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Neighbours Episode 4993 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4993: Aye, There’s The Rob
Australian airdate: 21/06/06
UK airdate: 13/09/06
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Gail Robinson – Fiona Corke
Robert & Cameron Robinson – Adam Hunter
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)/Emily
Justine telling Ned she at his service 24/7.
Paul asking Toadie to be Cam's lawyer much to his dismay.
Cam telling Gail that if he finds out she's lying about wanting to repair his relationship with Paul, He'll do something about it.
No 22
Gail is laying down the law to Robert after his outburst. She says she knows he has been through a tough time and wishes she could have been there for him. However that does not give him the right to threaten her or anyone else. She tells him he won't be doing anything about she and Paul's relationship; they are friends and anything else is in the past. Gail says that both Paul and Izzy are making an effort and comments that it's nice of Izzy to let them stay. Rob points out that this was Gail's house. Gail empathises the 'was' and asks Rob to let all the conflict go. Rob tells Gail he's sorry and agrees he will give things a go.
The General Store
Karl and Ned are talking about Justine. Ned seems quite taken with her and tells Karl she runs a kids talents agency. She has also managed bands and Ned thinks given that she is a fan of Ooodles and Noodles she wouldn't be offended if they asked her for some advice. Karl thinks Justine may be interested in Ned and not just their music, but Ned is reluctant to talk about it. He feels they should keep business and romance separate. Karl tells Ned that's he's not talking about a long term relationship and says that if it all goes wrong at least he's had fun along the way. Probably not the best thing Karl could have said given that Susan is standing right behind him.
Ned leaves and Susan suggests that Karl is being selfish, encouraging Ned in order to further his own career. Karl tells her he was joking with Ned and asks her if she has a problem. Susan can only exhale a puff of air, which sounds like a hiss. Gee she's angry.
No 22
Izzy is still doing airline steward impressions and when Toadie knocks on the door she welcomes him aboard. Paul tells Izzy her nearest exit is right behind her. Oh he can be funny at times. Toadie tells them both there is every chance that they may be able to get Cameron off. Izzy looks like she's about to faint as Toadie informs them that much of the evidence against Cameron is circumstantial. Izzy lists Cameron's crimes but Toadie points out the fact that she has no proof.
No 28
Katya emerges from the bedroom. She's a bit jumpy and tells Susan she heard noises in the night. Susan assures her it was just the bin men and says she will go and bring the bins in now. As Susan leaves Toadie arrives to see Katya. He asks her how she is and she tells him she thought the noise in the night was Cameron. Toadie tells her there is a counselling service available for victims of crime. Katya says she will deal with it herself and might even take up yoga. Toadie tells her he is going to see Cameron and suggests she go with him to vent her anger on him.
No 22
Gail stands behind Rob as he apologises to Paul and Izzy. He says he's sorry for last night and that from now on he will be making an effort. Izzy doesn't look too impressed but Paul gets up and pats Robert on the arm, telling him he realises he has been through a lot lately. Izzy says things are not going to get easier and tells Gail and Robert the news that Cameron may be found not guilty. Paul says he should be glad that his son will be freed but frankly he thinks he should be where he can't cause harm to others. Gail agrees and thinks Cameron is a danger to himself as well. Paul says the only thing that makes testifying against him bearable is that it will be right thing to do for Cameron. Rob tells them all that they have to remember Cameron is not the guy they thought he was; he's unstable and dangerous and not matter what he should not be released.
Warrinor Prison
Toadie is talking to Cameron who has gone through a multitude of psychological tests. Toadie tells him there is no doubt that he will be found insane and says it's in his best interests that he plead guilty. That way he will get a lesser sentence and all the help he needs. Cameron insists he doesn't need help and says he is not guilty of any of the things he has been accused of. Cameron asks Toadie to tell him about Katya. He asks why she would want to see him after all the things he supposedly did to her. Cameron is sure that when Katya sees him she will know that he is not the person she had a relationship with. Toadie leaves after telling Cameron not to push it.
No 28
Katya answers the door and is met by Rob, holding a bouquet of flowers. He alarms her and apologises saying he shouldn't have come. She explains that it's weird for her to see him after what happened with Cameron. She says she's sure he's a nice guy but says she just can't date him or spend time with him. Robert hands her the flowers and says maybe some time in the future.
Scarlet Bar
Gail is drinking alone whilst Karl and Ned talk some more about Justine. She has organised a booking agent to look at their stuff this afternoon. They discuss which song they should start with! Susan and Lyn arrive talking about the baby belt. Lyn tells Oscar to go and see Steph and he disappears into the office where the Stax fans were hoping to find their fave couple, but alas Oscar went with no camera crew.
Lyn spots Gail and asks her if she knows Susan. Gail says she doesn't but has heard reports. Susan wants to know if any of them are good and she sits down with Gail for a chat. Yay. A legend from the 80s and a legend for the 90s joining forces!
Lyn rushes over to Ned and thanks him in advance for taking care of Oscar. She shoves various items from the baby bag in his face but Ned is distracted by Karl talking about composition and what not.
Izzy bounds over to Gail and Susan's table and asks if they want more coffee. Gail says she can't as she has things to do. She shakes Susan's hand and says it was nice to meet her, explaining that the reports were all true. Susan says they should catch up some time. Yes. Yes they should.
Back in Noodleville and Karl thinks they should play more of his songs as they have a better style. Susan, Lyn and Izzy overhear and Izzy makes a remark about Karl's ego, which Susan agrees with. Lyn is worried that she'll need her skates to get home as hell just froze over.
LYN: You just agreed with Isabelle did you notice?
Susan exhales another puff of air!
Ramsay Street
Karl and Ned are strumming and singing and Oscar is doing the cutest baby bop ever! Karl's phone rings and I swear he has the same ring tune as the song he was just singing! It's his Dad and Karl informs him that this is the fifth time he's called today. Tom clearly wants to talk about something but Karl says he can't as he's 'at work.' He promises he will call him tonight. Karl rejoins Ned and Oscar throws his hat at him!
Susan and Lyn emerge from No 26 and Susan can't believe Karl is singing in her street. She feels like he is stalking her! Lyn goes into daytime soap mode and says Karl is just singing in the street in the hope that Susan may walk on by! Susan asks Lyn how things are with Paul. Lyn tells her that they are awkward as Gail's arrival has sparked some feelings within Paul. She informs Susan that Izzy could be in for a rocky ride, after all a woman like Gail has more to offer Paul than Izzy.
SUSAN: Plus she has the advantage of not being a nutcase!
As they leave Ramsay Street they talk about Janae and Boyds wedding. Lyn says she wishes them well but comments about their age. Toadie and Katya come out of No 28. They are on their way to see Cameron and he tells her that Cameron will try and convince her that he doesn't know her. He tells her to be strong and promises he will be with her throughout.
No 22
Gail and Paul are making lunch. She tells him that whilst she's here she'd like to visit Helens grave. She never has before and feels it's something she needs to do. Gail seems surprised as Paul tells her he hasn't seen Helens grave either, nor Jims for that matter. He tells her the whole idea has always seemed too overwhelming. Gail thinks now may be the right time. Paul tells Gail whilst they're there he would like to pay his respects to her father Rob. He says leaving Rob's wake to go to a meeting is one of the biggest regrets of his life. Gail is touched and tells Paul it means a lot to hear him say that. As Gail stands against the counter, Paul brushes her hair away from her face. Gail turns away as Paul apologises. She says its ok and turns back to face him. They look at each other and share a tender kiss. Paul takes hold of Gail's arms and they kiss again. Rob arrives and sees his parents kissing. He slams the door, which forces Gail and Paul apart. Rob enquires about lunch whilst Paul and Gail struggle to catch their breath and hide their feelings.
Warrinor Prison
Katya and Cameron sit opposite each other and the atmosphere is tense. Cameron tells her not to feel stupid that she was taken in by Rob as she wasn't the only one. Katya is amazed at what she is hearing and tells Cameron that she told him more about her life than she had ever told anyone. Cameron pleads his innocence and tells Katya he is sorry for what Robert did to her. He says Robert has never had a relationship like the one he had with her, and because of this he will think they have a bond. He warns Katya that she is in danger and tells her that he is sure Rob wants Paul dead. Toadie calls time on the meeting and as he and Katya leave Cameron yells at him to protect her.
No 22
Paul and Gail are clearing away their lunch thing and Paul apologises for the kiss. He puts the kiss down to nostalgia and tries to convince Gail and himself that they are different people now in a different time and that he is in love and committed to Izzy. Gail apologises too and says she can see he loves Izzy.
PAUL: These are different times, we're different people, we don't live there anymore.
Izzy arrives and interrupts Paul and Gail's favourite game: 'Hide Your Feelings'. She asks Gail what her perfect girly afternoon includes. Gail isn't sure but Izzy can't hide her excitement and tells Gail she is taking her on a tour of Erinsboroughs Native Plant Nursery! Gail looks a little stumped but goes to get ready. Izzy asks Paul to assure her that she's doing well, she hasn't even tried to scratch Gail's eyes out....yet. Paul tells her she is doing great, way better then he deserves.
No 30
Karl and Ned are working on their dance routine when Lyn arrives to collect Oscar. Ned hands Oscar over to Lyn and mocks her afternoon of work, asking if walking with Susan is part of the job description. Lyn says she could have taken Oscar with her but thought he'd have more fun with him. Ned says that's probably because he's used to it. Lyn tells Ned he does a great job of looking after Oscar however she will not be criticised for her parenting skills by someone who has never had kids. When she leaves Karl tells Ned to give Lyn 5 minutes before he goes over and apologises. Ned says he has nothing to apologise for. Karl tells him Lyn is a single mother trying to make a living and comments that he does a great job as Oscar's carer but really that's all he is. Karl siding with Lyn? Get the skates out!
Scarlet Bar
Toadie and Katya are having a drink and Toadie can't believe how convincing Cameron was. He thinks he may have gotten to the stage where he actually believes what he's saying. Katya sees Robert and calls him over. She thanks him for the flowers and asks him how he knew Tulips were her favourites. He tells her there was something about her which said Tulips. Katya plays it cool but tells Toadie she thinks Cameron is telling the truth. Toadie tries to talk her down but Katya says the wrong brother has been locked up.
No 28
Katya is relaying her views to Paul and Gail who are suitably shocked. Gail says that despite being identical Robert and Cameron are two very different boys. She says that Rob can be insecure and awkward and that makes him seem unsociable. Katya says she knows which one hurt her and exclaims that it wasn't Cameron. Paul tells Katya he appreciates the pain she has been through and asks if she has considered counselling. Susan asks Paul and Gail if they'd mind if she speaks to Katya alone. Paul, Gail and Toadie leave and Susan reminds Katya that Robert was in a coma. Katya is adamant that Robert is he one who did all the terrible things and that Cameron is innocent.
No 22
Izzy is asking Rob's opinion on which clothes she should chuck out. He is so not into clothes and Izzy chucks a dress that is 'so 2005'. Paul and Gail arrive and Rob asks how Katya is. Gail says she is struggling like the rest of them. Izzy changes the subject and tells Gail there are some plants in the garden ready for her to plant. As Gail and Izzy skip off into the garden and maybe have a catfight in the sauna worthy of Crystal and Alexis, Paul comments to Rob that there's something he thought he'd never see! You and me both Paul!
Rob asks again how Katya is and Paul says Cameron has clearly done her some damage, however he thinks Katya seems pretty resilient. There is a moment of awkwardness and Rob tells Paul he knows they are uncomfortable around each other. Paul says it's simply because they don't know each other. Rob says he would like to put things right and suggest they go away for a few days. Paul is surprised but tells Rob he's looking forward to it. Robert says he is too.....
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4993
Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4993
Izzy Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4993
Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4993
Susan Kennedy

Katya Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4993
Katya Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi

Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4993
Cameron Robinson

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4993
Robert Robinson

Ned Parker, Oscar Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4993
Ned Parker, Oscar Scully, Karl Kennedy

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4993
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Cameron Robinson, Katya Kinski, Prison Guard in Neighbours Episode 4993
Cameron Robinson, Katya Kinski, Prison Guard

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4993
Toadie Rebecchi

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4993
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4993
Lyn Scully

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4993
Katya Kinski

Robert Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4993
Robert Robinson, Paul Robinson

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