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Neighbours Episode 5111 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5111: Holy Hindenburgs!
Australian airdate: 04/12/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Pepper Steiger: Nicky Whelan
Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger: Joe Clements
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Izzy-da-vixen
Stinger commenting on Janelle's spending spree.
Janelle wanting to know why Steiger is being nice to her and telling him her door is always open.
Katya waking up and shocking guy with the defibulator.
Hospital grounds
Zeke half-carries Katya outside the hospital as the police arrives but eventually she collapses but refuses his offer of going to get help just before she blacks out.
No. 28
Steiger is telling everyone not to be worried as his men are onto it but Bree can't because Steiger said Guy was dangerous. Karl and Susan send her home, promising to let her know if anything happens and while Susan escorts Bree out, Karl takes the opportunity to ask Steiger about Guy. "Blokes like him are why we built prisons," Steiger replies back. Susan decides she's had enough of waiting around and picks up her keys to go look but just then Steiger's phone goes off and relays the news that Guy has been spotted at the hospital before heading off there with Karl and Susan in hot pursuit.
Hospital grounds
Steiger, followed by Karl & Susan pull up at the hospital and find Katya and Zeke. Karl goes into doctor mode and announces that she needs treatment immediately and Zeke pipes up that Guy is in Katya's room. Steiger relays this info and departs to head to Katya's room.
Steiger and two officers creep into Katya's room but there is no sign of Guy, so he issues instructions to the men to try and find Guy, commenting that they've got a real live-wire on their hands, which he said after spotting the paddles from the defibulator lying on the bed.
No. 24 where the Christmas decorations are up
Lou (decked out in reindeer antlers) and Harold keeping Sky company since she is up feeding Kerry but she urges then to go back to bed since they've got work in the morning. Lou reminisces with her about the screaming Lolly used to make when she was that little and says it was lovely, which Sky agrees on but ads so is silence!
While they are up, Harold takes the opportunity to show Sky something - a christening gown that Mavis made that Kerry wore, and hopes that Sky will use it for little Kerry's naming day. Sky replies that she'd be honoured for little Kerry to wear her Nan's gown, which makes Harold's night.
No. 26 where everyone is wearing matching silk PJ's with their name engraved
Stinger and Dylan start putting up the deco's while Susan calls Bree to bring her up to speed about Zeke. The boys depart to their rooms and Bree lets Pepper in - she's called round with some clothes for her...her old Goth clothes! Pepper spots the tanning machine and is immediately jealous because the one at the gym has a 4 month waiting list but Bree says she can use this one whenever she wants.
Katya is back in her bed complete with a police guard outside her door. She suddenly remembers Rachel but Karl tells her that she is safe in Sheparton with Libby. Susan notices that Katya wants to talk, so she sends Zeke off to get some refreshments but not before Katya tells him he is her hero.
Karl and Susan are stunned when Katya tells them Guy has been blackmailing her because she committed a robbery a few years ago and that she didn't get caught but Guy had the security tape of it happening and threatened to turn her in if she didn't give him money. Karl wants to know why she kept quiet and Katya replies it was because he threatened Rachel and Zeke but adds that she only wanted to scare him.
Steiger comes into the room to say there is no sign of Guy around and asks Karl & Susan to leave because he wants a word with Katya.
No. 26
Stinger and Bree make their way through to the kitchen because of a bad dream... Janelle's *bad* dream about Steiger! Dylan joins them but Bree and Stinger would rather not hear again about Janelle's dream. He can't comprehend the idea of his mum and Steiger getting it together but Bree thinks it is a good sign that she is moving on from Kim.
DYLAN: But Steiger!
BREE AND STINGER: Don't say it!
Dylan points out the obvious why he is against the relationship (Steiger arresting them and putting them in jail and for what happened at their parents re-wedding) and adds that Janelle dating Steiger "is like having Chief Wiggum as a dad!"
Suddenly in the background they hear Pepper say that he isn't that bad and a scantily dressed Pepper exit's the tanning machine and puts forward her dad's virtues. Bree tells Pepper to remove the glasses and discovers she looks like a lobster!
Susan stops Karl from talking more about Katya's past when Zeke returns with the refreshments and tells him Steiger is talking to Katya and they reassure him that everything is fine and that she is just helping him with his enquiries.
Inside the room, Steiger lays it down to Katya what charges she is facing but she quickly replies that Guy was blackmailing her but it isn't exactly washing with him. He th
en tells her his version of the story that they were both in it and things only went sour when one half got too greedy, which results in Katya break down crying.
STEIGER: You thought you could knock him off, make it look like an accident but things went all wrong didn't they?
KATYA: I'm telling the truth.
STEIGER: Until we find Guy Sykes I've no choice but to charge ya.
Ramsay Street
Bree just about hugs Zeke to death, when they arrive back from the hospital, glad to see her hero boyfriend. Susan wants them all to go inside and Bree departs just as they see Steiger pull up in his car - he's going to watch the house just in case Guy decides to put in an appearance. Zeke wants to know about Katya and Steiger tells him that she is under 24 hour police protection and has been very helpful, which satisfies him, so Karl hands over the keys for him to enter the house aka we want a word with the policeman.
With Zeke safely out of ears length, Susan asks the obvious - that Katya isn't under police guard for her own protection and he tells them that Katya will be formally changed in the morning.
Later on, Steiger just about jumps out of his skin when Pepper brings him coffee and asking if he's seen anything strange, which he hasn't bar Harold's midnight towel walk! Steiger tells Pepper to get inside but she assures him that the 5 years of karate school he put her through will be enough!
No. 26
From the window, Janelle spots what is going on in the street and tries to use her willpower to make Pepper go but is sprung by Stinger wanting to know what is going on. She tries to put him off but two seconds later Bree and Dylan are up too wanting to know what is going on and while Janelle tries to say "nothing", Stinger blurts out that she is in fact perving on Steiger! Janelle tries to play it cool by saying she was just going to bring him a sandwich...for being nice to Janae! The kids shake their heads to say they don't believe her.
JANELLE: But I swear!
Ramsay Street
Steiger agrees to change his dinner date to a lunchtime one with Pepper when she starts harassing him but only if she says why she now looks like a lobster! He's just winding her up and tells her to get back inside, which she does but only after he agrees to stay warm.
Steiger spills some of the coffee he's just poured when Janelle gets into the car to give him his supper and reminds her he is supposed to be working and that it is meant to be a discreet stakeout.
JANELLE: (handing over the sandwich) Its pork.
STEIGER: Is that meant to be a joke?!
She tells him it isn't; it was just leftovers before wanting to know what is happening with their neighbours. He isn't telling and would rather she left despite her stalling tactics. Just as he is about to bite into the sandwich, Pepper comes back and takes his sandwich away, saying it might be poisonous and to keep away from Janelle.
No. 26 (next day)
Janelle looks out the window but is interrupted when Dylan and Stinger appear and are shocked when they see Janelle...and her rather noticeable increase in bust size! Apparently, she is trying out different sizes so she knows which one suits her before undergoing the surgeon's knife. The kids (Bree has now joined them) aren't amused! They are also not amused to be having cornflakes for lunch while she makes hot food for Steiger (on the pretence that he's been working all night).
STINGER: You don't really like him do you mum?
Janelle doesn't answer the question, just leaves with the food, leaving the kids speechless!
Dylan tells his brother to get changed into his best gear for Kerry's naming day but Bree announces she isn't coming - she still hasn't forgiven Sky, despite him pleading for her to go.
Ramsay Street
Steiger is sound asleep in his car and Lou gets an eyeful when he spots the rather busty Janelle making her way down the street, and seems rather smitten again with her...or her chest! Her plan is stopped though when Pepperthelobster™ stops her from giving her dad a greasy fry up because she has his brekkie all taken care of, even if Janelle thinks he'll be hungry by 10am. Pepperthelobster™ finally tells Janelle the real reason - she is trying to get her parents back together again and feels she is almost succeeding. A deflated Janelle gives in and tells her she is just being nice because he was nice to her daughter and hands over the brekkie for her to have instead.
No. 24
Harold is having great difficulty avoiding looking at Janelle despite a helpful reminder from Lou! Dylan calls them all to attention, saying that he doesn't think Bree is coming so they should just go ahead regardless but at the conveniently open door, we see Bree standing on the doorstep.
Dylan holds his daughter in his arms while Sky makes a speech.
SKY: This naming day holds just as much significance to us as a christening. It's a day when the people who are important to Kerry and to us welcome her into their lives. My mum was a very special woman, whose love and compassion and fighting spirit will live in this little girl who's named after her. I know you all will love her and guide her through her journey in life and I'm now going to pass it on to Dylan so he can talk about her middle name.
DYLAN: We chose a name that symbolises strength, intelligence, laughter and real heart - the kind of qualities we hope Kerry will carry though life. So let us introduce Kerry Breanna Mangel.
Looks like everyone agrees with the choice of Kerry's middle name given the 'ah's' and the clapping and even Bree who's been listening at the open door looks chuffed.
Harold congratulates Sky on a great day and just as he is making a toast to absent friends, Bree enters the house. It is a bit tense between Sky and Bree and she hands over to Sky badges saying 'I love freak baby', which Sky just loves. Harold places Kerry into her arms while he hands out the badges Bree has brought.
The boys then take time to quiz Lou on Janelle's new look and while he does like Janelle's new look, he also adds that he is no longer interested in Janelle romantically because Mishka is the only one for him.
Harold places his badge on the lapel of his jacket and is about to put Janelle's one on for her but thinks twice because he doesn't know where to put it given Janelle's now large chest. Not to be deterred from wearing one though, Janelle tells him to put it on for her because her hands are greasy. He promptly does this...and pierces Janelle's new chest and water quickly escapes from it and Harold doesn't know where to look or what to do.
Zeke asks Katya when she is going to be allowed home and after a quick glance at Karl and Susan, says that the docs want to keep her in for a few more nights for observation. Karl pipes up that the docs are pleased with her recovery though, which pleases Zeke and Susan pipes up that her room is ready for her too. Karl pulls Susan aside for a quick chat outside and Zeke tells Katya about Steiger camping out in the street.
Out in the corridor, Karl urges Susan to tell Zeke the truth because he's going to find out sooner or later but Susan wants to wait until she is home. Karl then drops a bombshell - he doesn't think Katya the criminal should come back home and adds that he couldn't care where she ends up.
No. 24
Random Janae decides to make an appearance despite missing everything and decides to risk venturing into the bedrooms where the adults are cleaning up due to Kerry throwing up over them. Bree and Stinger decide to have a chat about their mum and Steiger since it is all quiet because he wants her help to get their mum distracted away from Steiger.
Random Ned now decides to turn up (and he looks such a giant compared to Stinger and Bree) to offer his services for babysitting. They decide to walk him back to No. 32 obviously trying to get him into their distraction plan for Janelle.
Karl and Susan are having a domestic over what Karl has just said and she wonders if he'd be calling a different tune if it was Mal or Libby in the same situation and replies that he'd take the same course of action...just like what Alex did when Katya was a teenager. "And a fat lot of good that did her," is Susan's reply to that comment. Karl then tells her what would have happened to Zeke then before assuring her that Alex made the right decision then just like they have to now. Susan isn't happy and tells him that he isn't throwing Katya out into the street just as Zeke comes out of the room.
KARL: She will most likely go to prison and frankly that is the best place for her.
Oops, Zeke has just heard what he has said and doesn't look too chuffed.
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Katya Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5111
Katya Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5111
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Allan Steiger

Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby), Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5111
Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby), Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5111
Sky Mangel

Pepper Steiger, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5111
Pepper Steiger, Bree Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5111
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Katya Kinski

Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5111
Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5111
Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5111
Pepper Steiger, Allan Steiger

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5111
Janelle Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5111
Janelle Timmins, Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5111
Pepper Steiger

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5111
Bree Timmins

Dylan Timmins, Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5111
Dylan Timmins, Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel

Janelle Timmins, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5111
Janelle Timmins, Harold Bishop

Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5111
Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5111
Janae Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5111
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5111
Zeke Kinski

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