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Neighbours Episode 5045 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5045: Bridge Over the River Lie
Australian airdate: 01/09/06
UK airdate: 24/11/06
Writer: Hannes Berger
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Anne Baxter : Tessa James
Joanna Fleming : Lucy Honigman
Sgt Ray Moller : Steve Stagg
Kiefer Holt : Rian Barlow
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Izzy-da-vixen
Rachel and Zeke insisting that they're making an effort with Karl, but can't try too hard or it'll look fake.
Karl overhearing the kids saying they can't force themselves to love him.
Stingray pulling up in a car with a girl at a breath-testing station - then legging it.
Boyd receiving a phonecall from Jo for Janae - Jo's done her essay for her and it will be ready tomorrow.
Stingray running half naked into the kitchen of Number 26 - and Rachel seeing him. Police sirens are heard in the background.
Number 26
Rachel asking what Scott's doing; he says he ran home. He's wet, and lost his shirt. She wants to know if he's been drinking, and if he's hiding from the police. Scott denies it - he was hiding from Rachel as he didn't want her to see him like this. He did a dare and swam across the river. Rachel seems dubious, but buys the story for now. He tells her to go to school and disappears off for a shower.
Number 30
Boyd runs in and hugs Janae who's painting her nails. He asks her if she should be at school for Keep Australia Beautiful Day, but she says she is doing that - in her own way! Besides, it's not her rubbish. Boyd reminds her that this is Susan's favourite day of the year (since when?), and she has assignments to do. Janae tells him that she has been slugging her guts out, and she's finished all her work. She also wants a shower with Boyd - who tells her to get changed so he can take her to school.
Number 24
Sky's on the phone to Dylan who is excited about the results of the test. Dylan has told her that he left a message with Lou last night to call her, and after putting the phone down, Sky confronts Lou who's on the computer.
Lou says he did take a message, and wrote it down somewhere - which he obviously didn't. Whilst he hunts for it, Sky and her rather large Bump check out the internet page Lou was on. Why didn't he WindowsL it so she couldn't see?! That's what I always do when I leave my laptop alone. Anyway. Lou was looking up information on an Alzheimer's site.
Sky offers to go to the Kennedy House with Lou to have an informal chat with Karl about the possibility of what he's going through.
The Kennedy House
Karl is packing some things into boxes as if he's moving out, whilst telling Lib on the phone that he's pleased to be home. He clearly isn't. He says he's fitting in well, and tells Lib that he's taking two weeks off - with the clear inference that he'd like to come and visit her.
There's a knock at the door, and after saying goodbye to Libby, he answers it; it's Sky and Lou. Karl says it'll have to be quick, so Lou sees a way out, but Sky insists, and Karl agrees - he lets Lou in and offers him a coffee.
Lassiters Lake
Lots of school kids wearing yellow T-shirts are clearing up rubbish. Zeke and Anne are walking together, and Bree is getting very jealous. Rachel wonders if Anne's leading him on, but Bree says it's all Zeke. Kiefer (nasty kid from 4950) drops some rubbish in front of Anne, telling her she missed a bit. She picks it up and he does it again. Zeke starts to fight with Kiefer when he makes fun of Anne, and Susan looks up to see what's going on.
She separates the boys and tells them she'll speak to them in her office later. She tells Kiefer to work somewhere else. Anne tells Zeke he's her hero, and AttitudeBree says she doesn't know how Anne ever got by without him.
Boyd and Janae approach the lake, and Susan comments that it's nice of her to join them. Susan gives her a yellow bag and asks her to fill it with rubbish. Janae wanders off, and Susan asks to speak to Boyd - has he been helping her with her work? It's improved dramatically, and she wouldn't want to think that Boyd had been helping her with it. He denies it - she's been working really hard, lately. Boyd realises that Janae hasn't done her assignments as she said she had.
Number 26
Janelle comes into the kitchen with washing. She's on the phone to Dylan who's telling her that he'll be held up on the chef course for some time. Scott comes in and asks how Dylan is. Janelle is upset that Elle's so ill, as now she'll lean on Dylan and he'll never get back with Sky.
Scott reminds his mother that he's the kid's uncle, and he'll look after the baby! There's a knock at the door, and whilst Scott answers it, Janelle comments on the time he got in this morning - she's going to have a word with Max about Scott's working hours. The police are at the door and want to speak to Stingray.
They tell him about the young man who abandoned a vehicle at the breath-testing station this morning. Scott lets them in. They show him a picture of a Rebecca Naylor who was drinking in the bar, but Scott says he doesn't remember her. He asks if she's described the driver, and she hasn't - and hey presto, Scott suddenly remembers who she is. He saw her with lots of people, drinking shots.
The policeman leaves and Scott offers to help any further if he can.
Janelle flips at Scott: "If this turns out to be you, your life won't be worth living. Do you understand?"
The Kennedy House
Karl is doing some initial physical tests on Lou, but he wants to do more tests - blood, thyroid... Karl tells him there's no conclusive test for Alzheimer's - he can only rule out other illnesses. Lou wants to know if he has it, though, and Karl is still concerned about Lou's forgotten week in Russia.
Outside The General Store
Anne hopes that she didn't get Zeke into too much trouble, but Bree reminds her that Susan's his mum. Rachel thinks that's a reason to be twice as hard on them. Susan approaches with Zeke, and tells Anne that if she has any further problems with Kiefer to let her know.
Susan leaves, and Zeke tells Bree, Anne and Rachel that he got a detention. Anne feels simply dreadful about it, and Bree comments that if Anne can't handle a little bit of teasing then maybe she should go to her regular school. Zeke drags Bree off to get milkshakes, and asks her why she's being so unkind to Anne. Bree says that school will be tough for her, so she should get used to it.
Sky is on Uni FM and announcing that a guy did a runner from a breath-testing station last night, and escaped from police by swimming across a river. Rachel is horrified.
Number 24
Janelle comes round to see Lou - with newly baked sultana scones. Lou tells her that he went to see Karl, and it's apparently all okay, because they can't test for Alzheimer's - they can only tell him what he *hasn't* got. Janelle talks to Lou who doesn't really respond. He then confesses that Karl said he didn't think it was good news, and he asks Janelle to leave; he's not good company.
Janelle refuses to leave and says she's taking Lou out to a picnic to cheer him up and get him out of this mood. Lou is very grateful.
Number 26
Rachel comes round to see Stingray. She says she knows it was him who ran away from the police this morning. She's furious with him - he's already lost his licence. He wasn't out with mates, he was working late covering for Dylan. Scott tries to lie at every turn but it's not working. She knows and he finally confesses. She doesn't understand why he's trying to stuff his life up, and why would he be drinking? Scott denies he was drinking, and instead tells her about Rebecca - he drove her home because she'd been drinking, then ran away because he didn't have a licence.
And now Rachel believes he did the right thing, and that he hadn't been drinking at all. She tells him she was worried, and he likes that she cares. She has to go, but he tells her that he always stuffs up when she's not around. They admit that they miss each other, kiss, then Rachel reminds him that this is not a reward and he was still stupid.
She tells him she loves him.
The Scarlet Bar
Janae is asking Jo what the book is called - Tess of the Uber-something? She's holding the essay that Jo wrote; Jo wants the money, and Janae asks if she can pay her in a couple of days, but Jo isn't having any of it. They fight over the essay and it rips in half - just as Susan comes in and separates them. She's been doing lots of that today. Susan demands to know who's essay it is, and Jo tells Susan the truth - she was being paid to write it. Boyd is watching from the bar, and is disgusted. He walks off.
Outside the Kennedy House
Anne thinks it's cool that Susan let Zeke off detention, but Zeke tells her he has to have detention at home. Bree walks behind them, but runs off when she sees some post in the post box of number 26. Janelle and Lou arrive home in the car and they admit to each other that they had a good time. Anne wants to know what's so important about the mail, and Zeke tells Anne about Kim sending Bree money. But Janelle mustn't know...
Number 30
Susan has just told Janae that she's suspended, and Janae can't believe it - in fact, she's pleased she has a week off. Susan tells her she has to put in hard work and re-do all those assignments. Janae says she can't - she's not capable. Susan has faith in her, though, and wants to see her do well.
But it doesn't work - Janae realises that she's not cut out for school. She wants to get on with her life. So. She quits.
Susan and Boyd are left standing there in shock.
The Kennedy House
Rachel and Zeke are packing up their homework from the table. Karl brings over some chocolate milkshakes that he's made for them, and asks about the homework. He offers to help with the biology homework on frogs, but Rachel says she doesn't need any help.
Karl is a bit disappointed, and the kids go to their rooms.
Susan returns home with shopping and Karl goes to help her. She's been thinking that they could do something special at the weekend, just her and him. Karl tells her rather sheepishly that he's going to see Libby and Darren and Ben in Shepparton - for two weeks. Susan's rather surprised, and wearing the jumper from 4828.
She has no problem with him going, but if he's taking two weeks off wouldn't he like to spend some of that time with her and the children? Karl admits that he'd rather spend the time with his daughter who loves him rather than trying to bond with Rachel and Zeke when they've made it clear that they don't see him as someone they can turn to.
Susan looks suitably miffed, and Karl starts to put the shopping away.
Number 26
Anne and Bree are doing homework. Anne wants to go out, but Bree says she has an assignment due tomorrow, and goes off to hunt for a book. In the meantime, Janelle walks in the door and Anne greets her. Janelle wanders into the kitchen, unseen by Bree, who returns with her book.
Anne confronts Bree about the mail and money she's been receiving from Kim - why is she keeping it a secret from Janelle. Bree's very cross that Zeke told her the secret, and Anne promises she won't say anything to Janelle. But she defends Bree's mum and says that she has a right to know; Bree's playing with fire.
Janelle storms into the kitchen and wants to know what's going on. Bree looks horrified.
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Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5045
Rachel Kinski

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5045
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5045
Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel

Zeke Kinski, Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5045
Zeke Kinski, Anne Baxter

Susan Kennedy, Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5045
Susan Kennedy, Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5045
Boyd Hoyland

Sgt Ray Moller, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5045
Sgt Ray Moller, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5045
Stingray Timmins

Joanna Fleming, Susan Kennedy, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5045
Joanna Fleming, Susan Kennedy, Janae Hoyland

Anne Baxter, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5045
Anne Baxter, Zeke Kinski

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5045
Janae Hoyland

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5045
Susan Kennedy

Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5045
Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5045
Anne Baxter

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5045
Bree Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5045
Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski

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