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Neighbours Episode 5229 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5229: Brother-In-Law
Australian airdate: 07/06/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ringo Brown: Sam Clarke
Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Frazer Yeats: Ben Lawson
Rosetta Camenitti: Natalie Saleeba
Lucia Camenitti: Maria Mercedes
Dr Demi Vinton: Angela Twigg
- "Another Perfect Day" by Butterfly 9
- "Star" by Sara Storer
Summary/Images by: JA/Emily
Rosie and Frazer discuss their wedding plans.
Carmella sees Oliver hug Elle.
Frazer disappoints Ringo, when he tells him he will not be his best man.
Paul wakes up after the operation, but does not recognise Elle.
The Hospital
Elle mistakes Paul's confusion for him being mad at her, but he is surprised to hear her call him dad. He tells a shocked and upset when Paul declares that he doesn't have a daughter.
Number 30
Carmella is busy waxing lyrical about Oliver, she has found Ringo's best man speech, and mistakes it for Oliver's handiwork. As she reads it aloud to Ringo, he fills in the gaps, and then has to admit that he wrote it. He tells Carmella that he jumped the gun, and he looks disappointed with it. Carmella tells him that she thinks the speech is beautiful. When Rosie gets home, she thinks that Carmella's soppiness is due to something that Oliver has done, but Carmella tells her that it's Ringo who has broken her heart this time. She tells Rosie that she and Oliver and she are fine, but Rosie certainly looks sceptical. Ringo senses it's time for girl talk, so sheepishly excuses himself, but not before Carmella pay's him a compliment, telling him that he rocks.
The Garage
Janae is bemoaning her workload, all the cars on the forecourt are due tonight. Ned offers to help with the basic services of the vehicles, but Janae is not so sure that his work will be up to scratch. A flirty Ned insists that he can do it, and Janae agrees that he can help, but tells him if he screws it up he will be gone.
The Hospital
The doctor is questioning Paul on his life, he is doing well, until she asks him what year it is, and he doesn't know. He doesn't know what kind of car he drives either. He is getting agitated, and asks the doctor who the girl was, she claimed to be his daughter, but he doesn't believe it. When asked who his next of kin is he is confident when he states that it is his father Jim Robinson, and his grandmother Helen Daniels. He wants to see them asap, but something tells me this is one wish that will not be fulfilled. He is also wondering what happened to his leg, the doctor tells him about the accident, but he seems to have no recollection.
Number 30
Rosie is agitated as she speaks to Frazer on the phone, it sounds as though Frazer is not keen to meet his future mother in law again, and Carmella also agrees that it might not be a great idea, it might put Frazer off. She jokes that Rosie might turn out like their mum, and Rosie defensively exclaims that she is nothing like their mother.
Carmella and Ringo head off to work, just as Oliver gets home. Rosie is quick to get stuck in to Oliver about the way he has been treating her sister. Rosie is quick to assume that Oliver has been at the hospital with Elle, but Oliver tells her that actually he was picking up an antique chest of drawers for Carmella, which he wants to restore for her. He offers Rosie the chance to apologise, this she does, and blames her behaviour on the fact that she is stressing about the meeting with Frazer and her mother later. Oliver says that is easy to understand. Rosie doesn't like his tone, as he doesn't even know her mother, but Oliver concludes that any woman who raised she and Carmella is bound to be 'scary stuff'
The Hospital
Paul is inconsolable when he learns that both Jim and Helen are dead. He seems shocked to hear that it has been around ten years since their death. Was it really only ten years since Jim died? I thought it was a lot more than that. Anyway, Elle tries to reassure Paul that he still has her, trying to re-affirm the point that she is his daughter. When she tries to place her hand in his, he pulls away. He says that he is sorry, but he doesn't know her, and he can't pretend. Elle suggests that they talk some more to prompt his memory, but he insists that what he wants is some time alone, and a dejected Elle leaves the hospital room and breaks down in tears.
Scarlet Bar
Frazer is on the phone:
FRAZER: Rosie, if you could get here soon please, as I don't want to face a scene from monster in law on my own, bye.
But uh-oh, it seems that the afore mentioned monster in law, namely Lucia has just arrived, and has heard Frazer's description of her. She is far from impressed. Frazer tries to back track, and apologises for Rosie being late, but Lucia seems to be delighted at the news, as she has a few things to say to her future son in law. She pulls Frazer up about the last time they met he was pretending to be someone else. It seems she has Frazer down for a liar, and she is quick to bring up the subject of Johnny, she thinks that he would have made a great son in law, but Frazer she is not so sure of. Lucia asks Frazer why she might possibly want someone like him as a son in law, and a sheepish Frazer looks uncharacteristically lost for words.
The Garage
The Janae and Ned's flirting is in full flow, teasing each other about his work. It seems that he has done a good job, but Janae doesn't seem to admit to that. Janae is going to the pool, and she invites Ned to join her. When Ned isn't looking, Janae throws him a longing and flirty look. It seems that there is a definite spark or two flying around in this garage.
Ringo and Carmella seem to be having fun on the job. Carmella says that she enjoys being able to have a laugh with Ringo, and Ringo appreciates that she doesn't treat him like a dumb kid. Ringo chances his arm by asking to drive the van home, after all he has his learner's, Carmella teases him, but tells him that he can drive the van, as she loves being chauffer driven. Ringo is delighted.
The Hospital
Elle is discussing Paul's prognosis with the doctor. She is pretty confident that he is going to get his memory back, and Elle wants to help. The doctor suggests talking to him, but Elle says that she has tried and failed. The doctor suggests photos, and Elle seems thoughtful. The doctor suggests that Elle should call on someone for support. Elle says that she has heaps of friends, and the doctor suggests calling one of them, but as Elle reaches for her phone, it seems that she might be struggling to think about who she might call.
The Pool at Number 30/The Hospital
Janae and Ned seem to be having fun in the pool, that is until she hurts her shoulder, and a caring Ned carts her off to get it checked out.
As a Carmella's phone rings, she is not about to pick it up, so Oliver checks it out. He hesitates when he sees that it is Elle calling, but answers to find an upset Elle asking for help. Elle is shocked to hear that it is actually Oliver who has answered the phone, but underplays the situation to avoid talking to him. She asks him to pass on her message to Carmella. Oliver seems as though he wants to be there to support Elle, but not sure what to do for the best.
Scarlet Bar
Rosie has finally arrived at the bar, and nobody is pleased to see her than Frazer. Frazer tells Rosie that her mother has been completely frank. Rosie is disappointed in her mother, but tells her that there are no secrets between them, she and Frazer love each other.
ROSIE: I didn't invite you here today to get your permission. Frazer and I are getting married whether you like it or not, but we would really like our families to be present on what is going to be the happiest day of our lives.
LUCIA (to Frazer): Is that what you want?
FRAZER: Of course.
LUCIA: Meaning no, but you'll agree for her sake.
FRAZER: Look, we both know there's been a lot of bad blood, but the fact that Rosie wants to heal all that, shows what an incredible person she is.
LUCIA: In that case, I think champagne is required.
Frazer offers to get the champagne, but Rosie insists that she will get it. As Rosie pushes the wheelchair out of her way, Lucia seems to only have noticed it for the first time, as Frazer notices her reaction, he asks Lucia if the chair is a problem, and she doesn't seem to have an answer, but she does look suspicious.
The Hospital
Ned, who is obviously at the hospital with Janae, spots Elle in the waiting room. It must be a really small hospital, if shoulder injuries are dealt with in the same place as brain surgery, and yet it looks so big in the stock shots. Anyhow Ned is concerned when he sees how upset Elle looks, and is shocked to hear that Paul has lost his memory. He says that there is anything he can do, she only has to ask, something which Elle seems to be grateful for. Elle tells Ned, that she has left a message with Carmella to come and support her, and Ned is not sure that it is such a good idea. Elle says that she is not seeing Oliver, and she sees Carmella as her only link to Oliver. She thinks that it is pathetic, but Ned assures her that it's not, it's just sad. When the doctor comes out of Paul's room Elle spots her chance to go in and show him some photos in an attempt to jog his memory, and excuses herself with a half smile for Ned.
This is just in time for Janae to get out of her check up. Ned asks how it went, and Janae half scornful, half joking tells him that it's just a sore neck, she tells Ned that the doctor ordered him to give him a massage when she gets home. Could these two flirt anymore? Just get on with it. Ned wonders if she can still do the boxing, and Janae said that she can, as long as Ned keeps supplying massages on demand. Ned seems to be in agreement to this, and Janae looks brighter for the first time in ages.
Scarlet Bar
It seems that Lucia has accepted Frazer as a potential son in law, and they are all enjoying the champagne. Oliver comes in looking for Carmella, but when he realises that she is not there, he scoots out again without the courtesy of introducing himself to Lucia. Lucia is surprised to hear that 'that was Oliver' Frazer jokingly tells her future mother in law that he won't seem so bad in comparison. Lucia does have one more question however, she scathingly asks if Frazer will still be able to support a family given his condition. Rosie is affronted at the brazen nature of her mother's words, but Frazer takes it in his stride, telling Lucia, that it's not a problem. He now does a lot of his work online, and there are great facilities in place when he does go to the track. Rosie changes the subject with a toast to the future. Lucia joins in, but is still shooting looks of suspicion in Frazer's direction.
The Hospital
Elle has the photo albums out for Paul's benefit. She is showing him pictures of Robert and Cameron, he finds it hard to believe that he is their father. One picture he does recognise is that of Gail, and he is upset to learn that they are divorced. He asks Elle what happened, and her only response is that it was a long time ago. Paul seems upset at the thought that their break-up may have been his fault. Elle says nothing, but Paul wants to know what he has done.
PAUL: What happened with Gail then? Was it my fault?
ELLE: Maybe we should just carry on looking at pictures.
PAUL: Elle.
ELLE: Look, there's plenty of time for stories.
PAUL: I'm not going to like what I'm going to hear am I?
The look on her face says it all, as Elle says nothing. It seems that with his amnesia Paul has forgotten his ruthless evil streak, is this a sign that the old Paul Robinson is on his way back?
Number 30-The Pool
Carmella and Ringo are having fun in the pool, when an angry Oliver comes out to demand to know where she has been. Carmella tells him that she has been at work, but Oliver doesn't seem to care, all he has to say that Elle needed her and she wasn't able to fulfil her promise to look after her friend, as she left her phone behind. Carmella asks Oliver if he is suggesting she did it on purpose, and Ringo tries to stick up for Carmella by asking Oliver what his problem is. Oliver rudely tells Ringo that his problem is none of his business. Carmella asks Ringo to leave them alone, and wastes no time in giving Oliver a dressing down over the way he talked to her. She doesn't think that she has done anything wrong, but Oliver begs to differ. Carmella thinks that he has been to see Elle, but Oliver accuses his girlfriend of always assuming the worst of him. He tells Carmella that he wanted to see Elle, but he didn't instead he has spent the day looking for her. Carmella offers Oliver an apology as she realises that this time he has kept his promise. Carmella promises that she didn't ditch her phone on purpose, and the two yet again make up. Ringo is watching on, not entirely impressed, looking especially hurt when Carmella and Oliver kiss.
Scarlet Bar
Frazer excuses himself to go to the little boys room, and Rosie asks her mother what she really thinks. Lucia scathingly says that she was under the impression that what she thought didn't matter. Lucia asks why Rosie didn't mention Frazer's condition, and Rosie says that it is because that doesn't matter to her, she loves Frazer regardless. Lucia still thinks it's odd that she didn't even mention it in passing, and Rosie points out that they haven't exactly been talking a lot lately. Lucia is worried that Rosie is about to become a carer, not a wife, and wonders if Rosie has really thought it through. Rosie is indignant, when she asks her mother if she has ever known her to do anything half heartedly. Lucia concedes that she hasn't, but comments that Rosie has always been a disaster in relationship. Lucia asks Rosie if she wants to have children. Rosie says that she does, but Lucia is not so sure that it is still a possibility, and it certainly has Rosie thinking about it.
LUCIA: I just don't want to see you throwing your life away on the wrong man.
ROSIE: How can you say that, you don't even know him.
LUCIA: You asked me what I thought, and I'm telling you. If you marry Frazer you are making the biggest mistake of your life.
Rosie looks thoughtful at her mother's words.
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Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5229
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5229
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5229
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Frazer Yeats, Lucia Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Frazer Yeats, Lucia Cammeniti

Ringo Brown, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Ringo Brown, Carmella Cammeniti

Elle Robinson, Dr Demi Vinton in Neighbours Episode 5229
Elle Robinson, Dr Demi Vinton

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5229
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5229
Oliver Barnes

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Lucia Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Lucia Cammeniti

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5229
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Carmella Cammeniti, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5229
Carmella Cammeniti, Ringo Brown

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5229
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Rosie Cammeniti, Lucia Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Rosie Cammeniti, Lucia Cammeniti

Rosie Cammeniti, Lucia Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5229
Rosie Cammeniti, Lucia Cammeniti

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