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Neighbours Episode 5205 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5205: Erinsborough High Anxiety
Australian airdate: 04/05/07
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Ringo Brown: Sam Clark
Charlotte Stone: Rachel Gordon
Tom Scully: Andrew Larkins
- "Use Me" by 84
- "Chopiniana" by Philip Wilcher
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Steph saying it's okay if Toadie isn't ready to move in with her, yet.
Toadie kisses Steph.
Janelle tells Janae she's going to see Terrence again; any contact with Scott is worth it.
Karl learning that Terrence said Alex wasn't happy that Susan re-married Karl.
Number 28
Karl tells Susan he's going to finish the video message to Holly, and says that he doesn't have to do it alone. Remorseful, he turns to her and says that he didn't mean it when he said he would have to choose between them; she hopes not. Karl says he knows it's a big adjustment for her, and it's very hard - he admits that he was insensitive.
KARL: But look, I'm back here, now. We'll get through this.
SUSAN: Yes! Course.
KARL: Yeah?
SUSAN: Yeah.
They're half-hugging and Karl rubs her arms. Susan looks away uncomfortably and suggests that he show her the latest pictures of Holly. Karl does, and he's convinced that this one picture of her shows a real smile. Susan laughs - it might just be wind!
Karl clicks onto the next picture. Something in Susan's face changes, something that Karl fails to pick up on.
SUSAN: She has got your eyes, though.
KARL: Yeah?
SUSAN: Just like Libby.
The realisation that Karl really does have another child - and not with her - suddenly hits Susan hard and she stops and stares at Karl's face. He happily clicks through the pictures, oblivious to how unsettled she's become. Susan quickly makes her excuses - she'll let Karl finish his message. She goes to the kitchen and stares back at her husband, who's still staring adoringly at his new daughter.
Number 32
Toadie and Steph are watching a footie match, under a duvet on the floor of the lounge. Toadie teases Steph - he leans to get the newspaper and she thinks he's about to kiss her. But there's nothing else on TV, and Toadie asks after Charlie - Steph says he'll sleep right through, now. Toadie teases Steph again by pretending he's going to kiss her, and then just leans over to grab a crisp instead. So in retaliation she leans her whole body right over him to grab a drink.
STEPH: Do you realise we are together, in bed, alone?
TOADIE: Oh, God. For the first time.
STEPH: Yeah.
TOADIE: Yeah. Oh - no!
STEPH: What?
TOADIE: I've moved in. I usually try before I buy.
Steph pinches him hard. And she denies that she's nervous at all, but says that if he's feeling under pressure then he can take his time. Toadie says he doesn't know the meaning of the word pressure, and kisses her to shut her up.
Aw. Here's hoping that this is the return of FunBikerSteph™.
Number 28
Susan is up late, in her dressing gown, with a drink of water. She spies Karl's video camera and moves to the table and sits down. Rachel comes out her bedroom, asking if everything's okay with her and Karl; Susan says yes - they're fine. Rachel speculates that it's a crazy situation - will she ever get to meet Holly? Susan doesn't know, it's not her choice. Rach thinks she'll play the sophisticated older sister if she does, and wishes Susan goodnight before returning to her room with a glass of water, hugging her step-mum on the way.
Susan looked like she needed that hug, and gives in to temptation and turns on Karl's camera, playing back his message to Holly. Karl appears on the small screen, commenting that must be warming up in London, and that footie season is upon them in Australia.
Susan seemingly decides to stop the tape instead - but accidentally hits fast forward. When the tape plays again, she goes to press stop - but hears her name.
KARL: Well, it's been a little bit difficult. Susan's trying her best, but...I think she's having a little trouble connecting to the idea of Holly and where I stand in all that. Of course, it is difficult, naturally. It's very hard. I remember trying to get my head around Rachel and Zeke being my kids, my family.
Susan shakes her head in upset and despair.
KARL: But, we got there in the end, after a bit of heartache. But Susan's...I don't know. Things were made a little but more difficult when I got back because there were some...complications...
Susan switches the tape off, angry and disbelieving that her husband is once again confiding his feelings about her to another woman - the same one who was not an insignificant part in their marriage breaking up fewer than three years ago...
What happened to being the man she'd be proud to walk alongside, Karl?
The General Store
Janelle is telling Harold that she saw Terrence yesterday, and Harold thinks it's great that she got an appointment at such short notice - he's so busy these days. Janelle says she doesn't mind paying, either - money's only there to spend. Harold vehemently agrees. Janelle also tells him that she's starting up a school scholarship fund in Scott's name.
Bree and Zeke are sitting at a table, and Bree is dismissive of Terrence's ideas and what her mum sees in him. Rach and Ringo come in - she's got them a free date at the movies because they're going to write the film up for the blogzine. They sit at another table and kiss; Zeke watches them, and asks where Lolly is. Apparently she's spewing everywhere.
BREE: Thanks for ruining my smoothie.
She puts her drink down. Zeke suggests to Bree that they should be more romantic like that, go on dates and stuff, because it would be fun. Bree looks less than interested.
As they leave, Susan and Karl come in. Karl tells Susan that he wants to get to work early to ask for some extra hours. She thought he enjoyed working part time, but he says things have changed - he'll need more money for flights to the UK, internet fees, long distance phone calls...
So, he can fork out all that for his child, but a few weeks ago couldn't even be bothered to work to help Susan out with the basic household bills?
He leaves money for a paper, kisses Susan and flies out the door, with barely a glance at her to see how hurt she looks. Janelle comments that it's good to see Karl behaving responsibly again - better than his bearded look, eh? Susan half smiles.
Erinsborough High
Susan is sitting in class marking essays as the pupils file in. Rach and Ringo ask what happened to the beanbags, as all the desks are back. She says she prefers desks, so that's that. Ringo wants to know why there are eggs on the desk. Susan tells them it's their new project - they're going to be pairing up as parents and look after the eggs as if they are children. Oooh - 1999 flashback to Martingate™. It's like, every time Karl's being mean to Susan, another man appears on the scene at Erinsborough High and the pupils are forced to be parents to pretend children.
RINGO: Eggs?
SUSAN: Yes, we'll start on it today and Mr Scully will...
SUSAN: ...Tom will explain more about it in Human Development this afternoon.
Ringo and Rach squabble over Rachel's diary, and Susan looks up sharply, telling Ringo to behave; she's trying to mark their assessments and most of them are truly horrendous.
Bree and Zeke chat at the next desk about their diaries and who's in them.
ZEKE: Can't guess who's in mine.
BREE: A signed picture of David Suzuki.
ZEKE: How did you...
BREE: It's a no brainer.
Zeke throws his head on the desk.
Out in the corridor Tom is telling Paul that there are no teaching positions at all, at the moment. Paul understands. The bell goes off, and Paul suddenly collapses on the floor, Tom catching him just in time. Rather comically (I think), Paul groans in pain, demanding that the bell be turned off. Tom yells his name, and looks up to see Susan standing there with kids from class, no-one seems to really know what to do.
Cut to seconds later where Susan suggests calling a doctor, but Paul insists that he's fine, despite everyone staring because he doesn't look fine at all.
PAUL: What are you all gawking at? I only fell over.
He strops off, and Janelle wanders up the corridor.
JANELLE: What's up with Peg Leg?
Tom tells everyone to get back to class, and Janelle asks to speak to Susan and Tom about the Scott Timmins Scholarship Fund. Susan admits she forgot to about it. Distracted and quiet, she tells Janelle that she should speak to Tom about it, before making her excuses and going back to her classroom. Tom stares after her, which doesn't go unnoticed by Janelle. Janelle begins to tell Tom about the fund as they wander down the corridor and off the camera.
Elle is thanking her staff for a good job they did for one guest. Oliver arrives and comments that the staff seem really happy, and that it's all down to her employee reward scheme. Elle disagrees - it's down to Oliver's treatment of the staff with respect and encouragement. Elle and Oliver sit together, and she asks after Carmella. Oliver tells her that Carmella had agreed to review her medication, but then she took off this morning for a few days to visit a country fruit market.
Elle thinks maybe Carmy just needed to get away to get things out of her system. Suddenly she stares at Oliver - he needs a makeover. He should really be wearing a suit to work. So off to the shops he goes!
Cut to some hours later where Elle and Oliver are sitting with Harold outside the Lassiters entrance. They've made a deal; Lassiters will recommend The General Store for breakfasts and light meals, and they will promote Lassiters as the venue for elite cuisine. They seem very pleased to be working together co-operatively.
Harold asks Elle if she's seen Paul's flat - he has hardly any furniture and no food. Harold thinks he's struggling. Elle suggests to Oliver that they offer him a job project managing something. Just then, Paul appears, and Elle and Oliver chase him - they'd like to offer him a job. They have a rotary convention coming up and no-one to project manage it. Paul refuses - he doesn't want charity, and certainly not from his daughter.
PAUL: You know, enjoy patronising me whilst you can. Because it's not going to last much longer, I promise you that.
Paul strops off again, and Oliver asks Elle what she thinks of his suit. She likes it, but would like her to go with him to choose some more. They walk off arm in arm.
Erinsborough High
In the classroom, Susan is cleaning the blackboard. Don't they have whiteboards yet? Or better still, smartboards?! Ringo pinches Rachel and she squeals loudly. Susan comes down heavily on Rachel, but Ringo admits fault.
SUSAN: I've really had enough of you today, Ringo. One more sound and you'll be out that door for the rest of the class.
RINGO: But there's, like, less than a minute left...
SUSAN: Right. Outside.
RINGO: Miss!
The bell goes, and Ringo leaves quickly.
SUSAN: (yelling) Detention for the rest of the week, Mr Brown!
Rachel is worried about Susan and suggests to Zeke she should speak to her. Zeke thinks it's not a good time - Tom has just come in the classroom. He tells the kids to leave quietly before shutting the door and approaching Susan.
TOM: Are you okay?
SUSAN: If you don't like my teaching methods, Tom, just say so.
TOM: I think maybe we should talk?
Weary and apologetic, Susan agrees - but not here.
Susan and Tom walk by the rotunda to the lake. Susan walks in front with her arms protectively around herself, looking away so she doesn't have to face him. Tom walks quietly behind, watching her every move.
At the lake, Susan sits on the bench, still looking away. Standing behind her, and barely taking his eyes from her, a concerned Tom puts a hand on her shoulder. Lost and lonely, Susan catches her breath and Tom watches and waits. Realising she can't pretend any more - and the stress becoming all too much - Susan breaks down and dissolves into tears.
Hearing her sobs, Tom rushes to sit beside her. He reaches an arm around her shoulders.
TOM: I know, come on. Come on.
Weeping, Susan leans into his embrace and he pulls her to him, her head on his shoulder.
Upset for her, but quite enjoying the closeness, Tom holds her as she cries.
The Surgery / Law Firm reception
Karl - utterly oblivious to how much he's upset his wife, and unaware that she's sobbing by the lake in the arms of another man - is telling patients in the reception how to avoid getting wind when eating an organic cucumber. The dichotomous nature of these two scenes would be funny if it weren't so tragic, and if this wasn't such an insulting replay of the way he's treated Susan before.
Will Karl ever, ever, ever learn???
Charlotte comes out the surgery for her next patient and Karl introduces himself. She comments that she's surprised a doctor would want to be a receptionist, but Karl promises not to be a back seat medico - he's just had enough of doctoring and stress. Charlotte goes in with her patient, whilst Karl picks up the phone, pressing the wrong button. He eventually gets the right one, and it's Toadie; he's 'sick' and so is Steph, so he won't be in that day. Karl gets it!
He promises not to say a word as long as Toadie promises to give him fifteen extra hours of work a week. Toadie is indignant on the end of the phone, but Karl can't talk because Paul has rushed in, demanding to see Dr Stone immediately. Karl tells him there are people in front of him - he'll have to wait. He pushes Paul onto a chair.
Susan and Tom sit side by side on the bench, Tom's arm still around her back. Susan is tired and sad and, looking at the ground, she apologises for crying. Tom says it's okay.
SUSAN: I don't understand why I always cry with you. I don't know why I can't be vulnerable like that with Karl. I only seem to be angry with him and he doesn't deserve it.
Tom can't believe what he just heard, and turns away.
SUSAN: What does that mean?
TOM: Susan - I would *never* treat you the way Karl has treated you. You deserve better, and so do your kids.
Looking down again, Susan shakes her head.
TOM: You're a wonderful woman, Susan...
Susan makes a face which says she doesn't believe him, so he puts his finger under her chin and forces her to look him in the face.
TOM: ...brave, and strong...
Susan smiles, looking like she needed to hear that...
TOM: ...and I love you...
...then her face turns to shock.
TOM: I truly love you.
And with little warning, Tom quickly moves in to kiss her; the second his face hits hers, Susan leaps back and off the bench, throwing her arms up to push him away.
SUSAN: Tom! No! No, no, that's not what I meant, I didn't...
She looks angry and bewildered and disappointed that he tried to take advantage of the situation when she needed him to be a friend. Tom looks utterly devastated - he knows he's made a huge mistake.
SUSAN: I'm going to take the afternoon off...just...cover for me.
Tom looks like he's about to say something, but her eyes flash with anger and she tells him no - before walked off quickly. Along on the bench, Tom brings his hand up to his face; he can't believe he just did that.
The Surgery / Law Firm reception
Harold and Janelle sit at Karl's desk, and they're all sharing some tea. They're talking about a couple they're all really pleased about - Frazer and Rosie? Paul storms over - if Charlotte doesn't come out her office soon, he's going in! Karl tries to calm him with camomile tea.
PAUL: Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Pathetic old gossip, all of you...
KARL: We all go through changes, Paul, you gotta look for the positives. Personally I found my downsizing liberating.
PAUL: Pfft. Yeah.
JANELLE: Watch yourself, Robinson, you're going to work yourself up into another wobbly.
PAUL: Oh shut up, will you?
KARL: Wobbly?
JANELLE: Yeah, he collapsed at the school this morning, out in the hall...
PAUL: I said shut up!
KARL: Wait a minute, that sounds like a serious wake up call...
But Paul storms off into Charlotte's office; she lets him in, as she was just finishing with her previous patient. Paul tells her there's something very very wrong, and she has ten seconds to work out what it is!
Number 28
Susan storms in the house with Janelle on her heels, saying she was only asking why Susie was home from work so early...
Susan throws her bag and keys on the kitchen counter and sadly puts her head in her hands. Janelle takes pity on her.
JANELLE: Oh dear. Oh, Suse, come on, sit down. It's time for a chat. Whenever you're ready.
SUSAN: I don't know what to do. I've looked at this from every angle and I just feel so disconnected from Karl.
JANELLE: Ah hah.
SUSAN: I don't know where I fit in any more. I don't know who I'm supposed to be.
JANELLE: Right. And what's that got to do with Tom Scully?!
Janelle has seen the way he looks at her, but Susan promises she has no intention of having another fling with him! Janelle's pleased about that because she thinks Susan's too strong and smart for that.
SUSAN: I don't feel strong. I've never felt so weak in my life. I do, however, feel insecure and jealous and guilty and *so* angry...I'm dreading Karl coming back, I don't know what I'm going to say to him...
JANELLE: Then don't say anything. Burst into tears instead.
That's what I said she should do! Good on ya, Janelle. Karl always hated SusanTears™. It's why he and I don't get on.
SUSAN: I can't. I wish I could. I cry at the drop of a hat in front of Tom.
Susan gets all worked up - she can't stay here, not feeling the way she does, feeling so angry - she'll say something she'll regret and so will Karl...she doesn't know what to do because:
SUSAN: I love him, Janelle! I do, I love him!
So Janelle has some really sensible advice; Susan needs to sort herself out, quickly. GO and see Lyn - go tonight. Susan looks like she likes that idea...
The Surgery
Karl and Harold are sitting with tea whilst Paul is screaming at Charlotte in the surgery - he doesn't want another massage! He's going mad! Harold thinks he should go, and leaves. Karl listens to the shouting from his desk...
...and we cut to the surgery room where Paul demands that Charlotte use proper medicine on him! She agrees - she had actually already made a decision to refer him to a neurologist. He's grateful.
Number 28
Karl returns home to see the kids cooking - and sees their eggs on the side which he likes the look of. They immediately run to protect their 'children'!
RACH: How could you be so insensitive??
That's what we'd all like to know. Susan especially.
Speaking of Susan, Karl asks if she's home. Zeke says she's in the bedroom. Karl turns to go there, but as he does the door opens and Susan comes out - with a suitcase and bag. Karl looks shocked, and Susan is just as surprised to see him. To cover with the kids being there, she reminds Karl that Lyn called - she's having a rough time and has promised to go and be with her. Karl joins in with the story, and says they'll be fine without her.
Zeke believes the story and hugs Susan goodbye. Rachel doesn't, but Susan asks her if she understands; Rachel thinks so, and hugs her. Karl says he'll help Susan out with her bags, and they leave the house. Zeke comments that Susan was acting weird, and Rachel can't believe that Zeke really can't see what's going on...
Outside the front door, Karl wants an explanation - he thought they sorted out their problems last night.
SUSAN: Yeah, so did I. And then I saw your video message. You obviously felt the need to confide our problems to someone, I'm just......really surprised that you chose Isabelle...
Karl looks down - he knows he did wrong. Hurt and lonely, Susan says she's going to stay with Lyn. Karl watches her go; he doesn't know what to do.
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Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5205
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5205
Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5205
Harold Bishop

Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5205
Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5205
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Paul Robinson, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 5205
Paul Robinson, Tom Scully

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5205
Janelle Timmins

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5205
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5205
Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5205
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 5205
Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully

Charlotte Stone in Neighbours Episode 5205
Charlotte Stone

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5205
Paul Robinson

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5205
Zeke Kinski

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5205
Karl Kennedy

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