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Neighbours Episode 5113 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5113: The Last Temptation of Paul
Australian airdate: 06/12/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Christine Rodd Trudy Hellier
- "Sex With That" by Skinful
- "Chopiniana" by Philip Wilcher
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Izzy-da-vixen
Janae sees Chris and her girlfriend kissing.
Rosie and Paul fight their attraction.
Janae tries to distract Pepper.
The Garage
Janae tells Pepper that Chris isn't there, but Pepper points out that her car is there. Janae says that maybe she decided to walk so Pepper says she'll just leave Chris a message and tries to walk in to the garage. Janae stops her and starts laughing nervously before saying that she remembers that in fact Chris took Mr Edwards' Valiant for a spin so Pepper can just leave a message with her. Pepper just says, 'Mr Edwards?' and Janae explains that he stuffed his gearbox so Chris took it for a test drive to make sure she fixed it right. Pepper says that's so her mum, apparently a hooning(?) in a Val is her favourite but when she gets back can Chris please call Pepper? She wants to know how Chris's date with Steiger went; she thinks Chris might be in love again. Janae looks at Pepper and just says, 'Really' in a drawn out fashion and Pepper says the Pepper Radar is never wrong and she thinks her parents will be back together by Christmas. Pepper leaves and Janae lets out a sigh of relief and rolls her eyes.
If I were a child friendly sort, I'd be saying all kinds of words relating to cute etc right now. As I'm not, I won't be but yes, I am aware of the fact that Ingo/Oscar is quite a cute kid. Basically, we see him through the screen of Lyn's camera and he's wearing a red nose and a red t-shirt and he's pointing at the red nose. Lyn starts laughing and tells him he's so cute before zooming out on the camera so we can see that not only is Oscar wearing reindeer antlers as well, but Paul is sitting next to him also wearing a red t-shirt, a red nose and red antlers. Lyn tells him he's even cuter. Paul still thinks it would have been easier to buy Christmas cards but Lyn thinks that home made ones are so much nicer; anyway it tells everybody that they're finally becoming a family. Paul asks where Elle is then; she should be there. Lyn says she mentioned it to her but that Elle suddenly remembered a waxing appointment - it could have been Lyn's horns. Paul smiles and says, 'That's my girl.' Lyn will get Stingray to photoshop her in when they're done - horns and all. Lyn has moved to sit with Ozzie and Paul and is also wearing a red top with antlers and a red nose. She's set the camera to take a photo so they all say 'merry' and the camera flashes...to us seeing Rosie wearing a red dress with a white boa and loads of make up. She's air kissing to the camera. This is for about two seconds before we go back to Paul's half blank half, well, you know what men are like, face. Lyn snaps him back to the room by calling his name and asking him to have a look at the photo - it's so good there's no need for a second shot. Paul says it's fabulous and Lyn says it's another job to tick off the list. Speaking of which, Paul asks, how's the wedding going. Has she got everything organised? Lyn explains that apart from Paul's suit fitting the only thing they've got to sort out is the Lassiters traineeship. She hands him a piece of paper with Rosie's name on. Lyn thinks she's perfect. Paul wonders why she's the only name on the list - surely there are other candidates? Lyn says nobody they know or trust. Paul supposes it's ok and Lyn tells him he'd be crazy not to have her and she's not just suggesting - she's insisting.
Scarlet Bar
Steph's in the office rifling through some paperwork when she finds a letter from Max for Charlie. She reads it to him.
Om Shanti Charlie
Shanti means peace in Sanskrit and right here, right now at this Tibetan retreat I do feel peace. That's why I'm writing you this letter. I want to share it with you just in case I never get the chance to tell you in person.
Steph's face has turned to total confusion and shock and she tells Charlie he was planning to leave them way back then.
Surgery/Law Firm
Pepper and Rosie come in as Pepper is telling Rosie that thanks to Pepper her parents will be back together in no time. Rosie is more interested in the mess that's been left all over the office. Toadie's mess, to be precise. Pepper says that once her parents are sorted, she can finally get her own life back in order. Rosie says that she wishes Toadie would get his life in order - she'd never have taken the job if she knew she was going to be his maid. Pepper says that everyone has got smelly sneakers. Rosie picks one of Toadie's up and waves it briefly under Pepper's nose. I think we're being led to believe that the smell is particularly bad because Pepper says the smell makes her eyes water. Rosie says that this is supposed to be the Melbourne office of a major Sydney law firm but it's like something out of a current affairs show. Pepper's heading towards Toadie's office but Rosie stops her, telling her not to go in unless she's had a tetanus shot. Pepper, naturally, goes in anyway. Toadie's office is covered in his stuff, including shirts and the remains of various take away meals. Then Pepper notices his underwear (a rather fetching pair of yellow briefs) on the floor and repeatedly says, 'Ewww' before finally closing the door on the mess and saying that it smells like dead baboon. Rosie says it's really embarrassing when clients come in and she's starting to run out of excuses. Pepper tells her she should get out of their before she starts smelling like dead baboon. Rosie explains that she was thinking of taking Karl's office. Pepper tells her not to dream it but to do it as she walks in to take a look. Rosie follows her in and sees all of Toadie's things lying around. She can't believe he's infiltrated already. They hear a growling sound - it's Bob and Rosie says that he's turned the only clean room into a dog kennel. Bob dashes out into the reception area as Pepper says that Bob smells better. She takes a step forward and asks if she spoke too soon. Rosie confirms she did - she's stepped on Bob's mess.
The Garage
Janae comes into the garage with Chris's orange juice and Chris asks her how long it takes to get a juice.
JANAE: I saw you with Carol
CHRIS: What?
JANAE: Before? It's obvious you're more than friends.
CHRIS: I don't believe this. You are back working for me for two seconds and already you're skulking round making accusations.
JANAE: Chris, I don't care about your personal life.
CHRIS: Yeah? Well it doesn't sound like that to me
JANAE: Look Pepper nearly saw you!
Chris goes from being quite bolshy to really calm and a bit anxious. Janae goes onto explain that Pepper had come to talk to her about her lunch with Steiger (Actually, Janae says Allan but I'm not comfortable with the overuse of his first name after years and years of just being Steiger) and that she had had to stop Pepper walking in on Chris. Janae gathers that Pepper doesn't know about Carol and Chris confirms that she doesn't and neither does Steiger. Janae explains that she's not prying but if they're going to work together it'll be easier if she knows the truth. She suggests they grab a coffee and Chris agrees to shut up shop for the rest of the day.
Surgery/Law Firm/Toadie's House of Horrors
Pepper is wafting an incense stick around and chanting, 'Be gone stinky baboon smell.' Rosie doesn't like it and doesn't think it's much better. Pepper explains that it's Sandalwood just as Lyn comes in with Paul following close behind. Lyn comments that it smells very exotic. Rosie apologises and her excuse is... 'I'm so sorry, we've just had the photocopier man in and his personal hygiene is not up to scratch.' Rosie asks Lyn and Paul what she can do for them and Lyn counters by saying that perhaps they can do something for her. She than hands Rosie some paperwork and tells her they'd like her to sign it. Rosie reads that it's the Lassiters Business Traineeship and looks at them questioningly. Lyn explains that it's two days a week with their legal team but ultimately if things go well they'd like a more permanent arrangement. Rosie asks if Lyn's serious and Lyn says that Rosie is a very impressive young lawyer and they want to get their hands on her before the opposition does. Paul, the entire time, has been standing in total silence with his head bowed and, it must be said, a slightly bemused expression on his face. Rosie doesn't know what to say and Lyn tells her not to say anything, just sign. Rosie moves to do so and Pepper stops her, telling her not to be too hasty because it's a big commitment on top of her work with Toadie and, quite frankly, she shouldn't be signing anything without discussing it with her bosses first. Paul finally manages to allow a sentence to form and says that yes, maybe they should leave it for a while and let her have a think about it. Lyn agrees and tells Rosie not to break their hearts. Paul and Lyn leave just as Rosie tells them she'll be in touch soon. As soon as they're out the door, Pepper tells Rosie that she's doing her favour. Rosie wonders how. Pepper explains that she's stopping her from getting involved with a soon to be married man - it's obvious Paul has a thing for Rosie. Rosie disagrees and Pepper asks in that case why did he let Lyn do all the talking, it's his hotel chain? He couldn't even look Rosie in the eye. Rosie suggests that he hates her. Pepper says that he was only acting that way because Lyn was there whenever she's not around he gawks at her. Rosie reckons he doesn't. Pepper says he does and says, once again, that the Pepper Radar is never wrong. Rosie has two words for Pepper - Frazer Yates. Pepper ignores her and tells her that Paul Robinson wants her big time and unless she's planning on being a home wrecker and trust her, it's not that much fun at all, then Rosie should rip the contract up. Rosie snatches it from her and laughs.
Scarlet Bar
Chris is telling Janae that she told her sister about Carol and now her sister won't talk to her. Janae says she's sorry to hear that. Chris is worried that Pepper will react the same way and Janae says that even if she did, wouldn't it be better if she knew? Lying all the time must be really hard. Chris says yes, it's horrible but she'll tell Pepper today but until she gets the chance... Janae says that her secret is safe with her.
Steph says hi to Boyd whilst she's shifting some boxes around. Boyd asks her if she's having a clean out and Steph says it has to be done. Boyd notices that it's all Max's stuff and asks if she's throwing it out. Steph says no, it's just going into storage. Boyd asks why and she explains that it's a constant painful reminder that Max isn't there with them anymore. Boyd says that's exactly why they need to keep it - to make them feel like he's still around. Steph says he's not - he walked out on them so right now she'd just rather pretend that he never existed.
BOYD: If he never existed, then what does that make me? And Summer, and Charlie.
STEPH: No...
BOYD: And what about you? I mean the only link we had to you was through him. Take that away and what have we got?
Steph doesn't say anything so Boyd just says, 'Exactly,' and walks away.
Boyd comes in looking for Janae, who's just come out of the tanning booth. Boyd tells her that there's no such thing as a safe tan and asks her why she's not at work. Janae explains that Chris had a few things to take care of at home. Boyd says that's good but he says it like he's distracted so Janae asks what's wrong. Boyd tells her that Steph is packing all of Max's stuff away and Janae hugs him as Boyd continues to say that it's like he's the only one who thinks Max is going to come back. There's a knock at the door and it's Steph, who tells Boyd that no matter what happens with Max, she's always going to love him like he's her own son and Summer just like she's her daughter a
STEPH: Look, no matter what happens with Max, I am always going to love you like you're my own son and Summer, just like she's my daughter. And even without Max around, (she looks at Charlie) we're always gonna have a link, a very, very strong one.
Boyd reveals that seeing all of Max's stuff in those boxes made it feel so final, like he'd died or something. Steph says that she wasn't planning on having a clean out until she found the letter to Charlie in which he talks about not being around and that was months ago, way before the accident. Steph got frustrated with him and wanted to yell and scream but she couldn't so she just cleared his stuff out instead. Boyd's been reading it and starts smiling. Janae asks him why he's smiling. Boyd tells them to wait there and runs out the door.
Scarlet Bar
Pepper hands Rosie a cocktail and Rosie says she asked for a coffee. Pepper says that she's way to tense as it is so she needs to learn to relax. She signals for her to drink the cocktail. Rosie says she doesn't need to relax and she's becoming really sick of Pepper interfering in her choices, she has a mother for that. Pepper's trying to stop Rosie from having an affair and Rosie exclaims, a little too loudly, that she's not having an affair. She quietens down to tell Pepper that she is not, nor will she ever have an affair with Paul Robinson. Pepper says, 'You say that now, but Pepper knows.' Rosie shakes her head and tells Pepper not to refer to herself in the third person. Rosie says that she has excellent self-control. Pepper thinks she's asking for trouble, what about poor Lyn? This could be her only chance at happiness. Rosie says that she's not ruining her chance at happiness because nothing is going to happen. Just then Paul and Lyn come into the bar and Rosie storms over to them and tells them that she's spoken to Tim and everything's fine, she's accepting their offer. Lyn's thrilled and asks her if she's busy this afternoon for Paul to show her around the complex. Rosie can rearrange her work to fit it in. Pepper runs over and says that Rosie can't go because she's got a really important meeting with a really important judge or something. Rosie says that Pepper has no idea just as she pushes Pepper behind her and continues that she'd be delighted to take a tour with him and anything else he has in mind.
Boyd has a box and is telling Steph that Max kept loads of stuff from when Boyd was a kid and gave it to him for his eighteenth. It's got random things in it, including his first attempt at writing his own name (he wrote Bird) and there's also a letter. He hands it to Steph, who reads it aloud.
Dear Boyd
My first child, my first son, my first pride and joy. I'm not very good at talking about my feelings so I thought I'd write you a letter to tell you how much you mean to me just in case I suddenly disappear and nothing gets said at all.
Steph's surprised and says that it's just like Charlie's letter. Boyd explains that Max never planned on leaving, it was something he couldn't control. Janae thinks it's good and Steph agrees that it's great, but it makes it harder for her to hate him or forget him. Janae doesn't think that Max should be hated or forgotten - he should be celebrated and remembered, especially for Charlie's first Christmas.
Paul's just finished showing Rosie around the hotel, who didn't realise how extensive the hotel was. She makes a joke about the penthouse suite and how much fun you could have in the spa. Paul doesn't quite know what to say and tells her that now she's part of the company she'll be entitled to substantial discounts at any Lassiters hotel in the world. Rosie thinks it's an amazing opportunity - she can't thank Paul enough. Paul counters by saying that as Lyn said, it's better to have her with them than against them. A cellarman walks by with three cases of some amazing Italian wine (which is surprising because I didn't think there was any amazing Italian wine; it's all minging) and Rosie exclaims that she loves Italian wine. Paul was in some place not long ago where there's a vineyard and a valley and... Rosie interrupts to say with him about some monastery. She tells Paul that her family comes from the next village and she worked there in the summer before she started uni and it's her favourite place in the world. Rosie asks if she could have a look at the cellar but Paul isn't too keen and suggests another time. Rosie insists, just a little look. Paul acquiesces.
Number 30
Pepper runs to answer the door to her mother and asks how the Val was. Chris doesn't know what she's talking about and Pepper tells her that Janae said something about the Val and Chris cottons on that that was the excuse. She asks Pepper if she has time for a chat. Pepper says that she was going to go for a jog but she can go later - she just needs to pound out all this stress. Chris asks what the matter is. Pepper exclaims that it's men! She's get zero action and Rosie who does absolutely nothing is having them swarming all over her. How fair is that? Pepper thinks maybe she should change teams. Chris asks what? Peppers explains that she can't do any worse. Chris tells her that if she did meet an exceptional person, she means woman, it wouldn't be the end of the world. She could double her wardrobe! Pepper wrinkles her nose and tells Chris she was joking - she'd never be with another woman. That's just icky. Pepper asks what she wanted to talk about. She hopes it's about Steiger.
Steph's telling Boyd that she was thinking for Christmas lunch they could have a crayfish and lots of prawns. Boyd points out that Max loved seafood and Steph jokes that it's not unlike somebody else she knows (ie Boyd). Janae suddenly pipes up and suggests they do a box like Boyd's for Charlie and put Max's letter in it along with a few of Max's things. Steph thinks it's a really nice idea. Boyd says Janae is not just a pretty face and Janae thanks 'Bird'. Steph decides to get some stuff together for the box right now. Boyd goes and kisses Janae and Janae asks what the kiss was for. Boyd says it's for being the best wife ever. He's serious, she's really helped them out. Janae jokes that it's because she's extremely mature both in a domestic and professional sense. Boyd wonders what she means by professional sense and Janae tells him that she can't really say. Boyd insists that she can tell him, they're in the marital cone of silence. Janae's about to reveal all. Or is she?
JANAE: Ok, you know how mum's got the hots for Steiger?
JANAE: Anyway, you know how Steiger's still hung up on Chris?
JANAE: Keep up! Look, this morning I found out that Chris is...
BOYD: Yeah, Chris is...
JANAE: Um...she...she doesn't want to get back with him.
BOYD: Right.
JANAE: So... it's... you know it's a real dilemma.
Boyd asks why it's a dilemma so Janae, having diverted suddenly from the truth, tells him that Janelle really likes Steiger and if Steiger knew that Chris was...un...available he might give Janelle a chance but Janae can't tell Janelle all this because Chris told Janae that she wasn't allowed to say anything. Boyd asks her what she's going to do. Janae says that she's going to respect the confidences that she's been given allow the people involved to just make their own decisions. Boyd tells Janae that she just gets more and more amazing everyday. He hugs her.
Lassiters' Cellar
Rosie thinks she's died and gone to heaven as she looks around at all the bottles. They talk briefly about Italian and Australian wines and Paul has a daydream of Rosie running towards him in a white and black dress thing. She's in a vineyard or something and the sun is shining. Rosie snaps him back into the room by saying something in Italian that apparently means 'the flavour of the good life'. She says her dad used to say it every time he opened a bottle, which was practically every meal except breakfast. Rosie's dying to see some kind of wine but Paul thinks they should leave it for another day - he's already been down their too long. Rosie's sorry for swallowing his time. Paul's just anxious to get out (a case of claustrophobia) and enters the code to get out of the cellar. It doesn't work. Rosie asks what's wrong. He explains that the code must have been changed. Rosie thinks somebody would have told him and Paul agrees, but they obviously haven't. Rosie looks worried and confused. She asks how they get out of there.
Number 30
Pepper opens the door to Lyn, who wants to know if Rosie's in. Pepper says no, is there something wrong? Lyn explains that Paul's gone missing and the last time anyone saw him he was showing Rosie around the hotel. Normally she wouldn't worry but he's turned his mobile off and she needs to contact him. Pepper is sure that it's completely innocent; nothing dodgy. Lyn wonders why it would be...dodgy? Exactly, there's certainly a highly logical explanation that is in no way dodgy, according to Pepper. Lyn just wants Rosie to call her.
Lassiters' Cellar
Rosie's trying to use her phone but, surprise, there's no signal and Paul is banging on the door shouting for somebody. Paul's got to do something, he's going to go crazy in that confined space. Rosie suggests he loosen his tie but he needs a drink. Paul tells her to choose something from amongst the bottles. Rosie asks what but Paul just wants anything. Rosie wonders if he wants something Italian? Paul doesn't care, he just wants something to take his mind off the fact that they're going to be in there all night, in all likelihood. Rosie goes to grab something.
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Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5113
Pepper Steiger

Paul Robinson, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Paul Robinson, Oscar Scully

Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5113
Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Paul Robinson, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Steph Scully

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5113
Charlie Hoyland

Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5113
Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5113
Janae Hoyland

Christine Rodd in Neighbours Episode 5113
Christine Rodd

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5113
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Steph Scully

Janae Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5113
Janae Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5113
Rosie Cammeniti

Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5113
Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti

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