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Neighbours Episode 4976 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4976: A Card Daze Night
Australian airdate: 29/05/06
UK airdate: 21/08/06
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Elin
Karl and Susan discussing Cassie the sheep's death
Paul telling Lyn he sees her more than just an employee.
Mishka planning a friendly game of cards.
Lyn telling Susan that if she wanted Karl she could have just like that.
Susan indignantly reminds Lyn that she's just buried her husband, and she's not about to just move onto another man. Literally or otherwise, by the sound of it.
SUSAN: And quite frankly, I am sick to death of the speculation of Karl and I getting back together again.
Susan takes things from the table into the kitchen, leaving Lyn behind. Raising her voice and getting angry, she lashes out at Lyn:
SUSAN: We used to be married. Now we're not. That's all there is to it. End of story.
LYN: Yeah, okay. I'm sorry. I was just thinking out loud. I'm sorry I said anything -
SUSAN: You shouldn't even have been *thinking* anything.
Susan's voice starts to wobble, and hurt that her friend thinks she could move on so fast, she starts to think about Alex...
SUSAN: You know how much I loved Alex. You of all people.
Chastised, Lyn gets up from the table and goes to Susan in the kitchen. She knows how much Susan loved Alex, and Susan declares again what a wonderful man he was. Okay, Susan-love. You just keep convincing yourself of that.
SUSAN: And everyone seems to think that because we were together for such a short time I should just get over it and get on with my life.
LYN: No, no-one thinks anything of the sort. I didn't mean to ups...
SUSAN: (passionately) I miss him *so* much...
She tears up, and the camera focuses on Lyn instead. Quiet, and unsure of what to say, Lyn takes a risk:
LYN: Alex?
Susan looks as if she's about to burst into tears and doesn't say anything for fear of what her answer might be.
LYN: Or Karl?
She looks away, tears up some more, and tries to smile but it doesn't work. Half-ashamed, she whispers: "Both of them."
Lost, and suddenly scared, Susan looks like she doesn't really know how to react to what she's just realised. Lyn takes her friend in her arms and gives her a hug.
Number 30
Connor returns home and tells Carmella and Ned that Lori is taking Maddy to New Zealand to live. Aw, poor Connor. I'm not a fan of his, but it's a very terrible thing to not be able to see your own child. Ned suggests that Connor talks to Toadie about this, but Connor doesn't want to drag it through the courts. He thinks he'll go home, now, too - there's not much keeping him here. Ned asks about his work.
CONNOR: What a hoot that turned out to be. Connor O'Neil. Private Investigator. What a moron.
Mmm. Just what we thought at the time, too.
And I think Carmella says she's going to get them some towels.
Ned tells Connor to look inside himself and find his true calling - they did. Connor comments: looking after kids? Joining the God-Squad?
He walks off.
Susan and Lyn are sitting on the sofa chatting; it's been a long time since they did that. What's lovely about this scene is that we're at long last getting some access to Susan's thoughts about Alex, and what he meant to her...and that the writers are recognising the need to balance Alex with Karl, not just shove Susan on in a direction that wouldn't befit her character.
SUSAN: Sometimes when I'm with Karl I forget about everything that's happened, I forget about all the bad things.
LYN: It's understandable; you were together for so many years.
SUSAN: Yeah, but *if* Karl and I can pick up the pieces, what does that make Alex - some kind of diversion?
Lyn tells Susan that it makes Alex her second husband - and remember: he's not here.
SUSAN: If I were to go back to Karl it would be a massive step backwards. It would be like saying that all those things he did were okay.
LYN: Okay, okay. So, Karl cheated on you.
SUSAN: Yeah...
LYN: Yeah, right. So once upon a time I used to think that was unforgiveable. But hey - you know what? In my life there are two men who've said they loved me. And neither of them cheated on me. And neither of them are here. What does that tell you??
Susan doesn't know what it tells her; she's looking very lost and confused about the whole thing. Lyn thinks that Susan owes it to herself to say something to Karl if she feels anything for him, but Susan has a good point to make - what about Jenny??
LYN: (spluttering) Oh, *Jen*ny. Jen*ny*. Jenny who spends every minute in Canberra!
SUSAN: It's her job!
LYN: Jenny, who Karl sourced on an internet site!
SUSAN: Well there's nothing wrong with that!
Lyn tells Susan that if she doesn't say anything, she may lose Karl forever. Which jolts Susan back to reality and starts to scare her. Lyn quietly tells her that Alex would want her to be happy.
Susan is halfway between tears and terror and realises that she just can't deal with thinking this through anymore. Especially when Alex's name is mentioned. So instead she turns it into anger, lashes out at Lyn and says she has to go to work before storming out the room.
Lyn stays on the sofa; she knows she's right.
Number 24
MISHKA: Fresh hot coffee just as Lou Bear likes!
I LOVE her! What a great addition to the street! Mishka wants to make sure that she's made the coffee just the way Lou likes it.
LOU: That is perfect. Just like you.
Mishka would like to go into town today, please, to look in the windows at pretty things. I like doing that, too, only I usually bring home half the pretty things with me and then my bank shouts a lot.
Harold isn't best pleased - he wanted to spend the afternoon watching a film with Lou - they haven't done that for ages. Mishka agrees - the boys need a boys' night, playing poker. Lou loves the idea. Harold doesn't, but Lou speaks over him, as if he's told Mishka something that Harold doesn't seem to know about...
Harold acquiesces anyway, and then goes off to work; Lou comments that Harold seems to enjoy working at The General Store again, but Harold refuses to admit it! Harold leaves.
MISHKA: I see it now. You whip his buckets. And house will be yours again. Goodbye Mr Fuddy-Duddy.
The General Store
Paul comments that Harold seems to enjoy being back here, but Harold says he only works a few shifts. Paul tries a snide remark about the building inspection, but Harold says they haven't done it yet, which makes Paul walk away in disgust, although keeping a smile on his face...
Susan purchases something wrapped in paper as Karl walks through the door. She looks for an exit/place to hide/hole to jump into but there's none available, so she runs to the bread stand.
Too late - Karl's spotted her. He was hoping to bump into her - he had a dream last night about Cassie where she went missing, and the two of them were looking for her. Ah. He asks how she's coping.
Breathing heavily, she says she's "pretty good, yeah, yeah - good." She hasn't had any dreams. Karl asks her to dinner, and a stunned Susan declines - she has a brood of kids and hormones to care for. Karl understands, and goes to leave - without buying anything. Susan breathes heavily some more. Then:
SUSAN: Karl?
KARL: Mmm?
SUSAN: Actually, you know, I reckon...I reckon I could use a night off, if the offer still stands.
KARL: Of course, yes. Scarlet Bar?
SUSAN: Yeah.
KARL: About seven?
SUSAN: Goodo.
KARL: Okay. See you then.
SUSAN: Yeah.
She's behaving like a nervous little girl, and an utter flirt.
Number 30
Carmella and Ned are playing Uno. I LOVE that game, although I play with slightly different rules. Connor has lost a load of work on his laptop which has just frozen and he slams it shut. Erm - not supposed to do that with a laptop, Connor.
Ned decides to go to the lounge for a bit and Carmella tells Connor to calm down. Connor suggests she prays for the laptop to unfreeze. Carmy sits Connor down at the table and tells him her faith has gotten her through some difficult times, but Connor doesn't understand how she went from a normal life to being a nun overnight. He thinks she's a phoney - she hasn't got the commitment to go through the whole nun thing. She agrees, maybe she hasn't.
But it won't stop Lori taking Maddy away. Bingo.
Number 22 where it All Comes Out
Paul is talking business to Lyn, who is drawing pictures on some paper.
PAUL: Did you just hear a word I said?
LYN: Sorry? Sorry! Paul, million miles away.
PAUL: No kidding.
LYN: You were talking about fabric samples, weren't ya?
PAUL: Okay, let's get it off your chest, then you can move on.
Paul says he'll make tea - that's how it's done, isn't it? Lyn says she can't tell him because it's not about her. But Paul thinks that it is his business if it's taking up 'real estate' in her brain so that she can't concentrate!
But Lyn says that her mind's on the job now - she's focused. Paul realises that she doesn't trust him with anything important or private, but she denies it.
PAUL: Well, you're missing out. I'm a very good listener, and I never try to solve everything because I know women hate that. Go on. You know you want to...
Number 24
Mishka tells Lou that tonight she will make Harold sit in *this* chair so that when she stands in the kitchen she can see all his cards. Lou is looking rather alarmed at her connivance. Lou tells her he can't be there - it's a boys-only night. She wants to be there, though - so he can beat Harold and win the house back. Lou doesn't think it's a good idea - Harold can play ugly, you know. He threw a chair through a window once.
Mishka can top that - she beat the Russian Mafia in poker, once, for a Faberge Egg.
Mishka doesn't think Lou's poker game is too good - he needs her to win. Lou pulls rank - he knows how to beat her. He tells her that she's undermining him, accusing him of not trusting him to do what's right for them.
LOU: You're starting to sound like a Western woman. Next you'll be burning your bra, and - and - and refusing to cook for me.
Mishka looks suitably chastised.
Number 30
Connor answers the door.
MISHKA: Hello! I must have your bi-knockers so I can watch Lou over road.
CONNOR: Hmm? What did you say?
MISHKA: Your bi-knockers.
Connor doesn't understand her.
NED: She wants to borrow your binoculars, mate.
CONNOR: Why didn't she say that?
MISHKA: Yes, is what I say!
Mishka explains the poker thing again, and wants to watch the game from their front door step. Ned thinks it's dodgy.
MISKA: Non. Dodgy is cheating single mother out of food stamp.
She tells them she'll be back later to watch. Connor tells Ned that she talks funny.
Carmella snitches Connor - she's going back to the convent because it's obvious Connor doesn't want her there.
Number 26
Lyn is in the middle of telling Paul all about Karl and Susan. She thinks it would be awful if Susan let him slip away because of guilt over Alex.
Paul comments that he always thought Karl was a fool for letting Isabelle suck him in the way she did.
Paul thinks he was a fool with Isabelle, too, but Lyn says it's not foolish to fall in love. Paul is in an apron and ladling soup. And no - that's not a metaphor. He's ladling it into containers, and he comments that Susan and Karl should make a go of it. And as if on cue, Susan walks in the front door and calls out - and is surprised to see Paul in Lyn's kitchen. Ladling soup. In an apron.
Paul says lamely that he and Lyn were going over business matters and she shoots him a "well well" look, and he tells Lyn that they'll reconvene once those figures come through. He's about to leave and Susan reminds him to remove his apron. He fake laughs - as does Lyn, and then Susan - and says he wanted to keep his suit clean.
It's Susan's turn to give Lyn a "well well" look.
SUSAN: What have you done with Big Bad Paul Robinson?! You had him in an apron for heaven's sake!
LYN: He was very helpful, actually. He's not bad in the kitchen.
SUSAN: Lynette Scully! I'm shocked!
LYN: Susan! He was ladling soup.
Susan tells Lyn the real reason she's here - she's sorry for having a go at Lyn earlier. And she took her advice; she and Karl are having dinner together.
LYN: Fast work, girl!!!
SUSAN: No! *He* asked *me.*
Susan splutters in denial and Lyn does a "well well" face.
Number 30 where Connor is Useless
Carmella tells Connor that she wants to give her life to God completely. Connor says he doesn't want to see Maddy go.
He then comments that he's a loser. Carmella tells him that he has friends who love him. Connor thinks that if he'd been a better father to Maddy then Lori wouldn't want to leave to go and be nearer to her family. Carmella tells him it's rubbish; if she had kids she'd want to be close to her mum, too. Connor tells her nuns can't have babies.
Well, they can, they're just not allowed to.
She gives Connor a cuddle.
Number 24
Lou and Harold are playing something where Lou tells Harold to Go Fish. I don't play cards, so I've no idea what that means. Either way, they're laughing and having fun.
Cut to Mishka watching from the doorstep of number 30. Watching through the binoculars, she thinks the game is crazy. She rushes inside - she has to use the phone.
Cut back to Harold and Lou. The phone rings and Lou answers it.
LOU: Hello!
MISHKA: What is happening? Are you winning?
LOU: Oh, hi Sky! I'm very well, thank you sweetheart.
Harold: I have to go to the loo, Lou. Oh! Loo-Lou! Haha! Oh, no cheating.
LOU: As if I would.
Lou tells Mishka not to rush home. But she knows, she's seen the game. She saw Harold win.
LOU: What do you mean, you've seen the game?
MISHKA: With my eyes. I know he is beating your buckets.
LOU: Where the hell are you? Up in the ceiling or something??
MISHKA: Just win house back.
Mishka takes up the bi-knockers again whilst Lou lowers all the blinds so no-one can see in. Mishka's cross that she can't see the game, and Ned suggests she go over there. Mishka refuses; she never interferes with Lou's affairs.
Number 28
Because they couldn't afford to build a new set of Susan's bedroom, there is now a full-length mirror placed in a ceremoniously central location in the lounge.
Susan comes out her room dressed in sexy patent black sandals, tight fitting black trousers, a white top and a deep purple tight cardi over the top. She looks at herself, then looks bored, and walks away. She comes out with a peach negligee top on over a black bra. Without the bra - yes. With it - absolutely not.
was she seriously contemplating wearing that out to dinner?
Then a nice red shirt. She looks up and moans in annoyance. She doesn't like it. Back to her original outfit, then. She throws her arms up in despair, collects her bag and leaves the house.
The General Store
Paul is eating as Lyn comes in. He has a STACK of food on the table and asks her to join him. She has to get back to Oscar, and asks where his kids are - they're out for the evening. She sits down and says she'll have some. He comments that he saw Susan in the middle of the...
But we'll never know because Connor and Carmella come in. She encourages him to go on an adventure, see the parts of Oz he hasn't seen, yet. Get a new perspective and take a chance. He's liking this idea.
The Scarlet Bar
Karl and Susan have finished dinner, and he's relaying a funny medical story to her, and comments that she always loved his medical stories.
SUSAN: No, not really. I'm just a very good actor.
Karl proposes a toast, and if Susan had known there were going to be speeches, she wouldn't have come. He toasts being good friends again, and whilst Karl is acting and talking jovially, Susan is acting seriously - and Karl just doesn't pick up on it.
KARL: To us.
SUSAN: To us.
She starts to talk quietly.
SUSAN: It seems as though we've managed to re-discover all the good things about each other and leave all the bad stuff behind.
KARL: No mean feat, given, erm...
SUSAN: Yeah.
The mood is suddenly serious, and Karl's hand is on the table. He's looking down, and Susan moves to slowly take his hand in hers...
But he doesn't see that, and he whips his hand from the table to ask for the dessert menu. Embarrassed, Susan quickly grabs her hand back, and reaches behind her neck nervously. She smiles at Karl, but looks a bit disappointed.
Number 24
Lou and Harold are playing Snap! Mishka comes home and Lou quickly declares that he's beaten, and he knows it. Harold looks all confused. Mishka takes Lou's cards and tells him that he has a winning poker hand!
LOU: Is it?
MISHKA: Yes! How come you not win house back?
Harold: House? What house?
LOU: Oh, don't worry, she gets her words mixed up.
Mishka denies it. She knows this is Lou's house which Harold won in a poker game.
HAROLD: I beg your pardon?
LOU: See? She gets very confused.
Harold tells Mishka that he's lost track of the lies that her Lou-Bear has told her. He tells her outright that it's his house - it's never been Lou's.
The Scarlet Bar
The camera is held on Susan almost throughout this whole scene, and watching her reactions. Karl is telling Susan a story about his latest exploits on an exclusive golf course, and how embarrassing it was for him. Susan listens, adoringly, and thinks...
"I love it when he gets passionate about something and his eyes light up like that. And his smile... He's got a great smile. He's the best looking man in the room, let's face it. I might as well admit that half of this is pure lust. Sometimes I feel I know him better than I know myself. How funny he can be. How kind. Oh, I wanna kiss him! Maybe I should. Maybe I should just lean across and kiss him..."
So she does, but before she reaches his face, Karl - already looking down at the table, and completely oblivious to Susan's actions - grabs his phone which is ringing. Susan quickly sits back in her seat, and looks rather shocked that she was actually going to do it.
It's Jenny. She's just landed, and Karl is none the wiser that Susan is falling in love with him again.
Susan's shock turns to sudden disappointment and humiliation, and she licks her lips nervously and moves away from Karl. He tells Jenny he'll meet her in twenty minutes, and Susan offers to settle the bill for him. He promises to pay next time, and leaves the bar without so much as a goodbye.
Susan takes a deep breath and puts both her hands behind her neck.
Line of the episode:
SUSAN: Both of them.
Best performance of the episode:
Jointly awarded to Janet and Jackie, this time.
Best 'Rock On' moment:
MISHKA: With my eyes. I know he is beating your buckets.
The scene that TPTB forgot to include:
Where Susan admitted that she missed Karl more...
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Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4976
Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4976
Susan Kennedy

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4976
Carmella Cammeniti

Ned Parker, Connor O
Ned Parker, Connor O'Neill

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4976
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4976
Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson

Mishka Schneiderova, Connor O
Mishka Schneiderova, Connor O'Neill, Ned Parker

, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4976
, Lyn Scully

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4976
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Ned Parker, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4976
Ned Parker, Mishka Schneiderova

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4976
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4976
Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4976
Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4976
Harold Bishop

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4976
Mishka Schneiderova

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4976
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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