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Neighbours Episode 5195 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5195: Ash Converters
Australian airdate: 20/04/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Sen Sgt Allan Steiger: Joe Clements
Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Dirk Dynamite: Darren Sutton
Lolly Allen: Adelaide Kane
- "Quintessential" by The Feeling Groovies
- "Violet Town" by The Brunswick Music Group
- "Kimchi" by Blind Munkee
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Lara
Steiger tells Janelle he's been accepted on a mission on the Solomon Islands; she tells him she's fine with it, although she's not.
Terrence tells Sky that often the dead contact people because there's something outstanding...and questions if she's scattered Scott's ashes, yet.
Mary offers Pepper a piece of cake she's made for her - but won't have any herself.
The Scarlet Bar
Carmella and Rosie are preparing for Janae's annulment party, and Carmella cuts the bride and groom in half - the ones that are on top of the cake. She's finding it enjoyable. Rosie tells her sister that she stared at Frazer's legs, and now he thinks she pities him and doesn't love him. Carmella doesn't believe that Frazer thinks Rosie doesn't love him.
Sky and Susan come into the bar - since when did these two kiss and make up? Sky is wearing a black wedding veil, wondering if it's too much. Carmella thinks it's great, and Rosie points out that it can't be an annulment party when strictly speaking they weren't married...Janae being underage and all.
Sky asks where Pepper is and Rosie doesn't know, so texts her. Janelle arrives in red and grabs a drink from a bartender. Sky approaches her, and asks her if she'd consider scattering Scott's ashes in the skate park; Janelle refuses - Stingray stays with his family.
Janae turns up in a beautiful turquoise dress, declaring that she's a single woman getting ready to party, but the look on Susan's face says otherwise - because a stripper has just arrived. And because this is an annulment party, and everything's effectively backwards, he starts off naked.
SUSAN: Janelle! Just once could we have a girls' night out without some stripper waggling his... Oh.
Susan is suddenly rather impressed with this man's waggle. Rosie just looks horrified.
The General Store
Steiger is having dinner with Bree whilst the girls are out partying. Lou serves them and Harry is cuddling Kerry in the background. Lolly arrives at the table in full boxing gear - which she's not impressed at. Harold can't believe Lou is teaching her to box, but Steiger thinks it's great - teaching self defence and focus. Lou gets the pads out and asks her to strut her stuff in the store, but Lolly declares that she can barely move.
Harold refuses to watch and covers Kerry's eyes.
Lolly's punches are weak, and Steiger steps in, telling Lou to go to the kitchen. He puts the pads on and tells Lolly that boxing starts in the mind, and her punches get stronger. Lou and Harry watch from the kitchen, and Harry can't believe what Lou's done...!
The Scarlet Bar
Janae is dressing the stripper! Pepper arrives, late, and grabs a drink - her head clearly hurting her. Janelle pays the stripper (Dirk Dynamite), whilst her daughter declares that this night is about the end of her marriage, and how awful men are. So she wants all their horror stories.
JANELLE: Well, my hubby went off of me, every year.
CARMELLA: My dad locked my ex in the boot of a car.
ROSIE: The man I love doesn't want me.
SUSAN: Well my husband is overseas with his ex-girlfriend and a baby he didn't know he had.
JANELLE: Oh - you win.
Rosie asks Pepper about Paul, but all she admits is that she's being stalked.
PEPPER: But they've caught him!
JANAE: Er, yeah. Yay!
Cut to later that night and Susan's still going on...
SUSAN: ...and they have the emotional complexity of mud.
JANELLE: Tell us watcha think, Suse!
SUSAN: And they were born without a conversation gene.
Susan and Rosie laugh at that, whilst Pepper indicates that Karl should watch out because she can hear the beat of a Tom Tom drum. Wait a minute - I thought that was a sat nav system? Anyway.
Susan looks rather annoyed and asks Pepper what she means by that, and Pepper repeats Tom's name before making little kissing gestures.
SUSAN: Pepper, are you implying that...
JANELLE: Erm, it's just a bit of harmless fun - she's two sheets to the wind.
PEPPER: I've only had one! I have! I need a bit of a nap.
She collapses on the table and Rosie rubs her back. Carmella and the others decide to go clubbing, and Janelle reluctantly joins in. But Sky - realising that Steiger and Bree won't be at home which means that number 26 is empty - says she has to get home to Kerry. Rosie says she'll get Pep home to bed and then join them.
Rosie tries to wake Pepper up - and can't. She asks no-one in particular to call an ambulance.
Number 30
Oliver has asked Paul over, and thanks him for coming. He loves Elle and wants to his permission for her hand in marriage. He wants to marry Elle and wants the blessing of "Mr Robinson, sir." Paul is confused that someone is asking his permission, but soon gets up and embraces Oliver rather over enthusiastically. It's wonderful news!
He'll be right back!
As soon as Paul has left, Elle comes out the bedroom, and Oliver says he was worried for a minute that Paul was onto them, but apparently not. Elle says he was probably adding up the profits in his head. Ha! She wishes her dad would be happy for her for real, rather than because she's marrying a millionaire!
Oliver says it's not all bad - at least he and Carmella have a chance at romance! Elle looks rather uncomfortable at that idea.
ELLE: Yeah. Hooray.
Thing is, it's rather hard to believe when she was in love with Ned five minutes ago, and couldn't live without Dylan a few weeks before that. She'll be onto Charlie, next.
The General Store
Harry has Sky strapped to the front of him whilst Lou is massaging Lolly's shoulders. Harold complains that the eggplant dish was supposed to be in the oven an hour ago, but Lou is too busy - the rub down after boxing is a very important thing!
Steiger and Bree are chatting, saying how hungry they are (they didn't eat on account of Lolly's boxing). And Bree tells Steiger she's going to miss him - and she believes he's coming back. She also tells him that he needs to convince her mum of that - prove it to her.
The Hospital
Pepper wakes up to find Rosie by her side - who tells her the doctor thinks her drink was spiked. Pepper tells Rosie not to call her dad. Pepper says she doesn't remember putting her drink down - it's so weird. She doesn't think her drink was spiked - maybe it was something she ate, because she was feeling light headed and weird when she got there.
PEPPER: I can taste strawberry.
ROSIE: Er, that would be my lip gloss...I thought you couldn't breathe...
PEPPER: ...you saved my life!
ROSIE: Yeah - no. The ambos thing I overreacted.
Number 30
Paul cheers the engagement of Elle and Oliver, and says that the families together is great, but nothing is more important than Elle's happiness. Paul wonders when they'll make the big announcement, and he wants a big party, too! Elle suggests that Oliver buy the Timminses out of Lassiters - offer them money for their shares as Janelle'll never sell to a Robinson.
Paul loves the ideas - let's screw the Timminses into the dirt! He goes to get the other bottle of wine, and his right hand misses the bottle completely - he can't make his hand move. He uses his left to toast his daughter, as the camera focuses on his limp, unmoving right hand.
Number 26
Sky is taking Scott's ashes from the urn, and ducks behind the sofa as Bree and Allan get home. They are chatting away, and Steiger says he'll make them some dinner. Sky quickly leaves without being seen.
Much much later that night, Steiger is waiting for the girls to get home, and Janelle arrives back with Carmella and Janae. Steiger and Janelle cuddle on the sofa, and Janae goes to get a cup of tea. Steiger says he's not tired, and drags Janelle towards the bedroom.
JANELLE: Oh! Allan Steiger, you are such a naughty man! You are gonna be so tired in the morning!
STEIGER: Promise?!
Janelle goes to get a glass of water and finds Janae sobbing at the table. She's not upset - she's so angry and she doesn't know how to stop it.
Number 30
Rosie and Pep return home, but Rosie thinks Pepper should have stayed overnight. Oliver welcomes them home, and Rosie tells him that Pep's drink was spiked, although Pepper still doesn't believe it. They decide to go to bed.
Oliver calls Carmella just as she arrives home, and she thinks he's checking up on her. She kisses him.
Number 26
Next morning, Bree is making porridge, and Steiger's playing with his train set. He likes the symbolism - a runaway train, and this one's coming back. Janelle and Janae are up, and barely conscious.
Janelle asks Steiger to move his train set from the table, and he tells her he can't - there's a special delivery in one of the carriages. The train stops in front of her - and the second to last carriage has a ring in it.
I burst into tears.
It's Allan's grandmother's engagement ring, and he wants Janelle to hang onto it until he gets back.
STEIGER: And when I do, I'm going to ask you to marry me. I love you Timmins.
She's as teary as I am, and Bree and Janae look on, smiling.
Ramsay Street
Elle is updating Oliver - her dad is still thrilled. Oliver also tells Elle that he and Carmella are back on. Elle reminds him to keep it a secret; she's thrilled for him. She gives him a kiss, and Carmella sees her.
Paul appears and Oliver tells him he's going to make the offer to Janelle this afternoon; Paul's really pleased and tells Elle to call Gail and give her the news. Elle says she'll do it later.
Outside number 24, Lou is teaching Lolly some more moves. She's hungry for breakfast! Janae appears and would like a quick go - please? She needs to hit something. She puts the gloves on, and Lou holds up the pads.
Number 30
Carmy, Rosetta and Pepper are in the kitchen with breakfast, Pepper is finishing a conversation on the phone with Mary. Pepper tells Rosie that Mary is lonely - she has no-one, and was always like a second mother to her. Rosie tells her she's a soft touch.
Carmella laughs at them, and Rosie is surprised that Carmella is so sprightly - she thought she'd be depressed! Carmella isn't, though, and she doesn't know why.
Rosie and Pep leave to go and see Steiger off at the airport. Oliver comes in and sees Carmella who tells him that she hates seeing Elle kiss her man. He reminds her that it's not forever. Carmella reminds him that she really wants to be with Oliver, so he needs to be extra attentive when they're together, what with all the Elle stuff going on. So he kisses her romantically. And again.
Ramsay Street
Janae is punching Lou something rotten, and accidentally hits his nose. Lolly is still desperate for breakfast! Lou tells Janae that she's a natural, but Steiger appears, packing his stuff into the car. Janelle wants to know if he has his phone charger.
Allan hugs them all, telling them he'll see them in a couple of months. Pepper drives, and Janae goes for a shower. Bree runs to Lolly's house, seeing Sky leaving. She asks Sky if she's off out shopping, but Sky says no, she's off to work, and hurries away.
Number 26
Bree goes inside, and feeling down, she chats to her brother.
BREE: Scotty - if you can pull any strings, can you make sure he comes back, safe? I mean, he's a good guy, and he makes mum happy, and she hasn't been happy since, well, you know... Neither have I. I miss you so much, Scotty.
Bree notices the lid isn't quite on, and realises the ashes are missing, and Sky's to blame.
Bree runs out the door.
The Skate Park
Sky is talking to Stingray, saying she got his message, and she knows this is what he really wants, even though no-one else will like it. She tells him that Terrence reckons she'll be able to focus better and hear him properly - so when that happens they'll be able to talk again. At the top of the skate ramp, she tells him she misses him so much. But enough talk. Time to skate.
She gets the ashes out of her handbag...
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 in Neighbours Episode 5195

Carmella Cammeniti, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5195
Carmella Cammeniti, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy, Rosie Cammeniti

Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5195
Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Allan Steiger, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5195
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Allan Steiger, Lou Carpenter

Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5195
Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland

Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5195
Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5195
Paul Robinson

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5195
Pepper Steiger

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5195
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes

 in Neighbours Episode 5195

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5195
Sky Mangel

Carmella Cammeniti, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5195
Carmella Cammeniti, Janae Hoyland

Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5195
Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland

Pepper Steiger, Oliver Barnes, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5195
Pepper Steiger, Oliver Barnes, Rosie Cammeniti

 in Neighbours Episode 5195

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5195
Janelle Timmins

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5195
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5195
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Janae Hoyland

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5195
Bree Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5195
Sky Mangel

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