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Neighbours Episode 5073 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5073: For She's A Jolly God Fellow
Australian airdate: 11/10/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Loris Timmins - Kate Fitzpatrick
Katya Kinski - Dichen Lachman
Dr. Sarah Young - Caroline Lee
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Izzy-da-vixen
- Paul telling Max he needs help
- Loris deciding to buy a share of Lassiters and wanting the dirt on Paul
- Steph giving Max her love and support...but he hallucinates that she adds that he's mad
Steph's reporting on work and home, Boyd topped anatomy and Summer blitzed the performance exam. Max's happy, they're on a lucky streak...err. Steph tells him that Summer really wanted to come see him but her and Boyd talked her out of it. Max doesn't want her to see him like this. Steph thinks he looks good, and they'll have him home in no time. I don't think Max is so sure. They'll get Summer home to see him too, Steph reckons even Boyd is missing her even if he doesn't say it.
MAX: I reckon we've got a couple of pretty good kids there Claire.
Claire? Oh dear. Max leans back on the bed and says they've got a lot to be grateful for. Steph's a bit shocked by the Claire business to reply.
General Store
Loris has arrived with a box of Tazzles to help celebrate, her deal with the Johnson corporation has been signed sealed and delivered. She now owns 49% of Lassiters!
HAROLD: The same as Paul!
LORIS: That smug look on his face is about to become an endangered species.
Harold says not many people get the better of Paul in business so congratulations and gives her a hug. Just at that moment Neddy and Katya walk in, you can feel Loris's disapproval from here. Ned's not happy, no one has taken a phone number from his housemates add. Who can blame them when it says this:
'Neat and tidy house in Ramsay Street. Good sized bedrooms, big backyard with pool, friendly neighbours. Kitchen only partially destroyed. Non smokers preferred.'
Katya says he should push the positives like living 6'3 hunk of a man. Loris sidles up, she's got an idea. Once they get over Paul hating him maybe they should name the gym at Lassiters after him. What the? She thinks after all he is going to be the personal trainer, so they should turn him into a cult figure. Neddy doesn't exactly answer quickly and when he does he says he wants to think about it. Loris sees no harm in that and goes back to Harold, while she's on her way Katya asks if Ned can't see she has a king sized crush on him. Ned thinks he might have a way to deal with that and make everyone happy. You leave?
Number 22
Steph's all upset and come to talk to Lyn about the Claire business. They both explain to a guilty looking Elle and Paul that she was Max's wife that died. Lyn tries to comfort her by saying it's the medication. Lyn gives Steph a hug as she says that she feels like she's losing Max each time she sees him. And what about last week he was terrified of her. Elle says maybe the hospital stay is doing him more harm than good by re-enforcing that something was wrong, maybe being home would be best and he'll start to feel normal. Paul replies it's all good in theory but Steph is under enough strain as it is. Plus he has a lot of faith in Dr Young so if anyone can perform miracles she's the one. Elle says just because Max is home doesn't mean it has to stop him from seeing her. Lyn tells her that she's being so concerned. Steph adds that it is and she appreciates it before Lyn continues that Max has a medical condition and they have to take professional advice. Talk about the look of guilt on Elle's face.
General Store - Night
Ned wants Harold to do him a favour, he's been spending a lot of time with Katya and the trouble is Loris is getting a bit upset by it. They've been working very closely together and it seems like she's at a loose end. So the favour is because she's such a great lady and that he's noticed Harold has a soft spot for her, so maybe he would like to ask her out sometime. Harold doesn't think he's her type. Carmella's just come in and encourages him that he's any woman's type. He thinks that's kind of them to say but she's so stylish and he's so the opposite. Carmella says if he wants a makeover it would only take a minor tweak and he'd look dashing. Harry has a bit of a laugh at that but Carmella is serious, and willing to help him pick out some clothes. They arrange it for tomorrow before Harry dashes to get something out of the oven. Ned thanks Carmella for her help, then makes a quick exit. Still smitten or what?
Number 22
Paul and Elle are alone, so Paul asks her if something is bothering her. Is it Lyn and Oscar? No, Elle replies she's happy for him and Lyn and if it wasn't it would be her problem not his. Paul asks her to spit it out. Elle insists she doesn't have any, not when people have got more important things to worry about. Just because Max drove back to the scene of the accident well it seems natural to her, facing your demons. They've all done crazy things since Cam died and haven't been put away for it. Paul agrees but what about Max's conspiracy theory and blaming her. Elle just gives a small shrug. Paul says she's so compassionate and asks her to take the compliment because she isn't taking it well. She turns back around to face him and says she has something to tell him... it's that she's really happy for him and Lyn. Pffft tell the truth!
Hospital - Day
Dr Young's come to see Max and Steph in his room, she's got some good news for them. She doesn't see any reason why he can't continue his recovery from home. Steph says that's great but she doesn't sound like she's that enthusiastic. She tells the Doctor about the incident when he called her Claire. Dr Young replies that he's been under some very heavy sedation which can leave people confused. Max pipes up whatever the doctor thinks is best. Dr Young asks if he actually wants to go home. Max answers he wants to get fixed up, and obviously his family does come first. Stephie nods and smiles in agreement.
General Store
Carmella announces stylish Harold's appearance with a 'tada!' to the waiting random people outside the kitchen. Harry comes out all in black. Black skivvy, black jacket... Carmella thinks he looks great but Harold doesn't feel it. He doesn't think Loris would want to be seen dead with him. Carmella can't see why she wouldn't he's a lovely man. Harold gives her one of his famous 'ooooh's.
Scarlet Bar
Meanwhile Loris is trying to talk business with Ned but he's too busy pointing out the good qualities in Harold to her. Loris is irritated, she doesn't know if he is a good man, he's known him long than she has but yes they have got close. She goes back to talk about but Ned says it's great that she and Harold have stayed friends after Sky and Dylan's break up. Loris asks if he wanted to extend his business (yes) so what's with all the matchmaking, a subsidiary company? Ned says no he just thought... She already knows what he's thinking. They have become close in the last few weeks but that doesn't give him the right to meddle in her private life. Ned's sorry. Loris says maybe the next time he sees those papers he'll give them the attention they deserve before heading out.
General Store
Harold now thinks he might have a chance with Loris and thanks Carmella muchly. She tells him it's a pleasure and to consider it as a parting gift. She doesn't think it's such a good idea to keep living on Ramsay Street. Harold hopes she'll allow him to talk her out of that but Carmella says we'll see. Harold says it's been a pleasure to have her there, she's been a Godsend. Carmella thinks it's all been worthwhile then. Harold's on the money, he asks if its something to do with Ned. Carmella admits she's still getting caught up on boys even with much more important things to concentrate on. Harold says faith is one thing but everyone is allowed to feel human, even Sister Mary Catherine.
Lassiters Complex
Katya's come out of the hairdressers and suggests to Loris, who's walking by, to have a look. Loris thanks her but she's got her own hairdresser. Katya asks if she's seen Harold lately, he's looking fabulous. Loris asks if she has any idea how pathetic this is, does she think if she takes up all of Ned's causes that he'll pop the question.
KATYA: I'm sorry I don't understand.
LORIS: I'm sure you don't, it's not your fault you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. Sooner or later Ned is going to realise and go for someone with a bit more class.
KATYA: Oh and did you have anyone in mind?
LORIS: Well I... think he and Carmella make a rather stylish couple don't you? Face facts kid, your days are numbered.
KATYA (as Loris is walking away): Hows this for a fact, when you were Ned's age he wasn't even born! See you later nana.
The customers of Lassiters sitting outside look a bit unimpressed by Katya's comeback.
Out in the hallway methinks Steph has told Lyn the news, Steph says it is good news but she doesn't sound so sure. Of course she does want him to come home, she just wants to put this whole nightmare behind them. Lyn notices Elle standing a little bit away and says hi. Elle asks if she could see him but Steph replies it isn't such a good idea. Elle brought him a book about Warnie and gives it to Steph. She thinks Elle for it. Elle leaves them there to think she's a lovely girl. Lyn asks if she found out about the Claire thing. Steph says Dr Young said it was probably the medication like Lynnie said. Lyn jokes that her mum can be right sometimes. Stephie just walks away, she isn't happy.
STEPH: No mum see none of you were there when it happened, and Dr Young she hasn't seen how much Max has changed.
LYN: Oh love!
STEPH: Mum I don't even recognise the man I feel in love with anymore.
LYN: Steph.
STEPH: Max is so excited about coming home how am I meant to tell him that I don't think it's a good idea?
No need to, he's been listening in at the door.
Number 22
Paul's back home and looks like he's brought home some good news. He's got a 1st class all expenses paid trip to New York! The hotel is conference/tax deduction at first but then he got a thinking Flick and Michelle are there and that Lyn would want to see them. You bet she would she's thrilled, as for Elle she doesn't look as happy. Paul tries to tempt her with her credit card being reinstated for a shopping spree with Flick but Elle doesn't think she can go, she has a lot to do at home and this will force her to find her feet at Lassiters with him to fall back on. Paul takes the excuse but now even Lyn isn't so sure about going because of things with Steph and Max.
Lassiters Complex
Harold makes sure he's still looking sharp and stares at Loris... Carmella walks up behind him and gives him a bit of a surprise. She eggs him to go on and ask Loris out. Harold thinks he could make a compete full of himself by making unwanted advances. Carmella gives him some advice - hiding your feelings is ten times worse. Harold can see she's right and moves in for the kill.
He asks Loris if there is room for one more and ah oh he's caught her at a bad time. Harold's about to leave when Loris apologises and offers for him to stay, she just thinks she'll be rotten company. Harold says he finds that hard to believe. Loris compliments him on his outfit, she thinks women are going to be dropping like flies. Harold laughs then asks if she would like to join him for dinner and a show. He thinks the Eden Hills company is doing Gondolier, he knows they have some seats for tonight but that's short notice. Loris says tonight's fine. That takes Harold by surprise, and says he will need to see Sky first but could he pick her up after that. Even better, Loris asks if she could see her as well. In spite of what's happened she still feels close to the baby. They head off to see her arm in arm aww.
General Store
Lyn's told Steph about Paul's generous offer and tries to tip toe around the fact the reason why she isn't going is because of Stephie and Max. Steph can see that's why though and admits she was a bit shocked about Max being able to come home early so quickly but she did say for better or for worse. That doesn't sound like a happy wife Anyways Steph needs to show Max that she supports him, yes he will be coming home and she will be looking after him so that settles it - Lyn can go to New York. Lyn doesn't want to but Steph insists she does.
STEPH: Paul makes you happy doesn't he? He's good for you.
LYN: Heh never thought I'd hear you say that.
STEPH: Yeah well here I was thinking that you and Joe Mangel were going to run off into the sunset and then fetchew! Paul turns out to be the hero.
Lyn tells her life can be funny, for whatever reason they seem to bring out the best in each other. Steph doesn't think it takes much for the best side of Lyn to come out but as for Paul... takes a bit!
Loris and Harold have just seen Sky and are full of praise over Teresa's effect on her. Steph's walking behind Harold and it takes a minute for her to recognise this suave guy. She thought he was one of those big shot celebs going around to cheer up the patients (funny because he was at the hospital my dad was at a few months back!). Max hears them outside his room and once again listens in on the conversation. Harold tells Steph about Sky and her condition. In 'Max World' he heads Harold say that it's the best for everyone, now with Max locked up they can all sleep soundly. In normal world Steph says happily that Dr Young is ready to release him to which Harold thinks is great news. In Max World he hears Steph say her biggest worry is for Charlie's safety, Harold and Loris both agree. Steph doesn't care that he's Charlie's dad, how could she leave him alone with him again. How can he be trusted, he's a lunatic. Max don't believe it it's all drug induced!!
General Store
Urgh Ned and Katya are blowing bubbles in a milkshake when Carmella walks in on this ickle love in and gives Ned the news. Harold and Loris are going on a date! Their hard word paid off. Ned now has to go to the real estate agents, as he gets up he thanks Carmella for helping him out. Katya goes to pay saying she hopes Harold knows what he's getting himself into. There's a lot more to Loris than the well preserved blonde act. Carmella doesn't think she's that bad. Katya says that's part of Carm's job, but she can see Loris is a piece of work. Carmella changes the topic to that Katya and Ned are getting along well. She thinks it's great, she's happy for them. Bad move girlie. Katya asks if she's got a bit of a thing for Ned as well. Carmella admits maybe in theory she does but it won't be a problem.
KATYA: I bet you say that to all the girls right before you steal their boyfriends.
CARMELLA: That was a long time ago.
KATYA: No one's sabotaging my chance at happiness.
With that Katya walks out. Ooo.
Number 28 - Night
Ned, calling for Katya, lets himself in and it's pitch dark except for all the candles. Urgh. She appears at the doorway in her undies and walks up to Neddy boy asking if he's said his prayers.
Max is deep in thought when Dr Young comes in to ask if he's alright. Max asks her why she lied before about him being able to go home. She believes that he is. He asks despite what they all say, their disapproving tones and mistrust. His own wife is afraid of him. The Dr says she spoke to Steph again and she's very glad to have him back home. It's a big step so it's natural to be a bit anxious.
MAX: Heh he you think I'm anxious? You should hear my loyal FRIENDS! (throws a cup at the wall)
DR YOUNG: Why don't I take that?
MAX: Oh yeah, that's a good idea DOC! (bye bye saucer)
DR YOUNG: Let's just sit down on the bed...
MAX: You said I was FINE! (another smashed plate, on the ground this time) Still look fine to you doc? Do I look fine to you now? (take the flowers in the vase and drops 'em on the ground) Does this look fine? (throws the vase to his pillow)
DR YOUNG: Max, please.
MAX: There's nothing mad 'round here despite what anyone else says nah. If I wasn't so fine I might be worried about me myself but no I'm lucky I've got a doctor like you to vouch for me. So I know everything is ship shape. Absolutely tip TOP! (smashes the CD player on the ground and starts breathing heavily) ..................I'm fine, I'm fine.
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Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5073
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5073
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

 in Neighbours Episode 5073

Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5073
Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson, Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5073
Harold Bishop, Ned Parker

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5073
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5073
Elle Robinson

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5073
Janelle Timmins

Katya Kinski, Loris Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5073
Katya Kinski, Loris Timmins

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5073
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5073
Max Hoyland

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 5073
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5073
Lyn Scully

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5073
Carmella Cammeniti

Max Hoyland, Dr Sarah Young in Neighbours Episode 5073
Max Hoyland, Dr Sarah Young

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5073
Max Hoyland

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