unfair for judging him just because he doesn't want to do things her way. She says it's not true - she just doesn't want him to sell himself short.
Zeke and Bree sit at a table, listening in.
RINGO: I do like you! I like you a lot! But I also like me. The way I am now.
RACH: So do I!
RINGO: SO if you change me into someone different, neither of us will be happy, will we?
At that moment the Kennedys come round the corner, Susan on the phone.
SUSAN: Let us know if there's any news, okay?
KARL: We love you!
SUSAN: Yeah, lots and lots! And don't worry, it'll all be over before you know it! Okay, love - bye!
It was Billy - Anne's just gone into labour! Karl and Susan get all smoochy about being grandparents again, and get all kissy once. And twice. And:
DAVO: Oh my God!!!
KARL: Oh! Oh, Davo, let me explain, it's kind of funny actually...
DAVO: I don't wanna hear your sick excuses!
KARL: When I said Susan was my sister, you see...
DAVO: And in front of the children, too, as if they haven't suffered enough!
KARL: Ah, mate, I think you're taking the term 'sister' a little too literally...
Davo walks off. The four kids crack up.
KARL: I think we can safely assume that just cost me my job.
SUSAN: Probably wouldn't ask him for a reference, either.
Michaela is going on and on about all the fights she's won, and the titles. She threatens Janae - she should pull out now before she gets hurt. Janae refuses. Michaela tells Janae that she admires her guts, but it's death sentence for her.
Janae says she's not scared of Michaela, so Michaela tells her to fall early on and that way she can avoid getting seriously hurt. Janae refuses.
MICHAELA: Don't be an idiot. Do what you're told.
JANAE: Get out of my garage!
Ned tells Michaela to leave.
MICHAELA: It's a pity. You're a pretty girl. Not for much longer.
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Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5230
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5230
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5230
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5230
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, David Mather in Neighbours Episode 5230
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, David Mather

Susan Kennedy, David Mather in Neighbours Episode 5230
Susan Kennedy, David Mather

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5230
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5230
Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5230
Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5230
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5230
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5230
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker

Michaela Chapel in Neighbours Episode 5230
Michaela Chapel

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5230
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Zeke Kinski

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5230
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5230
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5230
Elle Robinson

Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5230
Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5230
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5230
Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins

David Mather in Neighbours Episode 5230
David Mather

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