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Neighbours Episode 5160 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5160: Fortune Favours the Shaved
Australian airdate: 02/03/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Glenn Forrest : Cleopatra Coleman
Ringo Brown : Sam Clark
Lolly Allen : Adelaide Kane
Sam Tyler : Stefan La Rosa
- "Violet Town" by The Brunswick Music Group
- "Lover Do You Wait" by Blanche Dubois
- "I Will Release Myself" by Dan Kelly And The Alphamales
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Izzy-da-vixen
Rachel telling Ringo she doesn't like game playing, and he should stay out of her life.
Janae slaps Glenn, who has told Janae that she and Boyd didn't just kiss.
Boyd telling Janae it was nothing more than a kiss that lasted too long.
The Scarlet Bar / The House of PEG
Boyd asks Janae if they're okay, and she says 'not really.' The phone rings and it's Glenn, telling Boyd that she's told Janae all about them. He's furious, and she understands why he lied to her, but Janae deserves more. She's calling to warn Boyd, and tells him that she's leaving, soon, too. He thinks that's a good idea.
He tells her he's really, really sorry for everything, and she's sorry too. Elle walks up behind Glenn and listens in. Glenn says that Janae is a really nice girl, and she hopes that Janae forgives him.
Boyd puts the phone down, and turns round to look at Janae. They stare at each other.
Number 24
Lou is on the phone, Lolly, Harold and Bree watching him. He's busting to see Mishka, but he keeps knocking back international flights because he's too scared to fly that far! So he's on the Sydney leg tonight! Bree and Lolly agree that Mishka will dump him soon if he doesn't fly to see her...!
The General Store
Zeke and Rachel come in, Zeke commenting that with Susan and Karl gone, they can eat fast food and play video games. Rachel reminds him that Toadie will be there to look after them. Zeke thinks they should have a party - seriously, he's *so* far removed from the Zeke that was first on the show eighteen months ago!
Ringo sits alone at another table, and Zeke thinks they should invite him over, seeing as Rachel fancies him. But - too late. Lolly's arrived and has sat at the table with Ringo instead.
Loll asks Ringo over to hers tonight, and then announces they can walk home together as soon as she buys what she needs to, and she flounces off to the counter. Rach goes to Ringo's table, and says that he's pathetic, trying to make him jealous.
RINGO: Hah! I was starting to think I wasn't good enough for you. How wrong was I.
RACH: Whatever you say, Ringo.
RINGO: Although I'll give you top marks for that princess act you've got going on there. You've really got that down pat, Rachel. But you're no Mischa Barton.
RACH: What - and Lolly *is*?!
RINGO: She's a hell of a lot nicer than you are. Get over yourself, Rachel. God knows I have.
Lolly and Ringo leave, and Rach turns to Zeke in astonishment.
ZEKE: Hey, don't look so surprised. You had that one coming.
Rachel hits him.
The House of PEG
Elle doesn't want Glenn to leave, but she tells her friend that it's too hard - she looks at Boyd and loves him and wants him - and can't have him. Elle reminds her that Boyd cheated on his wife - he's no catch! Glenn thinks she should just go - she's in the way of Elle and Paul, and Boyd and Janae. Elle doesn't think a rat like Boyd should drive her away from where she wants to be.
The Scarlet Bar
In the back room, Janae asks Boyd if it was a full-on affair. Boyd wants to know if Janae will leave him, but she asks if he was in love with Glenn - if he still is. He maintains it was purely a physical thing, and he wasn't himself in Tasmania. He's sorry she got hurt.
JANAE: You know what really hurts? Finding out the truth from your mistress!!
Oooh, that line is so like the time Susan found out about Karl and Sarah from Billy.
Boyd tells her again that it's over, and he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her.
JANAE: Do you know how many times I heard my dad use that excuse? He did some pretty lousy things to my mum but he never sunk this low. In the end she always forgave him. Guess I got that gene from her. If I don't give us a chance, I'll always wonder if I did the right thing.
In tears, Janae tells him that there can't be any more lies. He nods.
Number 24
Ringo and Lolly are chatting. Ringo is saying that Rachel hates her, and Lolly assures him that Rachel likes him - girls do the opposite of what they feel; it's how they work.
Lou is packing for his flight, with Harry's help. Lolly congratulates her dad on taking the plunge with an international flight, and Lou tells her that he can't leave Harry to cope alone, so Sandy's coming to be here, too. Lolly looks utterly panic-stricken, something that doesn't go unnoticed by Ringo. She offers to continue the packing whilst Lou takes a shower.
Ringo approaches Lolly - why is she scared of Sandy? Lolly bursts into tears, sobbing on his shoulder.
Number 26
Janae is making tea, and Bree asks why she's here, reminding her that everyone else is at the hospital, visiting their sick niece. Janae asks how Kerry is, and Bree intimates that Janae hasn't ever bothered to go or get involved. Janae tells her sister that Boyd had an affair, although he said it didn't mean anything. Bree wants her to pack and leave, but Janae wants to face the problems and work through the issues.
Janae is also adamant that she doesn't want Dylan and Scott to find out - they've enough of their own stuff to deal with.
BREE: Fine. I'll take care of the skanky mole. Who is she? I'll send her hate mail, make prank calls, I'll...
JANAE: Bree, she didn't know that he was married. It's not her fault.
Janae tells her sister it will be fine because Boyd' other woman is leaving town.
Ramsay Street
Boyd is putting the bins out and sees Glenn and Elle, asks for a moment with Glenn. He tells her there are no hard feelings over telling Janae, but she reminds him that he caused all the problems, not her. Glenn tells him he's lucky that Janae forgave him, and wants to know if any part of the fortnight they shared was real. He reminds her again that he's married. Elle watches on.
Outside the Kennedy House, VagrantKarl™ is telling Zeke what he needs to do for each other plants in terms of watering whilst he and Susie are away. Susan and Rachel comes down the steps of the house, Susan telling him to relax because the worst of the heat's over, and Zeke won't need to do much with the plants.
Rachel suggests that he might not be going anywhere, anyway - in his passport he looks so different with his beard.
RACH: They might not let you on the plane.
KARL: Different? In what way? You think, maybe older?
RACH: Oh, no, no...no, Karl, I...
ZEKE: Rachel, leave him alone. That photo was probably taken, what...ten, fifteen years ago?
KARL: I actually had it renewed last year.
Karl walks back to the house, alone. The kids smile, contritely. Susan hands them money.
SUSAN: Good work, children...
She follows Karl back to the house.
The House of PEG
Glenn tells Elle that she gave Boyd every chance to say she meant nothing to him, but he didn't say it. Elle thinks that this means she has a chance with Boyd; after all, now he's fooled around once behind Janae's back...
Glenn doesn't understand Elle's sudden turnaround, and asks if she has a vested interest in this, as her father has a feud with the Timminses.
GLENN: Are you using me to cause trouble with the family, or something?
But she thinks it's obvious that Glenn's still in love with Boyd. She wants her friend to be happy.
Number 30
Lolly tells Ringo that she can't tell Lou the truth because no-one will believe her. Sandy is perfect, certainly with her own kids. Lolly wonders if she deserves all she gets - maybe she's a bad person. Ringo says that if she doesn't come forward, he will. She doesn't want that.
RINGO: This is abuse, you have to put a stop to it.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl are loading their cases into the back of a yellow cab. Bree, Rachel and Zeke watch on. The cases are heavy, and Karl wonders what on earth Susan has packed; she assures him it's just the bare essentials.
Lou, Harry and Lolly come up, and Lou announces his first international flight is today! The Kennedys offer him a lift in their cab. It turns out that he's on the same flight as the Ks, and Karl asks for an upgrade!
Susie hugs Rachel goodbye, kisses Zeke, hugs Breezer, and gets in the car. Lou kisses Lolly and tells her to take care of Sandy. Great phrase...! Everyone calls goodbye as the car leaves, and Susie blows kisses out the window.
The car leaves, and Harry goes back to the house. Ringo comes out of number 30, and Rach thinks he's there to apologise to her. He actually walks to Lolly, which Zeke and Bree find amusing, until they realise they can now plan their party. Ringo realises that Lolly didn't tell her dad the truth before he left, but Lolly says that she's not going to let Sandy get away with what she has been doing...
Melbourne Airport
Shot of Qantas planes. Aw. Good times.
Karl is in the men's bathroom - which looks remarkably like the bathroom in the studios. He hears Lou in a toilet cubicle, talking to himself.
KARL: Lou? Is that you?
LOU: No.
KARL: What's going on?
LOU: Karl, there's no way in the world that I'm boarding that plane.
KARL: I thought you'd overcome your fears.
LOU: I'll be flying over the ocean! The ocean, Karl! For hours and hours and hours!
Karl tries to encourage Lou out, but he's having none of it. In fact, Lou's developed a nervous twitch in his eye, which makes him look like a bit of a pervert. Karl starts singing Free As a River, saying he'll sing until Lou's insecurities melt away. Lou immediately leaves the cubicle.
LOU: Done. You're a genius.
Karl looks like he doesn't know whether that's a good thing or not.
The General Store
Zeke wonders if Karl will have shaved his beard off by the time he returns; Rach hopes so, then that way they can keep getting paid. Bree reads out a letter for the BUNS blogzine, about a girl who likes a guy, but left it too late and now she's lost him. Zeke jokes that it's from Rachel, and Bree insists that her friend has the hots for Ringo.
Zeke ups and leaves - to move the animals into the house before their party.
Bree tells Rach to drop the act.
BREE: You are like a moth to the flame of an unresolved tension. You're scared that if you hook up with Ringo that flame might fizzle out...
BREE: Yes!!! I knew I was right.
The Men's Bathroom in Global Studios Melbourne Airport
This shot actually looks like the Ladies bathroom, but anyway. Susan opens the door to see Karl trying to calm Lou down over his fear of flights.
KARL: Susan. You're in the men's room.
SUSAN: I have been paging you for fifteen minutes...
KARL: Oh, ready to go?
SUSAN: Well, yes, we would be if they could find us a couple of seats but the plane's overbooked. We can't get another flight for two weeks!
KARL: But that can't be! We've got tickets! We've paid!
SUSAN: Yes. Yes. Yes, we have. But you're meant to ring up and confirm.
KARL: They never told me that!!!
LOU: Standard procedure.
SUSAN: (furious) It's El Cheapo BonzAir!!! You see, this is what happens when you try and cut corners, but with this mob it's a case of turn up and hope for the best!!! What kind of dodgy outfit do you work for, Lou?!!
Lou's nervous twitch kicks in.
LOU: No, er, er....nervous tick...
Susan is cross. Then suddenly realises she's in the men's bathroom and has a quick peek around...
The Scarlet Bar
Boyd is working and Glenn comes in, asking for a minute of his time. She wants her question answered, even though he wants to do the right thing be Janae.
BOYD: I thought what I felt was real at the time.
Glenn says it's going to get messy, and she doesn't want to force him to choose, but if there's the slightest chance they could be together, then... Boyd says again that it's not that simple. Glenn tells him that until he can tell her either way whether or not he loves her, she's not going anywhere.
The Kennedy Back Yard
A loud party is going on with food and water pistols and shouting and yelling and music and... You get the picture. Karl and Susan appear on the balcony. Susan looks amused and Karl looks annoyed. They stare at the kids, below, until one of Zeke's mates spots them, and yells:
SAM: Hey - your beastly grandad's here!
The music immediately stops. Rachel and Bree snigger; Susan bursts out laughing until she sees Karl's face, then pretends to look cross.
Number 28
Lolly, Rach and Zeke stand in line whilst Susan lectures them about parties whilst she was gone.
RACH: Oh, Susan - we were just so depressed about you abandoning us that we just had to distract ourselves from our sorrows.
SUSAN: That was good. You got pity and guilt in the one sentence.
RACH: Yeah, I know - I've been working on it.
She and Zeke low five.
Lolly asks if her dad got away okay, and Susan says yes. Lolly says she'll help clean up before she goes home to see if Sandy's arrived, and the kids trot off out. Karl comes back in the house - beardless. Hurrah!!! TheBeard™ has gone! It has shuffled off its mortal coil and gone to meet it's maker.
Karl coughs loudly, and presents his face to her. She replies, deadpan, that she was getting used to the Chewbacca look.
KARL: You liar!
Susan does that dead cute thing where she screws her face up all tight and puts her hands on his face, beaming with delight!
SUSAN: It's like a baby's bottom!
KARL: Yes, I told the girls at Good Hair Day to go as close as possible.
Susan can't stop stroking his cheeks.
SUSAN: Oh, I've missed this. (She rubs her cheeks against his) And this...
KARL: Well, we couldn't have me looking like your father in the holiday snaps, could we?
SUSAN: Yeah, well, if we ever get there...
They talk about rebooking their flight before turning their attention back to the lack of beard.
SUSAN: Come here, you big spunk.
They put their hands on each other faces, and Karl goes to kiss her, but Susan has other ideas.
SUSAN: No, no - do cheeks. Do cheeks.
And she hums delightedly as she wraps her arms around his neck and he rubs his cheeks against hers. Dead cute.
The Scarlet Bar
Janae and Boyd chat - Janae announces that she's fixed Glenn's car, but Boyd tells her that Glenn's no longer going. Janae wants to know what's going on, and he says that he'll be honest with her: it was a lot more than a meaningless fling. Janae is gutted. She asks he husband if he's in love with Glenn. Boyd says maybe, he doesn't know. Janae is knocked for six.
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Janae Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5160
Janae Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Glenn Forrest in Neighbours Episode 5160
Glenn Forrest

Harold Bishop, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5160
Harold Bishop, Bree Timmins

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5160
Rachel Kinski

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5160
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown

Elle Robinson, Glenn Forrest in Neighbours Episode 5160
Elle Robinson, Glenn Forrest

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5160
Boyd Hoyland

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5160
Janae Hoyland

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5160
Janae Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Glenn Forrest in Neighbours Episode 5160
Boyd Hoyland, Glenn Forrest

Harold Bishop, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5160
Harold Bishop, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5160
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Sam Tyler in Neighbours Episode 5160
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Sam Tyler

Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5160
Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5160
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5160
Susan Kennedy, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5160
Janae Hoyland

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